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Putin Highlights Need For Collective Restoration Of Syria’s Economy

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It’s interesting to note that remarks by Russian President Vladimir Putin came amid reports that a “new strategy” of the Trump administration for Syria will include sanctions on Iranian and Russian companies involved in the restoration of Syria.

Putin Highlights Need For Collective Restoration Of Syria's Economy

AP Photo/Diaa Hadid

The news agency TASS reports (source):

The soonest possible establishment of a constitutional committee in Geneva and restoration of the Syrian economy are among key tasks in Syrian settlement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said after talks with President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

“An arrangement was made to continue cooperation for the purpose of making the Syrian political process more active,” the Russian leader said. “The task now is that the constitutional committee in Geneva should be formed and start working,” Putin said. “At the same time, it is important to undertake collective efforts for recovery of the Syrian economy in order to create comfortable conditions for the purpose of refugees’ return,” he added.

The President of Egypt was informed about steps undertaken by Russia to settle the situation in Syria, the Russian leader said. “We compared notes on this problem and agreed on join work,” Putin said.

Negotiations held confirmed that Moscow and Cairo have similar or close positions on many international and regional issues, the Russian President said. “Cooperation between our country has always been and remains the effective factor of supporting security in the Middle East and North Africa,” Putin noted.

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I think after all is said and done plus with the help of Iran, Russia and China. Syria will make a strong come back with a revamped military and infrastructure in the long run.

Syrians are now battle hardened and strong willed. I wish them nothing but the best in their just war.


I hope you are right, but the US will do whatever it can to stop Syria recovering.
Look at Iraq and Libya, the US will not let them recover.

leon mc pilibin

The Zionists have failed in the Syrian war,so now they want to destroy the peace.Truly an evil tribe of thieving genocidal scumbags.


Egypt traditionally has a truly neutral stance on world affairs and was an old rival of Syria ever since the breakup of the UAR. In this case, both of them simply want a return of refugees and of the old economic standards just as we all do.


An expected action by the US, they have spent billions destroying Syria, and now they won’t get a return on their investment.
I know they have stolen the Syrian oil wells, but it will take decades to recoup even a small amount of the money they have sent.


godd putin boy invites agein western partners :DDDD

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