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Putin Signed Decree Ordering Government To Impose Sanctions On Ukraine


On October 22, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree ordering the government to slap Ukraine with economic sanctions in response to its hostile approach towards Russia.

The document says that this decision was made “in response to Ukraine’s unfriendly actions, which are run counter to international law and imply the introduction of restrictive measures against citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation”, in addition to “protecting national interests.”

Under the decree, the Russian government has been instructed to determine “special economic measures applicable to individuals and legal entities” as well as to draw up lists of individuals and legal entities, which will be targeted by these “measures”. Special economic measures are applied to the sanctioned individuals and entities from the day the decree comes into force – the date of its signing, October 22.

According to reports in the Russian media citing parliamentary sources, the sanctions will limit the Russian investments in the Ukrainian economic as well as supplies of energy resources and agricultural production. The sanctions may also target other spheres, including financial transactions.

It’s interesting to note that despite a military operation kicked off by the Kiev regime against the Russian-speaking population of eastern Ukraine as well as multiple hostile actions of the Poroshenko government against Mooscow, Russia remains the biggest investor in the Ukrainian economy. Furthermore, so far, no real diplomatic or economic restrictive measures have been undertaken by Moscow against the Kiev regime.

Meanwhile, the miltiary situation in eastern Ukraine remains tense. The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) continue constant violations of the ceasefire regime attempting to gain more and more “neutral zone” near the contact line established between the UAF and local militas in the framework of the Minsk Accords.

Putin Signed Decree Ordering Government To Impose Sanctions On Ukraine

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  • cliff

    I find it awkward despite all the crimes against humanity the Saudis did and are still committing in Yemen they are not sanctioned,they get sanctioned for just killing one journalists. they deserve to face humanitarian court but how can one men get more valuables status then hundreds of thousands facing starvation and death. if they really want to do anything righteous they will order the Saudis to stop they illegal war in Yemen which has cause thousands of life and humanitarian disaster. Germany us just playing a hide and seek game they are just saving face.

    • occupybacon

      Watch out, over 200 journalists were assassinated in Russia, after the KSA the sanctions will follow North.

      • John

        lol ……… baloney.

      • You can call me Al

        Please, stop taking the meds, before commenting.

      • Gary Sellars

        He calls himself “occupybacon” because his he has his prong stuck up a pigs azz.

        • occupybacon

          your mom oinks of pleasure

      • Nosferatu

        Yeah CIA killed many of their own presstitutes in order to blame it on Putin.

      • Listen them – who killed them (evidence) – and why.

        • occupybacon

          many of them were investigation journalists, I’d say the Russian mafia led by Russian secret services.

          • What are their names and why on earth would you presume the Russian secret service (which branch BTW) would work WITH the Mafia? …. You think they’re all in London?

          • occupybacon

            Here’s your list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_Russia
            Of course they were not in London, they were in Russia, investigating Russian Oligarchs and Politicians. Do you think secret services are not working with mafia? Or only the Western secret services work with the mafia? Or the West = Mafia?



    • Feudalism Victory

      Read it closer. It mentions individuals and legal organizations. Us sanctions also but not always target individuals.

  • Jim Bim

    About time!! Start with sanction Poroshenko chocolate business in Russia.

  • Davki

    Understand, no, sorry, just accept that: 1) Russia’s sanctions are good sanctions. 2) Despite these (just) sanctions Russia is still very nice, doing lots of businees with Ukraine and 3) Ukraine is really dependent on Russia. 4) Ukraine attacks ‘Russian speaking people’ (assume: simply because they speak Russian!). Nevermind that hundreds of thousands of people living in the Ukrainian Ukraine also speak Russian (rather than Ukrainian). 5) Only the UAF violate agreements. You can’t possibly believe that anybody is stupid enough to swallow this.

    • Would you rather the Russians used “the military option” to sort out the Donbas?
      (I would….. )