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Media Claim Putin Showed Stone Video Of U.S. Forces Claiming Its Russian Air Force. Kremlin Denies

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Media reports appeared online claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin showed filmmaker Oliver Stone footage of a US helicopter shooting Tliban extremists in Afghanistan and told him it was the Russian Aerospace Forces operating in Syria.

In turn, Kremlin denied these reports. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the pro-opposition news site “Meduza” that “this is not true. Nonsense.”

The scene that caused the situation appears in the third part of Oliver Stone’s Showtime special “The Putin Interviews”.

The moment occurs at 47 minutes, 10 seconds. Putin shows Stone a video on a mobile phone and tells:

“That’s how our air forces are operating. These militants are running with arms; not just machine guns, but they have some serious weaponry at their disposal, which they used to destroy army vehicles.”

[UPDATE 21.06.2017] The video above was removed from Youtube. However, you can find a part of the scene in the trailer below from 0:09:

The alleged original video from 2013 showing a US Apache helicopter pounding Taliban militants. Please, watch from 1:00:

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very well

Murray Smith

47 minutes 10 seconds – not 49.


Yes, thank you


Eh,!? Why lol, there is plenty of rus helis videos around, was he given a wrong recording imho ?


The scenes look identical to me.


Putin tricked Stone. The video was of Americans fighting the Taliban, with audio spliced in from Ukrainian air force pilots.

Just like his lies about MH17. Same thing!

Michael DeStefano

Yeah, right. With a thousand eyes looking to jump on anything Putin says or does and twist it into a pretzel, he’s going to stoop to using fake videos. What a moron. Get a brain.


Are you denying he passed off a video of Americans fighting the Taliban with Ukrainian AF pilot audio spliced in, as Russians fighting ISIS?

Because that would mean you are denying reality.

Here is the exact audio Putin (your master) duped the useful idiot Stone with:


You fall for Russian propaganda so easily! Filth.

Gary Sellars

go away Ukropi troll terror-sympathiser…


Putin understood what the Ukrainian pilot was saying, yet he purposely lied about that. This is what he told Stone, when describing the audio:

“The pilot said that he’s going to make another [bombing] attempt.” Stone responds: “They [the insurgents] don’t have Stingers [antiaircraft missiles]?”

He then said they are “international terrorists” and that the footage was of “an attempt at entering Syria from the Turkish side.”

Believe me now? Putin understood the Ukrainian pilot, then lied about what he said. Then he lied again, saying the insurgents came from the “Turkish side” but this happened in AFGHANISTAN!

Believe more lies from your master!

Gary Sellars

Ukropi troll on max effort to earn his daily potato..


Russian trolls like you don’t have “Brains” just memory slots and a USB port in the back of your heads where ‘Data’ is downloaded daily from Vladimir Putin Lie machine.

Gary Sellars

go away Yankistani troll terror-sympathiser…


Yo Mama.


Lol u even UPVOTED YOURSELF, WOW well done, i Guess :D hahaha


Yawn, your master Pootin lied. Now suck him off.


Minor mistake, don’t think it was on purpose


I doubt it. Putin mistranslated what the Ukrainian pilot said.


really? like what ?

Justin Ryan

No milk for YOU Anon!



Anus keep sucking Soros’ anus, he is your master you little bitch… eat all his shit then suck off your boyfriends from Azow ss.

John Whitehot

the one that also switch accounts to give himself even more upvotes


Did Soros or “Azow” (whoever that is) make Putin trick the useful idiot Stone with a fake video?

Soros controls Putin, confirmed!


Was that before or after he ran him and his operation out of Russia? You’re such a complete DA.


Why does General Harding Cyber Troll Recruit, so come to mind with regards your comment?

Meet NATO’s troll extraordinaire, ‘Brig Gen.’ Joel Harding…

…Like a true general, he leads a small army of allegedly taxpayer-funded trollswho have done more to burnish the Kremlin’s credibility than the combined efforts of Russia Today, Sputnik, Tass and a host of other Russia-based mainstream media, news-zines and blogs…

…His constantly-changing LinkedIn profile once boasted: “Primary author Ukraine National Strategy for Information Policy, In addition to being a prolific blogger, currently he is a “Wikistrat analyst” (a post usually reserved for former top military personnel and college interns), “Principal IOHO” and “Founder and Moderator SIOAC”.

… Brig. Gen. Joel Harding? He is endowed with the super-human ability to troll 24/7 over 365 days a year. His team engages in childish rants, baseless accusations, libel, etc and still has lots of time on their hands…

if you react to their cyber-stalking, within 24 hours both your corporate and personal e-mail addresses in your LinkedIn profile will appear in bogus accounts created in your name in various LGBT, X-rated movies and dating sites.

Like emotionally-damaged children in need of constant attention, Harding and his soldiers never give up. You are forced to acknowledge that they exist, and that they matter, even as a parasitic life-form. LinkedIn is swamped with laughable, so-called legal, counter-arguments from Harding’s crew, if they fail get their 1st Amendment rights to libel, a trait that seems stuck to the head-honcho’s name. In a Federal Communication Commission document dated March 5, 2008, a maximum correctional prison inmate named Joel Harding was revealed to have successfully lobbied to get a ham operator’s address, this relentless stalking must have been duly noted.

The other Harding speciality is self-promotion. The gullible and the troll are equally roped in by the Harding aura. In a Reading Eagle article, we find the Harding legend embellished with flights of fancy such as his “blog being blocked by the Russians” (false) because they were explosively effective against Russian propaganda. Also, “the head of Russian propaganda (Dr. Igor Panarin) hates me.”

… He’s a really busy man, trolling 24/7 across 3,000 blogs, and has pressing matters of national security to attend. “I was on the phone with NATO…They invited me to speak on Tuesday about how it can best combat Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

The details were classified and that’s why he was telling me about the phone call. There are no photos of “Brig. Gen Joel Harding” with the NATO leadership… ‘ Read more: https://www.sott.net/article/328016-Meet-NATOs-troll-extraordinaire-Brig-Gen-Joel-Harding


Never heard of this Harding guy, but if he’s being attacked in a targeted matter online, by Russian “journalists”, then he must be doing something right.

Thanks for the info.


Russian journalist attacking General Hardy? Really and I thought Vineyard of the Saker was an American Domain, despite using Russia Insider. Oooops and my fault, so let us see what other non-Russian sites have picked up on Pervo Hardy and his school of pervy trolls.

Meet NATO’s troll extraordinaire, ‘Brig Gen.’ Joel Harding… http://www.jewworldorder.org/meet-natos-troll-extraordinaire-brig-gen-joel-harding/

This time last year, there was so much more, courtesy of Google. Now why has it all disappeared, including that story about him, his trolls and the porn sites? Which is what reminded me, courtesy of you comment.


You do realize the original piece was posted on RI?


This is what they describe the authors as:

“Ivan Zaitsev is a retired journalist who now spends time outdoors while Yana Dianova is a Moscow-based lawyer.”

Both are Russian “journalists”.

And jewworldorder,org? What kind of derange, Nazi, lunatic website is that?

You’re probably an elderly person who spends too much time on the internet, so you read bizarre, propagandistic/disinfo/extremist websites like the one above. Stay away from ’em, grandpa.

Here’s a good, analytical, non-propagandistic website on Russia:


An example of the quality of articles from the above website is this one:



‘Stay away from the internet Grandpa’ – haha and so sexist. Sorry, I was born a female and funnily enough, never changed my gender, well, if so I have never noticed.

James Town Journal??????

Willem de Vogel Chairman Willem de Vogel was born in The Netherlands and was schooled there and in Wales.

Board Members Matthew Bryza Board Member Matthew Bryza just completed a 23-year career as a U.S. diplomat,

Nancy Ellison

Board Member

Nancy Ellison is a celebrated photojournalist and portrait photographer. Her portrait subjects have ranged from world leaders to icons of popular culture. Besides celebrity portraiture, her photojournalism has included photo essays on British forces in Central America, the Mosquito Indians of Honduras and Belize and headhunters in Borneo.

Carlton W. Fulford, Jr., General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)

Board Member

General Fulford presently consults with U.S. government and other private organizations on security matters. He served as Director of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, a Department of Defense regional center, from 2003-2006.


