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Putin: In Event Of Nuclear War Agressor “Will Be Destroyed”, Russians “Will Go To Heaven As Martyrs”

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Putin: In Event Of Nuclear War Agressor "Will Be Destroyed", Russians "Will Go To Heaven As Martyrs"

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If any state decides to attack Russia with nuclear weapons, it may end life on Earth. However, the agressor will be destroyed. But unlike the aggressors, the Russians are sure to go to heaven, President Vladimir Putin said during a session of the Valdai Club in Sochi on October 18.

“Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of his aggression, we will be going to heaven as martyrs. They will simply drop dead, won’t even have time to repent,” Putin said.

Putin also noted that Russia has “no concept of a preemptive strike”.

“In such a situation, we expect to be struck by nuclear weapons, but we will not use them” first, he said.

The Russian military doctrine allows for the use of nuclear weapons in a conventional conflict, but only if Russia’s existence is at stake. This gives the Russian military an option to use nuclear weapons in the case of a large-scale invasion.

In 2017, Putin officially unveiled a group of new “invincible” weapons that would render US missile defence systems obsolete.

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[An interesting take on the origins of antisemitism written by a
Jewish-American immigrant named Marcus Eli Ravage. Published in 1928 in
Century Magazine, this article explains that Christianity is basically
Judaism 2.0 and that the Christianization of Europe essentially amounted
to an erasure and replacement of the European people’s native pagan
cultures with the national religion of Israel.

It is an interesting read– draw your own conclusions.

Rabbi Ravage did a follow-up essay called “A Commissary to the Gentiles”
which can be listened to here:

“Commissary to the Gentiles” by Marcus Eli Ravage]

https://youtu.be/TasrBjwzdtE https://youtu.be/EJVusjAdzI0

Tommy Jensen

Muhammed was a killer, a warlord? I need a muslim to explain or confirm this to me.




And yet who controls America?

comment image


Approximately 359 out of an innumerable total of jewish expulsions throughout the ages (2,700 years at least and longer if the jews were really expelled from Egypt, rather than having escaped as claimed by the Qur’an, the Bible and the Torah):

733 B.C. – Samaria (Israel/Judah) – Jews Expelled by Tiglath-Pileser III

722 B.C. – Samaria (Israel/Judah) – Jews Expelled and captured by Sargon II

597 B.C. – Babylonia/Judah – Jews Expelled by Nebuchadnezzar II for refusing to pay tribute

356 B.C. – Persia – Jews Expulsion/Killing plot by Haman

139 B.C. – Rome – Jews Expelled by Gnaeus Cornelius Hispanus for being
deceitful, lying, attempting to corrupt Romans into religious cults and
cheating people out of money.

115 B.C. – Cyrenaica, Cyprus – Jews Expelled/Killed

63 B.C. – Pompey – Jews Expelled

3 B.C. – Egypt – Jews Expelled

19 – Rome – Jews Expelled by Emperor Tiberius for corruption and aggressive missionary tactics,

41-54 -Rome – Jews Expelled by Emperor Claudius

70 – Jerusalem – Jews Expelled

115-117 -Alexandria – Jews Expelled/Killed by Emperor Trajan

117 – Egypt – Jews Expelled

117 – Cyprus – Jews Expelled

132 – Syria Palaestina – Jews Expelled by Hadrian

250 – Carthage, North Africa – Jews Expelled

325 – Jerusalem – Jews Expelled

415 – Alexandria – Jews Expelled by Saint Cyril of Alexandria

418 – Minorca – Jews Expelled or asked to convert

468 – Babylonia/Judah – Jews Expelled

470 – Babylonia/Judah – Jews Expelled (Again)

