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JUNE 2021

Putin Is Inaugurated As Russian President For Fourth Time

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Putin Is Inaugurated As Russian President For Fourth Time

IMAGE SOURCE: Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin

On May 7, Vladimir Putin was inaugurated as President of the Russian Federation for the fourth time.

Putin got a record high number of votes in the March 2018 election, the fourth one in his political career – 76.7% and secured a new presidential term for himself that will last six years.

The ceremony began at 12 am in the Grand Kremlin Palace that overlooks the southern wall of the Kremlin and the Moskva River. After Putin pronounced the oath in the St Andrew’s Hall, he made a speech pointing out the trajectories of the domestic and foreign policy.

“Russia will continue to build up its strength while its people will live better. This support is also essential for asserting our positions on the international stage and for taking resolute action for promoting far-reaching, positive change within the country”, Putin stressed.

According to President, modern important events of history demand “historical decisions that will determine the fate of motherland for forward decades”.

Putin also emphasized the necessity of the contemporaneity of outlook to develop Russia:

“We should keep pace with the global changes and organize our breakthrough development agenda so that no obstacles or circumstances could prevent us from determining our future on our own and only on our own and from implementing our boldest plans and dreams.”

President underlined the strength of the country at the international scene:

“Russia is a strong, active and influential participant in world affairs. Its security and defenses are well guaranteed. We will continue to pay the required, unflagging attention to these matters.”

Concluding the speech, President pointed his aim to glorify Russia and realize the expectations of Russian people:

“I believe my duty and the meaning of my entire life is doing everything for the sake of Russia, for its peaceful and prosperous present and future, for the sake of preserving and continuing our great people, for the sake of well-being in every Russian family.”

As for the Chairman of the government, President put in nomination Dmirty Medvedev to obtain the approval from State Duma. Medvedev has been Russian Prime Minister since 2012. In 2008 – 2012 he held a post of Russian President.

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Congratulations Mr Putin! Congratulations Russia!


Congratulations indeed and good fortune for his tenure.

Amoa Esther

Congrats to Russia.. hopefully this was shown on facebook as fake news to the world. in that case you can download facebook videos from here http://fb-video-downloader.net/

Joe Dirt

How to win an election in Russia: Forbid anyone from running against you, rig the ballot boxes, and jail/kill the opposition! Oppression at its finest

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Especially Alex “Mr. 1%)Nevalny aka CIA agent convicted of fraud and have the other Communist dotards Fascist criminals in all but name only, on the West’s payroll. Yep easy to see how he wins!


Do you know Amoa Esther..?
She seems to pop up when you post…with a link…

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Probably one of my fans !


You must have a lot of Fans! Just like me hehehe…

paul ( original )

President Putin’s speech centred of his intentions of improving the lives of
the Russian people. This was also the topic of half his speech on
March 1st . However, nowhere in these speeches did
President Putin mention that there are nations in the West absolutely
determined to thwart these plans and subvert them at ever turn. They
don’t do this by military means but by economic throttling of
Russian. They are doing this now. The thing is Russia does not just
face the ‘usual’ economic problems but the active obstruction of
Western powers.


Congratulations Mr. President Putin! The video shows that obviously the inauguration happened at 12 p.m. and not 12 a.m. as stated.

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