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JULY 2022

Putin Calls WW2-Era Polish Ambassador “Anti-Semitic Pig”, Poland Goes Crazy

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Putin Calls WW2-Era Polish Ambassador "Anti-Semitic Pig", Poland Goes Crazy

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Speaking at an expanded meeting of the board of the Russian Ministry of Defense on December 24th, 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again recalled attempts to rewrite the history of World War II, which are being undertaken in Europe and overseas.

His words caused quite a stir in Poland.

“In some countries – our neighbors, in Europe and overseas, they often try to distort history, they come up with some incredible scenarios for the development of the situation in the world and in Europe before the outbreak of World War II,” the president said.

Speaking about the pre-war situation in Europe at the end of the 1930s, Putin recalled the views held by Polish politics back then.

“Hitler informed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and then the Polish Ambassador to Germany, bluntly said that he had an idea to send Jews to Africa in the colony … for extinction, for extermination. To which the Polish ambassador answered him, and then wrote it in his paper to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Poland, Mr. Beck: “When I heard this … I answered him,” he replied to the Führer, to Hitler, – if he does, we will place a magnificent monument in Warsaw for him,” Putin said.

“You bastard, anti-Semitic pig, couldn’t you say something else. He was in complete solidarity with Hitler in his anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic sentiment, moreover, for the mockery of the Jewish people he promised to erect a monument in Warsaw,” he said.

The diplomat in question is Józef Lipski, who served as ambassador in Berlin from 1934 to 1939.

Putin Calls WW2-Era Polish Ambassador "Anti-Semitic Pig", Poland Goes Crazy

Józef Lipski with Adolf Hitler. Click to see full-size image

In his September 20th, 1938 report sent to the Polish Foreign Minister, Jozef Beck, Lipski reported on the details of a two-hour meeting with Hitler and German Foreign Minister Ribbentrop on that day.

They mainly discussed the “Sudeten crisis,” but also touched on the “Jewish question,” about which Lipsky wrote as follows: “He [Hitler] was struck by the idea of ​​solving the Jewish problem by emigrating to the colony in accordance with Poland, Hungary, and maybe Romania (here I replied that if this finds permission, we will erect a beautiful monument of him in Warsaw …). ”

This document is not a secret – back in 1981 it was published in the USSR in the collection “Documents and materials on the eve of World War II 1937-1939”, published by the publishing house Politizdat.

A native of the German Empire and a graduate of the University of Lausanne, Lipsky began working at the Polish Foreign Ministry in 1925.

The diplomat was a supporter of rapprochement with Germany and in 1934 became one of the developers of the “Declaration on the non-use of force between Germany and Poland”, also known as the “Pilsudski-Hitler Pact.”

In response, the Polish authorities protested the “historical insinuations” made by Vladimir Putin by summoning Russian ambassador to Warsaw, Sergey Andreyev.

Warsaw and Moscow have been in a spat about the 1939 non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for months now.

“[W]e are ready to explain to Russian diplomats historical facts for as long as it will take for them to understand that the world will never forget the true meaning of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact,” Polish Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcin Przydacz, said on Twitter.

The Polish Foreign Ministry had already issued a statement stressing that Poland, which had regained its independence in 1918, was forced to pursue a policy of balance with Germany and the USSR. That is why non-aggression treaties were signed in 1932 with Moscow and in 1934 with Berlin. However, the USSR took actions “directly aimed at causing war,” the statement stressed. Despite this, the Polsih side somehow forgot that Poland alongside with the Nazi Germany particiapted in the partition of Czechoslovakia.

The head of Russian parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin, also angered Warsaw by saying that Polish authorities at the time “practically showed solidarity… with fascist Germany,” and that the current Polish government should apologize for it.

Poland responded by summoning Russia’s ambassador Andreyev. Andreyev later described the talks as “tough but civil.”

The Russian envoy has already stirred controversy in Poland — in 2015, he said that Warsaw “bears partial responsibility” for the events in 1939.


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That Polish ambassador sounds awesome.

