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Putin Backs Netanyahu Yet Again While the Middle East Burns


The author of this article interprets developments in the modern international relations surrounding the administrations of Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. The text reflects exclusively the point of view of the author. At the same time, the public performance accompanying the release of the Israeli-American woman detained with cannabis in the Russian airport was a unprecedented case. There had been no such sensational releases of foreign citizens detained with narcotic drugs in Russia. On the other hand, the Russian stance in the Israeli-Arab settlement remains same. So, Putin’s actions could be described as a diplomatic game.

Dear friends, we would be glad to receive your feedback on this topic in comments. Nonetheless, we kindly advise you to avoid ethnic or religious grounds slur.

Putin Backs Netanyahu Yet Again While the Middle East Burns


Submitted by Joshua Tartakovsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a soft spot for the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli prime minister made the case that Iraq is working hard to produce an atomic bomb, persuaded congress to go to war with Iraq. He is now currently making the case that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, and is thereby actively pushing for a war between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran (https://www.foxnews.com/media/netanyahu-trump-iran-soleimani-killing). Moreover, Netanyahu claims credit for persuading US President Trump to drop out of the nuclear agreement with Iran, an agreement supported by Russia.

An active supporter of sanctions, Netanyahu supported the harsh sanctions against the Iraqi economy at the time, and now supports the inhumane sanctions against the people of Iran (while claiming all the while that the people of Iran are brilliant but that their regime makes them poor).

On Tuesday, January 28, Prime Minister Netanyahu has been indicted of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud. He is facing elections in Israel in March 2, 2020 after failing to secure a winning majority in the two previous elections.

Russian President Putin decided to help Netanyahu in his campaign for reelection. Putin pardoned a 26 year old Israeli-American woman who has been held in a Russian prison since April 2019. The woman was caught in the Moscow airport while in transit from India with 9 grammes of cannabis in her luggage. For this fairly minor amount, she was harshly sentenced for seven and a half years in prison. During his recent visit to Israel to attend a ceremony in Jerusalem marking 75 years for the liberation of Auschwitz, Putin met with the woman’s mother. Following a formal request for pardon by the female prisoner, Putin granted her pardon. Subsequently, after Prime Minister Netanyahu’s meeting with President Trump in the White House in which the latter proposed his boastful Deal of the Century, a meeting in which neither Putin nor any major Palestinian or Arab leader was present, Netanyahu’s plane flew directly to Moscow from where he retrieved the Israeli-American woman and flew with her back to Israel.

Not a bad token for Netanyahu, who is facing reelection exactly one month from now.

This is not the first time Putin seeks to help Netanyahu with his reelection by providing missing persons, dead or alive. On April 4, 2019, Putin provided Israel with the remains of an Israeli soldier, Zachary Baumel, who has been missing in south Lebanon since 10 June, 1982. The soldier’s family waited over 37 years to know for certain that he was dead and to have his physical remains nearby. On April 9, 2019, the legislative elections were held in Israel. Netanyahu failed to gain a comfortable majority that would allow him to rule with ease.

What did Putin get out of releasing the Israeli-American woman who had cannabis in her bag?

Perhaps it would be more useful to begin with what what Putin did not gain.

He did not gain respect for the Russian court system and presented its decisions as being politically motivated.

Earlier, the Kremlin said in response to mounting Israeli public pressure to release the woman, due to the arguably disproportionate prison sentence, that the decision remains a matter of the Russian courts and that the President could not dictate its ruling. Now, Putin made it clear that the court’s ruling in October 2019 was too strict. The court decided to imprison the woman for seven and a half years, but four months later, the Kremlin decided to pardon the woman. It therefore showed that if one brings in cannabis in his luggage to Russia but happens to be an Israeli, he can rest assured that he will be pardoned within less than a year. Alternately it could mean that the Russian court imposed a strict punishment to give Russia an extra card in its dealings with Israel and the west more generally, and this card has been rapidly used.

Putin did not gain the release of a Russian hacker arrested in Israel who was handed over to the United States.

The hacker, who arguably stole confidential details of Americans’ credit card details and traded them in 20 million USD worth, was arrested in Israel in 2015 while he was on a stop over. His details and information were extradited from his phone by the Israeli police despite a lack of a judge’s warrant. He was imprisoned until the end of 2020, all the while hoping that the Russians will not forget him. But the Russians did forget him, and the Israeli Justice Minister handed him over to the US, where he faces charges of fraud, money laundering and identity theft.

Russia did not gain a stakeholder’s say in Trump’s Deal of the Century, not that there is much left there for compromise or dialogue anyway. It is also fair to say it also did not get a commitment from Netanyahu to stop his attacks in Syria and to alter his war-mongering policies towards Iran. In fact, in the past Netanyahu and Putin met often to discuss deescalation mechanisms in Syria but this did not stop Israel from carrying frequent air attacks in Syria. Moreover, a Syrian missile brought down a Russian plane shortly after air strikes carried out by the Israeli air force in September 2018.

However, there may be some gains for Russia from the release of the Israeli-American female backpacker.

Danny Zaken, writing for Al Monitor, writes that these gains revolve mostly around property and religion. First, Israel is arguably making an effort to secure the Russian Orthodox Church’s property rights to the Alexander Nevsky Church in East Jerusalem. (The Russian request in this case is in itself a significant change, as the Russian government refrained to recognizing Israel’s authority over East Jerusalem in the past). Secondly, Israel has arguably agreed to change the route of the light rail that passed by a Russian Orthodox Church in the Ein Karem neighborhood of Jerusalem. Third, a Russian Government owned hotel in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem is to receive a tax break similar to the tax break enjoyed by the Holy See in the Holy Land.

Another area where Russia received recognition is the fact that Putin was invited to speak in Israel’s Holocaust memorial museum marking 75 years for the liberation of Auschwitz, while Poland decided to boycott the event since Putin mentioned earlier that the Polish ambassador to Berlin prior to the war, Józef Lipski, was an anti-Semite. It is true that Poland did not invite Russia to the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, although the camp was liberated by the Red Army and that this year Russia had the opportunity to score a political point with Poland. However, although RT reported that Israel’s Transportation Minister Israel Katz told Putin that “we know who did it” and how grateful he is that the Red Army liberated his mother from Auschwitz, the fact remains that Israel’s Zionist educational system continues to indoctrinate hundreds of thousands of Israeli youth that the Jews faced the Nazis all alone with help from no one, and that Israel therefore can rely on no one today. Similarly, while Israeli ministers may tell the Russians that they are grateful for the role played by the Red Army, they do not use the same language when speaking to an Israeli audience. Instead, they once again, rely on Israel’s exclusive victim hood and its inability to trust anyone else (while at the same time relying on extensive US support).

The pardon granted by Putin for the Israeli-American backpacker in Russia demonstrates the close relationship he enjoys with Netanyahu. It shows how far Putin is willing to go in providing free gifts to the indicted politician that do not bring peace any closer, not do they help Russia’s national interest nor its status as a regional power in the Middle East. In fact, the Putin-Netanyahu relationship can be rightly characterized as a subservient one, in which Putin keeps making concessions while getting little in return.

Israel has long portrayed itself as the gateway to America to both the Russians and the Chinese who are seeking either the ease of the sanctions or a better trade deal. The Chinese,practical as they are and secure in their identity as an Asian power, have learned long ago that this was mostly empty talk. But the Russians, gullible as they are and hungry for western recognition, continue to believe Netanyahu. While RT may try to cover up Putin’s act by providing a revealing picture of the released female backpacker, the Putin-Netanyahu relationship ends with Netanyahu getting the upper hand once again. Meanwhile, the people of the Middle East, Arabs and Jews alike, will have to continue to suffer under Netanyahu, Putin’s favorite for Israel’s leadership.



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  • Zionism = EVIL

    Putin is disgrace for a potentially great country like Russia. He is corrupt to the core and Jew arselicker. Just look at the shameful glee as the little runt looks up to Nutter Yahoo a convicted criminal. Russia deserves better.

