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Putin Says 76 Su-57 Jets To Be Purchased Before 2028

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Putin Says 76 Su-57 Jets To Be Purchased Before 2028

IMAGE: Aleksey Nikolsky/RIA Novosti

The TASS news agency reports (source):

Seventy-six Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets will be purchased for Russian Air Forces before 2028, a package contract will be inked in the near future, Russian President Vladimir Putin said opening a regular defense meeting.

“The 2028 arms program stipulated the purchase of 16 such jets,” Putin recalled. According to him, having assessed the situation, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu reported that manufacturers reduced prices for both the aircraft and the equipment by 20%, which provided the opportunity to purchase more of these jets. “We have agreed to purchase 76 such fighters without the increase in prices in the same period of time,” Putin said.

The Russian leader underlined that the Russian defense industry had not done anything like that in terms of the scale and on the new platform in 40 years. He expressed hope that the updated plans would be fulfilled.

“In the nearest future we will sign a package contract to supply 76 such jets equipped with modern weapons of destruction and provided with the necessary land infrastructure,” Putin pointed out.

The president recalled that the industry is focusing on developing modern aviation equipment, which determines the combat capabilities of the Russian Air forces for the decade to come. “Multipurpose Su-35S and Su-57 fighter jets are in the final testing stages,” the Russian leader announced, emphasizing that their combat characteristics are the best in the world. He said that by 2028 it is vital to fully rearm three aviation regiments of the Air Forces with the promising fifth-generation aviation systems.

Putin also stressed that the modernized Tu-160M bomber performed its first flight in February 2018. Putin also called on developing the combat capabilities of the existing military planes and helicopters by the means of the existing opportunities and modernization. According to him, the force of the MiG-31 interceptor aircraft has significantly increased. It was also used as a basis to create the promising Kinzhal aviation system equipped with a supersonic ballistic missile.

The President also believes that Tu-95 and Tu-160 strategic missile carriers and Tu-22M long-range bomber should be gradually updated.

“They should all have the capabilities to not only carry the newest cruise missiles but also other apt means of destruction,” Putin concluded.

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klove and light

LOL total bs…….. by 2028 all These so called Stealth jets will become totally useless,
unless i´m wrong and they are useless today already as far as Stealth Features is concearned.

Robert Ferrin

Well you are always wrong so there nothing new there.!!!

Harry Smith

5th generation is not about stealth.comment image

You can call me Al

Where did it mention anywhere in the article about it’s stealth abilities ?.

I am not even sure this helps:

What is a fifth-generation Air Force?
The Air Force Strategy outlines Air Force’s intention to become a fifth-generation Air Force.

Fifth-generation means the latest technological evolution of aircraft. While the different aircraft generations traditionally refer to fighter jets, Air Force needs our people, working with all aircraft and systems, to achieve a fifth-generation force.

A fifth-generation Air Force is a fully-networked force that exploits the advantages of an available, integrated and shared battlespace picture to deliver lethal and non-lethal air power.

A fifth-generation Air Force provides the necessary strength to win against the increasingly complex and lethal threats of warfare in the Information Age.

Aircraft generations


Generally refers to subsonic fighter jets, first introduced in late World War II. Examples include the Meteor and Sabre.


Considered to be the mid 1950s to early 1960s, when afterburning turbojet engines entered production. Examples include the Mirage.


The 1960s to approximately 1970 produced aircraft with increased manoeuvrability and ground attack capabilities, combined with the introduction of guided missiles. Examples include the Phantom.


Between approximately 1970 and the mid-1990s, aircraft were characterised by their multi-role configurations and equipped with sophisticated avionics and weapons system. Examples include the F/A-18A/B Hornet.

Four-and-a-half generation

This generation of aircraft from the 1990s until 2005 are often modified fourth-generation aircraft, with significantly enhanced capabilities. They are commonly identified by signature reduction, helmet-mounted sights, GPS guided weapons, and highly integrated systems. Examples include the F/A-18F Super Hornet.


From 2005 onwards, fifth-generation fighter aircraft are characterised by very low-observability including internal weapons bays, and vastly improved situational awareness through a network-centric combat environment. Examples include the F-35A.

Because fifth-generation aircraft operate in a network-centric combat environment, the entire Air Force must be optimised in order to gain full advantage.

Tudor Miron

Enjoying displaying your utter ignorance in public?


Present day F22 and F35 are useless because of Russian multi band radar data fusion capabilities, while US lacks severely in such capabilities. While Russians can detect, track and have weapon lock on US stealth aircraft, the US antiair capabilities are very minimal.

This is another stufffff for the western idiots that claim Russia cannot afford to build its technologically advanced weapons because they do not have the money.

Neo Onh

Then we can deduct that it will be like 150 jets by 2024. Does anyone really think that any power discloses the complete/real info about their military plans…??

Toronto Tonto

That’s not going to transpire ,more bs from pooty the midget .

Rhodium 10

Russia just only invading half of Poland…deploying S-500 to close almost all EU-NATO airspace…while MIG 31/TU-223M3( Under cover of SU 57/35+S-500) with Khinzal Hipersonic long range missile have lock on in all main EU-NATO airbases ….its a matter of time the collapse of NATO…of course the question is How effective are the S-500 vs Stealth jets and Cep of Khinzal…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Just as relevant to know would be the number of S-70 Okhotnik (robotic wingmen) on order to operate alongside the 5th gen Russian aerospace forces Su-57 fighter?


Too little amount. And in 10 years? :(


When oil prices go up (very soon due to persian gulf conflict) russian sales together with high oil and gas prices will allow them to make much more!
US will start conflict in persian gulf with iran! They will blame it on Iran!
But the conflict will REALLY be about damaging china!

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