Bob Starsky

Today both russian and polish gov are evil but in XX century Poles were on a moral highground while russians where the worst evil of XX century. Shame on russians and on putin for propagating crimes nad lies of bolshevism


And why is Russia “today evil”? What “crimes”?!! Stalin and USSR were only TRUE WINNERS of WW2 and only “crime” that was endlessly repeated is the “mass rape of German women”. But since USSR has lost about 27 million people because of NAZI Germany I think that “crime” can easely be ignored.


Oh I know now, the”crimes” of Katyin? It has slipped my mind since it was before German attack on USSR. Well I am not communist But lets say that Katyin was communist pay back to what Poland did against USSR. Today Putin by defending fact that USSR was fighting fascism was defending position of post World War 2 order and Polish and Western revisionism. Hidden agenda to revise the USSR borders as well. There is no way Poland will ever get back a millimeter on the East ! Poland is today mainly on German land and that’s where you will stay praying that Germany never goes NAZI direction again.

Tommy Jensen

Sovjet signed the non-aggression agreement with Nazi Germany 23.8.1939 with a secret part outlining on a geographic map each their area of interests.

One week after 1.9.1939 Germany invaded Poland. Two weeks after 17.9.1939 Sovjet invaded Poland from the other side

After the start of World War II, the formally “neutral” Soviet annexed several E-European states, including Poland and the Baltic states.


I know all that Tommy. But what is missing there is wider picture. The context why Stalin did what he did. He was the LAST to have agreement with the Hitler after the Poland and after the UK & France. They (UK & France) wanted Hiltler to attack USSR so Stalin has signed agreement Molotov Ribbentrop 2 DAYS after the failed negotiations with France and UK !!!

Tommy Jensen

I also know some of this. But I find it still complicated to find out who is who. I still cant find out whether Hitler was something or not or in between.

Hitler had some sound opinions, his paintings was ok and his opinion about weirdo art was sound. Hitlers opinion about the communist decease (Gulag) might have been sound. He is demonised why its difficult to find the factual picture.

They are saying the holocaust was a hoax, however according to other victims some camp and mistreatment happened to various groups. The rape of German women by Russia and Allies were disgusting and the saying is Germans were the most human to women.

Russia was fed from US/UK with money/trucks/m.m. Lenin was paid by US&UK bankers for regime change. So who was and is who? Im still not on any platform to appoint any good guy.


“They are saying the holocaust was a hoax,” Of course they do and it is called REVISIONISM ! I am not historian but to say that NAZI’s didn’t kill anybody in those concentration (“working”) camps is just total nonsense! Can you really be that naive?! You probably didn’t see many of Hitler’s speeches where he gets to be carried away like lunatic…Him nice person because he painted ”nice” paintings huh? You are good person but you are getting under influence of neo-NAZI’s Tommy. It just takes going on (neo-NAZI) Russian INSIDER site to change opinion on NAZI’s.

“Germans were the most human to women.” Did you ever hear about mass execution of civilians by SS? Why would you… since that was EXTREMELY RARE on the West. Since it happened only in one village in France exterminated by German SS … Yet French still can’t forget that ! While in countries like Russia, Serbia etc. it was quite common those mass killings of civilians or “Untermensch” as they were calling them. And “SS” even went into extremes like filling up church with the village civilians and BURNING THEM ALIVE gown together with that church!

So HOW MANY Soviets had to die for you to tolerate their “crime”??! 28 MILLION DEAD from which probably FEW MILLION CHILDREN Tommy !!! For fuck sake how can you call ”rapes” worse crime?!!!? Don’t you have any objectivity left?!


”Russia was fed from US/UK” USE YOUR HEAD ! The US & UK were helping only because USSR was fighting ALONE against mighty German NAZI army! They were hopping that USSR & Germany will EXTERMINATE each other and become to weak to resist US-UK forces! They have planned that Aglo-Saxons will come in victorious when majority of Soviets and Germans is dead and turn both sides in their obedient slaves ! It was Stalin who destroyed their plan by having upper hand more and more and becoming victorious. Advancing too fast and becoming danger to even possibly invade Germany alone! So US-UK have “rushed” in in 1943 to claim the victory of WW2 and prevent Stalin to alone completely invade Germany.


