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Putin’s Federal Assembly Adress: Sea-Launched Hypersonic Missile And News On Other Modern Weapons

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Putin's Federal Assembly Adress: Sea-Launched Hypersonic Missile And News On Other Modern Weapons

This image supposedly shows the Zircon missile test

During the 2019 address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed that Russia is going to equip its warship with new sea-launched hypersonic missile Zircon.

He noted that the missile has the range of over 1,000km and can travel at a speed of Mach 8. It can be both launched from submarines and surface ships at both sea and land targets.

According to Putin, Russian ships and submarines developed for Kalibr cruise missile launches will be capable of launching Zircon missiles. This will allow to reduce the cost of re-armament.

The president also revealed that state of other state-of-the-art weapons announced by him in the 2018 adress.

  • The 5-th generation silo-based RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle are being serially produced;
  • The Kinzhal nuclear-capable air-launched hypersonic missile and the Peresvet combat laser system have confirmed their effectiveness and capabilities;
  • The the nuclear-capable Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) and the nuclear-powered cruise missile Burevesnik are successfully undergoing tests;
  • A first submarine carrying the Poseidon UUV will be launched this spring. Putin added that the Russian Navy will get 7 multi-purpose submarines ahead of the schedule. It’s possible that one of this submarines will be equipped with the Poseidon.

Additionally, Putin commented on the situation with the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. The president stressed that that if the US deploys its medium-range and short-range missiles in Europe, it will “dramatically exacerbate international security situation” in the region.

“This is a very serious threat to us. In this case, we will be forced — I want to emphasize this – forced to take tit-for-tat steps”, Putin said adding that such missiles will be able to reach Moscow in 10-12 minutes.

Besided this, he pointed out that the US was not sincere about why it wanted to end the INF Treaty.

“Our US partners should have been honest about it instead of using thought-up accusations to justify their unilateral exit from the treaty. They should have done it the same way they quit the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2004 when they simply pulled out, openly and honestly,” Putin said.

The Russian leader noted that now that the US has violated the treaty, Washington is “looking for a pretext and pointing the finger” at others, while its “satellite states” have mobilized to defend the US’ actions.


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  1. Ambricourt says:

    Like the former British Empire, today’s American Empire prevents Russia forming alliances with Europe. So Russia must strengthen relations with Asia while developing Eastern Russia for fuller habitation and defense. Russia’s shared global leadership with China offers the world an alternative to Anglo-American-Israelite power and predation.

  2. Jesus says:

    Good news about Zircon hypersonic naval missile to be deployed using the Kalibr launchers, another dimensional checkmate against US navy who is defenseless against hypersonic missiles.
    Sarmat, Avangard are being deployed while Poseidon and Buresvenik are undergoing testing before their deployment.

    1. jako says:

      “Good news about Zircon hypersonic naval missile to be deployed using the Kalibr launchers”
      Sorry but that is not “news” at all.
      Those are not “Kalibr launchers” but new “universal” vertical launchers system (VLS) for all new generation missiles (domestic or export versions)
      It is well known fact know for years already mentioned above all related to overhaul of “Kirov” class Admiral Nakhimov ever since they started to mention Zircon’s they have been talking about SAME
      It has been already known fact that those launchers are (deliberately) “universal”
      So not only for Kalibr-(Club-S) and Zircon but also for P-800 Oniks-(Yakhont), Brahmos1 also (Brahmos 2) which are new all around missiles used on all ships, subs domestic or exported (except for Zircon and Brahmos 2 that are not operational yet of course)

      1. Jesus says:

        Thanks, that is what I meant by Kalibr launchers, current frigate launchers use the universal launcher to launch Kalibr, Oniks missiles
        The sub version Zircon would be 533MM most likely.

      2. Justin says:

        Jako, almost all launch tubes can be called “universal”! Since they can be used to launch a miriad of weapons! Did u make this name up? “Universal”??

        The reason they say “capable” is because MAYBE there are weapons that cannot be deployed! For example! Can these launch tubes launch a Sarmat missile?? The answer is NO of course! So therefore u decided to call these launch tubes universal for some weird egotistical reason!

        They are “launch capable” for a select amount of weapons (obviously not all weapons) which is why the use the phrase “launch capable”!

        it boggles my mind how some people on this site THINK they know more than the actual creators of these weapon systems!

        For example, Jako THINKS he knows about Russian aircraft yet in a single post i have seen him get 3 things completely wrong (i screen shot them) and then he admits to being wrong and says “so what”!

        So when Jako comments on this site, i prepare myself for a good laugh and too roll my eyes! This guy thinks he knows a lot but only to prove his half dim wit knowledge! He is such a fan of the Russian’s that he is a cheerleader of disinformation!