554 – Diocese of Clement (France) – Jews Expelled

561 – Diocese of Uzes (France) – Jews Expelled

610 – Cyprus – Jews Expelled

612 – Visgoth, Spain – Jews Expelled by King Sisebut

624 – Medina – Jews Expelled/Killed overseen by Mohammed

629 – Jerusalem – Jews Expelled by Emperor Heraclius I

629 – Austrasia/Francia – Jews Expelled by King Dagobert I

640 – Arabia – Jews Expelled

653 – Toledo – Jews Expelled

672 – Spain – Jews Expelled by King Wamba

682 – Visgothic Empire – Jews Expelled by King Erwig

820 – Lyon, Carolingian Empire – Jews Expelled/killed by Saint Agrobard

845/875 – Canton, China – Jews Expelled/Killed

855/875 – Italy – Jews Expelled by Emperor Ludwig II

876 – Sens – Jews Expelled

985 – Sparta (Greece) – Jews Expelled

1012 – Mainz, Germany – Jews Expelled by Emperor Henry II

1013 – Córdoba – Jews Expelled

1016 – Kairouan, Tunisia – Jews Expelled or asked to convert

1026 – Limoges and other French towns – Jews Expelled by the Bishop

1099 – Jerusalem – Jews Expelled/Killed

1107 – Morocco – Jews Expelled or asked to convert

1113 – Russia – Jews Expelled by Prince Vladimir Monomakh

1171 – Bologna, Italy – Jews Expelled

1181 – Paris – Jews Expelled by Philip Augustus

1182 – Germany – Jews Expelled

1190 – Abbey of St. Edmunds, England – Jews Expelled by William the Scaristan

1223 – Normandy – Jews Expelled by King Louis VIII

1231 – Leicester, England – Jews Expelled

1234 – Newcastle, England – Jews Expelled

1236 – Southhampton, England – Jews Expelled

1240 – Brittany – Jews Expelled by Duke Jean le Roux

1242 – Berkhamstead, England – Jews Expelled

1253 – Vienne, France – Jews Expelled by the Archbishop

1254 – France – Jews Expelled by King Louis IX

1261 – Brabant, Netherlands – Jews Expelled by Duke Henry II in his will

1263 – Derby, England – Jews Expelled

1267 – Synod (Wroclaw, Poland) – Jews Expelled to segregated quarter

1276 – Upper Baveria – Jews Expelled

1287 – Towns in England – Jews Expelled for coin clipping

1287-1288 – Gascony, France – Jews Expelled by King Edward I

1289 – Anjou and Maine – Jews Expelled by King Charles of Anjou

1290 – England – Jews Expelled by King Edward I

1291 – Niort – Jews Expelled

1294 – Nevers – Jews Expelled

1306 – France – Jews Expelled by King Philip IV

1321 – Town in France – Jews Expelled by King Philip V for the ritual murder of a child

1321 – France – Jews Expelled by King Charles IV

1326 – Pressburg – Jews Expelled at the city council’s request

1348 – Switzerland – Jews Expelled

1348 – Towns in Spain, France, Germany and Austria – Jews Expelled

1349 – Basel, Switzerland – Jews Expelled/Killed

1349 – Hielbronn (Germany) – Jews Expelled

1349 – Saxony – Jews Expelled

1349 – Mainz, Germany – Jews Expelled/Killed

1349 – Hungary – Jews Expelled

1360 – Hungary – Jews Expelled (again)

1370 – Brussels, Belgium – Jews Expelled

1380 – Slovakia – Jews Expelled

1386 – Strasbourg, Germany – Jews Expelled by Wenceslaus

1394 – Germany – Jews Expelled

1394 – France – Jews Expelled by King Charles VI

1420 – Lyons – Jews Expelled

1420 – Austria – Jews Expelled King Albrecht V

1422 – Austria – Jews Expelled (again)

1424 – Fribourg – Jews Expelled

1424 – Zurich – Jews Expelled

1424 – Cologne – Jews Expelled

1432 – Savoy – Jews Expelled

1435 – Speyer, Germany – Jews Expelled

1438 – Mainz – Jews Expelled

1439 – Augsburg – Jews Expelled

1442 – Netherlands – Jews Expelled

1444 – Netherlands – Jews Expelled (again)

1446 – Bavaria – Jews Expelled

1450 – Lower Bavaria – Jews Expelled

1453 – Vicenza, Italy – Jews Expelled unsuccessfully

1453 – France – Jews Expelled

1453 – Breslau – Jews Expelled

1454 – Wurzburg – Jews Expelled

1458 – Erfury, Germany – Jews Expelled

1462 – Mainz – Jews Expelled

1465 – Fes, Morocco – Jews Expelled

1466 – Sicily – Jews Expelled by Queen Isabella I

1468 – Egypt – Jews Expelled by Sultan Qa’it Bay

1474 – Mainz – Jews Expelled

1475 – Italy – Jews Expelled for 300 years for the ritual murder of a child

1483 – Andalusia, Seville and Cordova – Jews Expelled by King Ferdinand II of Aragon

