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MAY 2021

Putin Says Russia To Improve Security Of Military Personnel In Syria Following IL-20 Crash

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The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports (source):

Moscow’s response to the Ilyushin Il-20 aircraft crash will be aimed at ensuring the security of Russian military personnel deployed to Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference following talks with the Hungarian prime minister.

“As for retaliatory measures, they will be first and foremost aimed at additionally ensuring the security of our military personnel and facilities in Syria,” he said.

The Russian leader  described the loss of the Ilyushin-20 over the Mediterranean as a result of a string of tragic circumstances and offered condolences to the victims’ relatives.

“When people get killed, particularly so, under such tragic circumstances, it is always a great misfortune to us, to the country and to the relatives of our late comrades. I offer condolences first and foremost to the relatives of those killed,” Putin said at a news conference following Russian-Hungarian talks. “As for comparison with the well-known events (the attack on a Russian plane), when a Turkish fighter jet shot down our plane, it was a different situation. This time it looks like a string of tragic circumstances.”

Downing of Il-20 aircraft

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, at about 23:00 Moscow time (20:00 GMT) on September 17, contact was lost with a Russian Il-20 aircraft flying over the Mediterranean Sea back to the Russian Hmeimim air base in Syria. The ministry said the aircraft had disappeared from radar during an airstrike carried out by four Israeli F-16 fighter jets on targets in the Syrian province of Latakia.

On Tuesday morning, the Russian Defense Ministry stated that the Il-20 aircraft had been accidently downed by Syrian air defenses as the Israeli F-16 jets had been using it as a cover. According to Defense Ministry Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov, Israeli pilots “could not but see the Russian plane, which was approaching the runway from an altitude of five kilometers.” The ministry added that it considered such actions by Israel to be hostile.

Later in the day, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held a telephone call with his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman, stating that Israel was solely to blame for the downing of Russia’s Il-20 aircraft over the Mediterranean Sea. “The Israeli Defense Ministry’s actions are not in the spirit of Russian-Israeli partnership so we reserve the right to take retaliatory steps,” the Russian defense chief stressed.

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  1. MH370 says:

    i dont understand israeli F16 using the Russian craft as a cover?
    and SyADF downed the russian ELINT aircraft instead of the unstealthy F16?

    u must be joking

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      Its hard to come to conclusions if you dont know how the s200 missile guidance works. I wont pretend i know how because i dont.

      But what shoigu said is that israel spoofed the missile with the il20 as the final target. He didnt say it like that but thats what i feel he meant.

      This was a greasy israeli trick, but if they have to pull these crazy stunts off, it means there getting desperate, never stop your ennemy when hes making a mistake.

      Getting that russian plane shot down was a mistake.

  2. Robert McMaster says:

    No. Russia isn’t going to do anything. Except continue to endlessly roll over to Isreal. Who laughs at the such weakness they would never tolerate themselves.

  3. Sephy says:


  4. Sephy says:

    You could have force a no-fly zone, but no, you will just strengthen the security of your forces. I am sorry, but it’s very likely that these “unfortunate” incidents will continue to happen unless you aggressively push diplomacy and military.

    1. occupybacon says:

      because they can’t

      1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

        but Russia can allow Syria and Iran to launch ballistic missile and rockets vs israel…remember the war is almost finished…no idlib operation..syria have free hands to attack israel and Russia could use S-400 with the excuse of protec their soldiers…

        1. occupybacon says:

          Iran and Syria are not that stupid to attack Israel, they would be whipped out in few days, the S-300 or S-400 are as expensive as the most expensive NATO cruise missiles, they range from 0.5 to 3 million. NATO is able send thousands per day, if Israel is attacked.

          1. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

            Israel lost the lebanon war vs hezbollah…remember it?

          2. occupybacon says:

            Lebanon was never Israel. And what’s the point, you are saying that Russian S-400 can defend a country, Israel just hit Latakia, which is smaller than Lebanon and Russia has 2-3 bases there.

    2. Gregory Casey says:

      Eastern Mediterranean is closed in the air and on the water from tonight for a period of 7 – 8 days ……. unconfirmed reports coming out of Moscow in past hour.