I could go on, but, I am cracked up laughing. Thanks for providing me with the humour.


Grandma, it seems you are making the logical fallacy of attacking the source, rather than attacking the content.

There is nothing wrong with those people you listed. They are board members, not necessarily authors themselves. The Eurasia column is written by ethnic Russians too, which you would have noticed if you actually bothered reading the articles:



But your primary goal is to avoid reading the articles, otherwise, it would require you to form a coherent argument, which you are unable to do.


Sorry, Granny cannot stop laughing.

Was the article on reading James Town?

Media Disinformation Agents and the 5D Programme.

Discourse Deny Discredit Derail Disagree

Enjouy your Soros or is it General Hardy’s silver.


More snarky one-liners.


U are so Hilarious, its kinda not even funny, to see u strugle with your indoctrinated brain.


He up votes all his comments. When he gets called on it, then he resorts to name calling. The dude is obviously paid to troll…he has to up vote himself to look good, as the asses that run his op don’t care about reality, just how it looks.


Yawn, accusations of me being paid are designed to distract from your lack of a coherent argument.

As for me upvoting my comments, you can see that the rest of the people here are brainwashed. You believe Russia’s disinformation about MH17. No one else upvotes.

Foolish filth. I wish I was paid to rip open your a*s digitally.


I think that he has used a video that was given him by his helpers. It’s not his phone for sure, he doesn’t carry phones.


Putin understood what the Ukrainian pilot was saying, yet he purposely lied about that. This is what he told Stone, when describing the audio:

“The pilot said that he’s going to make another [bombing] attempt.” Stone responds: “They [the insurgents] don’t have Stingers [antiaircraft missiles]?”

He then said they are “international terrorists” and that the footage was of “an attempt at entering Syria from the Turkish side.”

Believe me now? Putin understood the Ukrainian pilot, then lied about what he said. Then he lied again, saying the insurgents came from the “Turkish side” but this happened in AFGHANISTAN!


He made an interpretation to the chatter in the the video, i think he relied on real info when he said that the insurgents were coming from turkey, cause at that time they were. There is no mentioning of afghanistan in the video with fake audio overlay. He got duped himself. He should have checked the video properly before showing it.


You’re right, it seems like a mistake. You seem like a level-headed, decent fellow, far above others here. Thanks for engaging in respectful conversation.

BTW, do you understand Russian? Do you know if anyone translates Colonel Cassad’s articles to English? I’ve only found some.

888mladen .

It is the screen of an American Apache chopper shown in the video. An undeniable proof is the text displayed in the upper left corner of the screen which reads “FLIR”. http://www.flir.com.hk/mission/

Gary Sellars

Ukropi troll on max effort to earn his daily potato…..


Really? So who tricked Putin? Russia has tons of attack videos why use this one? I’d be a little more concerned if this was an official release or from a state news agency, like say…PBS. http://www.mintpressnews.com/epic-bombing-fail-pbs-uses-russian-footage-to-depict-us-airstrikes-on-isis-oil-fields/211521/


Still, I would be interesting in knowing the trail of Provence about this.

Tudor Miron

You can tell us fairytales about where are you from and what your extraction is :) You can’t hide UkroTroll anyway. Especially one from Canada – hundreds of banderites flew there after mass murders commited against Poles. Our obsession with people of Ukraine? 40% of us have relatives in Ukraine. 60% of Ukrainians have relatives in Russia. No, not in the western parts of Ukraine but somehow that relatively small western part dictates its will (with arms in hands) to the rest of the country.


Yawn, I’m an South Asian guy in Canada. Sheesh. You are mentally ill. Ukrainians are hiding under your bed! kek.

I assume you are from Israel. Am I right to call you a Zionist stooge?


Now, isn’t that the pot(you) calling the kettle black?

Tudor Miron

Than who are you to explain to me how do I deal with my own flash and blood? Can’t you comprehand it? We are ONE nation for vast majority of Ukrainians and Russians. Ukrainians are not hiding under my bad. Ukrainian IS IN MY BED openly. My wife is Ukrainian. My Grandfother is Ukrainian. You, snakehead fu$ks that try to disrupt my nation, rip off parts of my flash to feed your blood firsty Jahve ;) That’s who my Ukrainian wife hates. Your little ass is hiding in Canada when your puppet leaders instigated that bloody coup in Kiev. Installed Khasar regime recreating Khazarian Kaganat which was the most parasitic canser type state one can imagine. Don’t think that we’re so stupid to not see your deeds. We know who you are :)


“Khasar regime recreating Khazarian Kaganat”

Haha. Another brainwashed lunatic. You useful idiots seem to like talking about da joos and Khazars and other looney stuff.

I suggest the local psychiatrist’s office.

And I know who you are too: filth.

Tudor Miron

Very well my friend. You stopped teaching Russians/Ukrainians what to do within their own nations. That’s a good sign.

Gary Sellars

Ok, you’re a stupid Pakistani Kanuckistani Ukrop….

Hilarious!!!! It just gets better and better….


Never go into the cave of unfortunaty. Putin will learn the hard way


Hahahahahaha so stupid. Oliver Stone would’ve heard the Americans talk in the video if it really was US bombing campaign. MSM is on override.


You are wrong.

The video Putin showed Stone was taken from YouTube. The uploader basically took video of U.S. forces fighting the Taliban and spliced in audio of Ukrainian pilots in the 1st Donetsk airport bat. That’s why Stone didn’t hear any English. How can you be so blindly stupid?

Putin ended up showing that video to Stone. He duped him BIG!

This is the exact video Putin tricked Stone with:


Gary Sellars

Ukropi troll on max effort to earn his daily potato…


I am a Canadian of Asian extraction.

Your sick, unhealthy, and racist obsession with the people of Ukraine shows you are mentally deranged.

Russian nationalist propaganda websites have brainwashed an Anglo into copy-pasting anti-Ukrainian comments…

How pathetic, you ingrate!


Anus you are a piece of shit….a braindead, retarded SJW sissy loser, indoctrinated with MSM antirussian lies, spamming utter rubbish from some ukronazi sites, waging your personal gay crusade/jihad from your basement….

you are below pathetic, just a turd with a computer. Go die mutant.


Did SJWs, Ukrainians, or Nazis make Putin show this fake video and lie about it?

Your violent response is typical of your ilk.


Up voting your own comment again? That says a lot about your ‘honesty’.

Gary Sellars

Fake video? Its a real video, but a simple mistake, nothing more, and this stupid Kanuckistani Ukrop thinks its an international scandal…

Get back to earning your daily potato…


Interesting that you need to claim you are a Canadian national of Asian ethnicity, as some sort of shield-like and non biased, yet unsubstantiated, caveat, before then launching into a spirited defense of the far, far, away Ukrainian state, and its current US sponsored and utterly corrupt and incompetent leadership. Troll much?


Unfortunately, some of the more brainwashed people here keep seeing Ukrainians under their beds. I responded by saying where I’m from to get these trolls off my back, since they kept following me around, calling me a Ukrainian.

That is the only reason why I mentioned where I’m from. We in the West admire Ukraine’s right against Russia. It’s a good thing, even if ingrates like you can’t understand.


“We in the West”…speak for yourself, dude. Not every one in the west is a brainwashed moron. Canada is just a US puppet that is trying very hard to outdo it’s fascist big brother. We ‘ingrates’ do not like our gov facilitating neo nazis taking over countries through violent means. We really don’t like being told that we need to support those that would burn a building and keep people in that building to burn to death…then there are the murders, kidnappings, shelling of residential areas and downing of commercial aircraft. Maybe this is the new Canada that your new Obama-esk phony intends. Looks like he has your support. Certainly can’t understand why the First Nations have issues with Ottawa, huh?


” We really don’t like being told that we need to support those that would burn a building and keep people in that building to burn to death”

Nobody was burned to death in the The Odessa Massacre. They died from inhalation of fumes or because they jumped. Don’t propagandize their deaths. And both sides were throwing Molotovs against each other. The local Mayor and cops were with the pro-Russians, who provoked the fight. The pro-Ukrainians then fought back, forcing the pro-Russians into the building. Then, since both sides were throwing Molotovs, the building caught fire and the tragedy happened. It was an accident, not on purpose.

