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JULY 2022

Putin ordered the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria from March 15

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Putin ordered the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria from March 15

Written by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered today the withdrawal of Russian military forces from Syria, starting from March 15, reports TASS Russian News Agency.

With this move Putin hopes that this would be a good motivation for launching negotiations between political forces in the country.

While being at a meeting with Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Putin stated that the tasks set to the defense ministry are generally fulfilled and that´s the main reason why he ordered the withdrawal of most of Russian military forces from Syria, starting tomorrow.

“Besides, our military, soldiers and officers demonstrated professionalism, teamwork and ability to organize combat work far away from their territory, having no common borders with the theater of war,” Putin said.

SouthFront has received a comment on the Russian military withdrawal from Syria from a source close to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Russia in international relations is continuing to show a fundamentally different approach than the US and the West. The decision on the partial withdrawal of its military from Syria is a move that clearly shows the commitment of the Russian leadership to the sequence of actions aimed at a comprehensive settlement of the crisis by peaceful means. Russia is not looking for an opportunity to gain a colonial resource-rich territory or create puppet regimes, but only provides the necessary and sufficient assistance in the fight against terrorism and extremism seeking to avoid escalation of the conflict and to minimize civilian casualties.”


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This news seems all too odd in a bad, ominous way.


I do think the same.


giving turkey an open door ? time will tell


Turkey i basically in a civil war in the east of the country they would be completely insane to go into Syria now.


Just like giving germans open door into Stalingrad…. They will walk in the door but walking out will be a different story…. probably the troops will be ready to come back quickly.

Rey G.

Russia can still backdoor turkey if it attempts to do something stupid against syria

Real Anti-Racist Action

Im not to sure this is such a good idea. John Cohen “Kerry is his fake last name” keeps pushing Obama to fire missiles at Assad and the forces protecting Syrians. Zionist-led-Israel is looking to start a war against both Lebanon and Syria with Turkey and Saudi Arabia backing them 100%. Russians should stay in force till September. Making their mission their 1 year, which is a short time anyway. That gives time for the Syrians to crush another 60% of the terrorist-FSA and others. Plus Syria needs some time to refocus defensive missiles at Israel, and rebuild and retool some of their own defensive forces for protection from outside interference. Syria needs updated version of the S-300 system, or the S-400 under Russian control.

Sam Handwich

It’s a trap.


I hope you are right

Sam Handwich

There were reports in the last week that the Turkey-KSA alliance sets it’s hopes on a more aggressive U.S. President in 2017 and don’t dare any moves right now since they know they will be on their own. They either they play nice and by the rules now or they take the bait and are in for a surprise. That being said Erdogan would be crazy to go into Syria as the ramifications out of this could very well mean that Ankara is losing the southern part of Turkey.


Turkey is not going into Syria because no Turkish general is that insane and Erdogan can’t make the army do that because if he could do that they would already be in Syria. The Turkish army has 2 army corps in the east and 1 on the Syrian border so it’s unlikely that they are planing an actual attack. Besides in the Russian media the base in Latakia is referred to as a permanent one


The job is not even close to being done, Putin must have made a backroom deal with the Anglo-Zionist empire otherwise I don’t see the logic of withdrawing when Assad is still barely hanging to power and most of Syria is under terrorist control.

Janjak Desalin

putin was always in this for some kind of deal. he is so obsessed with being recognized as an equal that he bends over FORWARD just to be allowed to sit at the table with the big boys. this dude has serious inferiority issues and will hold Russia back as long as he’s in power.


Your stupid mate no brains at all putin is the biggest player of all doesnt need to sit by a bunch of western poofters watching an orgy of US arse lickers! Putins russia are independent not puppets like rest of yous are!


I believe its some kind of nice geopolitical play…. attracting the enemy into a trap and when they bite it will be possible to show the world that the terrorist broke the truce and then move in with full force. But it have to look real, sometimes you have to even trick your own people for a moment in order to fool the enemy in order to crush them.


xeloss thats what i was thinking…seems too goodey walker to quit just now maybe the are insane


Putin and Lavrov are never insane, but they have plans that we don`t understand until they are done. Just like when people whined 3-4-5 years ago about why Russia don`t establish itself in the middle east and help Assad, Libia get allies make peace etc. itd. Well there was a better plan including payback to EU for the Ukraine maidan. More refugees will collapse the EU and BTW if Turkey move in and make even more refugees + turkish people can flee without visas to Europe in June and if a war break out with Kurds and Syria then there will be millions of millions people rushing on the EU. And it will make EU collapse back into national states + Turkey get kicked out of NATO as reason of all the trouble. A great geopolitical victory and first step in making Slavic Eastern Europe free again.

Putin got plans that are so good we don`t understand it when he is doing it. If we were so wise to know everything then everyone could be him xD

888mladen .

It appears that you believe in Putin’s infallibility. However he is nothing else but a fallible human being and he has already proved that. And worshiping him as a deity will make things only worse. Let me just ask you something: what was his wonderful long term plan for his marriage? It would be better to put your confidence in Him who is truly infallible the creator of heaven and earth and not in mere mortal man but since you don’t believe that there is such a being the only thing that is left for you do is to praise a mere mortals like you. It’s a choice though a poor one,


What a sad delusional comment. I feel sorry for you. The Ukraine is under the boot of the Ukrainian mafia, oligarchs and Nazis, and it is a vassal state of Nato. So much shame so little morality.