  • John

    Can’t agree with the list of the article. Putin does what is good for Russia, that’s it.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      How is kissing the arse of a criminal Jew “good for Russia”? It is humiliating to say the least, just look at the arrogant shifty eyes of the patronizing arsehole Nutter Yahoo. Russia needs a real Russian nationalist at the top. Native Russian Shoygu is the best bet, but the insecure little Putin will probably get rid of him. Jews have total control over the little midget Putin.

      • Harry Smith

        Let us Russians decide ourselves what kind of leader Russia needs. ;)

        • Zionism = EVIL

          The Jews have decided so far. Oligarchs brought in this measly KGB major with no experience after their first puppet Yeltsin drank himself to oblivion. Putin is corrupt to the core.

        • Justin

          He’s dumb dude!
          it was a prisoner exchange!

          Putin has put away so many Jews i cant count! i have a folder full of this shit! can post them any time! Zionism = Evil is dumb! never pay attention to dumb people! u just got to hit them with facts them put them down because its their ego (propped up by misled, self assumed Falsities) that drive them! u have to put that shit out like a firemen with a fire hose! Trolling is the Apex Predator tactic that puts dumb asses back into line!

          Troll away!

      • Justin

        How is being WRONG good for SouthFront Forums? (YES YOU!)
        1. nobody hates Jews more than me! NOBODY
        2. it was a fucking PRISONER EXCHANGE you uninformed DUMB CUNT!


        Now u can apologise!
        I KNOW U WONT!
        Therefore u are WillFully ignorant and are complaining because u are biased!
        Therefore u have been exposed as a stupid cunt worth ignoring!
        Next u will hit back at me to save face!
        u will fail when i show u more screen shots of Jews getting Fucked up by Putin!
        Then u will make excuses for those
        Then ill show more!
        Then u will go silent and stop replying!

      • Justin

        May God have mercy on your “too lazy to look it up” soul!
        Laziness = stupidy!
        Zionsim = Evil = Dumb Cunt!
        Dont saysorry guys, my bad, i didnt know it was a prisoner exchange”! Dont say it! Wear this Shame like a Crown of Thorns! Humble urself! life needs its learning lessons! This is how we sort out alpha’s from beta’s! now fuck off Beta Male!


    • Albert Pike

      This guy here from Chabad Lubavitch says: ‘Putin may be not good for the Russians, but he is most certainly good for the Jews’


      And this guy should know – that’s it.

      • Justin
      • Justin

        Biggest Jewish Oligarch in Russia (who controlled Yeltsin and the position of Prime minister)
        Dead by his own silk scarf!

        Yet u have the nerve to doubt Putin?
        I suppose Putin in Syria helped Israel yeah?
        there are many reasons why putin is in Syria! Energy transit routes, protecting his market place in Europe, etc etc! All red lines for his national security of Russia!
        But as for Israel its to do with the NATO missile batteries in eastern Europe! Those batteries contain Russia! allowing NATO countries to attack Russia yet defend a counter attack at the same time! its a Shield! Those batteries can also act as offensive batteries!

        So if Russia is contained, so too is precious Israel! Via Syria using an Iranian threat! When Israel ups the anti, Putin responds with an equal escalation all the way up to S-300’s, Pantsirs and Iskander’s!

        Now Israel is contained!
        Russia controls their lapdog (Iran) if Israel controls their lapdog (NATO, UN and USA)
        Smart! Logical!

        if u dont see this u are stupid!

        • Albert Pike

          Don’t shoot the messenger. Anyway those are buddies of his friend Berel Lazar. Also remember this book here: https://www.movimentoroosevelt.com/news/per-dipartimento/movimento-roosevelt/free-masonry-shocking-book-of-the-italian-grand-master-gioele-magaldi-the-discovery-of-the-ur-lodges.html
          Putin is in it, and all the other actors too: https://www.lochmann-verlag.com/massoni_chapters_1_to_9.pdf

          So wake up – Putin is part of the script…

          • Justin

            No he isnt!
            What u dont know, nor your books is that Putin wasnt just put into power by the help of the KGB/FSB but also by USA military intelligence! (logical reason why and very easy to understand. if u want to be educated on this let me know! thats what i do! i educate people)
            So the plan he is apart of is a US MILITARY INTELLIGENCE plan!
            AND THE US MILITARY INTELLIGENCE are killing Israel!
            i can prove this!
            i can prove it in 5 minutes straight from the mouth of a Jew who worked under Kissenger (whom your book mentions)

            Oh shit, did i just fuck up your world view?
            damn, sorry about that!
            people tend to get depressed when u fuck up what they thought they knew for many many years!

            let me know if u would like to hear it from teh former US undersecretary and deputy secretary of state and former head of Black ops!

            i can even prove what i am saying with words (dont even need to send u a video)

            here are some words to fuck up what u thought u knew!
            u ready??
            Ehud Barak

            Doesnt help? hahaha then u dont know then do u!
            u need video?
            u need books?
            choose your poison! i tried to make it short and sweet!
            need more hints?? okay….
            The Art of War (written by who?)
            The Art of the Deal (written by who?)

            “All warfare is based on deception”?
            “Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”?
            Name Jerusalem the capital?
            Name Golan heights israeli land?
            Official at the UN?
            Who benefits? (Israel?)
            Who really benefits? (Trump gains trust and support of Jews?)
            “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”!

            i actually KNOW (not think) whats going on!
            Putin and Trump have the same enemies!
            Idiots, morons, dumb cunts who THINK they know actually think Trump is helping Israel! WRONG!!!!! the same is with Putin!

            and i bet a guy like u doesnt even know that Russia and the USA are going to be OFFICIAL allies after the 2020 US election (in 2021)

            u dont even know there is an intelligence war going on do u!
            i bet u fuckin dont!

            So remember, im the person who tells YOU whats what!
            u dont tell me!
            im the fuckin King on this website!
            and i will PROVE u wrong!

          • Albert Pike

            Yes you are King… and Trumps daughter has jewish babies, just that Trump can keep his enemies closer – I understand, and Q -or Gen. ret.Paul E. Vallely- is also just a Zionist to fool everybody. I would love to believe that, King Justin…

          • Justin

            I suppose Ehud Barak being in prison (the head of Mossad) isnt enough!
            the assassination of Jacob Rothschild isnt enough either!
            You have no idea, None! lets just leave it at that shall we!
            Human Trafficking, Drug trafficking and pedofile rings whose funds are laundered by Giant Jewish owned banks are being taken down as we speak! i know this because my own sister in law is involved in this (she is on the dark side) and is in the middle of a Royal Commission!

            listen carefully like u are only 7 years old and im about to tell u the answers to the universe:
            Israel is about to become a US military base, just like Germany and Japan! Occupied! Not the other way around!
            Russia and USA are already unofficial allies!
            if this fucks up your self educated world view then ure going to have to suck it up sunshine! Cause im RIGHT!
            u just werent quite smart enough after all to figure it out!
            but i was :)
            Does this make me better than u?
            To be honest, yes it does! it makes me better than u!
            Deal with it!

          • Albert Pike

            Yes, dear King, that would be nice if somebody had clipped the Pindar -just No- we would know. Anyway this guy here seems to be the up an coming:
            So dear King – do him too…

          • Justin

            so my original counter narrative which was false was that Putin was doing a prisoner exchange, not sucking Israel’s dick!
            Bibi wanted this as leverage for his re-election!
            im right and everyone on this site had no fucking idea! i knew! and the guys i proved wrong kept their mouths shut! didnt even reply! they just shut their mouths REAL QUICK when i hammered them with this info!
            i KNOW whats going on!
            i send YOU the info, not the other way around!

          • Justin
          • Albert Pike
          • Justin

            you are welcome!
            let me know when u want to know whats going on!
            because im the man!

    • Vitex

      I am reminded that Hitler went to war against the jews and he lost. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

      • Mikael

        Hitlerdidn’ t go at war against jews but against Russians .
        Jews took him at power to occupy Palestina and when it was done they eleminated the unuseful puppet . Holocaust is a zionist creation : everybody knows !

    • Justin

      i agree! Keeping that women granted leverage! This article is trying to make Putin look stupid! Putin has the upper hand by far with the red painted map in Syria! My guess is the NATO missile batteries in Eastern Europe! Because if Russia is contained by them, so shall be Israel! Im sure a deal is being worked out between them.