Reminds me how Duterte called Obama a “son of a bitch” and threatened him to insult him even more, if Obama doesn’t obey to him haha.


And the traitor surrendered own country territorial waters to China, he might not enjoy a smooth death


and lloyd george tried to place the jews in what today is Uganda when he with no legal right, promised palestine to theodore herzel, prominent jew, since he realised that the jews a) can’t be trusted and b) they will steal anything that isn’t tied down in chains. he was right but herzel was adamant and insisted on palestine – unfortunately for the world which now has to clean up the mess england caused some 100 years ago and which persists to this day. just one thing to do – clean palestine of all squatters.


It is not “mess ” but carefully planed premeditated long lasting strategy coupled by installment of Saudi regime as well to divide and dominate Arabs and control oil. Today US only replaces UK but everything else stays more or less the same.

The Farney Fontenoy

Ya got that wrong; Herzl wanted Uganda (he actually just wanted somewhere the jews wouldnt have to deal with Christians) & so did almost all jews, it was the bolsheviks who demanded Palestine, practically no jew wanted to go there, so Herzl was murdered & the zionist movement was taken over by Russian communists.

Tommy Jensen

Jewish faith, the Torah, first five chapters of the Bible, and Jesus life are from Jerusalem, all right?? Not Uganda.

The Farney Fontenoy

What? Why are you talking about Jerusalem??

The Farney Fontenoy

Putin continues to disappoint. It’s like he’s trying to out-jew Trump as the most willing slave of the zionists. Putin has no intention of fighting the NWO-he wants to be it’s frontman.


Ashkenazim slave (and neo-NAZI) is not pleased that Putin is not going to fight for his freedom in US huh? Aw, how sad. Putin is defending Russian interests only Preventing Poland to make revision of WW2 and post WW2 borders.


9 in 10 Moscow billionaires are Ashkenazi


Yet it is Russia and not US fighting in the Middle East on Syrian side against Israeli interests! It is Russia that kills terrorists and US and IsraHell supporting them directly and Saudi terrorist regime also! It is Russia that decides where and when to go to war and not her local Jews (like they do in US). It is Russia who arrested their Jew oligarchs or forced them to escape not US. Because in US Jews are the Masters.

So being Jew slave is turning rather in unpleasantness there for you. And to have 9/11 from them on top, is really not nice…

The Farney Fontenoy

Putin is defending Russian interests only? Is that why he wrote the ‘holocaust denial’ into law…at a table surrounded by zionists??! The same Putin who refused to blame Israel for their part in getting his own army plane shot down? Putin works in his OWN interest.


I don’t understand your question (unless anti-Russian, neo-NAZI). The “‘holocaust denial’ into law” was accepted by all EU countries, US and all Western democracies in general. So why not Russia?! Since you use that idiotic”at a table surrounded by zionists” I am sure that you are some kind of neo-NAZI The ” table surrounded by zionists” was simply because , he was surrounded by representative of the Jewish faith. The same happens when he is “surrounded by the Orthodox” priests or “surrounded by Muslim imams”Putin talks with all of them about the problems of each religious community.

“The same Putin who refused to blame Israel for their part in getting his own army plane shot down?” You are LIAR. That airplane was shot down by the Syrian air defense and Russia has designated Israely military to be guilty for that. Russia couldn’t do more simply because Israel didn’t shoot that airplane but Syria. I don’t care about your rubbish comments.

The Farney Fontenoy

“I don’t understand your question” It’s in plain English, so read it again. “The “‘holocaust denial’ into law” was accepted by all EU countries, US and all Western democracies in general.” This is an out-and-out lie, and very easily debunked (it’s 18 States), so it sounds like you are a paid troll. ” surrounded by representative of the Jewish faith.” WHICH “jewish faith”?? “jewish” is tribal, and more broadly a cultural term, many jews are atheist, some follow the torah, some the kabballah, others the talmud, and others still, the Bible…so which ‘faith’ is represented? As for the last point, I never said Israel shot down the plane, I said they had a part in it-THEY DID-they used the plane as a cover hoping it would be shot down. How much do you get paid hasbara boi??


