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Putin: “The Liberal Idea Has Become Obsolete”


Putin: "The Liberal Idea Has Become Obsolete"

Russian President Vladimir Putin

In a wide-ranging interview with the Financial Times published on June 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin described “the liberal idea” as “obsolete” and that it had “outlived its purpose”.

“So, the liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.”

Hommenting on the US President’s idea to build a wall on the US-Mexico, Putin said that one agrees with Trump’s plan or not, “he is at least looking for a solution”. In comparison, the Russian President added, the proponents of the so-called liberal values are “not doing anything,” insisting that everything is just fine even as unprecedented numbers of migrants come across their borders.

He further described German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow more than one million refugees into Germany as a “cardinal mistake”.

“This liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. That migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected.”

Every crime must have its punishment.

Putin added that even the failed liberal idea “has the right to exist and it should even be supported in some things. But you should not think that it has the right to be the absolute dominating factor. That is the point.”

“Various ideas and various opinions should have a chance to exist and manifest themselves,” while keeping in mind the interests of the general public. “Then, it seems to me, we would be able to avoid major political upheavals and troubles.”

Putin’s interview with the Financial Times caused fire and fury in mainstream media outlets that rushed to defend so-called liberal values (in fact, the consumerist neoliberal world view), but it was not the end.

During a final press conference at the G20 summit in Japan, the Russian President strengthened his remarks causing a new wave of media histeria.

Putin repeated that while the modern liberal idea is attractive in general, it has overreached on multiple issues, such as immigration, and is now “eating itself”. He recalled that representatives of ‘liberal idea’ is imposing their point of view by force, in particular in schools.

“In some European countries, parents are told that girls should not wear skirts at schools” because of security concerns, he said, adding that “people are living in their own country … why has it come to that?”

Putin also adressed the situation with LGBT rights in Russia. According to Putin, authorities had a “relaxed and unprejudiced” attitude towards LGBT people, but decisions about gender identity should be made by adults and therefore minors need to be “left alone.” Russian law bans “propaganda of homosexuality among minors.”

It’s interesting to note that while the general Russian population supports remarks of the President, the ‘liberal part’ of the elites and the so-called creative community oppose interests of the general population and the state. Often, it looks like they make every posssible effort to promote ideals of the consumerist neoliberal world order and denounce the Russian nation (like in the case with new mascots of the Russian Olympic Team).

The most recent scandal related to the so-called creative community happened during the forum of patriotic youth ‘Tavrida’ in Crimea, where it appeared that the ‘creative’ version of patriotism include perfomances propaganding homosexuality among patriotic youth.

The perfomance was held by a team from the organization “Gogol School”, which is know for its links with liberal stage and film director Kirill Serebrennikov. In 2017, Serebrennikov appeared to be suspected of masterminding a fraud scheme involving a state subsidy the Seventh Studio received from the government of Russia from 2011 to 2014. He and his counterparts are being ivestigated over the alleged theft of budget funds.

Gogol School declares that its goal is to allow its sutdents to change, dream and create. In the current situation, it’s an open secret what kind of changes this organization promotes. The key question is how did they appear in the patirotic youth forum?




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