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Putin To Trump: Mind Your Own Business On Venezuela; Russian Troops Will Stay “As Long As Needed”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Days after Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded that Russia “cease its unconstructive behavior” by landing a transport plane full of Russian troops in Caracas last Saturday, the Kremlin has responded – essentially telling Washington to pound sand – and that their troops will remain in Venezuela “for as long as needed” according to the Independent.

In the latest indication the crisis in Venezuela is taking on elements of a proxy battle between the former Cold War rivals, a spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry said the troops had been dispatched to fulfil “military contracts”.

They are involved in the implementation of agreements in the sphere of military and technical cooperation,” said Maria Zakharova, according to the AFP, adding that the troops would stay there “for as long as needed”.

Russia is not changing the balance of power in the region, Russia is not threatening anyone,” she said. –Independent

Last week we also noted that new satellite images reveal a major deployment of S-300 air defense missile systems to a key air base south of Caracas shortly after Russia arrived.

On Wednesday while meeting with the wife of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, President Trump called on Russia to pull its troops out of Venezuela, warning that “all options” were on the table to make that happen.

Putin To Trump: Mind Your Own Business On Venezuela; Russian Troops Will Stay "As Long As Needed"

When asked by a reporter about the Russian troops, Trump said “Russia has to get out. What’s your next question.” When asked if that sentiment had been conveyed to the Kremlin, Trump replied: “They know. They know very well.”

The United States, UK and other Western nations claim that last year’s elections in Venezuela were unfair, while President Maduro and his supporters have pointed to the testimony of independent election observers who say it was legitimate. Guaidó declared himself president in January, finding the immediate support of 50 nations led by the United States.

Maduro, meanwhile, has refused to accept Western aid – suspecting it will be used as a guise to smuggle weapons to the opposition.

Last month, Mr Maduro refused to allow US aid into the country, pointing to previous incidents in Latin America when the US had smuggled weapons to anti-government forces in such shipments. His country has been working with the UN to increase the distribution of food and other supplies, amid claims of shortages of basic necessities.

On Thursday, Reuters said an internal UN report suggested about a quarter of Venezuelans were in need of humanitarian assistance. 

The report painted a dire picture and estimated 94 per cent of its 28.8m people were living in poverty. It said 3.4m people had fled, with a further 1.9m expected to follow in this year. –Independent

More recently, Maduro blamed the United States for a series of power outages, claiming over Twitter that the Trump administration was engaged in an “electrical war” which was “announced and directed by American imperialism against our people.

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Xoli Xoli

Bolsanaro imprison Lula Da Silva on USA request because he stand for Brix nation existence.

Tommy Jensen

One more little lapdog who sell his own for 50 bucks. Pathetic. At least Lula had a big heart for his own people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S34cVkL6zCE

Harry Smith

:) I think this is better:



Leonard Cohen was a Zionist,

Tommy Jensen

Putin was a KGB agent.
Obama was an undermining socialist.


Donald you look angry, desperate and not in control of anything. All you said sound like “I have no options on the table!”

Jason De Larue Samuel

it’s the only viable option – to dismantle what is called israel, for many reasons. the first is that israel entirely and conclusively has forfeited its right to exist as a sovereign state. most countries that at one stage accepted israel as a sovereign state can now revoke that acceptance for the simple reason that israel continually over the last 100 years has killed and maimed and stolen palestinian property and land and any acceptance of israel was on the understanding that the new country would abide by basic laws in relations to palestinians and others, syrians, iraqis, iranians.

israel is in breach of the balfour declaration from the start and thus , again, has forfeited its right to exist. moreove, england had no right under any charter or legally binding document to give away palestinian land to the jews in diaspora.

israel operates a DEPALESTINATION-program which should be enough to withdraw all support of the country.

israel operates a LEBENSRAUM-program on the west bank stealing land and erasing villages to make room for more so called settlers which should be enough to withdraw all support of the country.

israel operates the concentration camp Gaza, in the same vein as hitler operated his, and that is sufficient reason to revoke any and all support of the country.

israel starv and maltreat 10s of thousands of palestinians on a daily basis.

israel steals commodities that is found under ground and which belongs to the palestinian people.

so, quite obvious why isael will have to go and the land returned to the palestinians


Are you kidding? You are talking about principles, justice, rights … Open your eyes, those times are long gone. Think of their power. They are in control of all layers of western society and geting rid of them from these positions require western destruction itself. Everything you eat, you read, you buy follow an architecture designed by them. I dont think a revolution is possible. A cataclism or a nuclear war can change that. But most of civilisation would be dead anyway.

Jason De Larue Samuel

I don t think so if we believe on principles justice rights u re humans if u dont i think that u lose ur humanity. Peace and love for u


“Reuters said an “INTERNAL” UN report”.
Would be nice if a whistle blower would blow open the doors and expose this “internal UN”.

Real Anti-Racist Action

haha the UK does not even have elections for who is Dictator lol.
They have phony elections wherein by the Queen of the earth can nullify anything she wants to.
She also directly commands Mi6 who build and destroy politicians careers based on their zionist-play-book.comment image?_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-2.cdninstagram.com

Xoli Xoli

British election is base on who is pure white USA puppet. Their think with skin.

Tommy Jensen

WHAAAT? Putin said that?
It took me and Bolton 30 minutes of hyperventilation before we got our air back. I go with Bolton when we say No one and I repeat no one, is gonna tell United States where we should bomb. NO ONE!

Now not only all options are on the table, but now all and every options are on the table for Russa!

All American patriots WARN Putin and everyone in Kremlin. If an American or honeytrap turns her back to you, show a cold shoulder and farts you up in the face and you smell the hot sweet odeur, you know where it came from……..and you know WHY it happened mot.erfokkers!!

Francisco Rizo

Spreading democracy is like farting? US has diarrhea.


Mr. President doesn’t seem to sure about this one. His facial expression says he is pretty much lying and kind of out of his mind. He is in trouble.

Jim Bim

INTERNAL” UN report = US dictated report.

Xoli Xoli

USA puppet sabotages national power grids by order from USA to let nation suffer in darkness in order to vote for him.Then Puppet Guiado want to stop sabotaging. Very stupid boy.Venezuela will never become USA remote control country just like France, Britain , Germany,Australia never.Forger drug addict Cocaine sniffer Guiado.

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