1483 – Mainz – Jews Expelled

1484 – Warsaw – Jews Expelled

1486 – Vincenza (Italy) – Jews Expelled

1492 – Spain & Spain’s Colonies – Jews Expelled by King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I

1492 – Italy – Jews Expelled

1492 – Mecklenburg, Germany – Jews Expelled for host desecration

1493 – Sicily – Jews Expelled

1495 – Florence, Italy – Jews Expelled by Girolamo Savonarola

1495 – Lithuania – Jews Expelled by Grand Duke Alexander

1496 – Naples – Jews Expelled

1496 – Portugal – Jews Expelled by King Manuel I

1496 – Styria, Austria – Jews Expelled by Emperor Maximilian I

1497 – Graz, Austria – Jews Expelled by Emperor Maximilian I

1498 – Nuremberg – Jews Expelled

1498 – Provence, France – Jews Expelled

1498 – Navarre – Jews Expelled

1504 – Moscow – Jews Expelled

1506 – Lisbon, Portugal – Jews Expelled/Killed

1510 – Brandenburg – Jews Expelled for host desecration and theft of church vessels

1510 – Naples – Jews Expelled for a third time by King Ferdinand II of Aragon

1510 – Prussia – Jews Expelled

1510 – Calabria, Italy – Jews Expelled

1512 – Regensburg, Germany – Jews Expelled

1514 – Strasbourg – Jews Expelled

1515 – Laibach, Austria – Jews Expelled for a third time by Emperor Maximilian I

1515 – Genoa – Jews Expelled

1519 – Regensburg, Germany – Jews Expelled upon the death of Emperor Maximilian I

1524 – Calabria – Jews Expelled

1526 – Hungary and Croatia – Jews Expelled by Emperor Ferdinand I for aiding the Turks

1527 – Florence – Jews Expelled

1533 – Naples – Jews Expelled

1537 – Saxony – Jews Expelled

1541 – Napels – Jews Expelled

1540 – Prague – Jews Expelled

1541 – Bohemia – Jews Expelled by Emperor Ferdinand I for aiding the Turks

1542 – Prague & Bohemia – Jews Expelled

1542 – Piotrkow, Poland – Jews Expelled

1547 – Poland – Jews Expelled/Killed for kidnapping and crucifying a child

1550 – Genoa, Italy – Jews Expelled

1551 – Bavaria – Jews Expelled

1555 – Pesaro – Jews Expelled

1557 – Prague – Jews Expelled

1558 – Recanati, Italy – Jews Expelled

1559 – Bohemia – Jews Expelled for a third time by Emperor Ferdinand I

1559 – Austria – Jews Expelled

1561 – Prague – Jews Expelled

1565 – Prague – Jews Expelled (again)

1566 – Papal States – Jews Expelled

1567 – Wurzburg – Jews Expelled

1569 – Papal States – Jews Expelled by Pope Pius V

1571 – Brandenburg – Jews Expelled

1573 – Germany – Jews Expelled

1575 – Palatinate, Germany – Jews Expelled

1582 – Netherlands – Jews Expelled

1582 – Hungary – Jews Expelled

1590 – Lombardy – Jews Expelled by King Philip II of Spain

1593 – Brandenburg, Austria – Jews Expelled

1593 – Italy – Jews Expelled

1593 – Bavaria – Jews Expelled

1597 – Cremona, Pavia & Lodi – Jews Expelled

1597 – Milan – Jews Expelled

1609 – London, England – Jews Expelled

1614 – Frankfort – Jews Expelled

1615 – France – Jews Expelled by King Louis XIII of France

1615 – Worms – Jews Expelled

1618-1638 – Towns in Germany and Moravia – Jews Expelled during the Thirty Years War

