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Putin Estimates Number of Militants from Former Soviet Union in Syria at 9,000

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According to the Russian President, there are 9,000 militants from Russia and former republics of the Soviet Union in Syria.

Putin Estimates Number of Militants from Former Soviet Union in Syria at 9,000

Photo: Getty Images / Anadolu Agency

A huge number of militants from Russia and former republics of the Soviet Union have accumulated in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with officers of the Russian Northern Fleet.

“According to our preliminary data, the number is measured in thousands. According to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the FSB [Federal Security Service], there are some 4,000 [of militants] from Russia and about 5,000 from republics of the former Soviet Union,” the President said.

The Russian President noted that given the fact that Russia has a visa-free regime between the countries, primarily, “this hotbed of terrorism on the territory of Syria” is a great danger for Russia.

“Conducting combat missions far from native borders, you directly contributed to ensuring the security of the Russian Federation,” Putin added, referring to the officers.

At the same time, he stressed that Russian military caused significant damage to terrorists in Syria, and this contributed to positive results of efforts of all the countries, which take part in fight against international terrorism, as well as to creation of conditions for continuation of the peace talks between the Syrian government and the armed opposition.

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John William

I believe him.I think Putin knows terrorism like no other western leader. He has been fighting it since him came into power.He made mistakes but has learned. He knows his shit when it comes to the Middle East it seems.

Ilies Bekhtaoui

putin doesn’t really just understand terrorism the key of his success is that he doesn’t give a fuck . if you remember when he was asked what is russia doing about terrorism he said he will kill them even if he finds them in the toilets he will kill them there ,he doesn’t care what the west thinks and what human rights think he knows one thing , they need to be eliminated , look at the west they know they are terrorists but they still give them money and amnesty

John William

The thing is he does care about terrorism.He doesn’t care about a terrorist life.Same as me.


The drive to get extremist fighters from the ex-Soviet area must have been huge. The plan being that large numbers would return battle hardened and cause no end of trouble to Russia internally.

Douglas Houck

Yes, this is the stated primary reason Russia is in Syria. To destroy the terrorists here so Russia doesn’t have to fight them within Russia. If it was just to show off their military might or turn the battle for the government of President Al-Assad the Russians would be packing up to go home. It won’t be over until ISIS and Al-Qaeda is destroyed in Syria. Shouldn’t be long now.

Jewish Watchman

Exactly the type of fighter the Amerikans are looking, to upskill into a playtoy and send back to the motherland for destructive purposes

Toni Liu

Russia should put them on the list and exterminate as many as they can while those terorist still in syria, so there are nothing left to come back to russia or cis country in the future

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