Sadly, people like you fell for the propaganda from Russia, claiming these people were burned alive by Nazis because they are Russians. A complete lie, with no context given.

Kristy Rain

Those people were burned alive on purpose. I watched as the ones who jumped out the window were beaten into comas or to death over that.

the police stood by and watched as it happened.

None of it was covered in western media and the US even appointed one of its crooked cronies Saakashvili to oversee that district.

it all stinks of Western meddling.


Not a single person was “burned” alive. The ones inside the building died to the fumes/gas.

I too watched the video and I agree that the ones who jumped were beaten by the savages. But both sides were throwing Molotovs. I doubt whomever threw the Molotov that lit the building on fire planned this or even knew what was going to happen.

And both sides had provoked each other.

What I am saying is that the issue is far more nuanced than the Russian media presented it as. They claimed Nazis burned Russians alive and this was proof of “genocide”.

Kristy Rain

When this happened, and bloody beating of oppostion protesters and the burning of their buses was not covered by Western press. Not even a little.

if the west didn’t try so hard to show only one side of the coin, I’d believe you. But because they tried to bury it, their Ukrainian cabinet appointments (listed by that vampire Nuland) it stinks heavily of Western heavy-handedness in hat region.

Libya, Syria, Iraq, Egypt etc. It’s all got the same hoof-prints as Ukraine.

‘We came. We saw. He died *cackles* ‘


But the MSM press did cover the beatings and attacks on the pro-Russian protesters:





No doubt that Ukraine deserves criticism for its lack of proper investigating. But the Russian press exploited the tragedy and covered it in a far more biased manner than the Western press.

As for the beatings during EuroMaidan, both sides acted in a dishonest manner. The Russian media focused on a small number of Nazis beating up the police, while the Western media focused on violence towards the protesters. Nobody is innocent here.

Gary Sellars

“Nobody was burned to death in the The Odessa Massacre. ”

I was correct. You are a STUPID Kanuckistani Ukrop….


You must be indeed a pathetic Ukro-Nazi troll or a totally brainwashed libtard to peddle the garbage lies like this. If people were not burnt alive in the House of Trade Unions on 2 May 2014 in Odessa, why there were so many churned corpses were found there, as numerous photos evidence, i.e. published by Eric Zuesse, you moron? http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/05/videos-photos-odessan-massacre-done.html If “the local governor and police were with pro-Russian activists”, as you peddle, why the police arrived no sooner than half an hour after the fire was set by Ukro-Nazis throwing Molotov cocktails, as the witnesses said?


Haha, your racism is exposed “Ukro-Nazi”. I already told you I’m a Canadian of Asian origins. Now stop whining about Ukrainians hiding under your bed!

What country are you from, pro-Russian brainwashed friend?

“, why there were so many churned corpses were found there, as numerous photos evidence, i.e. published by Eric Zuesse, you moron?”

They died due to smoke inhalation. If their bodies were burnt, then it happened after they died.

Nobody was burned alive.


Your balls are showing, challenged bigot Ukro-Nazi troll, who cannot make a head or tail what racism is, by the very essence of your dumb mendacious remarks. Tell why there were corpses burnt by half, as the photos evidence, if all them died of suffocation?


Your brainwashed re-tard, I already said that the corpses were burned AFTER they died! Thus, the original cause of their deaths was NOT being burned alive, but inhalation of smoke and lack of oxygen.

You are either a brainwashed Russian troll or a useful idiot.

Which one is it?


You’re brainwashed by CIA-composts retarded moronic Ukro-Nazi troll (or useful idiot), have you made autopsies of all the victims of Odessa massacre yourself? You do not dare to look at these photos of corpses burnt but not the furniture nearby them, don’t you, scumbag? https://www.exposingtruth.com/media-wont-tell-odessa-massacre/


Yawn, you RussiaNigger, those people had their bodies burned AFTER they died of smoke inhalation!


Fucked up khokhol Nazi troll with amoeba IQ, again you’ve shown your sleazy balls, paranoid screwed from throat to the butt moronic bastard, and quickly cowardly edited your fart. Americans’ eternal cock sucker, this your fate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbaSAwkh2PQ


Khokhol retarded fucked up coward troll, do you see your relatives here, hanging nicely?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4_Jtgd98pc


Moronoc khokhol fucked up troll, are you of “Asian origins” because you ilk were either Khazarian or cuman bastards populating the Wild Field who had to flee after WWII not to be hanged up as fucking Nazi collaborators?? How comes, you ass-brained dickhead, that bodies were burned but not the surroundings: https://www.exposingtruth.com/media-wont-tell-odessa-massacre/ WARNING: VERY DISTURBING IMAGES Photo of charred bodies on the ground floor, near the entrance doors.

charred bodies 1

More Photos and More Questions Charred bodies appeared on higher floors where there was no open fire, and the simple question is WHY?

charred bodies 2

The next photo shows the same bodies from another viewpoint, and as we can see: the wooden battery panel, wooden railings on the stairs, and chipboard sheet don’t look burnt. The blue oval points to the barricade made of tables, chairs and cabinets, appearing as if it hasn’t even been touched by fire, unlike the charred bodies lying nearby.”


Haha, you ARE a Roosian troll, I KNEW it!


Ha-ha, dickhead khokhol troll of Khazarian/cuman ilk, you’re so uneducated not to know that Russian is used and understood in all of the former USSR republics and the bulk of Eastern Europe. Better crawl in your kennel, Ukro-Nazi puppy, there is nothing you can blab to make your arse look less pathetic ;)


Hmm, you seem to be strangely obsessed with thinking I’m Ukrainian, even though I’m not. Regardless, you’ve been brainwashed by Russian propaganda to be anti-Ukrainian. You also believe Russia’s lies about MH17.

Russia will never be as powerful as the USSR. We in the West made sure of that!


You see, retarded moron, when you are “reasoning” like a typical fucked up by years of CIA brainwashing Ukro-Nazi troll and relentlessly spreading your puke anti-Russian propaganda, there is little choice but to consider you as such. https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2016/01/08/cia-undermining-and-nazifying-ukraine-since-1953.html “We in the West” – in the West, if you mean moronic Uncle Sam and it’s pathetic vassals, like the one where you are based (if you do not lie on this account) you will quite soon be subdued by Islamic “refugees” on one part and degenerate due to your rotten internal policies like incest and animal brothels legalisation ;)


Haha, you Roosians love deluding yourself that the West is crumbling and is over run with Muslims. Roosian propaganda has to make its zombie watchers feel better about the country’s poor situation.

Canada is far wealthier and safer than Russia will ever be. No matter what propaganda you swallow about incest and animals, you will never change this harsh reality.

Sleep tight, little Roosian. Keep masterbat-ing to images of Muslim hordes invading Canada, kek!


Dickhead deluded dummy, have you started learning how to wash your anus a la fidel Muslim and learn to do Namath – unless you’re into it already, as well as hoping to kill all Jews and other infidels? Tell your supervisors to update your trolling manuals. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/10083/canada-islamization


No dice, Anon, calling you out as bogus agenda-troll.

Carol Davidek-Waller

“Spirited defense”=a vicious ad hominem attack.


Your mama…


When Russia presented the ‘Outlaw The NAZI Party Bill’, in the UN, wasn’t it Canada, US and Ukraine, back in 2014, that voted against it? Offering full support to the NAZI Party, funnily up and running in Ukraine and what happened to the Canadian instructors, that went out to lend the Ukraine NAZIs a helping hand?

Ukraine crisis: Canada sending 200 trainers for Ukraine military Troops to leave this summer for lower-risk operations at bases in western Ukraine… http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/ukraine-crisis-canada-sending-200-trainers-for-ukraine-military-1.3031806

11 Canadian Mercanaries Go Home In Body Bags After Donbass ‘Master Class’ http://www.stalkerzone.org/11-canadian-mercenaries-go-home-bodybags-master-class-donbass/


Historically, those three countries have always opposed the resolution. It happens every year and the Russian media goes haywire in propaganda mode, especially because it allows them to connect this with their myth of Ukraine being a “Nazi” state.