      1. Sephy says:


  5. Sephy says:

    All you do is, just hold some “Massive Military” drills, and in the event of war, your forces sit idle. This is pathetic.

  6. BlueInGreen says:

    One can only hope that the true feelings of Putin are rage, anger and sorrow at this flagrant Israeli subversion of Russian aircraft it the pursuit of its own illegal aggression against Syria.

    Increasing “security” doesn’t mean much unless there is also some change in operations.

  7. Rob says:

    For this attack Israel have done how much home work that how to design this attack on Syria that Syrian ADM Systems shot down the Russian surveillance airplane. Russia have lost their own IL-20 with 14 officers for giving corridor to Israeli jets to attack on Syrian nation. Very good strategy of Putin, sacrifice all Russian officers on child butchers ‘Israel’.

    1. putinbeater says:

      huh, you are against pootin? are you now my follower? :DDD

      1. Concrete Mike says:

        Hes always been your office mate from day 1.

        We know who you are.

        1. putinbeater says:


  8. RichardD says:

    I’m surprised that it happened. There are proceedures and equipment used for military operations in war zones to prevent these types of incidents. The rules of engagement will probably change fot hostile aircraft giving them less freedom of operation than they had before. Normally enemy aircraft would be allowed close to a plane like this.

    1. Aen RaBeon says:

      Normally yes but Russia don’t consider Israel as the enemy. They have an agreement which only Russia believe in. Israel now upped the ante and tested new waters before ordering USA to strike again. How do you think Putin will respond? I think Putin will shy away , as always.

      1. Muriel Kuri says:

        I think this time his hardliners will stress that he must react properly. I think you’ll see much better defenses against air attacks in the future.

      2. RichardD says:

        I think that he’ll change the rules of engagement and keep winning the war.

      3. paolinks says:

        Maybe Putin, but not russian generals. It is sad but Putin is risking to be ousted. Russians are stoics but this bullshit has gone too far.

        Russia doesn’t need to do something provocative, just put in place a no fly zone all over Syria. Call a UN session and explain why it is being implemented and give US, France, UK, Israel and all the other bullshitters an ultimatum to get out of Syria.

        1. Allan Greedspoon says:

          Well said :)

    2. Allan Greedspoon says:

      Never be surprized by what the Israelis do buddy. They have been doing this kind of thing for years. They are cheap shot opportunists and will use any opportunity to forward their loathsome foreign policy. They said the same thing after murdering half the crew of the USS Liberty . .

      1. RichardD says:

        Counter measures to prevent friendly fire failed and were compromised by the fact that the Russians were caught in the middle of a fire fight:


        – Will Russia-Israel ties suffer after downing of Il-20 military plane off Syrian coast? –


        1. Rob says:

          Not really because Putin provides safe corridors to Israel to attack Syria.

    3. Rob says:

      Putin have ordered their army to provide safe corridors to Israel to attack Syria but why?

      1. RichardD says:

        What safe corridors? They’re being shot with Russian equipment using Russian satnav systems.

  9. Hassadnah Abraham says:

    Putin was right. But how to achieve that? very glaring that it is only Syrian dare to shoot the Israelis down, the Russian are too scared of the Israelis and Us. So how to solve these problem??
    Clearly that the only solution is, let Syrian have the control over 7 battalion of S 400. That is to be delivered within 48 hours.

    1. Spit says:

      I agree with You, Russian people are unhappy, We can gain so much… But I guess…The Smarter leaders…
      I honestly believe Russia can do so much better… But… Today We turn the other cheek… again.

    2. Brother Ma says:

      Russia should have some military drills on Syria right in the border and “accidentally” shoot missiles into an Israeli powerstation. Then it should express “sorrow “about the ” accident”

      You then watch how Israel then wont “accidentally” cause ” accidents “for Russia.

      1. Brother Ma says:

        UPDATE: Syria did not shoot down the plane! Syria has never said it did and has given Putin data that it didn’t. So someone behind israeli plane shot it down ie French Frigate or other FUCKUS asset or it hid behind antiaircraft S200 in line of sight!!

    3. Floyd Hazzard says:

      Putin has brought Russia irreparable shame. He’s sucking everyonese ∆!¢|<

  10. RichardD says:

    The Jews were using the Russians as human shields. That’s about par for the course.