    • Justin


    • Justin
  • Xoli Xoli

    Holocaust is Israel UN and USA hoax. Why is there no commemoration of Iraqi death caused by USA,FRANCE and British. Why is there no commemoration for the killing of Libyan and Syrian by USANATO anf Saudi Arabia Israel lies.Why is there no commemoration for the people who died in Africa and entire world because of USA NATO oppression and sanctions.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Holohoax is a Hollywood production and even western populations are getting fed up and hence the Bilderberg need for a global police state with mass surveillance and censorship. It will backfire.

      • Justin

        Why should we take you seriously when u were / are wrong (proven fact) with the Israeli female prisoner in Russia? if u are too dumb to know it was a prisoner exchange, why would people think u know anything about the “Holohoax”? We already know (well i do) that youre full of shit! takes 60 seconds to find out why Putin made the deal with Bibi! Prisoner Exchange! but u THOUGHT U KNEW BETTER!

        look down the page, im letting everyone know u made a stupid call based on your own ignorance and biased, dumb ass, self educated (but poorly) view of the world! im your new master now! u will become my Gimp! if i find u saying anymore dumb OPINIONS that can be proven wrong in 30 seconds, im gonna follow u, stalk u and troll u! UNTIL YOU LEAVE!

        THIS IS A THREAT! not a warning!
        I (i made myself the alpha male authority) have decided on my own, that im gonna fuck u up! i hate Jews more than u! i can prove it! i just dont need to make it my title! and i can also use search engines (because u cant which has been proven with ur Putin comment)!

        u are now my bitch! do u understand??

    • Justin

      Because poodles cant punish pit bulls! You know that! So why are you sounding like a leftist in search of endorphins from victimhood! I noted your complaints were questions! Try making statements as they will make u sound more like a man or someone who exposes contradictions!

      • Xoli Xoli

        Let me tell you .Fundamentally you cant make statements without factual reasons.Mutually we dont do thinks to get credit because we want to show our man hood. Always and generally we give benefit of the doubts.Even in court of justice you 8nform the suspect of his rights and serve him with disclosure of the victims accusations copies.Stop jumping in arguments like a jealous wife or like a hungry fly which is looking for place to shit.So please be informed that Israel holocaust is a specially organized event to play blame card and pretend as victim for money generating purposes.

        • Justin

          1. this is a forum! Jumping into arguments, discussions and debates is what happens in a forum! Thats why there are “likes” and “dislike” buttons! You are fooling yourself making this comment! look at every forum on ANY site! this is the world we live in especially with geopolitics! u lost BIG points making that comment!

          2. Your comments are foolish! Why? Because the UN does NOT recognise Jerusalem as israel’s capital nor the Golan Heights belonging to Israel! In fact the USA and the UN are at locker heads with this! Also USA has pulled out of the UN Humans rights council and has begun its own investigations into human trafficking!! Therefore putting both into one basket is foolish! You see i made a statement here! Not a question!

          As for Iraq. Yes they killed many Iraqi’s as Trump said was wrong to invade the ME! But Iraq invaded / attacked Iran and used (US supplied) Chemical weapons on Iran and Kurds! So now u have to state this also if u are going to be fair! u have to state Iraq’s blame also! Where is it? i dont see u blaming Iraq! oh u are going to blame that on the USA too? Why not blame it on Sunni’s? Why not blame it on Saudi? Why not blame it on Iran? Why not blame it on the FORCED Islamization of Iran’s political system (its both a religion and political ideology for which the Ayatollah has complete control)? Why not blame it on Khomeini because the shah was making Iran awesome! He was building Iran’s own defence making facilities, building schools, improving welfare and health! In fact he gave women the right to vote! So why not blame Iran?

          u are biased! u leave out other things that should also be blamed and questioned! Why do u think Iranian’s are revolting and celebrating the Generals death? Are u going to give me SouthFronts point of view?

          Question why u think the way u do!
          Find out answers!
          Then make statements!

          • Xoli Xoli

            Is this a bible or a Quran that you have drafted to me.Dont get confuse.UN is USA funded organization. If USA withdraw it will collapse. United Nations Human rights Council is not United Nations (UN).Israel is the driving force of USA. All the Israel billionaires are part of lobby team.All chaose in Middle East are cause by Israel and USA with the puppets like Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Israel bomb Twin towers and in 80s USA warship why is the no revenge smart guy.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Please try to understand the hidden agenda of USA,France,Britain and Israel.It is base on divide and rule. Saddam got his education in USA.Saddam were used by USA and Israel to invades Iran and destabilizes .All chemical weapons were supplied by France,British and USA.When all attempts failed their turn against Saddam with accusations of he gas his people the Kurdsh.Gaddafi and Assad were France and British favored persons just because of oil,gold and gas deals.

          • “What u dont know is that Trump is not for Israel he is against it! – Really? What planet are you from? Do you know anything about the history of Zionism or of Trump? If so, then please share your erudition. Try not to use foul language or ad hominem attacks.

          • Justin

            Firstly i have PROVEN 2 trolls wrong!
            Z.P! For his statement that Turks are not mixed Europeans as well as Mongolian!

            Then i proved Zionism = Evil wrong! He accused Putin of working with Israel and being an israeli puppet! i then went on to PROVE that the Israeli women who was held and imprisoned by Russia for trafficking Hashish was not a gift to Bibi’s re-election campaign, it was a prisoner exchange!

            What i DO, is PROVE and DISPROVE and i also Accuse people of being dumb, ignorant or biased trolls!
            Thats what i do! if u dont like it, just block me! its that simple, takes 1.5 seconds to do it buddy!

            But since u wont do it, something tells me u want to learn something! Am i right? Would u like to learn something brtanner? or are u just here to point me out as a bully!

            Let me know when u are serious!
            And yes i can PROVE (not show evidence) that Trump is fucking Israel!

          • Justin

            What? u dont like the way i disprove people?
            They accuse Putin of being an Israeli puppet!
            Im not allowed to call them dumb because they didnt take 30 seconds of their time to google it?
            oh how bad of me! lock me up and throw away the key!
            i sense u are a very, very soft man brtanner! Very soft indeed! You’d make a good clerk in the defence force of Luxembourg!

          • Justin

            Would u like to hear from the former head of Black ops?
            Would u like to hear it from a Polish Jew?
            Would u like to hear it from the former under secretary
            Would u like to hear it from the former deputy assistant for Sec of State?
            Is the name Epstein Jewish?
            What was Epsetin island used for?
            Black mail?
            Drug trafficking between north and south america?
            Human trafficking?
            Could it have been a Mossad operation to blackmail and control politicians and control US foreign policy?
            Ghislane maxwell’s father was the a Mossad operative (their most decorated)
            She is the one who setup up underage girls with Prince andrew!
            She was living in Boston with a man who ran a Transport GPS trafficking company and is contracted to the US military!
            Listen to 2 videos and read between the lines and remember these words in regards to israel!
            “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”!
            How do u keep ur enemy (Israel closer?) THINK!!

            Listen to trump’s words CAREFULLY! (the storm)

            If u truly want to know whats going on! TRULY!
            Ask me, i will lead u to information that will blow your mind away!
            But drop that attitude!
            im on your side!
            Israel is going down! TRUST ME!

            The former
            Israeli PM and Mossad chief is in Jail NOW!

    • Selbstdenker

      If the story of the killings in Auschwitz were right, why didn’t Israel ask for compensation in 1952 when they agreed the Luxembourg agreement with western Germany? The red cross in Arolsen, Germany gave the total registered death tolls, which were much less then the figures used by Israel. It also informed about death by disease, which was also caused by mal nutrition due to the bombing of transport infrastructure, and prevented food to reach the concentration camps.
      Last point always stressed: burning of corpses in crematoria ovens. It is stated, that several corpses were put in one oven to speed up the burning, and to explain, how the claimed amount of bodies could be burned in the short available time frame. But from a crematoria point of view, one corpse need a specific amount of energy and time to be burned to ashes. Adding more mass increases the needed energy and time. So, if you put more bodies in one oven, the process takes much longer then burning one by one.

