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JUNE 2020

Putin Says ISIS Took Several US, EU Citizens Hostage In US-Controlled Part Of Syria


The 700 hostages are captured in Syria by ISIS include US and European citizens and are being killed off 10 people a day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the Valdai Discussion Club’s 15th Annual Meeting on October 18.

He also criticized US forces for “catastrophic” failure. He added that the terrorists “have delivered ultimatums and made certain demands, threatening … to shoot ten people every day.”

According to Putin, the terrorists already started carrying out their threats and executed ten hostages two days ago.

“Some US and European citizens are among the hostages,” the president said adding that “everyone is silent … as if nothing has happened.”

On October 17, the Russian news agency TASS reported citing a military diplomatic source that 700 hostages were captured by ISIS in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor during a failed advance by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the US-led coalition.

Putin Says ISIS Took Several US, EU Citizens Hostage In US-Controlled Part Of Syria

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    If Putin Says there are EU & US CITIZENS BEING HELD HOSTAGE By ISIS Then It Must be TRUE

    • stary ujo

      Good news !!

    • Rodger

      There’s not a thing he could gain by lying about it.

    • Didn’t see him waving a vial of “anthrax” while he was saying it.

  • stary ujo

    Please mr. Putin , you speak 3 times about finish ISIS , IS, DAES , they are with new name FSA ! Russian dont take power from start Syrian operation , this was total error .Now Rusians must do comromise with fucking america and nato . Please mr.putin should Russians totaly finish war with
    militants and FSA . Because FSA will legalize stay of fucking USA in Syria !

  • Pareggiamoiconti

    amazing… wonder what they were doing around there??? o.O

    • PZIVJ

      They where just tourist visiting the sites along the Euphrates river.
      And did not see the sign “ISIS controlled territory” :)

      • Pareggiamoiconti

        how unfortunate, aren’t they

      • Sinbad2

        Oy vey, I’m just a tourist, with a phoney passport.

  • Merijn

    If you start Executing the European & United States “Citizens”, the West perhaps will listen Daesh…you can at least give it a try…do you Chop off their Heads or riddle them with an AK? Orange Overall and chopping off their head was a Major Hit in the West..Daesh…just a tip

    • Uhm… to get them to start listening it will have to go out over the idiot box – and MSM NOT gonna do that.

      • Merijn

        Oh well…okay…I thought Daesh could use a little help..some tips and advice….it is not going very great with those Fellas these days….Good Luck Daesh…always look on the Bright side o’ life…Cheerio Lads….

    • Pirate Riot

      YPG have 700 ISIS POW’s, ISIS, after the last week of raids, have 700 hostages from all the governments of NATO. Can you figure out where this is going yet?????

      • Merijn

        As far as I know is that ISIS was Adopted by HTS, SDF, al-Qaeda, FSA, SLF, al-Nusra, Nour al-Din al-Zenki, Ahrar al-Sham, Jaysh al-Islam and a lot of other Western Financed, Trained & Logistically supported Wahhabi-Jihadist-Extremist-Takfiri-Headchoppers

        • Promenade Press

          ISIS is more likely supported by Israel and the US than the above groups you mentioned. There are many documented cases of the US airlifting ISIS commanders out when surrounded. HTS as al-Nusra was bitter enemies with Islamic State al-Baghdadi. The FSA are whores they sold weapons supplied by US to anyone including ISIS so you are right on that count. As to financing, you are part right and part wrong and it is cloudy. Very good odds KSA funded ISIS and al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and others. KSA’s goal was to destroy Syria because Saudis are the scum of the planet. In essence, ISIS was nothing more than a “backfire” to take up resources and divide the rebel groups. That is why I see them supported the the Saudi whores, Israel and USA who are criminals.

          • Merijn

            Every Single Headchopper is Logistically Supported, Financed, Trained by Our Great Western Nations & Lapdog NATO…. they are Filthy Cockroaches that need to Hang for their High Treason….

          • promenadepress 5++

  • Tommy Jensen

    The reason we are silent is that somebody else should do something about it. If Putin is so open mouth and want to be the messinger and savior, Putin should do it.
    We have our own lives to live.

    • Sinbad2

      Better to show America for what it is.