    1. paolinks says:

      The jews even use children as human shields. They are deformed cowards.

  11. frankly says:

    The French get a free pass? This is an obvious conspiracy. Seems flying around Syria is about to get more complicated.

    1. TiredOfBsToo says:

      Sure hope so! Would love to hear what would be Emperor Macron’s explanation as to what it’s frigate was doing there and why it was firing on Syrian territory. Of course I’m sure we’d hear the usual bs. Too bad Syria isn’t strong enough to have a frigate sail off of French shores and firing on France just because it can.

      If some of these psychopaths received even a tenth of what they dish out, we’d have a more peaceful world.

      1. Muriel Kuri says:

        But Syria would never do such a thing, as Assad holds to Rule of Law.

        1. TiredOfBsToo says:

          As do the embattled countries of Russia and Iran.

        2. frankly says:

          This was an act of war. Why should F.uk.us and evil accomplices be allowed to sail around the world and impose their will on a government that does not obey them. Then get all righteous when someone fights back?

      2. frankly says:

        As Syria is making sacrifices and leading the fight against Zionism it will not be too long before they will grow in strength, they are not afraid of the fight.

    2. Brother Ma says:

      French frigate needs to be accidentally shot by Russian aircraft. Oh we are sorry…Monseur Macron…

      1. frankly says:

        You lob missile at us, we declare war on you too!

        For F.uk.us it is a matter of defending their monopolistic business practices, the almighty petro-dollar, for those not in the club, it is a matter of life and death!

        And by the way, we are sick of dying.

  12. Ivanus59 says:

    I think the obvious thing Putin should do is allow Israel to annex Russia and half of the planet. That way Russia will not need to worry about being spanked by Israel cuz Russia will be Israel :] This is where his logic will lead to.

    1. frankly says:

      No, no, fuck no. It’s the whole planet or no deal.

  13. IMHO says:

    How many times is Putin going to say he will improve security for Russian military personnel before he actually does it.
    I know one way would be to get involved when your ally is attacked instead of just complaining that they didn’t give you enough warning before the attack occurred.

    1. RichardD says:

      The IAF has been excluded from most Syrian airspace. The no fly zone will probably expand after this incident.

      1. XRGRSF says:

        I don’t know of any exclusion of IAF from Syrian air space, and it seems to me that Israel bombs whenever, and where ever they want in Syria. I don’t mean to pester you for details, but when was Israel excluded.

        1. RichardD says:

          The no fly zone over most of Syria has been put in in stages. Syrian air defense was extensively inoperable prior to the Russian deployment in 2015. The Syrian government only controlled about 10% of iit’s territory on the ground. And most of it’s air defense system had been overrun and destroyed.

          After the Turks shot down a Russian plane, S-400s were put in. After the US shot down a Syrian plane, the Russians started targeting US aircraft west of the river. The Syrian IAD was extensively rebuilt and upgraded with Pantsir, Buk, possibly S-300, and modernized legacy equipment. After the IAF F-16 was shot down, they’ve pretty much stayed out of Syrian airspace with manned aircraft according to most reports. And have been launching missiles from Israeli and Lebanese airspace, and the sea, because Syrian airspace is to dangerous for them.

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          Israel bombs syria using standoff ammunition, often from lebanese airspace .

          This spring, syria did shoot down an f16 that crossed into syria, i think the f16 was attack al sharyat??.

          Anyways, the israelis stay well away and use long range weaponry.

    2. Bill Wilson says:

      Putin has in the past by providing better training for SAA soldiers. Looks like he needs to do the same for all of the SAA techs manning their surface-to-air missile systems and radars. They have a bad habit of firing wildly after missiles start hitting their targets and keep it up for a period of time after the strikes end.

      1. IMHO says:

        I know that the SAA is not as well trained. As far as firing wildly as you claim, I cannot say. But it is obvious that Israel planned to put that plane in harms way. And seeing that Israel broke their agreement to notify Russia in order to prevent this very thing, Russia should have engaged the F-16s themselves.
        Actually for all we know Russia shot down their own plane and that is why Putin is willing to capitulate.