  • Lazy Gamer

    There was nothing lost when Putin pardoned the Israeli woman. This is because the Russian Courts had their say and convicted her. Almost all states recognize the power of the executive to pardon. What would be a bit harmful was if he personally allowed the girl to leave before conviction. But even then, that still presents to be a valid political issue provided there were representations from the other State. Besides, Issachar was merely in transit. Really, Russia did not lose out there.
    On the other hand, it seems really stupid for a backpacker not to observe or not to familiarize herself with the laws of the place she is stopping over, assuming the facts are the same as reported. However, there is something unusual with the way she precisely had that particular weight of drugs, coming from India, and stopping over at Russia.

    • Free man

      You can add that Israel paid dearly for this pardoned.

  • James Kira

    putin lost my support when he started bombing Aleppo with unprecedented brutality.

    He said he would use Syria as a testing ground and did it.

    This is the third time iran is caught allying with nonMuslims against Muslims. Once in Afghanistan leading to the current stooge government run by americuck backed by zios, twice after giving Iraq to americunt via elections, and three times after setting up an operation center in Iraq to enter Syria.

    asshead almost lost and so ran to putin crying for help and licking putins balls and becoming putins slave and cucking his wife to the public. Without any dignity left asshead vowed to rid Syria of his enemies.

    But fact of the matter is asshead is a cuck and deserves no respect even if hes a half-assed Believer.

    soleimani fell into the sectarian nationalist apostate hole by secretly scheming against Believers with all these half asses and idiots.

    The entire ProPalestinian movement fell into the hands of these idiots, partially because isis was run by that idiot and traitor bagdadi and pushed the entire movement towards the new world heros.

    It was going well but clearly these leaders had their own ambitions and the entire cause fell down the toilet at the expense of mostly Sunnis.

    But really its the admins at ShiaChat that, despite having knowledge, got lazy, and let a few rules slip here and there, and the sectarian pandoras box was released.

    No doubt ShiaChat unwittingly helped zios, nato, and now commies, by driving the sectarian wedge to unremovable depths.

    The entire world including nonMuslims suffered while khamenei nasrullah soleimani sistani and sadr took the Shia movement as their own, exactly like what isis did.

    And now this Shia Crescent will never recover after what its hands have done.

    Iran has its hands tied with russia and russia has its hands tied with kikerael, the synagogue of shaytan(la).

    iran is the brother in the sufyanis army that went to the sufyani (nato and regreted it) and isis is the brother who went to Imam AlMahdi(as), ironically.

    Former isis members around the world have stopped honking about deaddadi and now try to fit into society even claiming to await Imam AlMahdi(as).

    assads murder of Muslims has surpassed isis kikerael and americucks combined in recent history.

    asshead doesnt even have enough money to send his cucked wife to the beauty salon to get a wig, let alone pay bloodmoney anymore.

    So now we will see the assheadist movement die just like the zionist movement died thanks to research in the early 2000s which crushed the ashkenazi Cohanim Theory.

    And dont worry, putin the murderer who used Syria as a testing ground on Human test subjects, will find his fate very soon (next to bush cheney mcain soleimani bagdadi and the slew of political and business leaders slated to face divine Justice).

    They could have been heros but f7cked up, and it was assheadists that fed their egos to their peril.

    • Kananda

      when he started bombing Aleppo with unprecedented brutality.

      this is lie

      • James Kira

        even america has not had a scorched earth policy and Ill clause it with, in recent times.

        The flattening of Syrian cities is unprecedented.

        And please I dont gaf about your threads so stay away from mine, please.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          Touchy little faggots with fuckall FACTS. The Americunt cowardly arseholes nuked a surrendering Japan and have killed 30 million civilians since then. What do you think they did in Iraq and Afghanistan, buy ice-cream for the kids? How about Vietnam? eh.

          • James Kira

            I was born when Vietnam ended and my Dad was a survivor of Hiroshima, and Taliban are willing to not blame putin for the soviet invasion if you can understand.

            Even if hes still a commie. I say recent times because I get live feeds about asshead and putin daily dropping bombs just like kikes americunts and commies.

            And f7ck canada also, Im never going back to that shithole.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            You sound like an OK guy, but remember the choice in Syria with headchoppers is not that great. Wahhabi scum will take Syria back to stone ages. The Taliban are a Pakistani creation.

          • James Kira

            I dont have the energy to debate or frolick with assheadists, just like I have zero tolerance for kikes and merkunts.

            So go believe what you do and spread what you want.

            My goal is to end assheadism just like I did to crush kikesism and bagdadis idiotology.

            If you are offended all I have to say is Syria is unprecedented and its at the hands of asshead russia iran soleimani nusrallah khamenei sadr asma syrian gurl, etc.

            And give me 3 years until it sinks in.

            isis was 5 yrs of my time crushing their ideology and before that zionism for 10 years.

            And before that ShiaChat. And before that north americunts.

            My target is not assheadists, but Iranians allied with them, as well as Hezbollah, because Im Shia and only want to debate with Shia, because they know they are traitors to Imam Ali(as).

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Sorry, I thought you were normal, but you sound like an Islamist Wahhabist freak. A Paki or an Sunni Arab brainwashed fuckwit. Assad is the best choice for Syria and here to stay. Go suck a Jew dick.

          • James Kira

            Im actually a Mashhadi, and christians are the biggest kike dong lickers, even you know that.

            And theres no way you are Buddhist or Shinto so please leave me alone or fetch me a real Shia Theologist, and I can show you my Shia Theological Dong so to speak.

          • Thim Page

            Allah is buttramming Mohammed in hell right now. Mohound is screaming Allahu Ackbarl

          • Kananda

            you are liar

            by the way, i am kanaNda, not canada

          • Krapanda by the way, you are a piece of shit. A dumb monkey turd from Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania or some other vassal shithole owned by Yanks.

          • Kananda

            hello, zionist! howdy? :)))

        • good american

          Civilians in Raqqa might disagree with you about US scorched earth policies. They are the Evil Empire. No one else comes close.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            How about the 6 million Vietnamese, 2 million Koreans and so on ?

          • good american

            Well, in school they told me that they were killed for their own good, so it must have been ok….
            It’s crazy how the US can murder with impunity and everyone still thinks the US as being good. Loco.

          • James Kira

            Well that evil empire is sitting back watching russia do it exactly as the kikes planned is my point.

            If you cant see the same in Idlib, then we can let our Creator(swt) decide what Good and evil means.

            To me there is no such thing as good americunt as youve pointed out, and I will never go back to north americunt soil ever, so help me God(swt).

          • James Kira

            And I will never go back to iran china or ever think to go to russia.

            Im running out of places to be, but I dont want any part in the above cuntries.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            There is flight to Mars, how bout them Martians?

          • good american

            The Russians are helping to destroy alqaeda and ISIS, both supplied and operated by the US and Israel, and helping to build the Shia Crescent. How does that help the Israelis? Perhaps you have Russian Derangement Syndrome?

          • James Kira

            The Shia Crescent is my Dong so to speak, and I spent years building it up, even before many were born.

            I gave russia the means to defend against americuck and kikerael, but did I say it was ok to bomb Aleppo, no because there were and are no americucks and kikraelis there.

            So is it me on a derangement syndrome, according to this article it questions putin.

            Im not even saying russia should abruptly attack mercunt or kikerael, Im saying that he wont be able to unless Shias unite with Sunni Rebels and not sunni cucks.

            Because we need Strong Believing Real Men, not stooges or mercenaries, because pussies cant wont and dont fight.

            Only Men with balls can fight, and only jews scheme, like those in the article.

          • good american


          • James Kira

            Good idea, but its you on my thread, and not the other way around.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            What’s with the SWT, a new model of the Russian MIG-29. There is no “Creator”, rather a mental crater for brainwashed desert fuckwits. Read the big bang theory, no its not a online porno website either :)

          • It means either he is a Moslem, or is pretending to be one.

        • Kananda

          look at raqqa and compare it with aleppo

          or what did yanks in falluja in iraq….

      • You are a lie. Dumb, cheap, miserable moronic lie.

