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Putin: Russia Will Not Persuade Iran To Withdraw From Syria

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Putin: Russia Will Not Persuade Iran To Withdraw From Syria

Iranian-backed forces massing around Deir Ezzor city

On October 18, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said during the Valdai Discussion Club’s 15th Annual Meeting, which was held in the coastal city of Sochi, that his country will not persuade Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria.

Putin stressed that the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria will be possible only if the Damascus government gets security guarantees, including ending of any interference in its internal matters. The president added that Russia is ready to participate in talks between Damascus, Tehran and the U.S. on this issue.

“As for the complete withdrawal [of Iranian forces], this is a separate topic, it should be resolved through the dialogue between Iran and Syria, Iran and the United States. And we are also ready to be participants in this discussion,” Putin said, according to the Russian news agency Sputnik.

Since the beginning of this year, the U.S. has stepped up its economic and political pressure on Iran, while Israel has increased its military operations against Iranian forces in Syria. However, these measures only escalated the tension in the war torn country. The downing of the Russian Il-20 intelligence plane is a clear example of that.

Despite the failure to force Iran out of Syria, the U.S. and Israel appear to be stuck in their old policies. Putin’s call for talks over this sensitive issue may be the first realistic chance to solve it.

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S Melanson

Israel launched an air strike against Syria every 2-3 days for 18 months based on Israel’s claim of 200 strikes. Since the incident with the IL-20, there have been ZERO air strikes launched by Israel. I think the installation of the S-300 along with advanced electronic systems provided all the diplomacy needed, problem solved.

Zionism = EVIL

Russian military is fed up with Zionist parasites and blocked Nutter Yahoo’s groveling mission to Moscow after the IL-20 shoot down. Russian position along its Iranian allies is hardening now. Even diplomatic Lavrov is using more stern language. In the past month, both Iran and Russia have beefed up their military capability and equipment in Syria.

Brother Ma

Gee. I hope you are right!

northerntruthseeker .

Iran has no need to withdraw.. They were INVITED into Syria to help the SAA eliminate the US led terrorists.

It is the criminal state of USA that should be out of Syria since they are there illegally!

Zionism = EVIL

Iran was invited like Russia by the legitimate popular government of Dr. Bashar al Assad and the Syrian people and will stay as long as US and its headchoppers remain. Every inch of Syria will be liberated.

Jimmy Jim

Both Russia and Iran are in Syria at the invitation of the government, while US and its NATO thugs are illegal and playing a spoiler role in supporting their proxy Salafist terrorists.


The best allied of Russia in the whole middle east is IRAN. Of course , Israel wants to send Iran away form Syria, but this criminal nation has not vote and not voice in Syria land, I hope (you never know what Putin is going to do when Israel call him).

Jimmy Jim

Russian military is not naive and knows the value of strategic alliance with Iran, a large powerful time tested neighbor. The Zionist entity besides being a parasitic nuisance has no real value and is an eternal enemy of Russian people. The Jews have always hated the Orthodox while Shia have protected in from Armenia, Lebanon to Syria. Hezbollah and Iranians have saved numerous Russian lives in Syria.The cowardly Zionist treachery in the downing of Russian unarmed IL-20 has not gone down too well in the Kremlin or the Russian public in general.

Brother Ma

And yet the Russians have not punished them! What are they waiting for!

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is waiting for his Zionist parasite “partners” to shoot down another aircraft :)

Brother Ma

Why ? To add to his collection of downed Russian planes?

Concrete Mike

You know damn well its not in russias interst to escalate the situation.

Enough blood has been shed…more will not help.
Both of you

Ivan Freely

Good. Syria needs all the help they can get.

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