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JUNE 2021

Putin: “It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia”

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Putin: “It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia”

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at his blog

It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment. As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilised people.

Vladimir Putin

Wow.  Even though I have just written a commentary on the level of frustration and, frankly, contempt, the Russians are feeling towards their American counterparts, these words by Vladimir Putin are truly a slap in the face that will resonate around the world for a long time to come even if the imperial corporate media makes another herculean effort at not noticing them.   I can only repeated what I said in my previous article, I have never ever heard anything even remotely resembling the kind of language coming out of Russia today.

By the way, Putin confirmed what I wrote yesterday when he said: “The Americans had the right to reduce the number of our diplomatic offices. It is another matter altogether that they have done this in way that was absolutely uncivil“.  Had the Americans just expelled any number of diplomats or closed some Russian diplomatic facilities the Russians would have accepted that as “played by the rules”.  But Trump and the intellectual midgets surrounding him decided to publicly humiliate Russia and instead ended up ridiculing themselves. Yesterday, another well-know Russian politician, Sergei Markov, referred to the American leadership as “amoral pygmies”!

To say that the Russians are unimpressed by Trump’s thuggery is an understatement.

Putin also set a trap for the Trump Administration when he said: “I will ask our Foreign Ministry to file a lawsuit. We will see how effectively the much-lauded American judicial system works.”  This is a very devious move as it places the USA in a lose-lose situation: if the courts decide for the Russians, then Trump looks like an uncivilized thug, if the courts decide for the USA, it is the world-wide reputation of a putatively independent judicial system which turns into roadkill.

Finally, Putin set yet another trap for Trump: he said that he would present a UNSC Resolution authorizing the deployment of a UN contingent to protect the OSCE peacekeepers along the demarcation line in the Donbass but only after “disengaging the parties and removing the heavy equipment. This cannot be resolved without direct contact with representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic“.  If the Americans say no, they now look like hypocrites, but if they say yes, then they are condoning a process which can turn the current demarcation line into something similar to the de-factor border between the Turkish-occupied zone and the rest of Cyprus, something totally unacceptable to the Neocons and their Ukronazi allies in Kiev.

But the real story is the change in Russian rhetoric.  It will be mostly lost on westerners who have long given up on taking what politicians say seriously and who are used to all sorts of antics from their leaders.  But in a culture in which words count (and that includes all of Asia for starters) this change of tone will be immediately understood for what it is: the equivalent of a medieval slap in the face, a deliberate sign of disrespect and even a sign of total contempt and disgust.

Trump might well go down in history of the President who screwed-up a historical opportunity to really change our entire planet for the better and who, instead, by his abject lack of courage and honor, his total lack of political and diplomatic education and by his groveling subservience to the “swamp” he had promised to drain ended up being as pathetically clueless as Obama was.

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Cheryl Brandon

Putin, only now you realize that, you have to deal with USA officials who are functioning illiterates/kleptocratic Military Junta who just loves supporting violence and mercenaries abroad and within USA.

Jan Tjarks

It’s not that they realize it only now. They are aware for quite some time. However, the tipping point has been reached. Do not expect that the Russian are turning to such a measure lightly. It is a more than very clear message in diplomatic circles. And that is who it is addressed at. That we get to know this is just a side story for our amusement, but has no meaning for us directly.

However, that doesn’t mean the side story is without meaning. It is a clear statement to all the people around the world too.

The USA finally lost their honor. They are people who are not to be trusted. Heck, they even break diplomatic agreements within less than 24 hours. The USA are becoming the biggest rogue state ever, not that this would be a surprise anyway.


nicely said, I fully agree with you


Great comment. And humanity worldwide is losing patience with the people of the United States, and that is real international opinion, not the ‘international opinion’ as declared by the Zio-press and the idiots in it.