        1. jako says:

          You are absolutely right.
          I have wrongly expressed myself.
          The word should have been “launch capable” or similar or BETTER explained.
          But I am obviously not native English speaker so I do mistakes in English language from time to time…more often than I would like to…

          Did I say explicitly it can launch EVERY missile that exists including “Sarmat”?
          I was talking about SHIP LAUNCHERS = ANTI-SHIP MISSILES ONLY.
          So it can’t possibly be the way you trying to distort my words!
          I have also named those missiles which can be launched and I was WRONG to use word “universal” which is inadequate in that explanation.
          Things like that do happen to everybody.

          Those new ANTI-SHIP launchers are Russian tendency to make all new generation anti-ship missiles capable to be launched from that
          (anti-ship) new generation (almost ) “universal” missile launchers.

          Now I hope that this has clarified something I have failed to articulate from the start.
          Of course guys like you will never fail to distort and present in worst possible light any kind of mistake (which I admit to be made in this case)

          1. Justin says:

            Jako, here u are writing so beautifully! Even better than i do and i speak English!

            Yet u still fail in the most important moments!
            “Tactical fighter”
            “launch capable”

            but even the websites of the companies who make these systems say these words! So if u truly do research this stuff, why do u miss out on the most important words?

          2. jako says:

            “writing so beautifully” does not meant that my words are accurate enough and my grammar is good.
            It means only that I am not illiterate person.
            But all the same..thanks for your “compliment” my “friend”.
            Coming from English speaker that is really a true compliment.
            (First one ever for my English!)
            I do speak 3 other languages and sometimes I do confuse and miss use the words in English.
            And my English grammar also (despite your compliment) needs big improvement.

            Also I do not “do research”.
            Why should I?
            Professionally I am not tech guy at all.
            I just read about that stuff because I like to….it gives me pleasure to know different things in the areas that interest me.
            I loved airplanes and similar stuff since I was kid
            That’s all.

          3. Justin says:

            Jako if u didnt do research u wouldnt know anything!
            research means to learn!
            gain more knowledge!

            i assume u gain more knowledge by reading yes?
            the information doesnt just magically transfer into ur brain does it?

  3. Sinbad2 says:

    Now that Trump has made space a battlefield, Russia could put thousands of nukes into orbit above the USA, and just let them fall when the time is right.
    Much cheaper than missiles.

    1. Wolfgang Wolf says:

      be sure that the russians have something like this already. just no need to advertise)

      1. Rex drabble says:

        Pesky Russians.I love them!
        If not for them we would be totally under US
        Putin has saved our world.

    2. Justin says:

      Do you know what the USA has up there? I dont! But what makes u think the US hasnt got just as good nor better weapons?
      Russia and China admitted to stealing tech from the US via the Clintons! Clintons GAVE it to them!
      Like i have said Sinbad, u need to start looking at other sites! READ!

      This info is coming out and u are gonna be one of those stuboorn headed fools who refuse to believe that some of this great new russian tech wasnt russian tech at all! It was US tech that was stolen or bought and paid for through the Clinton pay for play!

      Dont tell me u havent heard of the Uranium 1 deal!
      if not, google it and this will help u understand what the hell has been going on!

      Do not assume Sinbad that u know everything that is going on in this world! The reason why i believe u have your head in the sand is because u love the Chinese! Sinbad did u know China has secretly built an airbase in Australia?? did u know?

      The one protection we have is an ocean! it makes it very difficult for an invasion! Yet some corrupt politicians have allowed China to create a secret airbase in our desert for easy access for a take over!

      If u dont know about this then why dont u know?
      Why do u love China?

      Sinbad, wake up!
      And stop bragging about ur military service when in fact it was a national conscription! everyone ur age had to do it!

      1. jako says:

        “Russia and China admitted to stealing tech from the US via the Clintons!”

        When and WHERE ?!?
        Give us (Russian & Chinese SOURCES) LINKS PLEASE!

        I am more than sure that you are (as usual) Western big-mouthed LIAR !

        1. Justin says:

          Jako obviously not all tech is stolen, some of it is native!

          But before i explain myself, i presume u have heard of spies and what they do and why they do it?


          ok cool!

          So now that we have that part covered, lets take a look at what the chinese have stolen. ( i will not include commercial stuff because it would take too long to list)
          (i will also not list the stuff the Chinese stole from russia either)

          number 1.
          US Uranium. Sold to Russia (by the clintons) who then gave it to Iran to build nuclear weapons in Syria (operated by iranians so they could avoid Sanctions)

          number 2. access to US politicians personal files so that they could be bought off or corrupted! Clinton pay for play is what it is called! U pay the “Clinton foundation”


          u paid the McCain Institute!