I will not even read your bollocks. Write down that you are neo-NAZI…do not try to be philosophical while you are just banal NAZI. I don’t care what your kind thinks of me . I am Slavic Orthodox and I will kill NAZI’s if I get opportunity

The Farney Fontenoy

“Slavic Orthodox”… what? I notice you didn’t say ‘Christian’. Can you give me the email of your Israeli handler so I can be a hasbara boi too? I have a great portfolio of calling people nazis with lots of screenshots! Maybe we can hang out? Y’know have soy latte & talk about how much non-jews should be our slaves! We can go to gay pride together bro!


‘Christian’ goes without saying since I am SLAVIC origin! NO Slavic Jew has ever existed you effing idiot! But since you are obsessed NAZI you see Jew everywhere I am Slavic Orthodox Christian of course !

My “Israeli handler” is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin I suppose since you LUNATICS label him as Jew as well..

Now go fuck yourself NAZI moron .

The Farney Fontenoy

Night, night, hasbara boi, you can use this for your pillow:



fu*k off stinking NAZI idiot for you everybody is “hasbara” !

The Farney Fontenoy

What’s a NAZI?


You are NAZI so just describe yourself. Write it down if you have bad memory.

The Farney Fontenoy

Really? Cos I am fucking AWESOME! So being a NAZI rules? I’d heard NAZIs suck-but you’re telling me NAZIs kick ass? Guess you’ll need to be a NAZI too if ya want in the Based Chad Club bro.

Tommy Jensen

Russia admitted and apologized for Katyn first in 1990:

The Katyn massacre Катынский расстрел, was a mass executions of 22,000 Polish military officers and intelligentsia by the Soviet Union, the NKVD, the Soviet secret police) in April and May 1940.

The massacre was initiated in NKVD chief Beria’s proposal of 5 March 1940 to execute all captive members of the Polish officer corps, approved by the Soviet Politburo led by Joseph Stalin. Of the total killed, about 8,000 were officers imprisoned during the 1939 Soviet invasion of Poland, another 6,000 were Polish police officers, 8,000 were Polish intelligentsia the Soviets deemed to be “intelligence agents, gendarmes, landowners, saboteurs, factory owners, lawyers, officials, and priests”.

The murdered included Polish Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Polish Jews including the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Army, Baruch Steinberg.[

Tommy Jensen

Alexander II was known as the “Tsar liberator” for the 1861 abolition of serfdom in Russia. Under his rule Jewish people could not hire Christian servants, could not own land, and were restricted in travel.[43] Alexander III was a staunch reactionary and an antisemite who strictly adhered to the old doctrine of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality. His escalation of anti-Jewish policies sought to ignite “popular antisemitism”, which portrayed the Jews as “Christ-killers” and the oppressors of the Slavic, Christian victims. A large-scale wave of anti-Jewish pogroms swept Ukraine in 1881, after Jews were scapegoated for the assassination of Alexander II.

Neither Russia nor Poland can blame one another in “the Jewish question”.


Huge majority of all oligarchs in Russia today are Jews! Very big number of Jews have escaped with HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of $$$$ stolen money to UK and above all IsraHell never to return.

Tommy Jensen

I know. Again, race nor religious relationship have in principle no meaning. Jews are as different as you and me and our fellowmen. There are very bad radical Jews, religious Jews, democratic Jews, a variation as in every group of people. You point at the bad guys but you can also find lot of poor Jews in Russia. But the huge amount of Oligarchs and traitors in Russia is a problem, because it influence the society in a bad globalist way.


I do not generalize! As you know some of my comments, I was defending Ultra-Orthodox Jews in those machete crime article. I just want to UNDERLINE Russian tolerance because there is no hatred against the Jews in Russia today despite those events. That was my only point there, on your comment of anti-Jewish attitude of some Russian Tsar’s.


Beria was Jew and Stalin Georgian and both were COMMUNISTS. Country was USSR not RUSSIA! So no I don’t see reason why RUSSIA to apologize for that crime.

Tommy Jensen

Race and nationality have no meaning. USSR yes but Russia as State normally excuse for bad behaviour in the past to clean the paper so to say. Sovjet acknowledged and apologized in 1990.