        Aleppo was a frontline for 3-4 years before any russian intervention, and already in ruins. Unlike Raqqa which was completely and utterly destroyed by american monstrous genocidal bombing (not to mention completely illegal). Facts…. not your imbecilic lies. Yeah, I know you love to lick american rectums, that’s your only purpose little bitch. On you knees and keep sucking!

        • Kananda

          child, first learn to read. :P

  • Kananda

    Rusia is weak. The uclear arsenal saves it from direct attacks, but in other situations Russia has almost zero significance.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russian economy is smaller than Italy’s and with oil prices headed to $40 there is major economic problems coming. The Americunts are trying again to co-op Russia against China. Putin has very limited myopic grasp of new geo-political realities.

      • Xoli Xoli

        I fully agree as this is a current plan from Israel and USA finances Saudi Arabia to push USA further in this trap with Pence,Satanyahu and Pompeo lies.Useless racist Trump full honor to give unchecked attack command

        • Zionism = EVIL

          You are one of the smarter ones here with a good grasp of reality.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Thank you.

        • RichardD

          Your English and reasoning are as bad as the retard Jens Holms.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Thank you for the compliment of the seasons.Atlease we try your language but you cant try a single word of our languages .

          • RichardD

            It’s not a compliment. I could use your languages with a translator, but I have no interest in it at this time.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Why should you use a translator if you cant understand yourself and the language that you claiming to speak.

          • RichardD

            Coming from someone who regularly butchers the English language your comment is obvious nonsense. I’m an hereditary English speaker from the language’s inception. I speak north American English, which is the language’s largest, and arguably most highly developed dialect.

            I took 6 weeks of middle school French and 2 years of high school Spanish. I’m assuming that none of these languages are the one that you primarily speak. That’s why I’d use a translator if I was interested in speaking your primary language. Which at this time I’m not.

            If I wanted to communicate in the higher IQ off planet languages that I’m currently exposed to and grappling with. I’d work to raise my IQ to their level. I’m more interested in investesting my time learning thair language than your language.

          • Xoli Xoli

            By all means try at least a single word from my native language. No wonder you think your English and pound is supreme.That is why you and your queen break away from European Union. Richard thanks for being my opponent. But know that your reasoning is fòolish.For centuries English were used by the British to imposed on other ethnic groups for the purposes of colonization.In USA English were imposed on native red Indians. In Africa against black.In Middle East against Arab and Muslim.In Assia against Chinese and Koreans. You are self centered minded human shit

          • RichardD

            Not only is your ability to write English lousy, so is your ability to read it. I said that I speak American, not British, English. People with my last name have been here since at least the Mayflower, if not earlier.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Who cares wither you speak English.I have no interest in your name either. I pass all American and British exams with distinction obtain all qualifications. You cant even utter a word from my language.I dont care about your language.Cant you see even France,Russian and China heads etcetera speaks in their native language.English were used for centuries to oppress none English.Besides all I am here in support of Syrian regime not your imperialist racist tendencies. But you are more then welcome to talk rubbish.

          • RichardD

            Your English is so bad that you appear to suffer from some type of learning disability.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Find out my spy.

          • Xoli Xoli

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          • RichardD

            You’re a moron talking out of both sides of your mouth saying that I’m English and American. They’re two different nationalities.

            My English is excellent. Your’s is barely legible

          • Xoli Xoli

            There are no two nationalities that is lie. The Red Indians are original inhabitants. Always remember that you are British slave who were brought into America to cultivate and built.
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          • RichardD

            You’re sick in the head.

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          • Xoli Xoli

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          • Xoli Xoli

            How to you know that I am sick.Now why did you first start argument with a sick man as you claim.Fake docter who makes decisions on perception instead of testing and diagnosing.No wonder intruder American’s always accused peaceful Syrian Regime,North Korea,Venezuela and Iran.

          • RichardD

            You didn’t answer the question. Have you ever been institutionalized?

          • Xoli Xoli

            Is this not your responsibility since you are so concern.

          • RichardD

            You’ve spammed the thread with a ton of depraved insanity. It’s a rational question. If you want to provide further evidence of your insanity. Just keep typing.

          • Xoli Xoli

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          • RichardD

            You’ve proved my point.

          • Xoli Xoli

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          • RichardD

            You can’t conduct a rational debate with an irrational degenerate head case like you.

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          • RichardD

            You’re wasting my time and the sites thread space with your idiocy. I don’t speak retard. Which is why I don’t read or reply to all of the posts the Jens Holms writes to me. You’re soon to go on the retard list.

          • Xoli Xoli

            Leave Jense Holms alone.The argument is between you and me.Atlease him Assad must stay,ZP,PZIV,ruca,Karen ,Jake’s ,Mr Loder and many more are speaking very brilliant English.Which I really admire.Not that foreign USA intruder illegal immigrant English shit of yours.It even piss off Trump. For years in USA I used to proposed with your fake English. Hi wassup girl ain’t no nigga. You get my fukkin russian bitch I’ll take some grants deal .

          • Xoli Xoli

            What time to you have if you sit the whole day and taping your heads bullshit.One retard knows other retard and idiocy.Attack me devil just as you attacked biblical Job.

      • RichardD

        Isn’t it about time that you admit that you’re wrong? The myopic grasp of reality is your’s. The last time that we had this debate was before the Kurds caved and the SAA and company swarmed the NE with the NATO flunkies in full retreat. And the Turks and their terrorists got overrun in a significant part of the Idlib dmz.

    • Free man

      Russia is a global power a lot thanks to Putin being an unusually talented leader. As a leader of Russia he looks after the interests of Russia not of other countries like the Islamic Jihadist Republic of Iran.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Iran obsessed Jew PUNK is back ROFLMAO.

        • Free man

          As I’ve written before, you’re a psychopath who promotes death and war everywhere.
          Sometimes you support Iran and sometimes you against it, sometimes you support Russia and sometimes against it. But you are always consistent in supporting wars and deaths.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Arsehole, you have one dimensional propaganda line on every blog. I know who you are fuckwit. Try peddling your Iranophobia some place else. Russia is great nation but let down by poor corrupt Czars, with the exception of Peter, and then the fucking Jew Bolsheviks and now third rate Jew KGB flunkies like Putin. Russia needs another revolution.

          • Free man

            “I know who you are fuckwit.” – You know sh1t.
            You’re an impostor. Pretending to know things you don’t know, pretending to be a former military man, pretending to be mentally healthy.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            haha got to hasbara again :)

          • Free man

            2 pink pills Now.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            hahaha Jew rat squirming……

      • Kananda

        Not global power. Russia has no influence in Middle-Est (half-szria is nothing, in south asia, in east asia, in africa, in australia, in oceania, in central america, in south america.

        local middle might. that is.

        • Traiano Welcome

          Looking at Syria I would say Russia has impressive influence in the Middle East. Did you see how they rolled back the falling dominoes when not even the US could ? They turned back a tide none of these weak states could resist.

        • A Canadian ukrop troll trashing Russia. Your opinion on the strength of Russia is not what is relevant. What is relevant is that practically speaking, the Russian military is top notch. No one is a god, but you would have to be down right an idiot to challenge Russia. Those who have tried mostly lay in ruins.

          • Kananda

            Sasha, try to argue!

            ili poytyi damoy :P

            btw. kanaNda =/= canada

          • There is nothing for us to argue over really, you don’t present an argument. You sort of throw out a bunch of unsupported opinion, statements of quality that isnt strictly speaking worth discrediting.

            Your russian is particularly poor, embarrassingly so. I imagine your knowledge of russia is summarized in this song.


          • cechas vodobenikov

            panyatno—-ignore the packuda

        • RichardD

          You’re a fool and Zionist shill spewing nonsense. Russia and the SCO led by Russia and China have enormous influence in Asia, the middle east and elsewhere. Just ask the Syrians, Iranians, Venezuelans and Cubans.

        • Your ass must get jealous of all the shit that comes out of your filthy mouth… Everything you say is literally 100% garbage. of course Russia has influence in the Middle East (try to read this text if you know to read dumb monkey), or in Africa, and East Asia, and South America… “australia, oceania” lol try harder you pathetic little braindead monkey.

          You bitches have no influence in your own shitty, pathetic vassal ‘country’. you’re just a bunch of worthless american whores and slaves. Now keep sucking american anus.