          Rocket tech and nuclear tech were the main information sold / stolen by the chinese!

          Now when i say stolen, i mean it was given to them SECRETLY and ILLEGALLY by the Clintons when Hillary was Secretary of State!

          Why do u think she was caught with a private server in her home bathroom?
          Why did she destroy 33 thousand emails and destory laptops and phines with a hammer and bleach bit (ADMITTED…. this is not fake)

          Google Uranium one!

          Google Rossatom Uranium One!
          Putin has already given President trump the information that proves Rossatoms employees involvement in the theft of 20% of US uranium!

          How does a country get away with a nuclear explosion?
          Blame the country investigating it!

          Uranium can be traced to the nation who supplies it (just in the same way the Russians traced the fake chemical attacks in Syria back to the UK) Each Uranium isotope has its own signature!

          Who was leaking this intel to China and North Korea?
          The CIA! (the globalists spy agency)

          What else was stolen / sold?
          computer tech, weapons tech, rocket and nuclear tech, infrastructure tech, weakness points in weapons systems, population demographics, media assets, political influence, embedded tech to spy on all corporate and military systems! etc etc

          Whats all the fuss about in the USA at the moment and why are all MSM attacking Trump?

          Because they are systematically being indicted and prosecuted as we speak!
          from the FBI to the DOJ to the CIA!


          Now….. u can look this up yourself (since u admit u research) but if for some reason u cant be bothered! Let me know and i will trow u a few bones!

          Just remember, its a lot of information! There is so much, it might just freak u out! :)

          the most freaky thing about all of this???

          The CIA, Mossad, China and North Korea are ONE!
          YES u heard me!

          ok let me throw u a bone now!
          Facebook is a spy grid designed by the CIA with a puppet at its head! (Zuckerberg). U input your own personal info into it (CIA doesnt have to do anything) then u give this appp permission to track u and find your friends for u. Then u communicate via the app also!

          Other apps, Twitter, Instagram etc etc

          These all take geolocation of ur pictures and ur face gets scanned every time u look at ur phone! Face Recognition with CCTV cameras means they can track u with computers every where u go!

          We unlock phones now with our finger print or our face being scanned!

          The push is to transfer all advanced commercial and military tech to china, have them be the new global leader! implode the USA as what happened to Soviet Russia! Implement socialism in the USA!

          Grant access to North Korea (who is actually China but an expendable and blammable nation). NK is given rocket tech and nuclear tech! A nuke is let off in the USA and to be blamed on NK!

          A planned nuclear war takes place! Controlled but real!

          Why do u think so many elites are moving to New Zealand and Tasmania??

          Ask urself this question…. what the Fuck is the head of Google (alphabet) doing in North Korea? What was he giving them access too?

          Why did this same CEO resign as soon as donald trump made an executive order to declare a national emergency against human trafficking?

          What other business do u think goes on in such countries?
          How did NK make money?

          human Farms?
          or farming humans?
          for what?

          im gonna stop right here cos this will freak u out!

          But Jako…. this information is out there! and i can prove all of it!
          But u know what, i want to let u discover this for urself!

          But here is a little present for u below :)


          u hate globalists? Me too!
          are these globalists multinationals who are mainly headed by Zionist Jews? YES!
          Globalists are loyal to no nation but they do need the UN (unelected bureaucracy) and a Controlled nation (China) to be the new hammer who controls all manufacturing and can have no competitors! Even if there are competitors,the Chinese just copy it and make it cheaper!

          Globalists have a few intelligence agencies!

          Does the CIA truly work for US interests?
          Is Youtube, google, microsoft, apple, facebook, twitter etc etc really controlled by the creators or are they just puppet agents?
          Why do they censor?
          why do they shadow ban?
          why do they track ip’s?

          little secret for you!
          North Korea WAS a CIA black site!
          That was until Trump came along!
          People on this website assume that the underground explosion in NK that killed all the nuclear scientists was an accident :) and thats why they are now de-nuking!

          Do u believe that?
          Or was an operation made by the Trump admin to kill this serious threat that the Globalsists had up their sleeve!

          Can u imagine for one second just how a nation like NK can even exist? How their leader is a God?
          A president for life in China?

          These are regimes pumped up by the actual real power brokers of this world! They are the puppet and the asters are the hidden hand!

          So what i am telling u is that the CIA, Mossad, the Globalist Jews, China, North Korea are all one in the same! Its just being transferred from one nation (the old hammer) to the new nation (the new hammer)

          But theire has been a problem!
          A revolution within the deep state itself!
          its know as the battle between the white hats and the black hats!
          Military intel vs govt intel agencies!

          and guess what??

