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Putin Checks Out Weaponry Seized From Militants In Syria (Video)


On December 18 in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended an exhibition of weapons and equipment seized from militants in Syria. On the same day, he participated in the end-of-year session of the Russian Defense Ministry’s board. MORE HERE



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    Nice display, Is Putin shopping for a used Toyota pick-up?
    The mine clearance vehicles look cool. :)

  • Jakke1899

    At 2.30, it shows a trench digger for hard surfaces, so you can lay water of sewage pipes underground.
    I wonder why the headchoppers used this?
    Overall a very fine exhibition that would make any small or medium-sized army museum jealous!

    • You can call me Al

      Maybe the trench digger was used for the miles upon miles of tunnels !!!.

    • viktor ziv

      Remember Palmira where whole “city” was build underground.

  • Concrete Mike

    First things first.

    Holy crap thats a nice building there in wow.


    That machine looks like a small tunnel boring machine, see it has the hydraulic brace in the back, and he has a blade in front. It does not however have the pipe puller attachement.

    Its low profile tells me its a mining machine.

    Where oh where did al nusrah get that I wonder??

  • AM Hants

    Just some of it, how much got left behind, for the Syrian Forces to use on the terrorist friends of Western Governments? Would love to see a translated version of the video, especially when they focused on the chemical weapons, plus, who supplied them.

    Here is what Ukraine provided, courtesy of UK gifts.