          • Kananda

            zionist animal, i blocked you :DD

    • Traiano Welcome

      Strength, is when Putin takes Crimea and all the Western powers can do is stand and watch.

      Russia has the ability to destroy the world multiple times over. Nobody in his right mind would call this “weakness”. The Georgians would agree with me. So would ISIS (though not in public, I expect)

    • RichardD

      You’ve got it backwards. Russia and it’s allies can destroy the US military and NATO conventionally. As demonstrated in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. That’s why the Jew world order global rampage and killing spree has been shut down in Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and elsewhere.

    • You monkey brain is weak and mostly dead you pathetic dumb shiteater… not just Russia can destroy entire NATO in two hours, Russia is almost 1/7 of planet Earth you braindead monkey.
      zero significance? That’s why western media nad politicians ar eo sickly and hysteriically obsessed with Russia huh? your miserable existence and idiotic trolling is “zero significance”, totally worthless garbage. at least learn proper english when you suck american buttholes you cheap NATO whore.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Russia is not weak Putin is risky and Russian downfall. Putin still wishes the days when he was KGB head and coordinated with USA for weapons testing on weaker countries.Whereby each superpower chooses a opposing sides for weapons testing.

    • Kananda

      russia IS weak. it´s GDP is on level of Italy.

      What do you mean, why changed putin the government? because it was not able to stabilize the economy. look at the new government. young technocrats.

      • Xoli Xoli

        Again Russia is not weak it under severe sanctions of USA,France,Britain,Germany and puppets. If Russia was weak it could have collapsed long time ago.BBC,MSM,VOICE OF AMERICA AND CNN are all corrupt fake news dont believe that ship.Even for month Italy wont carry Russian expenses.Brittain,France economy depends on Africa diamonds and resources including Middle East resources and gold.You will be suprise if I tell you that Britain,France and Italy GDP is less then Russia.Even Iran,Iraq,Syria and Libya that is why USA under Israel advise destroy all competitors. Yes if you say Putin is weak then I will agree.

      • Traiano Welcome

        Russia does not need a GDP. Look at the map.
        A GDP is for countries that must trade for dear life.
        Russia is fully sustainable with a GDP of 0.
        Italy’s GDP doesn’t change the fact that it’s a midget on the world stage, without power or influence.

        • Z.P.

          All Russia haters use that same false argument !
          False GDP argument is to use usual US propaganda.
          Cost of living in Russia is much lower than in Italy (thus better quality of life for less money)
          Nobody talks about more factual GDP-PPP =”purchasing power parity” or GDP that shows real income and quality of living for what was earned
          Russia on such list is 5th. or 6th by IMF and World Bank lists!

          Definition of GDP-PPP from Wikipedia:
          “GDP comparisons using PPP are arguably more useful than those using nominal GDP when assessing a nation’s domestic market because PPP takes into account the relative cost of local goods, services and inflation”


          • cechas vodobenikov

            precisely—by ppp, Russia is the 5th largest economy—-while France, Germany, Italy r contracting, the Russian economy, DESPITE SANCTIONS, is growing

          • Z.P.

            I took those infos from Wikipedia (that can’t be credible source) and claimed World Bank and IMF listings.
            I can only rejoice if you are right.
            Do you have any credible source for your info maybe?

            I know that “, the Russian economy, DESPITE SANCTIONS, is growing”
            It was projection about 1.5% (I think) which is still much better than many EU economies have.

          • Z.P.

            Can you maybe explain to me why Russia needs anti-ship coastal defenses on the Caspian coast?
            If they already have by far the strongest navy in Caspian sea?
            And who on earth can challenge Russia there ?

      • RichardD

        Russia is anything but weak. It has the most advanced weapons in key areas. And $500 billion in cash and gold with almost no national debt. While it doesn’t have a high economic growth rate at this time. Hopefully that will change with the new government. It also isn’t spending what growth rate it has on debt service like most other nations.

        So when it does ramp up it’s growth rate. If it does it without running up the debt to do it. It will have a lot more net income and will be ahead of the pack.

  • JoeAlpha

    Ok, let’s write an article whose reality cannot be confirmed (just a weak analysis and a rough assessment of what is happening in the meantime) and let’s see supporters of the resistance against Anglozionis/NATO fighting with each other. Let them fight over a show that is only visible on the stage, even though behind the scenes the reality is different. One score for the anglozionists/NATO for their success in dividing their opponents.

  • Saint Russ

    This text lose credibility when says ”Moreover, Netanyahu claims credit for persuading US President Trump to drop out of the nuclear agreement with Iran, an agreement supported by Russia.”

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Russia and China were both parties to the illegal sanctions on Iran and the destruction of Iraq and Libya as well. They authorized the NATO wars. The whole Anglo-Americunt post WW2 Jew infected UN system needs to be dismantled as it simply does not represent current global realities.

      • RichardD

        A UN convention similar to the abolition of slavery abolishing Judaism should be passed and ratified to dejudify the planet so that it’s Jew free.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Greatest influence on U.S. neocon policy is Israel.

    • verner

      putin has visited tel aviv for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz otherwise it’s always netanyahu that travels to moscow trying to sell whatever he needs tosell – on the ‘deal of the century’ putin has said it leaves a lot to be desired and that’s it – no underwriting by the russians.

  • Z.P.

    Author of the article is:
    Joshua Tartakovsky is an Israeli-American “independent” journalist

    • Free man

      What is not clear to me is why Netanyahu was willing to pay such a high price for this woman. Putin seems to have got a great deal for Russia.

      • Z.P.

        For rising his popularity to win the elections since he is with one foot in prison already.
        Liberation was also valuable election gift for him to receive that women back from Russia and present her liberation as only his merit.
        The 7 years prison (deliberate?) punishment was way out of the proportion for 9 grams of cannabis. So the “liberation” looks even more spectacular (deliberate?) effect.
        So I think that everybody is happy now and Russian Orthodox have their very valuable property in Jerusalem back (paying nothing for that and also Russia not keeping one prisoner for 7 years on tax payer money).

        • Free man

          These are the most expensive “9 grams of cannabis” ever.

        • It was actually a brilliant move.

          What does israel need with church property? this improves relations with Russia, creates more areas where israel and russia work together.

          Establishing a working relationship is pretty much the aim of state craft

          Why would russia want to jail some junki? its what you call a good bargain.

          • Z.P.

            Aleks I didn’t say it wasn’t a “brilliant move”. I agree it was specially for Russia.
            What I suspect is that all was pre-planed.
            Since 7 years of prison for 9 grams of cannabis is way out too much even for the countries with the harshest laws on drugs.
            What people get for few hundred kilos of heroin than? They are burned live maybe?
            The 9 grams of cannabis is for personal use, not for selling drugs.
            I have impression that her sentence was deliberately exaggerated to the maximum proscribed by the law because they knew that it is good possibility to get the favor from Israel for her liberation.
            So they have used that occasion to their advantage.
            Yeah of course why would Russia want to feed person for many years on tax payers expenses?

            9 grams of cannabis hardly makes “junkie”.
            Snoop Dogg puts that much ganja in one joint :-)

          • =) I have nothing against the recreational use of marijuana.

            I agree countries play games like this all the time.

            Snoop dog, haha. yes

          • Z.P.
          • good american

            A dumb girl for a favor is a good deal.

          • Z.P.

            Some people are so blinded by the hate against anything Jewish to see the simple reason behind that event.
            It was just exchange of favors beneficial for both sides.
            Nothing else.

    • Justin

      EASY TO ANSWER! (even though i know u are dub too and have proven it)!
      Prisoner exchange!

      oh and dont forget Turkey and its European DNA links! Plus Mongol!
      (all i do is prove people wrong. thats what u do when u are smarter than everyone else)


  • ke4ram

    Living in a nation owned and operated by Israel (USA) Mr. Putin had better be careful as everything Israel seems to touch turns into a decedent pile of crap. I’d hate to see all his gains for the People of Russia devolve into the insanity the West is presently displaying. I am in hopes his actions will result in a freer Russia and a freer world.