  • Snowglobe

    The days of deciding if foreign nationals are “participants or non-participants” passed years ago. Any foreign nationals that are in Syria right now are there by their own personal choice and have chosen to accept the risk.

    They are in a war zone and can be considered “collateral damage” and not be considered an international incident.

    • Pirate Riot

      ISIS has 4 USA soldiers from the 101st airborne division. That is what Putin is talking about. The other prisoners that are foreigners are French, USA, UK, and German SF/spy people. EVeryone in NATO is abandoning their soldiers that are POW’s and Putin, as am I, are in shock over how a nation, any nation, can stand by silent while terrorists are raping your soldiers before executing them on TV.

      I already saw the 10 dead people ISIS executed. ISIS has a press office, in case you didn’t know. I for one, am tired of seeing terrorists run all over the world chopping up people on TV.

      • Snowglobe

        I was not aware that there were soldiers. I do not support leaving men behind,

        What I am referring to are the “citizens” that leave my country and many others to go to fight on the sides of terrorists and then return home to recruit and live off the benefits that are paid for by the citizens of the countries.

        I am tired of being made a fool of by the governments of the world who make decisions like scooping up the White Helmets and dropping them off in our neighborhoods.

        We are comparing apples and oranges. You speak of soldiers, I was speaking of terrorists.

        • Pirate Riot

          Yep. I really don’t care about civilians. What I do care about, like what you said, is getting lied to by the billionaires with all the guns. That bothers me.

          Don’t worry about the terrorists your nation is housing from Syria. As soon as WWIII is officially declared, we can all shoot them in the face. Not like we don’t know where they will be living. CNN will be sure to show everyone where the WH’s get housed.

          Seriously don’t worry. There are 7.5 billion humans on the planet. In the next decade that number will go down to about 5 billion. After the war and disease and famine do their jobs.

          • Snowglobe

            Actually, what bothers me is anyone lying to me. It does not matter if they are a billionaire or if they are broke. ;-)

            I may be a bit naive, but I still hope that there are enough decent people in the world that we can avoid WWIII…..and if not, it would be easier for a large meteor to hit the planet and put humanity out of it’s misery.

            If the day comes to shoot the terrorists in the face, I would also like to deal just as swiftly with the subhumans who steal our lives and feed them into the meat grinder of their nefarious plans.

            Cheers my friend, and lets hope that more wars, disease and famines can be stopped in our lifetimes.

          • I may be a bit naive, but I still hope that there are enough decent people in the world that we can avoid WWIII.

            I don’t it’s a matter of naivity – more a matter of will the hegemon go down without the big fight?

            Putin said: ‘What use have we for a world that has no Russia?’
            But doesn’t the US say the same – what use have they for a world without their America?

          • Snowglobe

            The hegemon will not go down without a big fight. The question is, will they win?

            If push comes to shove, and the hegemon wins, then the world can afford to lose the US, but not Russia.

            I would issue a warning to Russia though. The hegemon is a sort of leopard that can change their spots, and if left undefeated in the US, they will not leave Russia (or any other country) alone.

        • Whether they are citizens or soldiers they are insurgents in a foreign country instigating chaos, blowing up the infrastructure and killing the local people.

          That makes them all “terrorists.”

          • Snowglobe

            I agree that the US was criminal in sending troops into Syria, and many other countries. I agree that the US government has been a terrorist regime for many decades and have committed endless war crimes. I would like to see them rounded up and in a public display shot.

            I believe that the US soldiers and soldiers from other NATO countries have been used as cannon fodder and their lives meant nothing to the bastards on top. Yes, they did follow orders and committed heinous crimes under their brainwashing saying that they were protecting their country, and the interests of their countries.

            It was all bullshit.

            As for the women and children? The killing and raping of them is nothing new in these wars, and the wars that have gone on through the centuries. The damage to infrastructure used to look like poisoning wells and salting the fields, but again, this is nothing new.

            The true enemies are the monsters at the top that start these wars for their own gain. To gain land, resources, or trade routes.

            The fatal flaw in humanity is that they let themselves be tricked into wars century , after century, after century.

          • The true enemies are the monsters at the top that start these wars for their own gain. To gain land, resources, or trade routes.