The reality is far more nuanced. The U.S. and Canada have vetoed this for many, many years, even before the events in Ukraine, so it’s impossible they did this to “support the Nazi party” as you mistakenly say.

The U.S. and Canada veto this every year because of issues to do with free speech. In the U.S., even the KKK isn’t outlawed. That doesn’t mean the U.S. government supports the KKK.

Ukraine has never supported the bill for another reason: they wanted the bill to condemn Stalinism as well as Nazism, but that never happened, so they never supported it.

As for your StalkerZone link, that is the definition of fake news. No evidence is given. It’s literally just a random blog repeating nonsense. Funny how you so furiously defend Russia when its accused of harbouring troops in E. Ukraine, but immediately believe disinformation about Canadian SF being killed, with zero evidence.

Always think critically and don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


After reading your complete blather, I had a real laugh when I read your last line…you might actually try that yourself.


You are unable to refute anything I said, so you use petty insults and cheap one-liners.

If what I said I said is ‘blather” then prove it.

Kristy Rain

Hehe obviously you haven’t seen what has been happening to free speech in the US or been near college campuses where the teachers are now saying: ‘help! The students I radicalized are turning against me! What do I do?!’

The US , UK/EU have been struggling to tear down free speech. Even germany has hired EX STAZI leadership to hunt down ‘hate speech’ and anything else they deem contrary or critical to the Govt decisions and narrative.

No one in the west gives a damn about free speech


That’s a very, very minor issue that has been blown up by partisan, right-wing news sites, to self-victimize themselves. You talk as if free speech has been crushed in the West, but that’s wrong.

As for “ex-Stasi” people, I wouldn’t worry about them. Putin was the KGB liaison to the Stasi. Why else was he a German-speaking KGB officer in Dresden, so close to the Stasi HQ?

I’d be more worried abut free speech in Russia than in the U.S. Of course, pro-Russian websites like this would never show bloggers people arrested for “extremist” content in Russia.

Kristy Rain

Let’s see, in UK and EU they don’t bother going after terrorists, use the people who criticize their religion on twitter.

free speech is under siege in the west more so than in the east. Germany and UK prosecute people over exercising their free speech often and call the hate speech.

You even said the KKK is protected. No it isnt. You don’t even have the option be a member. Just *accused* of it, and bad shit happens to you.

The US is degenerating into civil war over that and other issues and you say it’s minor? Again, I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation. Wolf Blitzer is not the keeper of truth. Look around more. A coin has two sides.


Who is “they”? There is no government crackdown of those who denounce Islam. That’s done by individual companies.

Do you know about the suppression of free speech in Russia? Pro-Russian websites never cover those cases:


Tell me when the above happens in Canada/U.S. or elsewhere in the West.

As for the KKK, you are conflating people harassing KKK members with the government with suppression of free speech. The government does nothing to outlaw the KKK. It is individual people who boycott the KKK and denounce their members. That is not suppression of free speech.

I believe the issue is minor and is being used for political reasons by the Republican party. In some of their ads, they actively exploit this issue to appeal to voters. “The Left wants to shut down free speech! We must stop them”” – or something to that effect.


But I agree that there are two sides, which is why I always read media from Russia/U.S., the Left/Right.

Here’s a good website that’s critical of Russia:


Also, this website was exposed here: http://aktivnyye.com/t/20160120-southfront.html

They did hide the true owners of the “.org” domain, but forgot to anonymize the owners/registrants of their backup domain, that ends in .ru:


On 30 April 2015, at reg.ru, another domain name was registered. Southfront.net. Presumably held in reserve in the event something unfortunate happens to southfront.org, southfront.net was not registered to a whois proxy service, because who would examine the whois record of a domain that is not in use? The southfront.net domain links the Southfront project to Chuguleva, Alena, claiming an address in Omsk.

Additional information has turned up revealing more about the Russian staff of Southfront and their association with the ruling United Russia party and the President’s Administration. To begin, the southfront.net domain, while currently held by Chuguleva, was first registered by Svetlana Olifenko (Олифенко Cветлана). The two whois records share a common email and phone number, but Olifenko claims an address in Simferopol. Olifenko was active on Facebook promoting the Russian side in East Ukraine until July of 2015. It seems likely she is partnered with Giuliano Elia, a Communist from northern Italy who at a minimum is very active in supporting the Russia side, and both Elia and Olifenko may actually be in Donbas, serving in combat and information roles respectively, though the last point is somewhat speculative.

Alena Chugleva (Чугулева Алена Анатольевна), the current holder of the southfront.net domain, is Secretary of the Omsk-based “Organizing Committee of Patriotism in Journalism” (patriot-in.ru). The Organizing Committee is partnered with Putin’s United Russia party and the President’s Administration. In addition, the bios of the other members of the Organizing Committee make plain their relationship with state security, military, and intelligence agencies – note in particular Volokitin, Igor Yurievich (Волокитин Игорь Юрьевич):


I suggest you read the full article.


How much does Russia actually spend on cyber trolls and propaganda?

What are the running costs of Russia Today?

What are the running costs of the Soros Media Empire? Then you have the CIA, software propaganda programme, $17 million that Obama budgeted with regards Russia? EU. Sounds of Soros, GCHQ. and how much has the UK invested in cyber trolls. I could go on, but, it is so boring.

US Defence Budget – $650 billion per annum. Russian Defence Budget = $billion per annum.

So the US spends at least 10 times what Russia spends on defence, I wonder if it spend 10 times more than Russia on propaganda, not forgetting the contributions from the UK (my nation) and the European propaganda programmes. OOOOOOOOuch and hilarious for the cyber trolls.


It is impossible to determine how much Russia spends exactly. We know from leaked documents, however, that there is a St. Petersburg disinfo factory. The unofficial Russian branch of Anonymous leaked these internal communications:


From the above documents, Western journalists were able to get the names and contact information of the workers at the troll factory, which is how we have the following interviews:



A few years ago, I think in 2012, the email communications of one of the leaders of Nashi (pro-Kremlin youth group in Russia) were leaked. They showed that Nashi employed a network of “patriotic” bloggers to post pro-government propaganda.

And of course, who can forget the famous Surkov leaks? The Russian media banned discussion of that topic. Check ’em out:


As for Soros, he’s been turned into a boogeyman by the Russian propaganda and right-wing websites. He funds the excellent (if partisan) Media Matters. How bad can he be?

Do you have a Reddit account? Would be interesting to debate this more in a better forum. My links keep getting caught in the spam filter.


I cannot be bothered to read your comment and I will just crack up laughing.

How much does Russia spend on propaganda and how much does the rest of the world, trying to blame Russia for everything? Including General Hardy’s budget? Now who pays that?


What is so funny? Refute what I say, unless you are unable to.

We have the leaked documents of the St. Petersburg troll factory. How is that funny? I can link you the docs, but I can’t post the MEGA links here without getting caught in the spam filter.

What’s so funny about the Nashi youth group paying members to post pro-government comments online?

“How much does Russia spend on propaganda”

You are asking an impossible to answer question. No one knows exactly how much.


Like I said, how much has Russia spent on propaganda, compared to $17 million that Obama budgeted with regards trying to take out little Russia Today. The EU, Sounds of Soros, Media Empire, CIA (William Caseuy 1981-1987 We Will Know Our Propaganda Progamme is Working, When All of America Will Believe All We Tell Them As Being The Truth), EU, GCHQ, CIA. MI5 and not forgetting the BBC, amongst so many other media channels. So frightened by little Russia Today????? Really? How much is the budget for Russian State TV and how much goes on the WMSM?

I do not ask an impossible question, when the US spends $650 billion on defence and not much works and Russia spends %60 billion on defence and has the most powerful military in the world. The US has the largest and most expensive, but, so not the most powerful. So, that is there military budget, compared to the US, so just imagine how small their media/propaganda budget is, compared to the Western Main Stream Media, that few believe and millions have run away from.


It seems you are not a very-detailed oriented person. I can see why you fall for so much propaganda from our colleagues in Moscow.