  • iosongasingsing

    Russia is afraid of being pointed out to the world as an enemy of the Jews like Iran and Hezbollah, it doesn’t take anything, just the word of one of them is enough. The chief rabbi of Russia strangely said that Jews are living very well in Russia, it has not happened since the time of Trotsky that they were so enthusiastic about the country. The fact is that Netanyahu is a war criminal and should be tried in the Aja court. Because of his criminal design, 500,000 children died in Iraq. Hitler did not kill so many Jewish children, and today thousands continue to die in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, due to the sanctions of the US Jewish Mamelukes. The story told in Israel that the Jews faced the Nazis is as false as the final solution, never been tried, in the gas chambers, never found. If there had been mass elimination in that way, in the lagers they would have rebelled and we would have known this. US aerial photos on Auschwitz showed no smoke, no mountains of ash for mass extermination. Only in the Warsaw ghetto did we hear of a revolt. The Putin-Netanyahu pact for Russia is no different from the Molotov-Ribbentrop one. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/477094973183230601a87b6663745acabde97324606dc4027cc3c1409a8735cb.jpg

    • verner

      the are of the same ilk and deserve the same end – pistolshot to the head and a generous douse of petrol to help the criminal netanuahu on the way.

    • Z.P.

      There are at least 5 false accounts (Greek names) and few others that are newly opened who up voted you.
      I do not suggest it was you who did that (I can’t be sure though).
      Personally I think those are accounts of neo-NAZI who calls himself Gabriel Hollows.
      The only conclusion is that some paid people with hidden agenda are working hard on this forum.
      This forum is becoming every day more manipulative

      • cechas vodobenikov

        of course she did it—who else?

        • Z.P.

          I have seen these false account up votes before on the same places where Gabriel Hollows would up vote also.
          That’s why I think it was Gabriel Hollows behind those accounts .
          Unless of course “iosongasingsing” is also Gabriel Hollows as well.
          Some people here are sick in their head.
          I can’t even think that they are paid for what they do.
          It is just too much…fanatical.

      • iosongasingsing

        Does Israel’s point of view imply that others should be wiped out? That they cannot exist? This I call totalitarian regime.

        • Z.P.

          And who is stopping you to attack them?
          You know where the IsraHell is !
          If ISIS and Al Qaeda doesn’t attack IsraHell at least we can count on you.

          How many false neo-NAZI accounts are there?
          At least 7 false accounts up voted your comment.
          Why don’t you take those guys with you as well …

          • iosongasingsing

            And who would the Nazis be? Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Roger Waters?

          • Z.P.

            Roger Waters is nice guy.
            Hmm …. who would the Nazis ….

          • iosongasingsing

            Look, you are acting like an idiot, you really Nazi if you feel part of the chosen race, since in Israel you become Olem with DNA test.

          • Z.P.

            Go away pathetic neo-NAZI retard and take your FALSE GREEK accounts with you !
            Person who has 6 false accounts just to up vote himself is lunatic!
            Go away you idiot!

          • iosongasingsing

            In Europe, then, in your opinion, are the 125 million (CNN data) of non-believers in the Holocaust all fake accounts? Congratulations on the content of your brain, if the Jews are all like you, you will go extinct on your own, like the neanderthals. It will not happen, the Naturei karta, my brothers in God, will always remain.

          • Z.P.

            The perfect world would be where Jews and neo-NAZI’s would exterminate each other !
            I don’t give fuck about Holocaust I am not Jew!
            I do not care who believe what about Holocaust !
            I am Slavic Orthodox and we hate NAZI’s and we never forget what they did in WW2 to us and how they have killed already 10 000 ethnic Russians in Donbass !
            So you can go fuck your Jews and they can fuck all of you neo-NAZI’s also!

          • iosongasingsing

            Did it take you so long to say who you are, retarded imbecile? I’m not a Nazi, Hitler considered you Slavs untermenshen.

          • Z.P.

            Of course you are NAZI retard .
            You are just too stupid to know that

          • iosongasingsing

            How far do you go psychopathic, cowardly, frustrated motherfucker hiding behind a keyboard? Get off your balls of shit, you’re a Slavic abortion and an insult to Putin.

  • Traiano Welcome

    Realpolitik, my friends. Realpolitik. There are no friends or enemies in international relations, just momentary acquaintances. It seems for now, Mr. Netanyahu is the Belle of the Ball, and Mr. Putin must woo him like all the other suitors to Power …

  • verner

    no reason for putin to hug each and every leader in the middle east – it’s a situation which will sort itself in due course which putin is well aware of. once syria is liberated with the help of russia, the alliance of zionist enemies can come together and plan the demise of the illegal settlement called israel and the burial of the jews or shipping them somewhere else (the sonora desert in the disunited states of A). first the anti-israel alliance of turkey, syria, iraq and iran and hezbollah will need to get the americans out of iraq, which will be difficult to avoid for the morons) and then make the clown prince realize that iran is a tougher prospect than jared kushner (prime slime extraordinaire in situ) pretends it to be (zero oil shipments out of ras tanura for the next 20 years) and that peace in the middle east depends on the jews being kicked to kingdom come. once there, putin will see the need to side with one group or another and given the situation, the arms deliveries won’t go to israel but to turkey and iran/iraq and syria, cause you wouldn’t want to spend your good will on the jews who are bound to be crushed in holocaust 2.0, brought on themselves by themselves . no viable excuses for holocaust 2.0 will exist and the world will recognize that for a fact!

    the deal of the century is just another stupidity out of the white house concocted by primo slime extraordinaire and odious netanyahu who shortly will swing at the end of a rope from a lamp post. days to behold.

  • Free man

    For a long time now, a campaign of slander against Russia and Putin has been going on, just because Russia acts in accordance with Russian interests.
    In the case of Syria, the interest of Syrian and Russian almost overlap. They both want the same future for Syria. They want Syria to be strong, secular, united and live in peace with its neighbors.
    But those who slander Putin and Russia, are interested in a different future for Syria. But they are too weak to implement their vision and are very frustrated that Russia is not fighting for them.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Putin bowing to his Jewish masters as usual, nothing new here. Russia will never be free until the last remnants of the Soviet power structure are removed from it’s political apparatus, and all Jews banned from participating and financing politics.

  • verner

    you’ve seen putin with all kind of leaders, from mbs, to assad to netanyahu to macron to merkel and so on. where netanyahu is concerned it’s important to remember that it’s always netanyahu travelling to moscow and not the other way around. it means that it is netanyahu who is in need of selling something to putin who never lets on what it was netanyahu is tryig to sell. when it comes to the american delusion ‘ the deal of the century’ putin’s pressman told the world that the deal seems to be off in a number of aspects but nothing more than that. effect is that putin has sided with the nay-sayers which will make the ‘deal of the century’ a hard matter to realize, particularly when about 98 pct of the world’s countries seem to be of that view.

  • Wegan

    Putin knows more than we do about certain things.
    Israeli have access to all US secrets. He needs Netanyahoo and Israel for that.
    We all know how much Israel can influence US policy.

  • RichardD

    Russia needs to be dejudified so that it’s Jew free. In addition to all of their other crimes against Russia. Including their extensive involvement and complicity in the genocide of over 20 million Russians and Soviets last century.

    Jews rape children in Russia every day, infect them with venereal disease, brain damage and murder them with impunity. While non Jewish Russians are given long prison sentences for the same crimes.

    Judaism should be outlawed and abolished in Russia and on our planet.

  • Greg Schofield

    Reading through the comments I am not sure we are reading the same article. It seems that Putin having been approached by the mother of some kid in a Russian jail over a minor issue around the time of the celebration of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army, pardoned her as a sign of good will to the victims of the Holocaust because she was Jewish :—: seems very straightforward to me, to honour the liberation.

    That some request made by the Russian government (was Putin involved?) about the same time about minor matters in regard to a Church in Jerusalem also occurred.

    The article is a nothing, made from nothing. Appealing to anti-Semites it seems. Netanyahu is a crook and war criminal; and was involved to some extent with the assassination of Rabin, who was engaged with the Palestinians. He should meet with a noose, he is also a head of state. So the connection between these two things is what?

