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JUNE 2023

Putin: Russia Is Rready to Restore Relations with US

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Putin: Russia Is Rready to Restore Relations with US

© REUTERS/ Sergei Karpukhin

Russia is ready to restore bilateral relations with the United States, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said, following Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

“We heard [Trump’s] campaign rhetoric while still a candidate for the US presidency, which was focused on restoring the relations between Russia and the United States,” Putin said at the presentation ceremony of foreign ambassadors’ letters of credentials in Moscow, adding “We understand and are aware that it will be a difficult path in the light of the degradation in which, unfortunately, the relationship between Russia and the US are at the moment.”

Earlier on November 8, Putin expressed confidence that the dialogue between Moscow and Washington meets the interests of both Russia and the US. Russia’s President noted in the message to Donald Trump that he hopes to address some “burning issues that are currently on the international agenda, and search for effective responses to the challenges of the global security.”


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This is good news.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Make the Russian/American alliance great again! As we had an alliance in the late 1700’s together, and Russia financed us to defeat the evil-UK-Empire. And we did! Make the American/Russian Alliance Great Again!

George King

Open up the Bearing Straight to link up North America as part of the New Silk Road for gas and oil import along with other two way trade and High Speed routes. The savings diverted to building our infrastructure rather than bombing deserts and nation states.

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