1619 – Kiev – Jews Expelled by Christians

1648 – Ukraine – Jews Expelled

1648 – Poland – Jews Expelled

1649 – Hamburg – Jews Expelled

1654 – New Amsterdam – Jews Expelled by Peter Stuyvesant

1654 – Little Russia (Beylorus) – Jews Expelled

1656 – Persia – Jews Expelled by Sultan Shah Abbas II

1656 – Lithuania – Jews Expelled

1669 – Oran, North Africa – Jews Expelled

1670 – Vienna, Austria – Jews Expelled by Emperor Leopold I

1678 – Yemen – Jews Expelled by Sultan Mehmed IV

1683 – French colonies in North America – Jews Expelled by King Louis XIV

1683 – Moravia – Jews Expelled by Hungarians

1712 – Sandomierz – Jews Expelled

1712 – Poland – Jews Expelled by King Augustus II for ritual murder

1717 – Gibraltar, British Territory – Jews Expelled

1727 – Russia – Jews Expelled by Catherine I of Russia

1738 – Wurtemburg – Jews Expelled

1740 – Little Russia (Beylorus) – Jews Expelled

1742 – Parts of Russia – Jews Expelled by Empress Elizabeth of Russia

1744 – Breslau – Jews Expelled by Fredrik II The Great

1744 – Hungary – Jews Expelled by Queen Maria Theresa

1745 – Prague, Bohemia – Jews Expelled by Archduchess of Austria Maria Theresa

1744 – Slovakia – Jews Expelled

1744 – Livonia – Jews Expelled

1745 – Moravia – Jews Expelled

1746 – Sicily/Naples – Jews Expelled by King Charles III

1753 – Kovad (Lithuania) – Jews Expelled

1761 – Lubeck, Germany – Jews Expelled

1761 – Bordeaux – Jews Expelled

1775 – Warsaw, Poland – Jews Expelled by the locals

1783 – Morocco – Jews Expelled by Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Khatib, the third time within a number of years

1786 – Jedda, Arabia – Jews Expelled by Sultan Abdülhamid I

1789 – Alsace, France – Jews Expelled by townspeople

1790 – Warsaw, Poland – Jews Expelled by the locals again

1791 – Saint-Domingue, Hispaniola – Jews Expelled

1791 – Deported to the Pale of Settlement (Poland/Russia) – Jews Expelled by Catherine II of Russia

1804 – Villages in Russia – Jews Expelled

1808 – Villages & Countrysides (Russia) – Jews Expelled

1815 – Lbeck & Bremen – Jews Expelled

1815 – Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria – Jews Expelled

1820 – Bremen – Jews Expelled

1825 – Mohilev and Vitebsk, Poland – Jews Expelled by Emperor Alexander I

1830-1831 – Poland – Jews Expelled by General Ghlopicki

1831 – Danubian Provinces of Moldova and Wallchia, Poland – Jews who could not prove their usefulness Expelled

1843 – Russian Border, Austria & Prussia – Jews Expelled

1850 – Romania – Jews Expelled by Interior Minster Ion Bratianu

1862 – Areas in the United States under General Grant’s Jurisdiction – Jews Expelled

1866 – Galatz, Romania – Jews Expelled

1881-1884 – Russia – Jews Expelled

1891 – Moscow – Jews Expelled by Governor Grand Duke Sergei

1910 – Kiev – Jews Expelled

1915 – Western Russia – Jews Expelled

1919 – Bavaria – Jews Expelled (foreign-born Jews)

1921 – Austria – Jews Expelled

1921 – Mongolia – Jews Expelled/Deported

1934 – Towns in Afghanistan – Jews Expelled

1938-1945 – German National Socialist controlled areas – Jews Expelled

1947 – Yemen – Jews Expelled/Killed

1948 – Morocco – Jews Expelled

1948 – Iraq – Jews expelled by Prime Minister Nuri as-Said

1948 – West Bank and Jerusalem – Jews Expelled

1956 – Egypt – Jews Expelled

1972 – Uganda – Jews Expelled by President Idi Amin

2014 – San Juan la Laguana, Guatemala – Orthodox Jews expelled following clashes with Mayan aboriginals for unknown reasons


If a man were accused of a serious crime, tried, and found guilty by a jury of his peers, we would find but little cause to put faith in a claim by him of persecution. However, if himself or his lawyer were to insist that the reason for his charge of misconduct was only because he believed differently than others, then we might grant him a second trial to assure ourselves he had not been the victim of injustice; believing with confidence that the people would not for a second time find an innocent party guilty of a crime that he did not commit.

If at the conclusion of the second trial by another jury of peers, the man is found guilty of an offence against the people, we have no reason to listen to or place belief in persistent cries of unfair persecution. What does this have to do with the Jew? Quite simple; since the year 733 B.C., the Jews have by their own records and count, been expelled from AT LEAST eighty-seven (87) countries, nations or political entities. Let’s see now: eighty-seven countries, eighty-seven people’s courts, eighty-seven guilty verdicts, and eighty-seven cries of persecution.

The first time, maybe; the second time, doubtful. But to have been found worthy of expulsion by the people of 87 different countries for crimes against the people of those countries? Such a claim stretches the limits of human credulity beyond its most liberal bounds of endurance.