A truer statement has never been spoken


I had high hopes that Trump would press a real and proper reset with Russia. Unfortunately it hasn’t happened, and it won’t happen either. However, I think it’s unfair to put all this on Trump. Congress (absolutely owned by Tel Aviv through AIPAC), and the Deep State have done everything possible to neuter any possibility of political rapprochement after the Obama years. It was he, after all, that started this nonsense with his expelling 35 Russia diplomats last year. Could Trump have done things differently? I guess so, but with the phony hysteria surrounding the Russia hack fake news, doing do would have corroborated all the allegations in the eyes of his accusers. I think Trump wanted to weather that storm, but was blindsided by Congress slapping more sanctions on Russia and (unconstitutionally) curtailing Trump’s right to set the tone of foreign policy.
So, yeah, Putin is on point with this, but I think Americans need to point the finger at McCain, Graham, Ryan, and all those other warmongers who would chew off their right arm before they’d consider normalizing relations with Moscow.


Well… dude, unfortunately, trump isn’t helping matter much…
He rolled over on the sanctions without a fight. Yea sure he was locked out by congress but still, he could have at least veto’d to say “hey, at least I tried”…

He didn’t even do that…

Trump… I dunno. That dude sometimes really pisses me off… I didn’t vote for him to play like this with russia, it was the MAIN reason why I crusaded against the shillary in the FIRST PLACE!


I understand and tend to agree, although I can’t help wondering how much different things might have been if Trump was allowed to play his own game. Unfortunately, I think the swamp is too deep, and too wide to drain, and there are too many with a vested interests in keeping the MIC fully funded – a self-sustaining pork barrel for those on the inside. Term limits for Congress would be a start, but the way things are going I can’t help but wonder if we’re on the verge of something cataclysmic. The Russians being SO undiplomatic, which is so out of character, says a lot, I think.


I dunno man, look who trump surrounded himself with…
Now granted, he’s a lame duck because of a dysfunctional congress…
Might have to wait till the mid terms to see how it all plays out.
Although, statistically, once people are elected to congress, 90% of them never leave till they either retire or die… There is something horribly wrong with this and you are 100% correct about term limits… Unfortunately, there are also statistically not enough smart people(or people that care) to create enough hubris for this in order to make it happen…
In the end, the road to real recovery starts with our education system(yank it out of federal control for starters). Then over time, things will hopefully start righting itself… Would take decades…

The russians, yea… I would talk like that if I was that pissed off too…


we have term limits. they are called elections. in the end, in a constitutional republic, you get the government you deserve. the issue then becomes the utter stupidity of the electorate.
i.e., who is dumber?
john mccain.
or the people who voted for him.
i say the latter.


Therein lay the problem. I have always said that the stupidest creature on the face of the earth is the American voter. Expecting any real change in the government, by the government, is like believing in trickle-down economics. The change of the direction of this country ain’t gonna happen until the people change direction. If there were one thing I could have changed, it would be the media. They are the ones who enable all the crimes to go unnoticed, lies to be told and agendas be followed. McCain and his ilk could not stand the spotlight of truth any more than a vampire could stand sunlight. The real hope is in the people purging their ecosphere of the purveyors of lies. Unfortunately, Americans tend to gravitate towards only those that have like minds, not actual conversation that leads to understanding, which only serves to continue our sorry situation. A good example is the Muslim situation. How many today still believe that all the terrorism of the world are due to Islamic radicals? How many of those people know that almost all terrorism is due to state actors with proxy armies masquerading as Muslim extremists, yet still spew the hate fostered by these instigators? Hate begets hate. How many, that are mortified about the massive influx of Arabs into Europe, continue to yell for the destruction of Arab countries, which only perpetuates and exacerbates the situation? Nothing will change until the people do.


superb article

888mladen .
Gregory Collingwood

It’s hard to take anything Putin says seriously after his interference in our elections.

Jan Tjarks

Those interferences which haven’t been proven all along and will never be proven, or the reasons searching the Russian diplomatic houses without any allegation?

You are a funny joke. =)


Hard to tell if you’re being serious or sarcastic. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and think the latter, but something tells me it’s the former. Sad.

– A red-pilled American

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Can’t take your statement to seriously since the US has been interfering in elections in over 80 countries , here is something you may find hard to swallow is the US funded Yeltin’s 1996 election to the tune of 500 million dollars. Countries contribute usually no more than a few million tops for a country’s leadership elections which is generally what is done.