  14. Андрещ Англощитсч Ларп says:

    Its all different when (((they))) do it goyim !

  15. Hrky75 says:

    Improving security of Russian servicemen – by all means – by preemptively engaging all uninvited targets buzzing in and around Syrian airspace. Let’s say in radius up to 300 kms around Latakia – Tartus axis. Any unauthorized flying object to be given exactly 1 minute warning – no more, no less – and then let God have mercy on their soles (if they have any). Anything less than a no-fly zone enforced with extreme prejudice will only invite more of these “strings of tragic circumstances”. If recent history of the Middle East has taught us anything – it’s that Zios don’t stop until the get a bleeding nose. Just ask Hasan Nassrallah….

    1. christianblood says:

      (…Improving security of Russian servicemen – by all means – by
      preemptively engaging all uninvited targets buzzing in and around Syrian
      airspace. Let’s say in radius up to 300 kms around Latakia – Tartus
      axis. Any unauthorized flying object to be given exactly 1 minute
      warning – no more, no less – and then let God have mercy on their soles
      (if they have any)…)

      Very well-said!

    2. putinbeater says:

      hahaha, there are international water parts. i see, how are dare ruskies to realize youor suggestion :DDD

      1. Hrky75 says:

        There are internationally recognized sovereign air spaces in the area too – yet Us, Uk, France, Turkey and Israel choose to ignore it. Implementing unilateral sanctions on other countries without UN approval and without proven cause is also illegal. bombing Syria without UNSC mandate is contrary to established international law. On the other hand it’s all well within recently established precedence of “Might makes Right!. I mere suggest and addendum to this rule – Effective range of SAMs makes right too.

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          Hah get rekt putinbeater….you remind me of this canadian anti putin gay activist that was trolling about cbc years ago.

          If thats all your arts degree got for a job is as a disinfo agent…boy oh boy your mama must be proud.

          1. PZIVJ says:

            Over the years do you remember Solomon>VelociRaptor>Wise Gandolf>
            ( please insert new name here ). LOL

        2. putinbeater says:

          boy, there is war. this is fact. if attacks my enemy, i will not cry and talk about international law, but hit back. hit hard.

          you only cry and try to enhance the war territory on territory of other countries. the best way how creat much more enemies. germans learned this in ww1.

          1. Hrky75 says:

            Oh it’s THE war all right – but why bringing up “international waters” in your original comment then. Millions of tons of shipping got torpedoed in international waters over the last 100 years – a few tons of burning aluminum won’t make much difference on the local marine eco system…

          2. putinbeater says:

            of course. syria has no right to create no fly zone over international waters. similarly usa has no right to create no fly zone over syria. but at war the stronger can do lot of things. syria has not enough power to resist to nato. therefore should not provoke other countries with creating no fly zones in international waters.

          3. Hrky75 says:

            Syria is already in a state of war with US, UK, France, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, being attacked by these rogue nations (according to UN Charter) without provocation and with an obvious (and openly stated) goal of territorial (Turkey, Israel) and/or geopolitical (US, UK, France, Saudis) expansion. The waters and air space around Syria are “international” only in parts where Syrian weapons can’t say otherwise – restricted by it’s range or by a political decision of Syrian government. But I never suggested Syria creating a no-fly zone – I said Russia. Their weapons have much greater reach – in air and at sea – and all above mentioned aggressor countries (apart from US, maybe) individually are scared shitless of Putin – you think that all of their officials visiting Moscow dozen times this year alone was because of famous Moscow weather

      2. Antikapitalista says:

        Just like the Israelis. International waters end where the Russian missiles can fly.

        1. putinbeater says:

          International waters end where the Russian missiles can fly.


    3. Brother Ma says:

      Well Putin dod promise such an aircover but this policy has strangely been dropped by Russia. Why Russia? Why?

