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Putin Orders Snap Exercises to Check Combat Readiness of Russian Armed Forces amid Turkish Intervention in Syria

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Snap exercises for checking combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces have been started in Southern, Western and Central Military Districts in Russia today.

Putin Orders Snap Exercises to Check Combat Readiness of Russian Armed Forces amid Turkish Intervention in Syria

Photo: Sputnik / Mikhail Klimentyev

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to carry out snap exercises for checking combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces. Southern, Western and Central Military Districts, as well as the Northern Fleet, the Russian Aerospace Forces and sky-borne troops will be involved in the exercises, the RIA Novosti news agency reported on Thursday. The decision could be taken in connection with an invasion of Turkey to Syria

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the snap exercises are holding in accordance with decision of the Supreme Commander, Russian President Vladimir Putin, from 25 to 31 August.

During regrouping of troops, “the readiness of the Southern Military District to deploy in short time self-contained groups of forces for containment of crisis situations will be assessed,” the Interfax news agency reported, citing Shoigu. The Western and the Central Military Districts will be checked for possibility “to increase efforts in the south-western strategic direction.”

During the first day, troops’ ability to perform “activities established degree of readiness” will be checked, during the next days – the ability to “withdraw the military units to training and educational areas, and prepare them to solve problems according to the exercises.” A progress of the snap exercises of the Russian Armed Forces will be monitored by two working groups of the General Staff.

Shoigu did not reveal how many troops are taking part in the exercises.

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chris chuba

Oh yes, the snap drills on Russian soil that are always fodder for the western MSM to freak out over.
They don’t mention that Russia doesn’t have a 4M man army anymore with troops stationed in permanent forts and they now have to rely on a much smaller mobile army.

Tom Johnson

Why waste any more of the Russian peoples money over a stupid Syrian port.

Divesh Kumar

Russia got a precious chance to showcase its military might and their efficiency in all weather conditions…….. They also got a live testing ground for their in pipeline systems. They are currently getting orders worth billions. But remarkable thing is that they are still doing this legitimately however the US has a history of doing same things illegitimately whether it be in Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, and most recent Syria.


As Divesh just explained. Russia actually made more money then they spent on the Syrian war, if you look at the statistics.

Svetlana Mihaila Popovic Green

So that you can be wondering @zz…le!

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Washington will do anything and I mean anything to retain Turkey in its camp which Edorgan is surely aware of (cost and benefits wise). At this stage the battle against the kurds in Syria by Turkey might be switch to regime change or fragmentation plan B by America, and no doubt Russia will not confront the US militarily in Syria so Axis of Resistance better prepared for the worse, the possibility of America’s (through Turkey) occupation of Syria. Turkey will not really go after Daesh but the kurds who will put up resistance against the Sultan army for as long as it takes. Here’s where I believe the kurds and Assad can work together because the kurds agreeing to stay within the Syria system will make them Assad ally if need arises to push the Turks (America) out of Syria militarily, but I hope Washington do not get there first by making a compromise between the kurds and Turkey and create a kurds false group which can continue to create skirmishes here and there for Turkey to continue to justify her occupation not withstanding the agreement reached between Syria and Turkey before the invasion (Washington only act according to agreed terms when it suits her interest, the Russians and Iranians knows better). Whichever way this play out the empire is still far from quenching its taste for blood in Syria.

John William

Im finally convinced that is the finest combat ready ground force in the world right now.That is the best the red army has been since mid to late 40s.How about we not piss russia off?Plz for the love of humanity


A show of force or they got intelligence of further shenanigans from NATO.

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