The budget is a strawman. It’s irrelevant. Despite RT’s small budget, they lied quite a bit about MH17. Are you aware of these lies? Probably not. You live in an echo-chamber.

As for the militaries, you state that Russia’s military is the “most powerful”, but that is objectively false. There is much poor journalism done on the F-35. Read this and get back to me:


Notice a difference in calibre of writing? Far less propagandistic than this website.


Lied with regards MH17?

Riddle me this, why is there no autopsy reports on the pilots? Why is there there no forensic report from the shrapnel fragments of the entry/exit holes, which would prove exactly what type of missile and from exactly which nation, took down the MH17? Ground to air, air to air or a mixture of both. Why did the oligarch, who was in control of Ukraine airspace, state that they took the wrong plane down? Who was expected, following a very successful BRICS summit? Why did Ukraine insist that the investigation must be classified, when the plane went down in Ukraine airspace and was sent over a warzone? Why was the evidence, presented in a court of law, by BUK manufacturer ignored, bearing in mind they supplied and produced both Russian and Ukraine BUKS? Why, when there was no logistical or radar support for the BUK. did the miners and farmers of Eastern Ukraine, manage to hit the MH17, in such a small window (was it 2 minutes?) of opportunity? Why did Ukraine send the flight into a warzone, knowing there was no primary radars working? Why are the DSB and JIT (who gets PC plod and non aviation experts to work on aviation disasters?) sharing the same office buildings as the Ukraine Intelligence Services, who also provide the CIA with a floor?

Oh, I could go on, with regards MH17, including why did the BBC delete the video with witness reports?


Ugh, my comments keep getting caught in the spam filter. Going to remove all quotes:

Who said there are no autopsy reports? Nobody is required to publicly reveal them. Do not conflate lack of a public release (in light of an ongoing criminal investigation), with the lack of an autopsy. Two different things.

Even Russia admits it was a BUK missile. Remember how all the propaganda websites you read were claiming an SU-25 took down MH17, with 30mm machine gun fire? Turns out that was a lie. The holes were caused by BUK pellets.

I remember this disinformation, of the big, bad Ukrainians “missing” Putin’s plane. Except that too is a lie. Putin never even flew over Ukraine, or near Ukraine, nor does he ever. The news report about some oligarch saying that was a FAKE. An utter fabrication.

Ukraine never insisted on classifying the report. This is standard procedure. And the information is only classified DURING the criminal investigation. It will released when all is said and done. Again, normal operating procedure for all investigations.

The BUK manfacturer was never ignored. The JIT got the information and assessed it. The problem is Russia waited a long, long time to give this info, because they were too busy distracting with the fake SU-25 theory.

Miners? You do realize that the Soviet Union required all able-bodied male citizens to serve two years in the armed forces (three years if drafted into the navy)? Many of the older males have plenty of training with SAMs, especially considering their commanders were sent in from Moscow, due to their experience. As for the short time, this was deliberate. The BUK should only be turned on for a very short period, until it gets detected by incoming aircraft. The rebels who shot down MH17 mistook MH17 for another plane and accidentally hit it.

Many flights had flown over there, without incident. Ukraine knew the rebels had MANPADs, so they imposed a height restriction for planes flying over, just above the reach of a MANPAD.. The problem is they didn’t know the rebels had a BUK.

I seriously doubt it’s true the JIT had the same office as the SBU/CIA/aliens. And even if it is, it’s perfectly normal, considering the SBU is the one gathering evidence from the warzone.

It was cloudy that day and witnesses are notoriously unreliable when asked after a long time about events. They could have seen any plane or jet, and when watching Russian TV’s lies about an SU-25, associated what they saw with an SU-25.



At the end of the day, it was in Ukrainian airspace, and in accordance with the Montreal Convention, they were responsible for the safety of flight and passengers. I look forward the the German Relatives court case, when so much will come out.

I so enjoy reading articles where they ask so many questions, such as a few with regards the MH17.

Shrimpton: The Joke JIT Report on MH17… http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/10/02/shrimpton-the-joke-jit-report-on-mh17/

Shrimpton: Even More on MH17… http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/10/09/shrimpton-even-more-on-mh17/

Breaking: MH17 May Have Been Downed By Ukrainian Jet, According to BBC Documentary… http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/04/25/breaking-mh17-may-have-been-downed-by-ukrainian-jet-according-to-bbc-documentary/

MH 17 Cover Up Blasted Open by New Video, So much to hide Updated… http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/07/17/was-there-an-2nd-israeli-plane-new-footage-shows-mh17-crash-site-minutes-after-boeing-downing/


“Breaking: MH17 May Have Been Downed By Ukrainian Jet, According to BBC Documentary”

That was already debunked. And VeteransToday is a hoax website, full of bizarre, outlandish claims. Its founder even admit most of the news is fake (ignore the anti-semitic title):


As for MH17, here are my personal thoughts on the matter:


I also debunk the fake “flight path deviation” disinfo that’s been floating around.

I wish I could post the above post here, but the spam filer would probably remove it.

Tell me what you think.


I have no interest in your personal thoughts, and look forward to all questions answered and nothing left unchecked. After all, that is the least the relatives and loved deserve. Hence, I am looking forward to the German Relatives Court Case.


You didn’t even bother reading what I linked? I debunked the flight route “deviation” myth that you fell for.

Well, if you don’t have an argument to counter-with, then you should just say so, instead of dismissing what was written.

Regardless of whom is legally at fault, Russia lied and it was the Donbass militias who shot down MH17. Attempting to distract from who shot it down by discussing the legal responsibilities only exposes your dishonesty.

I do agree that the loved ones deserved better. Russia has only tortured their souls and extended their suffering by creating multiple, contradictory conspiracy theories. Psychopathic filth that they are.


My choice. I have been following the story for well over three years and never bother with Soros Media Empire or Rothschild controlled rags.

Like I said, I look forward to the German Relatives Court Case, when so much evidence will be presented on behalf of the defence team. Now that should be interesting.


You still haven’t addressed the fact that Russia lied about the flight route deviation, or that it admit last September that there were no other planes near MH17 when it was shot down, apart from two commercial planes.

Nothing to do with boogeymen Soros/Rothschild.


Sorry, what is the article we are commenting on? Is it the Russian response to MH17?

5 D media disinformation agent.

Deny Discredit Derail Discourse Disagree


Well, you first asked about the budget for Russian propaganda. I replied by saying it’s impossible to know. This thus ended our discussion, which I breathed new life into by discussing a specific instance of Russian disinfo – their pathetic lies about MH17.

You then refuse/ignore to accept the fact that the Russian MoD lied multiple times, when it claimed there was a flight deviation, an SU-25, etc.

And we are now here.


Psychopath racist arrogant hoaxes peddler filth you are, little “Canadian of Asian origin” moronic troll. Who are you to impose your “debunking” of the deviation route, an expert in aviation? A member of the JIT? An investigative reporter who has access to first hand evidence? Who are you to claim that Russia lied when the JIT final report is a crap based on the Ukrainian security service (SBU) – torture implicated “evidence” and images and videos from social media, as Consortiumnews chief editor Robert Parry fairly pointed?


LOL, Robert f*cking Parry?

He once claimed he was in contact with a CIA agent who apparently told him the U.S. had satellite images showing drunk Ukrainians lying on the ground near a BUK!

As for the flight route deviation, Russia contradicted itself! The information comes from THEM! They claimed in July 2014 that there were SU-25s near MH17 and in September 2016, they claimed they found new radar data, and this showed there were other planes near MH17, including military ones!

Learn to read.


Hey moron, you have not hesitated to fart back with the insults to the award investigative journalist but failed to provide any counter arguments on the merits of his review – and yet you claim that you’re not a Ukro-Nazi troll ;) How much do they pay to those who are fairly proficient in English, like yourself? ;)


Deny Discourse Disagree Discredit Derail

Media Disinformation Agents, and not from Russia.

I have explained why I find your comment hilarious.


I already said it’s impossible to count how much your Russia spends on disinformation. Thus, we moved on from the topic.

Keep believing those lies about MH17, Grandma. You’re not a critical thinker.