When one comes to the realization of the fact that these different peoples in most cases did not know of each other, or for that matter had never even heard of the other’s existence; and yet determined independently over a span of 2,700 years that the Jews were committing such serious crimes that warranted the native population to uproot them and drive them out of their kingdom, empire, or even a independent municipality or nation state. The fact that this had occurred many times with the loss of life and great destruction of property; it is then and only then that one can truly appreciate the gravity of the Jewish Question.

Lazy Gamer

Forced population migration were normal in ancient times, it was not exclusive to the jews. After AD, most of those would be due to Christian teachings and rebellion. But do I think that there were instances of money malpractices that angered the locals, yes. It also didnt help that they secluded/isolated themselves. Tribalism was still dominant back then and even now.

Tommy Jensen

All right, but who invited them into their country when they were expelled??
The interesting thing is that the next country´s elite invited them in and exploited and expelled them again.


Every country they ever resided in let them in to begin with by convincing the rulers to let them back in after they were expelled the last time for exploiting the native populace through usury and various other subversive activities, the most gruesome of which is the blood libel.

This is all highly documented and to doubt it would logically warrant people to doubt everything else they were ever taught about history; although it is useful to reinvestigate such matters, it should usually be conducted from a perspective surrounding critical thinking.

Psychopaths in general, especially powerful ones with plots that play out over the course of several decades and centuries, tend to twist reality to invent their own narrative in order to lie about and smear the targeted victim, best yet is if they can convince the victim of their lies.

It is like directing a Hollywood film, they use everyone they can get based on lies and bribery to tag up on and triangulate the victim. It’s textbook psychopathy; people who aren’t psychopaths, if not taught about psychopathy, have a very difficult time understanding these things before it’s too late.


They buy their way in, in the same way they bought Judas.


The problem even when they expelled them some of the bad seed always been left behind to regroup and inter grade. When you have a virus you dont let it live and you dont send it to infect others, you kill it and you are done with it.


“Any people who have been persecuted for 2,000 years must be doing something wrong.” (Henry Kissinger)

Tommy Jensen

Usury! Its really down the that.


DNA testing confirms the identity of Jack the Ripper, he was Aaron
Kosminski, a Polish-Jewish man who immigrated to the UK following the
expulsion of Jews from Russian occupied Poland.





Please excuse the title of the following video which reveals the hypocrisy of jews when they preach liberalism to Gentiles, while failing to consistently live by the ethnics that they preach.

The Culture of Critique (the origins of contemporary Liberalism): https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=culture+of+critique



Daniel Castro

You forgot one.

In 1649 the jew infested dutch colony of Brazil was expelled by an alliance of native tribes, blacks, and portuguese.

Bear in mind this happened against the will of the protuguese crown which already had made an agreement with the dutch, the matter was settled. The brazilian people literally defied the crown to expel the jews.



The people which mention in the Torah,bible and the Quran are not those European Jews who are son of a converted tribes.


Most certainly true, while Ethiopian jews and some other ethnic groups are also the daughters and sons of those who converted to Judaism. Also, the Zohar and the Kabbalah introduced aspects of Hinduism and some of the more ancient Babylonian religious rituals to Judaism, such as the sex magic rituals.




Also, Ashkenazi jews are of mixed ethnic and racial origin, and have proven to be the greatest adversary of Europeans since the time of the Roman Empire, which is why the Byzantine empire (the eastern Roman empire) and various other places throughout history placed restrictions on jews.

Don Machiavelli

I feel sorry for Americans, good people for most part but indoctrinated greatly.

John Whitehot

you have my guarantee that the US will not be the only country on which nukes would fall.

Promitheas Apollonious

The only ones who are desperate and want a nuclear war are the Uk/Us. None other want it so if ever happens a nuclear war one of the two countries must initiate it. The chances of doing so it is zero beside of course jerking at the mouth and selling to their populations scary stories so they keep their attention, away from what is happening to them and scared shitless.

John Whitehot

i agree, western public opinion are formed on fear only.

if we weren’t hypocrites, and i’m not, we should call it terrorism.

terrorism is defined as the usage of terror and fear to shape personal opinions. Violence is not a necessary condition to it – fear is.

Icarus Tanović

Bulls EYES!

