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Putin’s Advisor: Ukraine Is Not Independent State Due to US Occupation

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According to President Vladimir Putin’s Advisor, Sergei Glazyev, there is no legitimate authority in Ukraine, which territory is occupied by the US and neo-Nazis, who are trying to restore the Nazi regime in the country.

Putin's Advisor: Ukraine Is Not Independent State Due to US Occupation

Photo: Sputnik

President Vladimir Putin’s Advisor and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergei Glazyev, told the Russkaya Vesna information website that Ukrainian territory is occupied by the US and neo-Nazis, who are trying to restore the Nazi regime in the country.

“There is no legitimate authority in Ukraine; its territory is occupied by the US. The neo-Nazis, appointed by them [the US], are committing crimes against humanity and genocide against the Russian people,” Glazyev said.

According to the official, a legitimate authority may be restored in Ukraine only after the international community will understand that they are dealing with “an attempt to restore the Nazi regime, whose leaders declared themselves successors of the Nazi collaborators.” Only after this, this will be possible “to protect the people of Ukraine from war crimes and political repressions by creating an international tribunal, conducting of investigation of crimes, committed by the Nazis, and subjecting them to deserved punishment.”

Speaking about the sanctions, imposed against Russia, Glazyev noted that it will be lifted only if “the power there [in the EU states] should go from American puppets to real people’s representatives.”

“Until the US rules the EU and the NATO, and also controls the media, it is difficult to expect a change in the policy of European countries, that, in fact, are deprived of independency,” he added.

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The only nation occupying territory in Ukraine is RUSSIA!!!!

How stupid do the Russians think we are?


Pindo exceptionalistanus spoke…

chris chuba

I looked up Pindo. I’m an American, I thought that was funny. I hope this ends well for everybody.


Just an oblique answer to his rethorical question…
Glad to see that you’re not infected. Hope dies last…

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is so sad to see once independent Ukraine lick the a…… of the US/EU/NATO gang. You will soon see that only the smelly brown stuff comes out from their rear ends, not visa free travel or $/E billions in loans.
Was it worth it to launch an “ATO” against the Donbass people, killing at least 10,000 Ukrainans on both sides, just to prove loyalty to “European values”? Maidan Ukraine are just a bunch of blood-thirsty barbarians. The free and independent Ukraine I visited 10 times died on 22 February 2014 when the ELECTED President Yanukovych was violently removed by the Neo-Nazis Right Sector and Sloboda thugs.
Keep licking US/EU/NATO a…….
Have a nice day!

I have been saying this longer then anyone here. It is the UK and USA occupying Ukraine. But it gets even worse. The UK and US have been illegally occupying most of Europe since 1945.
Europeans need to liberate themselves from foreign suppressors who aim to depopulated the indigenous tribal peoples. Europeans should ditch the UK and US forever. And instead be closest of friends with Russia and Iran.

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