    4. Gregory Casey says:

      Eastern Mediterranean Air-Space and Maritime environment are closed from tonight for a period of 7 – 8 days according to unconfirmed reports coming out of Moscow in past half hour

  16. telemetrie says:

    Coward Putin. He knows all the truth but keeps lying.
    This was clearly not an accident.
    1. French battle ship war present and fired missiles as a bait for IL 20
    2. Meantime Israel sent 2x F16 in low altitude to evade radars in near proximity to IL 20
    3. Then F16 took higher level as a bait for S-200
    4. When F16 pilots spotted incoming missiles they could:
    a, deploy chaffs – strips of aluminium foil to buzz radar
    b, deploy electronic jammers – send their own radar waves to fuzz old and easy to jamm S-200 with old analog radar system backed to 1960 or so

    c, make some agressive defensive manouvres to evade incoming missiles. Some 5-6G is required, it is not so much considering F16 is capable to make 9G turns.

    Every fighter pilot is trained in those techniques., but what they actually did ?

    d, fly to proximity of big unarmed 4 engines turbotrop and hide behind it.

    You must understand, it was deliberate kill of Russian airplane, very mean and cowardly act from F16 pilots which must be pretty sure, that their commanders and namely Netanyahu will not punish them for their cowardice, rather they will be promoted for killing defenceless Russian crew.

    Shame on Israel and shame on Putin – liar.

  17. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    To improve security…is nothing because Russia already have 20 warship and S-400 system!…Russia should retaliate launching a pack of kalibr missile vs israel air force HQ in Tel Aviv…then Israel as well Turkey,USA,England,France…and the NATO respect Russia…otherwise Incoming Israeli and Allies attacks will be a routine!

    1. Concrete Mike says:

      No, i would go after intelligence assets. You can really fuck em up that way, message gets through, but its not public, so the morronic israelis are not forced to double down.

      Thata how I would do it. Hurts them just as much, and it makes them blind latr, they really hate being blind.

  18. XRGRSF says:

    If Putin is too cowardly to defend his own people. in Syria. he needs to withdraw, and return his troops to Russia. All Putin is doing is prolonging the war, and causing needless deaths of this own people, and the Syrians. It appears that Putin lacks the courage to go in for the kill, and if that’s the case then Syria, in time, will be lost. This is exactly what happened in Vietnam, and we all know the results.

  19. Allan Greedspoon says:

    “This time it looks like a string of tragic circumstances . .” No Vladimir Vladimirovich, it was not a string of tragic circumstances. It was an audacious sequel to the USS Liberty bombing. For goodness sakes, these devils know exactly what they are doing. They have practised their evil on the Palestinians for decades now and have perfected their guile and trickery to a fine art . . .

    1. novychelovek says:

      Perhaps. But what would you advise Putin to do?

      1. Hrky75 says:

        How about giving the Zios a taste of their own medicine…organizing “a string of tragic circumstances” ending with “an unfortunate” downing of several IAF fighter planes off the coast of Haifa by several S-400 missiles fired “by mistake”…Followed by an urgent visit to Tel Aviv by Shoigu withe the results of “thorough Russian investigation of the unfortunate incident”… how about that for a measured and appropriate response…

        1. novychelovek says:

          Yeh, sure. Knowing what we know about the trigger happy and war-with Russia pining US gov., that would be a brilliant move.

          1. Hrky75 says:

            If US is ready to start a thermonuclear war over a couple of Israeli jets (or a French frigate sunk by a stray torpedo from one of “undeclared” Russian subs patrolling the Med – just a suggestion) – they are ready to start it anyways. Threat of 7000+ Russian nuclear warheads didn’t stop the Turks downing Su-24s in 2016, US bombing Russian “contractors” last year or French and Zios springing a trap for an unarmed ELINT plane last night. Russia needs to start putting price tags on these “incidents” – alternative is letting every moron in the Middle East shooting up Russian soldiers at leisure.

          2. novychelovek says:

            Who the fugck knows? Moreover Israel has their own arsenal, and I’d not be betting on the sanity of their or US’s leadership.

          3. Hrky75 says:

            But I’m ready to bet on the fact that non of them – Israelis, French, Turks or Americans – are ready and willing to sustain any serious casualties. Their political classes and public opinion are quite OK with their own forces killing and destroying “the un-exceptional” and/or “un-chosen” people including Russian soldiers. But quite unprepared to see their own soldiers die. Did Israel or US nuke Lebanon in 2006??? – No, Lebanese got an unprecedented 12 years of almost uninterrupted peace, as a reward for killing 120 and wounding 1.200 IDF soldiers, taking out 70+ Merkavas, a helicopter and a frigate. Russian should take the cue…

          4. Allan Greedspoon says:

            Good point. They are utterly insane

          5. Antikapitalista says:

            Therefore nukes need to be deployed in Syria.