Hahaha, with regards critical thought and wanting questions answered with regards MH17.

John Whitehot

critical thinking should be applied firstly to the country or organization one belongs to.

that said, most Americans believed the government explanations about 911.

It’s not surprising that they also believe whatever bullshit is broadcast daily about Russia, Iran, Syria, or any other country not willing to bow.

Gary Sellars

ingrate? What precisely do i have to be grateful for?

Stupid Kanuckistani Ukrop……

Justin Ryan

Dont be an idiot! Its so easy to catch such bullshit! Why risk it! Its kind of like when the Democratic party used clips from the game “Fallout 4” to prove “russian hacking” lol. When infact it was old ukrainian malware that we can all download from Softpedia!

Dude, uve been run around the bend! Ure a snake eating its own tail! Dont YOU be stupid!


Your rambling, incoherent comment does nothing to disprove the fact that Putin showed Stone a video of Americans fighting the Taliban with audio from Ukrainian AF pilots spliced in.

Woah, wait a second. You claim you’re Australian, yet you can’t even speak basic English? No way, you’re a paid Russian tr0ll. So obvious, even if others here don’t see it.

The fact that you are trying to distract with other topics and also telling blatant lies about the video only proves you have an agenda.


My only question to you is: Whop pays you? Canada, US or Israel? Also, do you know James Wherry? You sound like brothers.


When someone is unable to refute an argument, they resort to insults and accusations of being paid. Like you.

One does not need to be paid to post a few comment on the internet.

Putin showed a fake video to the useful idiot Oliver Stone. Not sure why you’re so desperate to suppress this fact.

Gary Sellars

Yawn…. lets change the channel…. the stupid Kanuckistani Ukrop is starting to bore me….

Sean Glennie

These kinds of trolls?


Justin Ryan

Hahaha….. hmmm how can i prove im australian……

There is Zero point in discussing this scene of putin and Stone! its a hit peace to try and discourage people from watching it and taking it seriously yet a long time ago, Stone (a very well respected Director) made the documentary seriies called “THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES” which by the way has an imdb rating of 8.9.

So anything people can use to discourage or degrade the intention of this interview is purely for the purpose of “saving face”!

We ALL KNOW the ukrainian software “admitted by wikileaks” made in 2007 was a smoke screen to label russia as the hackers! Now there is this!


lol, would u like a clip of the video where the DNC uses the video of “fallout 4 game” to prove Russian hacking? i can easily post it if u like? will be MY PLEASURE!




greed has always been the end of most empires! The shortest lived empire in history! 1945 to 2017

like a kid with matches if u ask me!

If u dont get what im saying then ure dumber than u realise!

cry me a river bitch….. cry me a fucking river!


Haha, you are totally deranged. What a bizarre, rambling, incoherent comment.

No, you’re not Australian. You can hardly speak English. It’s so obvious. If you’re ancestry is from Ireland and England, and you live in Australia, then your English should be impeccable.

You’re not Australian, liar. Anyone can see that. I also notice you are using a common tr0ll tactic to try and distract from the conversation, to bait me.

Putin tricked the useful idiot Oliver Stone with a fake video. Why are you trying to hide that?

Justin Ryan

Primary School :Saint John Vianney’s (police rd mulgrave) High School :Mazenod College (Just near wellington Rd Mulgrave) Address: go fuck urself

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So much more i can post but fuck u! ure a dmb cunt!

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p.s stop over using the word “rambling” people who use “go to words” are always trying to sound intelligent! yet arnt!

Hence why Trump always uses words “terrific, fabulous, thousands and thousands”

ure a dumb cunt!




Yawn, random info anyone can take from the internet.

Answer my question: why can’t you speak/write basic English, despite living in Australia?

Justin Ryan

u said : “Yawn, random info anyone can take from the internet.”

lol yeah from the UN website (resolution 242)

YAWN, just random info on offically signed resolutions between Israel and arab nations…. YAWN

Aussie , Aussie , Aussie

Test” Why did i use the word “Granny” when talking about AFL football teams in Australia?

Answer that question….. and u will know thy enemy!




Fine. My only question is this: why are you unable to speak/write basic English? Your grammar, sentence structure, and even basic spelling are completely wrong.

Justin Ryan

Jesus fucking Christ dude. People like u are always the same!

When people LIKE U are proven wrong or are perhaps “trumped” in comments within a blog, u always refer to spelling or gramma or the way people write.

THIS IS NOT A NEWSPAPER, it’s a friggin Comment section of a news blog!

Get over it!

I can only assume that people LIKE U resort to these tactics as a last resort to try and save face!

Well u didn’t save face!

Because I am and aussie! I did counter ur stone video showing “US strikes” by referring to CNN and the DNC’s use of game footage AS ACTUAL PROOF OF RUSSIAN HACKING.

Its a poor attempt at demonising the putin interview!

So I refer u back to stone’s “untold history of the usa”

Or how about the USA saying that “we do not interfere with foreign countries elections” then all their own journalists, including the speaker laugh!

I got the clip to that too!

Dude…… I WILL DESTROY U ON THIS TOPIC. ITS 1.25am here and I’m going to sleep.

But if u want me to hammer u tomorrow with video proof of what the USA has falsely claimed Russia did…… and then compare it to ur little “putin clip” ure gonna be sooooooo embarrassed that ure going to have to ATTACK ME FOR MY BAD ENGLISH AGAIN SO U CAN STILL LIE TO URSELF ABOUT HOW FUCKING RIGHT U ARE.

get it through ur thick head! Ure dumb! U have no fucking idea at all!

At all!


I will fucking destroy u with facts! Hard, hard proven facts!

U stupid, stupid person!


Calm down, sicko.

“CNN and the DNC’s use of game footage AS ACTUAL PROOF OF RUSSIAN HACKING.”

What? I saw that video. They never used it as “proof”. It was just a background video they played while discussing the news. Like when the reporter is talking, they play back flashy images/videos in the background.

They never said “look at this video, it’s proof of hacking!”

That’s false and you are DELIBERATELY misrepresenting what they did, because you are a dishonest propagandist.

Justin Ryan

What are YOU TALKING ABOUT? OK i have a few things to scream at u about here! 1. u say “ure not an australian, ure a PAID russian troll” 2. “Why cant u speak english, if u could speak english ud be better at it” 3. “Putin showed footage of american bombings to Stone” 4. “They never used it as “proof”.

Response: 1. I proved im australian as much as i could with text. Happy to give u my skype name so i can tell u “to get fucked” in my australian accent

2. I speak English fine ANON. What the fuck are u? Ukrainian? I BET U FUCKING ARE! im thinking Ukrainian JEW!

3. Putin showing footage of american attacks. I seem to remember putin also showing Russian subs on screen too! U have no idea why they would do this! Even iran showed a fake stealth aircraft which turned out to be more likely true. You have no idea if he is trolling, saying something completely different, if its doctored oR what! Ive seen REAL russian attack footage and it doesnt look much different! So i dont see how Russia or putin gain from this! The russian footage looks just as good coming from their KA-52’s. So to me, this all falls on deaf ears and u are just screaming bloody mary OVER NOTHING!

4. “They never used it as proof” hahahahahahaha. Thats because THERE IS NO PROOF! THATS WHY TRUMP IS STILL IN OFFICE! These Assumptions that Russia hacked the election are false and the proof is that Trump is still the president! IF THEY HAD PROOF THEY WOULD SHOW IT! WHERE IS THE PROOF???


they fucking show whatever they can get their lying little hands on to make people believe Russia hacked the election! its called propaganda!

I know someone else who uses this tactic….


Because i told u i was Australian and u just keep PUSHING A NARRATIVE THAT IM NOT! You also said im a “paid russian troll” Without proof! Youre doing the same as CNN. You want to disprove propaganda from the USA THAT HAS NO PROOF AND USED GAME FOOTAGE TO PUSH A MADE UP NARRATIVE. And Say im a paid Russian troll, im not australian, i cant speak english BUT PUTIN SHOWING US ATTACK VIDEO TO STONE IS SOOOOO FUCKING BAD!



you are doing the same fucking thing!

Youre a piece of Shit. And if ANON is ur name…. then ure 3rd world to me!

