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Putin Suggests Bashar al-Assad Should Invite Trump to Visit Syria


Putin Suggests Bashar al-Assad Should Invite Trump to Visit Syria

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Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should invite US President Donald Trump to visit Syria, a video showed.

The video shows the conversation between Assad and Putin at the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in Damascus. President Assad mentions the Apostle Paul’s conversion to Christianity after a vision at the gate of Damascus.

“If Trump arrives along this road, everything will become normal with him too,” the Syrian leader said.

“It will be repaired … invite him. He will come,” Putin reportedly said.

The Syrian President then said that he would like to invite Trump.

Putin, smiling, responded: “I will tell him.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Damascus on January 7th, in a surprise visit. The Russian leader met with Syrian President Bashar Assad in the Russian command point in Syria. The two leaders listened to the military’s report on the situation in the country’s region. Later they held bilateral talks. The presidents also visited the Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus.

Putin, then, visited an Orthodox church in Damascus, the Mariamite Cathedral, where he met with Patriarch John X, the primate of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All The East.

The two leaders made a joint statement, praising progress that’s being made in Syria and in the fight against terror, but that there is still much to do and the challenges are numerous.

“As for Syria, your efforts and our joint work have dramatically changed things. Not only is there a dramatical change, we are witnessing the restoration of Syrian statehood, of Syria as a unified nation.

There are many more issues to resolve, however. In the north of the country, in the east, in the north-west and in the south. But what I was greatly pleased to see while being driven around Damascus was that life was coming back to the streets, which were actually bustling. There are a lot of cars on the roads, shops are open along with cafes and restaurants. But much is yet to be done to rebuild the Syrian economy,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

In response, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the following:

“As I have said, whenever we advance and achieve success, the situation becomes more complicated, unfortunately, due to repeated attempts to bring back and elevate terrorists and terrorism.

For that reason, I believe that your visit today is very important for us to be able to discuss the obstacles and difficulties that are hindering a political settlement and what we can do to coordinate our efforts to ensure continued success in our fight against terrorism.”

Separately, on January 12th, the Turkish-Russia brokered ceasefire in Idlib took effect, and according to Turkey it was holding steadily.

“The cease-fire took effect in both Libya and Idlib on Jan. 12 at 00.01 a.m. local time [2200GMT]. The cease-fire implemented in both regions is an important step toward establishing stability and peace by stopping the attacks, preventing loss of life and migration outflows and contributing to the normalization of life,” the Turkish Defense Ministry said.

The statement added that Turkey is closely monitoring the situation in the region.

“It is being observed in both regions that the parties have tried to comply with the cease-fire since the announcement and the situation is calm except for one or two cases,” it concluded.

On January 10th, Russia announced that for it the ceasefire had begun on January 9th.

“According to the agreements with the Turkish side, the ceasefire regime was introduced in the Idlib de-escalation zone starting from 14:00 Moscow time (11:00 GMT) on January 9, 2020,” Russian Major-General Yury Borenkov was quoted as saying.

On January 12th, immediately after the ceasefire was established and was “holding well” according to Turkey, Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) violated the new ceasefire and started shelling areas in Aleppo’s city center. It is an open secret that HTS is backed by Ankara.




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