            Just the thought of the whole nation-building effort vanishing in a mushroom cloud of smoke ought to make them behave.

        2. Brother Ma says:

          Wonderful response!

        3. Allan Greedspoon says:

          And sincere condolences plus a promise of a thorough investigation . . lol

      2. georgeking says:

        Give lots of S-300 systems to Syria and green light the use of them.

        1. novychelovek says:

          Well the geopolitics of Russia are more nuanced than the thinking animating Americans and American politicians. You are looking at the tip of an Iceberg, Putin sees the entire underwater massive bulk of it and so I’ll not question his strategies.

      3. Allan Greedspoon says:

        When your kids are naughty stick em on the naughty chair. In this case suddenly decide to supply Syria with S-400 systems which could hit Israeli jets anywhere over the northern half of israel.

        1. novychelovek says:

          Yes. But you are just juggling two balls as tho the geo-political world revolved around the Syria/Israel conflict. Putin is juggling the better part of a hundred.

          1. Allan Greedspoon says:

            Good point. Putin is a strategic thinker and operator. He never sacrifices the greater strategy for the temporary gain. I agree. We shouldn’t beat him up too much as he is juggling an incredible amount of Anglo-Zionist oppression. But by responding weakly, he is inviting more aggression by the Zionists . .

          2. novychelovek says:

            He’s having a chat with the Israeli yahoo. Pawns will get sacrificed…

    2. Antikapitalista says:

      It was a string of tragic circumstances—with Israeli crimes at both ends!

    3. AM Hants says:

      What did the US do, when Israel took out their sailors on the USS Liberty, trying to blame Egypt, Not expecting any to survive? Remember, how the US President, with his good mates, including ‘Daddy McCain’ said nought.

  20. Sinbad2 says:

    I read the posts, most baying for blood, calling others cowards, from the safety provided them by real men.

    For those who think that someone else, should get revenge for you, I suggest you get on a plane and do it yourself.
    Cowards sit at home, telling brave men, what they should do.

  21. grandel says:

    S400s to Syria.

    1. Antikapitalista says:

      Nukes to Syria.

  22. alejoeisabel says:

    Syria must bring Israel to account for its aggression, and Russia must support Syrian sovereignty. Israel’s impunity must be account. Russia should have sent missiles to the Israeli airbases from where the aggression originated.

  23. potcracker777 says:

    hahahahah told u so over and over again….lol pathetic donkeys

    a one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership….and all countries that recognize the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of the agenda including russia,uk usa,china,eu etc..

    putin recieves orders just as trump or may lol……

    tragic circumstances……………LOLOLOLOLOL thats how a jew slave talks…thats all on orders…never to let the master look bad….never to let the master loose strategic upper hand……..the masters are the satanic jews..they call the shots…..fucking monkeys here….u folks are rifdiculuos here…..

    it was putin that gave the green light for turkish invasion…it was putin that gave the green light to fucking israel to continue bombing their supposed allied nation of syria….it is putin who now even pisses on the dead russian service men, murdered by satanic jews…….the only one speaking the truth on the murders is russian defense minister Shoigu
    ““The blame for the downing of the Russian plane and the deaths of its
    crew members lies squarely on the Israeli side,” Shoigu said during a
    convesation with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on the
    phone. “The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the
    spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to

    he said this before putin apologizing for israel.. truly sick how deep putin has his head up the satanic jews ass

    1. Antikapitalista says:

      Indeed, a long string of tragic circumstances, beginning on 14 May 1948, the date of the declaration of the State of Israel…

    2. John Whitehot says:

      call a doctor. no, better yet, call an exorcist.

  24. Gregory Casey says:

    Breaking but unconfirmed Reports that Russia has closed the Eastern Mediterranean air-space and maritime environment …….taking affect from tonight for a period of 7 – 8 days

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