“interference in our elections”.
Just help me here, what was the proof of the interference? I kinda forgot what it was.

Tudor Miron

Are you even serious? How old are you? (Sorry for asking personal question)

888mladen .

It’s hard to trust what any politician says mate. Haven’t you realized that yet?


Probably not as Gregory went to school with Maxine Waters :)



Dod Grile

Putin certainly must be aware that we here in the USA are being held captive by a Mafia Criminal Regime.

Let this serve as an appeal of assistance to the Good People of the World to help free us from that scum.



George Carlin “Americans are Wilfully IGNORANT”!!

Yes u are captive but not by your corrupt politicians!
It is the wilfully IGNORANT that captures your country!
You are supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave!
But ur people are too busy glorifying celebrities! Your entire culture has been based on blinded patriotism and greed!
Your people are more to blame then your politicians because the politicians are doing what politicians do! They seek more power!
But the people…. even those who are politically active are divided!
Half want socialism and the other half want capitalism and both don’t know that the problem isn’t capitalism! its Crony Capitalism!
The so called left liberals who want communism or socialism are calling the Capitalists Nazi’s and White supremacists yet it was the Democrats that backed slavery of blacks and the Nazi’s were socialists!
Even the Brown shirts who carried batons to beat people, this is what the “liberal left does”! They dress in black and beat people!

So your people are uneducated and lost! We Are not talking about just dumb people here, we are talking about University students! Your so called future! They are dumb! They are wilfully ignorant!

So no….. YOU ARE TO BLAME! America and American! You have the most freedoms and most rights and what have u allowed to happen? Your stupidity and laziness has allowed this to happen and it effects the whole world via your military and foreign policy!

BECAUSE OF YOU and ur crusade to invade the ME (once the Soviet empire collapsed) and attack your former ally Saddam and then later blame your former ally Bin Laden as excuses to invade oil rich nations, u have forced Muslim EXTREMISTS into our countries who commit murder against CHILDREN AT ROCK CONCERTS!

So NO!
Fuck u!
Take responsibility!
Stop acting like u are innocent!
“If you are looking for who to blame u need only look into a mirror”!

888mladen .

Completely agree except indecent language which makes your point only weaker.


you may be right! My apologies.
(but I dislike the USA so much, I can’t stand to see its people wash their hands from this mess and say “hey, wasn’t me”)

However, “tapping a person on the shoulder doesn’t work anymore. these days u need to hit them over the head with a bat, then u will see u have their full attention”!


I would totally agree with you except for the fact that you are doing the very same as you accuse Americans of…blaming everything of one political identity or ideology. The so-called ‘liberals’ (a bastardized description) of today are no different than the ‘Conservatives’ of today, to believe that only liberals are the problem is just as myopic. Welcome to the one-sided view of some Americans. You might also look to your own government for collusion, as I doubt they are any more innocent. Who put them in power? No doubt, the people themselves are responsible for our situation.


Agree on both Liberals and conservatives being the same problem on opposite sides of a coin!
My own government is a beggar govt! Following the leader!
We suck up to both China and the USA!
These 2 nations hold all the cards so to speak!
A nation like us who has a Governor General and a prime minister who has been sacked by the GG is in no way able to influence world matters!

We do as we are told!

We depend on the people who have the power!

However we are not a nation of dumb downed fools!
We keep our govt in line as much as we can!
We have paper ballots!
its illegal to not vote!
We have 5 or more political parties in parliament!
If our prime minister is seen not wearing a seat belt he is fined!
We jail our offenders! We just caught the HEAd of the ATO (IRS equivalent) raping our system of millions for his family! This man is fucked!!!!
In the USA the head of the IRS would not be touched!
So domestically we keep our politicians in line, they are scared of us!
In America, the people are scared of their politicians!

We depend on the US citizens to make changes to this world! This is why I can Accept “God bless America” because if it wasn’t a free nation, we’d all be fucked!

However, The American citizen has been GIFTED with REAL RIGHTS! Ones they can LEGALLY protect with weapons if they so choose!

And they do nothing!
What is the saying…..
“Evil prevails when good people do nothing”!