  • hvaiallverden

    Exuses, one thing is all the nutts whining an unbelivable row of stupid exuses for Trumpstein, but now, the Ruskies is drooling exuses for Putin, yeah, and then we have the History, witch Putin is lying about the moment He opens His mouth, along with the rat from Poland.
    Every day that goes by confirms the Russians treason, every day we learn that Putin is nothing but an spinless creep, lets the enemy kill anyone incl Russians, and do nothing, and I dont buy this drivel aboiut been an statesman, He is an ex, KGB rat, nothing but a scumbags, and that is what we are seeing this days. But again, I am gratefull, because everybody sees this, the backstabbing Russians, and why on earth would anyone actually belive anything the Russians say anymore and some of you think this will not have consquencess, right now, no, but when the UssA is done here, they will attack Russia, why do you think this Pompeous ass clown was in Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, huh, where an part of the happy head chopping moderates where from, incl Ugyrs and now, in Afganistan and Pakistan witch have feed this wars with people for years.
    I told you dumbf….. 10 years, just await, I bet an buck on that, and then what Ruskies, you will have nobody that will help you, not an single f…. will do that and thats because you are backstabbing everybody just to suck up to Trumpstein & Co.
    In fact Russians are an pathetic people, wannaby Yankikes so hard it hillarious.

    Hurmf, but hey Ruskies do continue, you end up with alianating everybody, those that where dumb enough to belive the Russians, and those that wanted to belive, and now, this, and the howling in the comentary fields where they feed us nothing but lame exuses, do you drukards not seeing that this backstabbings, is and will undermine the credibility, witch for me have evaporated 100%.
    And then we have ww2, yeah, dont for an second think you whom drools the official narrative makes it mutch better. Its just revealing your flip flopping, nothing else, Yeah, thank God I dont have anything to do with Russians, my wife is Russians but they are even worse than me when it comes to whats going on inside Russia, an nation disintigrading, moraly and by greed, and have nothing to offer, nothing because you cant trust them, as long you have cash, yeah, but to belive they will help you otherwise is an pipe dream, right Ruskies, its not Russians obligations what so ever to lift an finger for those they called Alies, or Friends.

    Yeah, I feel akward for even trying to defend this Shabbosh Goy Putin, and the shithole Russia, just to face the facts, Putin is nothing but an rotten lying bastard, just like the Trumpstein.


  • Tommy Jensen

    Come on. 10 grams of marihuana and 7 years prison don’t fit together.

  • Jaime

    I cannot deny that this is disappointing.

  • Assad must stay

    i would expect nothing less of zionist-controlled putin, ugh

  • Veritas Vincit

    While some Russian officials may be unclear as to the relationship between the Russian Federation and Israel, there is no confusion by their Israeli counterparts. The Israelis are very clear as to their relationship with Russia. For example:

    – “For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping [the] Georgian army to prepare for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice.” (War in Georgia: The Israeli connection, YnetNews (Israel), 10/08/2008)

    – Israel’s deliveries of weapons to Ukraine to increase death toll – Putin, TASS, April 18, 2015 (an aspect of broader covert Israeli operations in Ukraine)

    – “What should be troubling to Russia is the extent of the cooperation between Ukraine and Israel in the fields of military and intelligence….. the cooperation between Israel and Ukraine in the field of intelligence is so extensive that Israel saw it fit to appoint Reuven Dinel, a former Mossad agent, as ambassador to Ukraine. It is worth noting that Dinel was caught spying in Russia during the 90s and was subsequently declared persona non grata. So tarnished was Dinel’s reputation that Turkmenistan refused to grant diplomatic status to this enemy of Russia. Ukraine had no such qualms…… Israel is advocating the agenda of oligarchs with dual or multiple citizenships jealously clinging on to assets stolen from the people of Russia. Russia has no choice but to treat Israel as an enemy state.” (Israel’s Role In Ukraine, By Alois Philby, 26 February, 2014)

    – “An Economic War Between Superpowers is Reaching a Global Scale….. In the U.S., an Institute of Economic Warfare (IEW) exists….. It is created by the neocons, and one of leading ideologist’s of which is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle [closely affiliated with Benjamin Netanyahu]….. a large-scale economic war has unfolded against Russia.” (The End of the Market, South Front, 30/11/2015)

    – “what David Petraeus has done for counter-insurgency warfare, Stuart Levey [succeeded by others as listed below] has done for economic warfare” [Senator Joe Lieberman]. Other key individuals involved in economic warfare operations against Russia and other states include: Steven Terner Mnuchin, Jack Lew, David Cohen, Stuart Levey, Adam Szubin, Philip Goldberg, Daniel Glaser, Sigal Mandelker, etc….. (Individuals commonly referred to as ‘Israel firsters’)

    – “Stuart Levey’s war is like ‘Charlie Wilson’s War,’ ” an unnamed State Department official told the New York Times… “It’s the most direct and aggressive stuff we’ve got going. It delivers.” Mandelker learned the ropes in Levey’s Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, developing an innovative arsenal of financial weapons against the enemies of Israel” (Meet the militantly pro-Israel Trump official directing the economic war on Iran, By Max Blumenthal, 03/09/2019)

    Despite employing disingenuous rhetoric with Russian officials (manipulation), the fact that Israeli officials and strategic analysts regularly refer to the Russian Federation as an adversary (indeed, often an enemy nation) speaks for itself.

    A geostrategic reality is that Israel is firmly aligned with the U.S./NATO/Partnership member bloc. Israel (in collaboration with U.S./NATO bloc operations) is also involved in regime change operations within Russia (efforts to install aligned political assets to engineer a client state also facilitating the planned acquisition/exploitation of Russian resources/assets [as previously achieved after the dissolution of the Soviet Union through supported assets]). It is actively involved in allied operations to sabotage Russian energy supplies (being involved in allied pipeline projects that seek to replace Russian pipeline distribution routes).

    The U.S./NATO/Israel bloc is also engaged in destabilisation operations (efforts to engineer civil protests/unrest/uprisings, involving the application of colour revolution technology) and partition operations (through the covert support of separatist and militant groups).

    In the event of direct conflict between military blocs, Israel will be fully aligned with and integrated into the operations of the U.S./NATO bloc (as it currently is). Russian analysts no doubt recognise this reality.

  • lovethemapples

    Bibi has dirt on Putin for sure

    • verner

      putin is polite and accepts netanyahu when netanyahu begs to come calling – note that it’s always netanyahu that travels to moscow when he needs to sell something and putin’s been in tel aviv once when the liberation of auschwitz was celebrated a few days ago (but that was the sole purpose of the visit) and when netanyahu went to moscow last time around to sell ‘the deal of the century’ putin has said that the deal lacks a numb of features and will be hard to implement – enough said and I doubt israel will try to put it to work – with the world against it.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    anyone that believes this trash cannot reason nor think—for evidence peruse the comments below…to describe them as stupid is too generous

  • peter mcloughlin

    The “diplomatic game” is presumably an attempt to prevent fires becoming a conflagration: world war. History suggests it is a forlorn hope.

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Putin knows supporting Arabs against Jews are a waste of time, proven in 1960s & 70s. Best weapon so far is still the brain, not the technology.

  • Z.P.

    “Turkish F-16 Fighter Jets Strike Targets in Idlib After Syrian Army Attacks – Erdogan”

    Meanwhile, the Russian military has stated that Turkish aircraft didn’t breach the Syrian border, adding that it didn’t register any strikes on Syrian government forces’ positions.

  • James Kira

    The biggest weakness of russia and asshead is the notion that nonMuslims can be allied with Muslims, it just not true.

    So once that sinks in, it will divide the world and force the world to take sides, and it will for sure force Unity amongst believers.

    (christians hate jews so by giving them no quarter forces them to convert or become jews).

    Likewise enforcing this segregation, makes iran asshead and hezbollah into apostates, and punishes them for all this time theyve been dancing with the devil.

    Its treachery for a Muslim to sell out a Muslim, and so asshead has already sold himself out.

    Thank you Christblood for helping me figure out how Muslims can now reStrategize, it was the exact same problem with isis, we treated them as khawarij, when in fact they were mushrik.

  • <>

    Putin should help Gantz, together they can wipe out the Islamic terrorists once and for all. Gantz will do it anyway, the only question is if Russia supports Hezbllah or join us against them.