If Anon is short for Anonymous, then YOURE THE FUCKING TROLL!


You have serious psychological issues.

“What the fuck are u? Ukrainian? I BET U FUCKING ARE! im thinking Ukrainian JEW!”

Holy crap, your violent anti-semitic response tells me you are dangerous.

You are a Russian. Simple as that. And if you were Australian, your horrid language abilities indicate you are mentally retarded.

Alzheimers, perhaps?

Justin Ryan

I see u are a troll! Uve responded to everyone on this news blog!

what matters most to me is that Russia and Syria are winning this war!

Screaming like a baby about american footage being shown by putin to stone is pathetic!

As for my JEW comment!

Nope, im australian and i hate jews!

i have been racially rejected by Jews within one of their business venue IN MY OWN FUCKING COUNTRY because i wasnt a jew!

“sorry sir, u cant come in here, its for Jews only” It was a Gym!

Yet if i was Black and was told “you cant use this gym, its only for whites” u’d probably agree it was bad…. but for some reason, when its the Jews saying it…. its not bad! in fact its “Anti-Semitic” to even mention it! hahaha

So yeah! Jews Suck! ISIS sucks! Saudi Arabia and its Sharia Law sucks Saudi Arabia being the Head of the UN human rights council sucks! Israel sucks! USA foreign Policy sucks CNN lies suck ANON sucks Dicks!

But what i love is Qatar switching sides and Buying into Rosneft! A sign of Defeat!

I love how the SAA and the PMU cut off the US rebels in the south and won the race to the border

I love the rebel in fighting (killing each other) in eastern gouta and idlib

I love the turkey is attacking the SDF

I love that the Tiger forces are in the region of Raqqa

I love that Russia got into this war right under the US noses

i love that if USA loses this war, they will most likely be kicked out of Iraq also (cost them 6 trillion plus)

i love that USA is now seen as the aggressors and Russia as liberators

Americans not welcomed in Iraq and Syria but Russia is!

I love that the US reserve currency status is almost at its end and thatthe ability to print its own wealth is also near its end! With 20 trillion in debt….. bread lines are gonna be a nice thing to watch on TV!

I love that im Australian and a part of the Commonwealth! So fucking good here! i live in Melbourne “the most liveable city in the world” for maybe 6 times running! And almost all our cities are in the top 10!

Fuck its sooo good here!

makes me happy to see u have to constantly defend ur bullshit not only from me but from others also. You are a busy little loser arnt u!

how is it gonna feel when America loses this war?

Russia building bases in Egypt, two in Syria Welcomed to do the same in Iraq!

They have expanded their territory in Crimea

Scared off the Donald Cook twice with their EW tech

its just win win win for russia!

And lets imagine they did hack the elections hahahaha then thats just another win!

dude….. i fucking love russia winning and u kn ow why??

Because i hate the USA

and the enemy of my enemy is my friend

and another reason i love Russia is from deep research!

its a secret but im gonna tell u!

Russia is England! Yep! England controls Russia.

im not kidding!

all nations with the names “United, Union” are just gangs…. some have common interests… but since the american empire begun since the end of ww2, the English have been trying to get it back!

England are masters! “Keep ur friends close but ure enemies even closer!”

Yes UK fucked Russia (not good) but they are in fact a war machine! turned them into Communists who then became a Military state! Russia’s tech is Brittish tech!

Britain PRETENDS to be allies with USA

Read up on the Mig 15….. it used Rolls Royce engines!

lol dude im soo much smarter than u!



Top Generals Reportedly Gave Putin a Fake Video of Russian Forces in Syria


Translation: https://themoscowtimes.com/news/top-generals-reportedly-gave-putin-a-fake-video-of-russia-forces-in-syria-58256

Miguel Redondo

The question of the video is absolutely superflual. What is a real delight is to listen the whole series.






The lying Jew media in the US is just visceral in it’s anti Trump anti Russia campaign. It’s unprecedented and is really turning a lot of Americans off.

The dominant element of Judaism isn’t biblical based love and light. It’s an evil Talmud based supremacist secular Jew cabal using the Jew 4 of the Israel, the US, UK and France, where over 90% of the planet’s Jews live. As it’s power base to pursue it’s Jew world order hegemony drive of conquering and enslaving humanity.

Jesus called these people the Synagogue of Satan and said that their father is the devil. And warned humanity of the threat that they pose. Much of Judaism has turned into an evil cult cabal cloaked in a religion.

Gary Sellars

Talmudic Judaism and Scientology share many aspects… neither are good or wholesome, and both should be shunned as mind-control cults.


The Jews know how toxic and objectionable the Talmud is and have tried to hide it from non Jews for thousands of years. It wasn’t translated into English for public consumption until 1906. And there are sanitized versions attempting to clean it up and make it more presentable. That are contrary to the original text and intent used for religious “education”. Mind control is an excellent description. Because that’s exactly what it’s for.

Gabriel Hollows

One should note that even those Jews who claim to be ‘christians’ or ‘atheists’ are more often than not just as supremacistic or at least as subversive as their orthodox brethren. Never let a kike fool you by claiming he’s an atheist.

One of these ‘atheists’ being George Soros. I rest my case.

Tudor Miron

“You judge them by their deeds” (c)

Al Ge

That’s pretty embarrassing, I wonder if Putin was duped, or Putin tried to dupe Oliver, or maybe it was mistranslated, oh well.


I would guess similar looking videos but still different. It is hard to miss “FLIR” in the foreground of the videos.

Al Ge

The videos are the same though


Or maybe it was a mistake or maybe it’s 2 different videos that look alike. What’s important is that the terrorists are an intel front for regime change and false flag attacks to keep the Jew wars in the middle east going so that Israel can continue it’s colonization and hegemony drive. And the Russians are trying to stop the use of terrorism as a tool to achieve political goals.


They are not the same.


That conversation during the showing of the video seems highly edited. With these kind of things, if someone wants to use video footage as evidence of anything it absolutely must be uncut continuous footage. Otherwise the comments can be used out of context to make them sound the exact opposite of what was meant. A crude simple example – the accused says emphatically “I did not do it!” If you cut to a second camera in the middle of the sentence and cut out the word “not” you have just forced a confession instead of a denial (and collapsed your case into a kangaroo court fake process).


Slow news days since the whole “Russia/Trump” thing has been shown to be completely made up I mean seriously who cares and why is this news? The entire western media should be sent to Gulags on mass.


Russia is now blaming the Defense Ministry:

“I can confirm that these materials did come from our Defense Ministry. It was part of a report submitted to the president. The defense minister gave this to the president,” Peskov said on Wednesday,”

Source: http://www.interfax-russia.ru/special.asp?sec=1735&id=843013


John Whitehot

You must be enslaved beyond hope to read the above as blaming.

All this is typical dirty little jewish lawyer work to discredit people when they haven’t got anything else to prove their theories.

Stone’s documentary is a pain in the asses of certain circles whose existance you refuse to acknowledge.

Failing to get the vulgarity and vileness of this issue and of those who insist on it, whether the video is true or not, is largely indicative of people who’s lost any moral bearings and responsibility towards other humans.

You’re even one that calls others “blindly stupid”, yet fail to use “critical thinking” and doubt for a moment that YOU is the one being duped.

In the end, western MsM have covered theirselves in shit, showing Russian airstrikes in Syria and stating they were western.

It takes less than a minute for professional hackers to hack into Stone hard drives, download his files, modify and reupload them. Especially if the fake vid was already made (proven by the fact that it was on youtube before the whole matter)


“It takes less than a minute for professional hackers to hack into Stone hard drives, download his files, modify and reupload them. Especially if the fake vid was already made (proven by the fact that it was on youtube before the whole matter)”

Haha, Now you’re just lying. Nice try, though. Putin duped him. We can see the video on the phone itself. The hackers could not have modified that, and if they did, Stone would have noticed when watching his own film, you genius.

John Whitehot

are you really that stupid? a lie it’s when you deliberately tell something false.

That was a reasoning. For which by the way, you have no way to deny that it could had taken place.

You’re among the most duped persons ever. You must be one of those folks that buy an iphone on ebay and when you open the package you find a piece of wood inside instead of the phone.


