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Putin Speaks Of Taliban, Ukraine, Values And Energy At The Valdai Club

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Putin Speaks Of Taliban, Ukraine, Values And Energy At The Valdai Club

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On October 21st, Russian President Vladimir Putin held discussions with members of the Valdai club, after giving an address.

Notably, Putin said that the world was moving towards recognizing the Taliban movement and that Washington and Moscow were on the right track following the Geneva summit.

He also thanked Europe for the sanctions.

“A thank you goes to the Europeans for sanctions in the field of agriculture.” They triggered retaliatory steps and encouraged investment in import substitution efforts, including in industries. “And I should say that the impact is positive. I don’t mind telling you that I was concerned but the impact is in general very positive.”

“Over the past decade, many have recalled the Chinese proverb <…> “God forbid living in an era of change.” But we are already living in it, whether we like it or not,” Putin said.

Among other things, Putin stressed that the existing model of capitalism has exhausted itself and with its help it is impossible to get out of the tangle of increasingly tangled contradictions. The world food crisis will only get worse. All these problems threaten deep social divisions.

According to the President, although all states declare their readiness to work together to solve common problems, this is not always confirmed in practice. And the pandemic only spurred negative trends. At the same time, he noted the complexity of the issue, since politicians are primarily responsible to their fellow citizens, which is why international and transnational topics fade into the background, which is generally normal and correct.

The President stressed that the current state of the world is the result of the Cold War, from which lessons need to be learned and a precedent for establishing a new world order without a big armed confrontation.

In regard to the Taliban, Putin stressed that recognition was inching closer, and it was likely inevitable.

“It seems to me that we are getting close to doing so.” “Russia’s position will be to move in this particular direction” “but still, these decisions should be made the way they were made when the movement was blacklisted as a terrorist organization.” US President Joe Biden “did the right thing when he withdrew troops from Afghanistan” but now the United States and Europe “should not avoid responsibility for current and future developments” in the country.

In regard to the European energy crisis and the carbon taxes, Putin said that the problems were a result of the European Commission’s economic policy.

The gas crisis “is the result of the European Commission’s economic policy. Russia has nothing to do with it.” “If the Europeans continue to pursue such a policy, they will share the fate of a wolf from a Russian folk tale. “One of the other characters takes the wolf tto an ice hole, makes him catch fish with his tail and keeps chanting: ‘Let the wolf’s tail freeze’.” The idea of introducing a carbon tax in Europe “requires further elaboration.” “We hope that it will be done in dialogue with other countries, including Russia.”

When it comes to Ukraine, Putin said that while individuals with “extreme political views” were in charge in Kiev, there was little to be done.

People of extreme political views have seized power in Ukraine, they rule the country “regardless of what the name of the head of state is.” Even those who came to power relying on the support of the ‘silent majority’ failed to fulfill their election promises because “the aggressive nationalist minority deprived them of the freedom to make the decisions that the Ukrainian people were waiting for.” “This is a deadlock. I don’t actually understand how to break it. We’ll see what will happen on Ukraine’s political stage in the near future. For our part, we will do everything we can to build relations.” However, NATO is already active in Ukraine, creating a threat for Russia. “What if missiles are stationed near Kharkov some day? What do we do about it?”

Additionally, he spoke on the necessity of change in the United Nations.

He called it an enduring value that must be preserved. And although it does not always have time to adapt to rapid changes, one should not fuss and make mistakes in reforming it.

Speaking about the possibilities of other states to become permanent members of the Security Council, Putin noted that this should not be decided by Russia, but only by consensus. According to him, the question is how to find a balance.

“If we destroy the veto of the permanent members, then the United Nations will die on the same day, <…> it will turn into the League of Nations, that’s all,” the president said.

A separate topic of the speech was the conversation about values. The President called them a unique product of the cultural and historical development of each nation. Mutual interweaving broadens one’s horizons and allows one to think differently about one’s own tradition, but this process takes time and must be organic.

“Attempts to dictate values in conditions of uncertain and unpredictable prospects further complicate an already acute situation and usually entail a backlash and the opposite of the expected result,” the president said.

Putin recalled a speech by Martin Luther King, in which he said: “I dream that the day will come when my four children will live in a country where they will be judged not by the color of their skin, but according to their personality traits.” …

“This is the true value. But now we see that everything is happening differently,” the president said.

He pointed out that during the period of world reconstruction, the outcome of which is still unknown, moderate conservatism is the most reasonable line of behavior, which prevents one from going down and does not plunge into chaos.


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L du Plessis

Putin is a true statesman!!💪🙏🇱🇺


He is on the side of the Chabad Lubavitch that is openly jewish supremacist.

Of course they cover for Friedman and pretend to distance themselves from his comments, who himself lies about his comments: https://www.jta.org/2009/06/03/united-states/chabad-rabbi-aims-to-clarify-remarks-on-killing-civilians

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way,” wrote Rabbi Manis Friedman in the current issue of Moment magazine. “Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle).”

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

President’s Putin & Xi Jinping are a nightmare for the west. They cannot be bought, threatened, coerced in any manner.