Zo Fu

I’m not impressed by Putin’s speech. What every ordinary man wants regardless if it is an American, Russian or whatever ? To be a martyr in heaven or just live his ordinary live, in his little house, with his wife, children and grandchildren in peace ? Why the WW3 scenario is so real ?
Isn’t it fault of Gorbatschev, who was promised that NATO will never include former Eastern block? Who was the idiot, ordinary people who never trusted NATO or Gorbatschev?
And the Yeltsin, the “celebrity” of the West. He allowed Jew oligarchs to destroy Russia to the similar shape like Ukraine looks today. For what reason? Was he stupid, lazy, incompetent or he sold his own nation for 30 silver coins? Or both? Was the collapse of Russian industry in Yeltsin’s era fault of ordinary men working for the living with their hands or fault of liberal economy “elites” who managed to destroy the most richest country in the world in terms of resources per inhabitant?
And now Putin. Well, he had tough position after Yeltsin, that’s true. He was perfect crisis manager and he was behind economic miracle, repaying debt, start industry, decrease corruption. Well done president Putin.
But what about catasthrophic “deals” with West Mr. Putin?
How many of them were NOT BREACHED by your “partners”?
Wouldn’t it be more effective just not MAKE ANY DEALS with West and simply punish them for every deviation from the not written code of civilized behavior ?
Why Russia reacts every time when it is too late ?
Just to make MARTYRS from their own citizens ?
Isn’t it your personal failure, that NATO is preparing for nuclear war, because it has not any respect to Russian Army, which is just talking, talking, talking, making deals that are violated the second day and don’t fight back, Mr. Putin ?


In a few years Russia will not have to worry about US preemptive strike being an effective blow, the deployment of the S500 and Nudol anti ballistic missile defense system should greatly minimize the effects of the first strike, by intercepting missiles in early and mid stage deployment, while S400 should clean up the MIRV warheads in their terminal stages.

paul ( original )

So may be the attack will come all the sooner.

Tudor Miron

Destruction (in retaliation) of aggressor is already guaranteed.


MAD is still in effect.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes it will come in couple of hundred years so stop worrying, you will not live long enough to see it. Enjoy life and live it because it is not a rehearsal.


There’s an optimist.


God knows how to protect his people. There is no doubt that all Saudis, Israelis, US and England politicians will vanish soon because God wants to save his people.

paul ( original )

I can not speak for God but I certainly want them all to vanish. Especially EU and UK politicians. Sadly I think it is they who will make me vanish – one way or another.


not if you make them vanish first.

paul ( original )

I take your point. Please don’t think I am not aware of my own impotence. It is hard not to realize that the world belongs to the powerful. I am not powerful. All I could ever be is a anonymous casualty.


Sure, alone you are powerless to change The Establishment, but, don’t you think that the people of the EU are now coming to the conclusion in growing numbers that the US is an outlaw regime aimed at preserving its own global dominance even at the expense of its “allies” interests? The fringe and hard-core is growing both in EU and USA and you can jin in and participate. Hopefully, peace will be the common platform moving forward…


all humans are powerful IF they take the initiative and do what they can using their brains rather than emotion as the general population does. And I dont mean to go into suicidal acts either. Doing the little each of us can I think it is sufficient and yes none of us can change the global realities, but we can change many things according to the size and influence of each of us where we reside.

So Paul dont sell your self short and always the few is that change history.

paul ( original )

I can only see the confrontation between the USA and Russia getting worse. I think the USA is determined that it should get worse. I don’t think Russia wants this confrontation. The only possible way out is for Russia to give the USA and NATO a good beating. Putin may need his missiles very soon indeed.


The defender can never be the one to blame,those who initiate the violence and oppression is to blame.


do you actually believe that if a nuclear power and I mean any nuclear power that worth their name meaning to have global range, attack another, is going to be left any one that will care to lay blame to any one else and even less have the power to enforce that? Seriously now.


Yes the whole world will end BS is just more American BS.
Yes billions will die, but man will survive, and humans have reached plague proportions, time for a cull.
The world would be a better place.


Do you try to be so low level mental case, or you born as brainless, as you sound?

John Whitehot

hundreds of nukes exploding in the atmosphere will irreversibly compromise the delicate balance that makes life on earth possible.

apart from the victims of the nuclear blasts, all life will follow, in a matter of weeks or months.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hes right :)))

John Whitehot

this has been decontextualized and depicted in a wrong way.

the drawing with a nuclear mushroom doesn’t help either.

people should really watch the part of the interview that is referred above and decide if sf is acting correctly.

