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Putin On Strategic Balance, Military Spending And Deterrence

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Putin On Strategic Balance, Military Spending And Deterrence

Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle launch platform. Click to see full-size image

Starting from February 26th, Russian state outlet TASS began publishing an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin titled “20 questions.”

The outlet releases videos each showcasing one question per day.

Putin has spoke about the aims of the new government, Ukraine, state projects and so on.

On March 2nd, the question and answer were regarding the budget of the Russian army, as well as the new arms race.

Notably, when asked who Russia planned to go to war with, since that’s presumably the reason to modernize the tanks and other equipment in the Russian army, Putin said the following:

“We are not going to war with anyone. We are going to create conditions so that no one thinks to fight with us …”

To which the interviewer said: “There is a concept of reasonable sufficiency!”

“Of course, there is a concept. This is precisely what we adhere to. Today, we are in seventh place in terms of costs. The US overtook us, [US President] Donald [Trump] told me, they have a crazy budget for the next year, 738, in my opinion, billions. So …”

And according to Putin, Trump didn’t brag about the number, he rather said it with regret. He said that the US president, in his own words is a supporter of disarmament, but he was “forced” to introduce such big expenses in the budget.

Then Putin spoke about arms control treaties, and specifically about the New START and that it should be extended.

“I think this [the contract falling apart] is actually a mistake.

START III Treaty must be extended. But this is a separate issue.

So, the United States is in first place in spending, China is in second place, in the third, oddly enough, Saudi Arabia, then Great Britain, then France, then Japan, Japan overtook us, then it’s us, in seventh place.

Moreover, our expenses are reduced from year to year. And the costs of other countries are growing. We are not going to fight with anyone, but we are creating such a situation in the field of defense that it would not occur to anyone to fight with us.

And now we have a unique situation now, I have recently said in the Ministry of Defense, this was not the case in the newest modern history of Russia, we have always caught up with our, well, conditionally, competitors in strategic weapons. At first, the Americans made the atomic bomb, we later caught up, the delivery vehicles in the form of strategic aviation were made by the Americans, we had to catch up.

They were the first to make missiles, we had to catch up. This is the first time we have created such systems of offensive weapons, that have no alternative in the world.

Now they are catching up with us. This is a generally unique situation; this has never happened before.

First of all, I mean, of course, hypersonic strike complexes, including intercontinental range.

In 2000, our army had a million and more than three hundred thousand people, now a million or more. The share of modernization in the armed forces was increasing by less than 1%, there were only 6% of modern technology. And now, you know, how much? Almost 70%.”

Then the interviewer made a rather fair point:

“Simply, as Comrade [Anton] Chekhov [Russian playwright and short-story writer] taught, if a hypersonic shotgun hangs on a wall, in the third act or in the second it should shoot.”

To which Putin responded that it mustn’t be like that:

“Eh, for the theater this is probably right.

For real life in the field of security, in the field of politics, a slightly different rule applies.

Do you know which one?

If that “shotgun” fires, it will be in the first act.

And if the same gun hangs on the wall the next stage, it is unlikely that the one who hangs it will allow it to be used again.

This is a situation called strategic stability and a balance of power.

Thanks to this strategic balance, the world restrained from major military conflicts after World War II.

It is thanks to this strategic stability and strategic balance.

By the way, by creating a missile defense system, the Americans wanted to upset this strategic stability and strategic balance, believing that if they create an anti-missile umbrella over themselves, then the other side will not be able to respond accordingly if they use nuclear weapons.

But by creating these modern complexes, including complexes that easily overcome any missile defense system, we maintain this strategic stability and strategic balance. It is fundamentally important not only for us, but also for international security.”


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Lone Ranger

Si vis pacem parabellum…
Russia is ahead in rocket and missile tech by at least 20 years, plus they have a few other toys as well;)
CIA trolls and hasbararts will cry and rage ;)

Zionism = EVIL

On a soldier to soldier basis Russians are far superior than the Americunt druggie lardass loser cowards.

comment image

Lone Ranger

90% of U.S. soldiers are either trailer park residents or cartel/gang members.

Zionism = EVIL

comment image

Lone Ranger

It’s a shame :(
No country should treat their vets like that.

Zionism = EVIL

It is horrible mean place with no human values, uses people like condoms.

Lone Ranger

Like batteries, they drain them and throw them away.
But they have hundreds of $billions to terrorize other countries, meanwhile uncle Bob can’t buy his daily insulin ration, and soldiers suffering from PTSD live on the streets.
Did you know that more U.S. vets are comitting suicide each day than during the Vietnam war
It’s true.




This guy looks in a perfect health condition. He could easily work at McDonald’s. Despite the fact that the salary is small it’s still better than being a beggar. Unless he makes far more money begging, which is disgusting/horrible.

gehstur nope

Question number two should be;
Did the agreement to allow Turkey to breach Syrian airspace come with a vodka and a free blowjob.

Albert Pike

Well anyhow, Putin doesn’t have just to worry about Syria. He has Europe and the Bering sea too. If he comes into a confrontation with Nato in Turkey, then he has the same in all the other places – it makes no sense just to win Syria and to lose in Europe or anywhere else. If there is gone be war with Nato, then there will be war globally, and then he has to win globally. That’s not an easy stretch…


China is the target but that too will fail,erm freemason facist white race floggeds in london responsable for corona virus mainly for china,will not get their stinking war,they will be hit before they fekn well knoweth,dirty evil facist sic fktards they are,fk your hato too ignorant flogged!
Strategic balance makes sense but not for the facists dirty dozens in shthole london!

Albert Pike

Your own Mao Zedong was educated at Yale china. Anna Louise Strong was envolved not just with him. ‘She became friends with Soong Ching-ling and Zhou Enlai.’ She was the aunt of the grandmaster of the ‘hermetic order of the golden dawn’ Maurice Strong, who got asylum in China, when he stole from the Oil-for-food-program. So your leaders are in it since a long, long time. In fact there has never been a communist government anywhere, which wasn’t completely freemason controlled. Communism itself is part of the frankist/freemason religion of Satanism. So please don’t write anything about an English shithole – China has to clean up at home first.

Do you realy think anybody could have pulled the corona virus thing without help inside China?


but it’s just the disunited states of A that is itching for a war with resource rich Russia – european countries are better acquainted with Russia and know they can do business without threats and bullying a la washington dc style – so europe ain’t going to war against Russia. and the disunited states would just be next in the line of failed invaders.


Save it for the kweer bar free mason nazi flogged!

Zionism = EVIL

Russia can literally change the military and strategic balance in one fine day by arming Iran.


They could break the world economy just jokingly announcing 500 new cases of Corona virus each

Zionism = EVIL

Iran is a large country with historically good relations with Russia generally, and now both face the same enemies and threats. Iran and Russia are educated and resource rich nations with strong nationalism and combined population of over 230 million or that of the USSR roughly. So if add other Russian allies like Belarus, Armenia etc, we are talking 300 million people. So arming a battle tested military like Iran is far better than the defunct Warsaw Pact traitors.

peter mcloughlin

In a world doom-laden with omens foretelling nuclear Armageddon the balance is protecting legitimate interests without destroying them.

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