888mladen .

There is a strong tie between Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. Remember Mariupol and why it didn’t fall under control of Donbas and Lugansk militia when the battalion Vostok was at its doorsteps under Batman’s command who was later on assassinated.


I know he can fail everyone can but I trust he fails once in 100 tasks while most people fail 25 % of stuff that is really hard to do. BTW what does the marriage have to do with his patriotism for Russia and the slavic people? He is “married to Russia” xD no time for other stuff when he use his life to make Russia great again (for real not in words like Trump).

As for Gods why should Slavic people wish middle-eastern religions? We are descendants of the indoeuropeans in a straight line. Our ancestors had their own beliefs. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proto-Indo-European_religion and later it developed into “Wodan, Perun, Swiatowid etc.” and that kind of stuff. So for tradition we got Slavic “rodzimowiara – Родноверие”. As for real beliefs I am scientific about it so I say its 50 % chance there is a creator and 50 % chance there is nothing because no one can prove otherwise. BTW if there is a creator then actually NO ONE on Earth knows anything about him and what the Creator is for real. Just made up beliefs.

888mladen .

If all men fail in 25% of cases on average and he does only once out of hundred then according to you he must be an ubermensch right.


One of the best Slavic people ever had that is true. BTW Nietzche was right in much of what he said. People who follow the flock are just “sheeple” great minds don`t follow the flock blindly and they do what is right to do and not what the flock expect them to do.

BTW not all men but MOST of them fail 25 % hard cases on average. Some fail almost everything and some are more like Putin and fail very rarely.

888mladen .

“BTW Nietzche was right in much of what he said.” What would Goebbels say to this? You are in the good company mate. Those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it. I understand you, humans are created to worship however you made a wrong choice in the matter. Is there any difference between those who adore pope for they believe he is infallible and those who prostrate in worship before their political demigods?


Goebbels was on the german side not the Slavic one. And BTW he wasn`t even a german LOL. BTW we don`t worship but support our great leader of the Slavic people. Worshipping is what religious people do to imaginary Gods created by people who wanted their worship for something that is not true.

888mladen .

We are talking about ideology and not about sides. Who is on which side it doesn’t mater as long as they share the same ideology. However sharing the same ideology doesn’t mean the absence of rivalry. Just think about predators in nature. Thinking that 100 billion brain cells of an average human being came into existence by chance is more than fantasy. Whether Hi exists or not is a different question from my personal preference about it. Obviously you would prefer Him not to exist maybe because a thought about such a possibility causes you a mental exhausture. Infinity doesn’t exist only in calculus, it is also obvious that you do not understand for whatever reason a religion as a concept, And by the way what do you know about Putin beside what you have read or watched in media? Do you have any first hand knowledge about him? Yes I do approve of his stance on sovereignty of nations and their right on self determination as well as his peace initiative however i know myself too well to trust him the way you do.


Well ideology of strenght is good but I hate national socialists just like I hate every kind of socialist. The real survival of the fittest is pure capitalism with no government to support big corporations or support breeding by the weaker individuals etc. itd. As for God or a creator then its like I said 50 % chance that he exist.

BUT if he exist there is 100 % chance that religious people don`t have any idea at all who he is. SO they worship imaginary beings made up by the fantasy of their religious leaders. While they have no idea about the real God/Creator.


xeloss I should have said the other side are perhaps insane enough to go in believing everything is ok now so yes i agree completely with you


May be a subtle way of repositioning assets. His aircraft are vulnerable to a much larger force where they are located. Back on the Russian side of the border they can be combined with other assets like multi layered air defence.


I dont know if turkey is playing with a full deck of cards anyway , taking down that jet in the first place was to my mind insane , seems as if they could try one last act of madness ,the mask has slipped and the whole world knows it, so in for a penny in for a pound

Mahmoud Larfi

There’s nothing left to bomb in Syria that SAAF can’t handle by itself… So there is no point in keeping su-24 and su-34. Some su-25 and mi-24 helicopters will be kept however to provide close air support when required. S-400, Pantsir and Krasukha systems aren’t concerned by the withdrawal, fighter jets will likely remain operational as well in Hmeimim to protect those assets. Last but not least, let’s not forget that Russians are intending to increase their naval presence in Mediterranean and have announced they will send their aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov by summer to Tartous naval base.


putin is so patient it drives me nuts at times, but he always has a long term plan. trust him, it will work out. besides, it may be more symbolic than anything. showing that russia can do the opposite of americas colonialism, while simply replacing jet-delivered airstrikes with cruise missiles from ships, and keeping a minimal base there to retain a reason to not remove the s-400s- its all pretty wily. it is probable russia has fixed up all the syrian aircraft by now as well as resupplying them with all the stuff they need anyway.

Ken Sendo

this a bit vague not clear whether it means ground support or the air force. can also be a strategic move to see whether Turkey oversteps the matter making it morally easier for them to retaliate, and this time include direct hits on Turkey, too.

Brenda Malcolm-Soloman

Turkey will over reach. Erdogan is arrogant.


to see someone stand up and speak the truth at the U N and say ” do you actually know what you have done” and then take a stand against them, has raised all our hopes that it will end,that there are people who have the courage and the ability to say NO we will not stand by while you kill rob and ” twist the arms” of nations who dare to follow their own way , there has to be a balance of power in this crazy world , we have just seen it in action .

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