Putin refer to a Polish Ambassador in Germany from 1930es. Just saying Putins reference here is double standard.


If “Sovjet acknowledged and apologized in 1990” that should have been enough already and case closed!

I have no problem with Russian CIVIL behavior. I have problem with Western MSM propaganda that after that sticks everything on Russia like Russia is really responsible for those crimes and not victim of communism also

Gabriel Hollows

A great reminder of who really owns the Russian government. Remember: 9 out of 10 Russian billionaires are Jewish.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

ahhahahahahahaha why have the poles always been stupid?


Every translation that I read of Putin’s statement is different. This one talks about extinction and extermination. I wouldn’t equate both terms. Extinction can be brought about by extermination. It can also be brought about by outlawing Judaism and closing and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas. Would some Jews resisting this die in the process? Maybe, depending on the location and circumstances.

Outside of Israel the possibility of any significant number of Jews dying as a result of Judaism being outlawed are low. In Israel the risk is higher. Depending on how it is handled. Hamas did it with few deaths. And actually suffered a much higher percentage of Palestinian deaths at the hands of Israeli state sponsored terrorism, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Like the current killings and maimings of unarmed demonstrators.

I’m in favor of Jew extinction by outlawing Judaism. But not Jew extermination by genocide as occurred during WW2. To the extent that it actually did occur. And wasn’t exaggerated by Zionists for the purpose of getting Israel admitted to the UN when it shouldn’t have been. And wouldn’t be today if it applied now.

There is a risk of mass death of Israeli Jews that Israel will bring upon itself if Israel starts a nuclear war that it will lose. In an effort to resist international law enforcement for all of it’s crimes. And UN Resolution implementation for all of the resolutions that Israel is non compliant with. But I wouldn’t consider that an effort to exterminate Jews. It would simply be a defensive response to Israeli aggression. The Jews would try to misrepresent themselves as innocent victims. But judging from the way that they routinely lose votes at the UN. Almost nobody would accept their lies as truth.

Tommy Jensen

Gulag camp or Uganda sanctuary? I think the Jews have heard it all before.


They set up and ran the gulags. And mass muredered far more in the USSR than they lost is Germany. Even if you believe their over inflated holocaust numbers. Accusing others of what they’re guilty of is a standard Jew ploy.

Jerry Wayne Carver

Mike King discussed this.



I told you folks.. Again and again. Putin is no secret Anti-Zionist. And never will be. His own experiences in WWII made sure of that. And now the fact, that the Yeltsin Oligarchs that brought him into power were nearly all jewish and still are.

And despite the image in western propaganda, that Putin is some Stalin like dictator with total power: Since the end of the soviet union, it is those oligarchs and big businesses that have the true power. Just like in the west.

Best he can is balance one group against the other. But in the end, like in the west, it is a deep state of big money that is supreme. Even though Putin does a better job than other leaders to balance out those powers and interests. But those dreamers like verner etc who dream of Putin being anti-zionist: Wake up to reality. Its about time. You only hurt the cause of Palestine by day dreaming. Only country to truly being anti-zionist is not Russia, not China, not Turkey or the Gulf states, only Iran. Everything else is propaganda and wishful thinking.


That wouldn’t be my take. I don’t agree with Putin’s Jew tolerance. But he’s not alone in that. And you have to judge him by not only what he says, but also by what he does. Much of which has been very unfriendly to Jews, Israel and their Jew world order slave planet hegemony project.

Unlike the west where the vermin Jew have a stranglehold on the governments up to their eyeballs in debt to banks Jews control. Russia has very little debt and with $500 BILLION in cash and one of the most advanced militaries on the planet. Putin and the Russian government can, have and will continue to crush any Jew or other oligarchs that get in their way.


I think that the impression that a lot of people got about Putin’s statement is the he cares more about foreign Jews than the 20 million innocent Russian and Soviet men, women and children that the Jews mass murdered, tortured and straved to death. And the other 20 to 40 million Russians and Soviets whose lives the Jews destroyed.

AzrieI Herskowitz

Remember 6+ million Jews!

AzrieI Herskowitz

I hate Putin but this time he is right.

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