Promitheas Apollonious

no they are not and I agree with you. But then is common practice this on the net from the ones seeking donations and clicks. Kind of it is just business applies here. On the other hand it is one of the sites where even the retards can speak their peace, so a 5% error in what they put here for us to comment, should be allowed to them.

John Whitehot

sure. except that at the rate of 5% error here and there, a path is formed and one can see where it goes.

Promitheas Apollonious

true but I have learn a very long time ago never to bother with what is beyond my power to change or correct. I prefer to focus on what can be changed by me rather than wasting my time on something it is what it is. If you looking for purity and straight paths I assure you the net is the wrong place to find it.

John Whitehot

“If you looking for purity and straight paths I assure you the net is the wrong place to find it”

that’s not what i meant. i meant another thing altogether.

Promitheas Apollonious

i was joking but if you want to explain me what you mean?

John Whitehot

in time : )

Tommy Jensen

That means we Americans have a HUGE advance toward Russia and should seek a solution where we make a pre-emptive nuclear ICBM strike and destroy Russia´s response at the same time partly by destroying their firing ramps and partly by intercepting the fired ones left………………..LOL.

It will be difficult, but we can do it if we can dream it, for our freedom.

Ricky Miller

The problem with that is a high percentage of Russia’s land based ICBM force is mounted on mobile launchers. Russia has 110-120 deployed Yars missiles and all but 18 are mobile. Fifty MIRV equipped YARS could decimate North America in large proportion before Russia’s other missiles or Submarines even joined in.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes but he can dream it while he evaporates.

Empire's Frontiers

I see the TJ thing, but if people around here knew you weren’t American, and could hear you talking imitating an American accent as you go on, they might see the humor.

But your ability to convey humor with your writing is set back in such a way that reading your posts is like chewing through an over done steak.


You don’t speak for the US or most Americans.

Empire's Frontiers

Southfront grabbed this from zero hedge and forgot to put Paul Craig Robert’s name on it, that’s all.

All I know right now is that the mushroom cloud has me scared, and posting a string of words will make me feel better.



Nuclear war is an unthinkable event. Putin is correct in his assessment of the consequences. No one in positions of power amongst any nuclear armed nation thinks otherwise. That’s why these arms serve a deterrent effect. The futility of their use dissuades anyone from using them. The deterrent effect of such a response adds to the inherent deterence that inheres to the nature of these weapons. Mankind could never appreciate the futility of “conventional” armed conflict and only the horror of these weapons has allowed mankind to appreciate the futility of war.

When a nuclear armed nation’s existence is threatened by conventional means (Putin says Russia, but this applies most realistically to Israel), the calculation changes. The nuclear option must then be available to protect against national annihilation.

Ukraine is a huge issue. This is exacerbated by a long view rear view mirror look at Kiev, capital of Russ, many hundreds of years ago. Just as Russia claimed Crimea, the long view back Russian mind set claims Ukraine. This is a mistake and resolution of this thorny issue is essential to back the world away from the threat being identified by Putin.

Russia faces nibblings at all its borders. Georgia, Ukraine, Belo-Russ. Despite the present detente between Russia and China, the most real threat to Russia always will come from China, a massive force just south of Russia eastern domain.

The U.N. is a failed mission. Putin wisely playing Russia’s hand through bilateral and multilateral efforts is the best way forward. His declaration that the Russian can’t deliver an Iranian free Syria is wise and true. Strategically he should green light Israel to resolve the Iranian issue without Russian intervention one side or the other.

Other than turning Israel loose to deal with Iran, Putin should continue his cooperation with Turkey in Idlib, consolidate and protect his assets on the Med. coast, de-escalate the Baltic and Black Sea areas, shore up the wall adjacent to Georgia and keep a weather eye on his “friends” in Beijing, from which comes the greatest threat to Russian territorial integrity.

Icarus Tanović

They kinda forget about TSar bomb? Lets remind them. If America crushing any document signed with Russia, succesor od SSSR States, why should Russia keep contract STart and all that Regan bullshit to the letter. Gorbachov was fooled.


Thank you for iterating the concept of nuclear deterrence…


Yeah…Let the West Fire their Nukes first… if they Want War…bring it on…For these Elitist Western Cockroaches there will be only One place: HELL…they already sold their Souls their Horned Master will be pleased to Cash in….
That is why the Western Chickenshit will never Start a Nuclear War… They FEAR that Moment…

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