This is exactly my point!
These citizens do nothing!
Therefore I blame them! Because the very nature of a politician who are mainly Sociopaths, is to gain power!
It is the people who must limit these powers!
This is how democracy works!

These morbidly obese citizens who worship celebrities are to blame for this! Corporations do what they do to make money and their excuse will always be “Shareholders”!

What is the excuse of the most free nation in the world?

They have no excuse!
therefore “God damn America”!


I wouldn’t expect Western politicians to understand such subtleties. Western foreign politics has been reduced to emotional hysteria over whatever political drama of the week has the ruling elite and the masses in its grip. It’s all about being seen to do something, no matter how stupid, condemning what has to be condemned, no matter how stupid the issue is upon closer inspection. Interpreting subtle statements however, that’s become a lost art form.


Putin’s constant glorifying of US and accolades will not help end Zionist hostility to Russia as AIPAC controls the US and the military industrial complex is only interested in tensions and destruction of Russia. Putin is naive if he thinks kow tow to US will save Russia.

888mladen .

Another proof of what you have written though I wouldn’t call somebody who has been member of clandestine community (KGB) for many years naive. It’s simple he just acknowledges who is the boss and all the rest is for goyim.

R Raphael

“Trump might well go down in history of the President who screwed-up a historical opportunity to really change our entire planet for the better”

Not only Trump, who ever is going to come after Trump and after and after are also going to be down in the history. Because end of an empire always starts like this. This is history. No one can change it.

Keith Smith

Have faith in Trump. He wont get everything right. He has already made change. How obvious is f a k e news to everybody now? M S M wont recover


I don’t think they really care what the world thinks or a court case right now dude.



The US may not BUT the rest of the world does. Even the US vassal states are smirking.
The US has become infected with the virus of stupidity for many years and the cancer of ignorance is now in its terminal stage.
I look forward to the cremation of America. I might even send a wreath with the inscription ‘ Death was a welcome release from insanity . R.I.P. ‘

Carol Davidek-Waller

Trump has turned out to be all that and no cattle.

888mladen .

The same applies to those who confuse N Korea with US.


The President of the Russian Federation says it again when pressed on the issue of North Korea:

“Question: My question is also related to North Korea. The US has declared that it wants to toughen sanctions and urged Russia to join them. How can such statements be evaluated given the renowned sanctions law where Russia is put on the same list as North Korea and Iran?

Vladimir Putin: True, it does not make sense to put us on the list alongside North Korea and then ask us to help with sanctions against it. But it is being done by people who confuse Austria and Australia and then ask their President to persuade Russia to toughen sanctions.

But that is not the point, we are not going to pout, hold a grudge or laugh at anyone. Our position on this issue, as well as on all other issues, is based on principles.”


Langaniso Mhlobo

Great man to man marriage Nation run by infected floppy drive.

Strange Quark

I am not an American but I never had any illusions about D. Trump. Even months before he was elected I had said many times that he was chosen by the elite who rules US for the last 200 years and that his job was to pretend that he was going to “drain the swamp”, that he was serious about normalizing relations with Russia, that he was to abandon “regime change” policy around the world… I knew that was just a big LIE. I also said that his publicly expressed wish to normalize relations with Russia did represent some real interests of the US the elite to improve relations with Russia BUT only on conditions and terms set by the US elite! For example there were some unofficial proposals to “trade” Kosovo (an occupied Serbian province after 1999 illegal NATO bombing of Serbia which was recognized as independent country by the western countries in 2008) for Crimea. Russia rejected the proposal. Then there was an US proposal to cancel western sanctions on Russia for Russia’s nuclear disarmament. Russia rejected that too. All these proposals to “normalize” relations with Russia were not serious for Russia since they were made to favor US elite’s interests over Russian national interests. And then Trump showed his real face -> a STOOGE of the US elite – he bombed Syria with missiles, introduced new sanctions on Russia… As I said – I knew from the begging who he really was. No one in USA can come even close to Congress, let alone White House, if he is not double checked by the US elite (oligarchy). When a US president stars to disobey the Elite he gets shot in the head (like J. F. Kennedy).

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