The west is finished. Eventually a true wide reaching alliance of Eurasian nations will set the global terms of economy, science, military etc.

We are already part way there. Another decade or two and the american, anglo, zionist swine will be reduced to a laughing stock, planet wide. This too has already materialized.


No amount of links will convince you that Russia and China are friends with Israel.

“The west is finished. Eventually a true wide reaching alliance of Eurasian nations will set the global terms of economy, science, military etc.”

The mask slips off! Communism rises, preying upon envy and using the other races as pawns to consolidate jewish power.

You have some true grievances mask your true intent; what you are truly after is not “fairness”, but domination.

In reality you blame jewish subversion on Whites, your real problem with Whites is not the wars or tearing of the moral fabric of society.

Rather it is jealousy; if you had your way you would do the same, if not worse. And believe yourself to be infallible and my response a “cry of desperation”. You are self-righteous and not unlike the jews are also incapable of self-reflection.

However you are too aloof to understand these “Eurasian” muppets are using you to get their way, you confuse jews with Whites and prove yourselves no better with your delusions of grandeur than your perception of illusory “White Supremacists” being evil incarnate.

You are merely the beige version of what you think a white supremacist is.

The only difference is you do not know yourselves as my predecessors knew you, nor do you truly know us at any moment throughout time and space. We are so bad off that you come here like locusts to make it worse, as you never seem to discover the spark you always lacked.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

As for your commentary, you are indeed a hypocrite and one who isn’t well-versed in history.

“The west is finished. Eventually a true wide reaching alliance of Eurasian nations will set the global terms of economy, science, military etc.”

Eurasian implies a merger between Asia and Europe, the “West” is European! The White race. Your comment is self-contradictory and revealing, as to the fact you are a supremacist yourself. Your contention with Whites is envy, not

Not only that you convince yourself that all the extensive evidence proving that Whites played a major role in the creation of old Asiatic empires from Egypt to the Indus Valley is a “lie”.

This passage from the Genealogy of Morals summerizes your real contention with us and the manipulative cunning involved to gain an upper hand over the stronger, usually by feigning weakness and phony displays of “kindness”:

This is a very jewish tactic and is widespread in places like China or the Middle East that are also infected with a similar variety of “yellow fever”.


“Another decade or two and the american, anglo, zionist swine will be reduced to a laughing stock, planet wide. This too has already materialized.”

Really I thought you said they were already a laughing stock? Once more you are too dumb to figure you are scapegoating a subset of Whites to shift blame from jewish activities.

You don’t know this but Whites to our great misfortune are the most humble and easy to take advantage of thanks for Liberalism and Christianity most of all. These are tools to make us feel sorry for others who then huckster their way into society, take it over and subvert it. Then exploit it and suck it dry for all its worth, before casting it aside and moving onto their next hosts.

Jews have their way because they fool the dumb goyim into fighting amongst themselves, whilst they play victim. Now they have encouraged other races to suck the blood of “whitey” in the vein hope they can become what they revile in him most:
comment image

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

Chances are you will misinterpret my mood since you do not see my face, nor hear my voice. You are very self-serving and on an individual level think you are bigger than you are.

“We are already part way there. Another decade or two and the american, anglo, zionist swine will be reduced to a laughing stock, planet wide. This too has already materialized.”

Concerning your other contradictory comment, this is what you desire the most:

Your appeal to humanitarianism is a lie, this is a race war and you contain all of the dark character traits that you falsely apply to Whites.

You are full of double standards and special pleading, you are a racial supremacist of a different kind that is hidden behind universalist occult “science” for the weaker to fool and dominate the stronger, after entering into a conspiracy with a nation’s traitors blinded by power.

This is what happened with Rome and Christianity, now it’s happening again with Whites and Cultural Marxism.

You only see the world for how it seems than by what it is. That is why a show of strength is the only thing you understand, it is no different than disciplining a child happens to require the idea of a parental authority.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra

Putin is the pre-eminent statesman on the world stage. He manages to broker Russian influence world wide on a fraction of the military budget of the USA. He wisely seeks to avoid conflict and when he uses military power he does so with surgical precision.

The future will tell whether or not the “Middle Kingdom” absorbs the rest of the world and we all become Chinese.

As a Northern European with long time roots in America I hope to see “western” cultural values and the sanctity of the individual protected. I think this can best be accomplished by a coalition of the North. This coalition will include the North American states, Europe and Russia.

Putin obviously plays better chess than any of his western counterparts but the long game will turn on how he manages the interface with China.


Either he cucks to jewish power, or is more likely a crypto-jew himself. Those same jewish kinpins do business with Russia and China, they are heavily entangled with them and western “cultural values” are subverted by jews to make the ignorant and malleble wogs think this is a “natural” consequence of “individualism” that stems from Freemasonry.

The masons center around the 7 Hermetic principles, such universalist occult “sciences” of the east are an inversion of Aryan paganism that began with the perversion of Sanatana Dharma now called “Hinduism”.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zarathustra
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