            Are they? I wonder… Are the “true enemies” the monsters at the top who start and wage these wars …. or are the true monsters the uncaring who enable them by paying them with every paycheck?

            …. Without that sponsorship the monsters at the top wouldn’t wage much at all. And it’s not like ANY of the western countries are dictatorships – or like any of the actual dictatorships would be playing their wargames without their western sponsors.

            In the end it all comes down to the guy who casts the vote – ‘cos he’s the guy who pays the taxes that makes it all possible.

          • Snowglobe

            No disrespect intended, but that seems like the classic chicken/egg scenario.

            I can agree with synergy. The bigger monsters are good at tricking the lesser monsters into pay for and participating in their wars.

          • Promenade Press

            Agreed. There are a handful of mentally ill and socially sick US veterans fighting with the Kurds and other groups. They are enemy combatants under international law and deserve what they get.

      • PZIVJ

        If you are serious, post a link to story.

        • Pirate Riot

          If you are serious, you will start reading the papers every day when they come out, and check back in the afternoon to see what stories disappeared. WHen you can prove you are not some fat wanking retard, someone may care what you talk about.

          • So… there is no link?
            And for all we know you’re making up the stuff?

            In this day and age you don’t get belief for “sayso.”
            And snide remarks about reading newspapers doesn’t cut it.

            Let me rephrase:
            If you have the information you got it somewhere – where did you get it?

          • Promenade Press

            This post just destroyed credibility sadly. Please stop the name calling. If you have facts provide them. I more than read the news in four different languages. I have friends in the region. I travel and have lived in region. There are no reports of captured US soldiers. Stop the name calling and learn to discuss like an adult.

      • Ed

        Get used to it. It’s not going to stop any time soon!

      • “while terrorists are raping your soldiers before executing them on TV.”

        Link please.

      • Promenade Press

        What is your source on the four captured 101st Airborne? That is a bold statement and needs facts to support.

  • ISIS might as well chop all their heads off at once ‘cos no-one in those countries is gonna see those 10 a day videos. … Neither are we it seems.

    • Pirate Riot

      I saw the first pictures. I’m in the USA. If you’re not a frikin tard, you could find it too.

      • All over the media over there? …. And what are yous DOING about it???

        And yeah – I am a friking tard – they kill Americans over there I’m only too happy to cheer them on! Way past time ‘ISIS’ took to AMERICAN cities, town and villages what Americans force on others daily.

        An average of 121 drone bombs on women and children in 8 nations you are not at war with DAILY! And that’s not including your last 20 YEARS of illegal wars of invasion, insurgencies and bringing democracy – or the phucking 50 before.

        And if you have a video link to ISIS lopping off American heads – please – share. Make my day.

        • Pirate Riot

          Over there? Are you not aware that Canada just received a plane load of 300 ISIS members? Yeah, they are already over here you fucking retard. WHat I am doing about it is telling you, so that when the WHite Helmets come through chopping up your children, you won’t have the blank stupid look of confusion on your face.

          You will not be confused at all, because I am telling you right now, what will happen in the near future for you. See, you will have a normal stupid look on your face, because you will be fully aware of how you are responsible for ISIS chopping you up alive, because you did nothing but talk shit on the internet.

          If you want to do something about it, Join the fucking military you fucking pussy. I did 2 combat tours you little bitch.

          • Canada got 300 ISIS’s? GOOD! Now maybe Canada will learn why it’s not nice to instigate, grow and support extremist insurgencies in Other People’s Countries!

            You did 2 combat tours did you?
            Well this little bìtch says you’re a self-confessed villain who went overseas to MURDER women and children in Other People’s Countries for profit!. That just makes you an unconscionable INVADING MURDERER.

            Grow up! You think anyone with a conscience or a brain is going to support your wars or destruction of entire nations? Look at Libya you phucking bastard!

            And why would ISIS come chop me up? I don’t live in country that deliberately creates terrorrists and then goes dropping DU on the populace to “fight terror!”

  • gustavo

    Are the terrorists rebeling against their master in this place ?…. it looks like

    • John Whitehot

      it’s hardly their master.

      they are on the same level, for their common master.

      although this master has been increasingly critic of the USA of late, and it may well have taken a preference with ISIS. They’ve done a lot of dying lately, something that the US isn’t that ready to perform.