          Putin and Trump are on the same side!
          Putin already went through this in 2001 in russia!
          The KGB / FSB managed to get their guy in power by fooling the globalists!
          As soon as Putin got in, he jailed many of them! Bought the country back from bread lines!

          look it up! i know it sounds crazy but im telling u its all real and HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE KNOW THIS INFORMATION!

          just nobody on this site!

        2. Justin says:

          a happily married Jew with a chinese women who just so happen to be the owner of the greatest spy tool ever pushed onto the free world?

          Come on Jako!
          Think about it!


          1. jako says:

            So Jew is having plan to make some little Jewish Chinese – and all that is proof for what?!
            If he was gay I doubt that she would be his choice.

            Don’t you go “MAGA” on me Justin!
            I am not your friend and this is for sure not some U.S. Conservative forum.
            As East-European I couldn’t care less for the obvious troubles of the “Western world”.
            Being so un-democratic (even if EU falls apart) I honestly don’t see anything negative in that for us who live in EU now.
            And if US dollar collapses I can only celebrate!
            That will make one terrorist warmongering country less on this planet.

          2. Justin says:

            When the US dollar collapses do u know what u get next?

            U will get IMF created SDR’s!

            Sorry jako, but u need to look it up!
            u cant make comments without knowing what u are talking about!

            The US petro dollar will not be the demise of the USA!
            The IMF is granting all major currencies a piece of each SDR created!
            The SDR is divided among these currencies, the US dollar, the chinese Yuan, the UK Stilring the EU Euro etc!

            Problem for u is that the USA will get the biggest cut of this SDR!
            Because when the US economy falls, so does the world economy!
            but the US has already bought into these SDR’s while china has bought US debt and Govt binds (which are useless)

            The US economy is now almost 3times bigger than china’s!

            China was at 11 trillion but now down to 5.4 trillion!
            US was down to 13 trillion but now up tp 21 trillion!

            The US knows its dollar is going tocollapse but they will transfer over to these new SDR’s in a very good position!

            im sorry u dont know about this, but this is why the globalists are unhappy that Trump brought the US economy back up! Obama was bringing it down and handing it over to china!

            if this is information u dont know about, the this is the reason why i complain about people on this site not knowing anything! they only read stuff from this site!


          3. Justin says:

            start here!
            Learn more!

            also who created the IMF??
            Who will benefit?
            this was all pre-planned Jako!
            nothing will change!


        3. Justin says:

          Watch this and LISTEN to what he says!
          Watch it all PLEASE! ok?

          its a a part of what im trying to tell u and others on this site!


    3. Justin says:

      But you LOVE the chinese dont u sinbad! even though they are hacking our political and defence force! you want communism!


      1. jako says:

        So China is “guilty” for constructing something in Australia for their business needs (and for FREE) and by respecting Australian laws !?!

        You must be fucking joking!!!
        So why did they gave them PERMIT in the first place?!?!!

        You can’t let foreign investors to build something and tell them to fuck off immediately after that is built !!
        You can’t do that not even in “un-democratic” China!
        Pay them COMPENSATION and destroy it if you are too STUPID to comprehend to know what you want in your own country!
        And stop wining you Aussie twats for something that is YOUR FAULT!

        1. Justin says:

          again…. jako… u are preaching to the quire (i hope u understand what that means)

          u are right, what the fuck are we doing??
          What we are doing is selling off our nation to the Chinese!
          What is the video telling us?

          its telling us “dont trust your politicians, they are bought and paid for chinese puppets”!

          now u understand my complaint and why i think Sinbad is a fuckhead to support China?
          Do u see it now???

          1. jako says:

            Laws apply to everybody and must be respected by everybody.
            Sovereignty of every (even the smallest country) MUST be respected indefinitly.
            China, Russia, U.S. and others alike must respect that basic law of co existence.
            Specially that must be respected by those who call them selves “beacon of democracy”, “indispensable nation”, “leaders of the free world”, “exceptional nation” and “nation that has no alternative in leadership of this planet”!
            Those who label other nations (that refuse their neocolonialism) as “axes of evil” and “terrorist nations” !

            For me U.S. (and their stooges) are the biggest terrorists and the biggest supporters of terrorism that have ever existed on this planet.

            Do u see it now?

            In China also some politicians sell their own country to the West.
            The problem is that China is less DECADENT so those anomalies are not persistent.

            Sinbad (I suppose) “supports” what he believes to be right.
            I do the same.
            Inevitable downfall of the West is only question of time.

          2. Justin says:

            Jako i agree!
            But since January 2017… things have changed!

            The fact that u dont know this is the problem!
            But before this time…. i will agree with u 100%

  4. Gary Sellars says:

    The photo is NOT a Zircon launch, but is an old 1960s “Shaddock”-type heavy AShM from a land based launcher.

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