Your master, Pootin, lied. Now go choke on glass, scum.

Terry Pens

Is it not incredible how these paid russi trolls try and distort the truth in an attempt to dirty the waters? We are well aware of their bullshit, the Kremlin knowns it cannot fully censor the the information from its own people, let alone the west, so instead of trying to censor they tey their best to spin the facts.

Terry Pens

Hahahabaha have you lost your marbles? You are claiming that Jewish lawyers hacked Putins phone?!?! Get the fuck out of here, this is a screenshot moment, to show the world how utterly stupid you faggot paid Kremlin trolls.

John Whitehot

you must have serious issues at text comprehension “jewish lawyer work” generally means some lowly, vile, odious trick to incite people against or pro someone.

And the idea was that they (not the jewish lawyers, some hacker paid by the deep state / zionists / masons or whoever the fuck) hacked Stone’s work, not Putin’s phone, you retard.

Anyway, don’t let your brain perform too much of an effort to process the above statement, it took you a month to come up with this idiocy and i don’t want to be responsible for you frying the few neural cells you have

Terry Pens

Are you stupid or just pretending to be stupid? This is clear as day and directly shows how Russian media distorts events to fit Purinas agenda.

Pave Way IV

Presuming anything about this is true, Putin would have figured Stone was dumb enough to miss the clear English words in English lettering on the display. Stone might not know what the acronyms TADS and FLIR mean, but he would have seen FLIR before. Several other messages pop up near the bottom of the display that are obviously not in Cyrillic and easily understood as English worlds – even if you didn’t know what they specifically mean. The implication is clear: the display was meant for English-speaking pilots and is most likely NOT a Russian display for Russian pilots.

Did Putin show *some* Russian combat video to Stone with that quote? Sure. I would just never believe he showed Stone THIS video while uttering those words. That leaves one to wonder where this information came from. Did Stone tell this to someone later on? Did Stone’s report suggest that? Does Stone have video of Putin saying those words while showing a smartphone with this Apache footage on it? I sincerely doubt it.

And unless Stone lived in a cave, HE most likely saw clips of this in the US MSM and would have questioned Putin about being Russian combat vid.

Here’s a quick scan of some of the more prominent messages Stone would have missed. To be sure, Putin wouldn’t have missed them nor would he ever have tried to pass this vid off as Russian.


I don’t know Russian, but the above words are clearly not Russian and not in Cyrillic. Again, Putin may have said exactly what is reported, but it’s beyond belief that he was showing Stone this Apache footage with bogus UKR voiceover.

John Whitehot

if anybody here is able at analyzing videos, it should be easily proven that it is an edit.


In the actual documentary,

Putin says: “The pilot said that he’s going to make another [bombing] attempt.”

Stone responds: “They [the insurgents] don’t have Stingers [antiaircraft missiles]?”

He then said they are “international terrorists” and that the footage was of “an attempt at entering Syria from the Turkish side.”

Putin understood the Ukrainian pilot speaking, then lied about what he said. Then he lied again, saying the insurgents came from the “Turkish side” but this happened in Afghanistan.

Pave Way IV

The UKR AF only has a handful of MI-8s (whose displays use Cyrillic anyway) and NO Apaches.

IF Stone’s film has Putin/Stone looking at a smartphone with the Apache footage, then 1) Stone’s crew intentionally dubbed in fake audio of UKR pilots, 2) The clips of them holding a smartphone and the clip of them viewing the Apache footage were completely different, but spliced with audio from only one to make it seem Putin was talking about the Apache footage.

Whatever Stone’s interview purports to show is an intentional deception or an honest mistake. Both Putin and Stone would have known that was Apache footage from Afghanistan – it was widely disseminated in western MSM as such.


You misunderstand what I said.

The video was taken from Americans fighting the Taliban. The audio was spliced in from a Ukrainian AF pilot speaking. If you look closely, you can even see the following English words:


…and others.

Here is the exact edited video that Putin tricked Stone with:


The above video has footage of the Americans, with Ukrainian audio spliced in. It seems to have gone viral now in Russia.

Interfax said that Peskov claimed this video was given by the Defense Ministry. Someone screwed up big time.

Regardless, the video Iinked matches exactly the one Putin showed Stone.

Pave Way IV

“…Nobody has a memory good enough to immediately recognize a years-old black/white video shown on CNN…”

I did, and Putin is probably a little smarter and has a better memory than me. This isn’t mundane b/w combat footage. It’s rather dramatic FLIR (always b/w) of several segments of some good old fashioned American butchery. There was/is nothing like it out there, period.

“…Here is the exact edited video that Putin tricked Stone with:…”

Prove it. I don’t dispute what you are showing me, even though you keep trying to convince me it means more. Show me the entire few seconds of Putin saying what he did when they were looking directly at a cellphone with this video clearly visible. So far, we’ve seen nothing but random clips of Putin/phone with some Putin audio and scratchy UKR pilot audio seemingly from different, unrelated segments. Someone put the UKR pilot audio on the Afghanistan video and published it on YouTube a year ago.

Show me the part of the Stone interview where all of this happened at the same time without random cuts and inserted audio. You are implying this happened, but going off of video Stone edited – either on purpose or by mistake – in some nonsensical attempt to show Putin lying for no discernible reason and of no benefit to either him personally or Russia.

Honestly, out of the entire interview to nit-pick on this simple fabrication to, I guess, prove that ‘Putin lied’ is beyond comprehension. Next you’ll accuse him of wearing a size 9 shoe while waving your hands about and screaming at the top of your lungs why that’s important.

You got nothing. It’s boring and meaningless, and not a very imaginative fabrication.


” Show me the entire few seconds of Putin saying what he did when they were looking directly at a cellphone with this video clearly visible.”

Sure. Here is the 3rd part of the original documentary, I’ve linked exactly where is happens:


You can clearly hear the Ukrainian pilot speaking and then Putin directly translating what’s he’s saying. The audio is the exact same as the one in the video I previously linked – meaning Stone didn’t dub it over, it was in the video Putin showed him.

Here is the audio in the fake video:



It is 100% recognisable as Apache video, it does not resemble Ka-52 or Hind video at all. Impossible to make a mistake. To be honest, when I skimmed this article initially I was really wondering why would Putin be showing an Apache video. It’s BS.

Sean Glennie

Footage of Mi-28N attack helicopter during Palmyra operation over a year ago.



I rememeber, from other interview, Putin saying that he does not have mobile phone. In this video we can even see him returning the phone to some guy that looks like security staff.

My guess is that they wanted to film two of them watching and commenting some combat footage, so they asked around if anybody got some. The security guy looks dumb enough to think that the footage is genuine. I am pretty sure that both Putin and Stone are seeing footage for the first time, and trying to figure out what is going on in there. Since they have to look cool on camera, they are just saying stuff without paying attention to the sound or on screen text. It was not about the footage, but about two of them watching it, just like the part when they watch Dr. Strangelove.

I have seen all four episodes earlier, and haven’t even noticed this. I guess someone did his best trying to find something wrong in four hours of material. If this is the worst that they have found, then the rest of it worth of recomandation.


I think Anon is very sad about the russian cleverness. Putin destroys his jihadi-paradise-dreams step by step… Anus is crying all day long.. together with soros, hillary, obimbo and so else.. Hard times for bitches like them…

John Whitehot

they edited the video in Oliver Stone’s movie and put the US apache footage over it.

In the movie, Putin at one point says “The pilot is going to try again”, as in a situation where a second bombing pass is made. This is not in accordance of what is seen in the edited video.

The US cabals are pissed off by the interviews and tried to exploit any possible chance for disinformation.


Stop pathetically blaming non-existent “cabals” just because Putin tricked the stooge Stone. Here’s the exact video the “cabals” forced Putin to show Stone:


John Whitehot

take a look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fajGIA_0dw

second 35 and forward. It’s the same scene, but with different audios and the images on the phone are different. They are similar, but seem to show a different explosion. In addition, the color hue of the phone is very different. Video is dated 6 june on youtube so it’s before

Jacek Wolski

This is the longest piece of abortion I have ever read ?

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