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Putin And Trump Agreed In Helsinki That Iran Should Withdraw From Syria: MSM

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Putin And Trump Agreed In Helsinki That Iran Should Withdraw From Syria: MSM

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands ahead of their meeting in Helsinki on July 16, 2018. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

On August 16, a senior U.S. official told the Reuters news agency that U.S. President Donald Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin agreed in principle, during the Helsinki summit, that Iranian forces should withdraw from Syria. However, Russia saw that as a “tough task,” according to the official.

The official also revealed that Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton will discuss Iran’s role in Syria, among others issues, in talks with his Russian counterpart Nikolai Patrushev in Geneva next week.

Following Bolton’s visit to Russia in July, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the claims that Bolton had asked Putin to force Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria.

During the last few months, several Russian officials stressed that all foreign forces should withdraw from Syria. On May 18, Putin’s special envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev said that all “foreign forces” should withdraw from the war torn country after the defeat of ISIS, including Iran and Hezbollah.

The US has increased its economic, military and political pressure on Iran since the beginning of this year. One of the US goals is to push Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria. However, local observers believe that it is impossible to achieve this goal without an agreement with the Damascus government. The Russian-US talks likely go in the framework of Washington’s push in this direction.

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Thats a shame, Iran sacrified such a lot to free Syria from jihad scum.

Gregory Casey

Now that Chinese involvement in restoring Syria is becoming more apparent, and given the importance of the Iran / Iraq / Syria / Lebanon leg of the Silk Road, the idea that (either) Russia or US can force Syria to send Iranian Advisers home is preposterous. I very much suspect that any “agreement” between Putin & Trump on Iran quitting Syria was no more than a nod by Putin that Iran should retire from Syria once Syria has been restored to full independence free from all Jihadi filth.


Most probably


“.. that Iran should retire from Syria once Syria has been..”

freed of foreign proxies supported by states not invited by the Syrian government and that Iran should leave if Syria withdraws the invitation to them.

Ivan Freely

Serious question. What Chinese involvement? Military or economic?
It’s going to be a long time before Syria asks Iran to leave. There’s plenty of sleeper cells scattered throughout the country with covert help from the usual suspects.


Stupid will never happen. Even Russia actually does not want it to happen as it would mean Russian forces be replaced to die or Syria sinks and then Russia will surely sink and Trump gleefully says “good”

Unless one is dumb , the Syrian war is actually a Russian war of survival and Syrians and others are dying for it.


“On August 16, a senior U.S. official …..”

I stopped reading right there. The article is written based on a rumor.

S Melanson

That was my thinking as well and find it suspect – to sow mistrust between Assad’s allies. Well it ain’t going to work cause they can see through the lies.

Concrete Mike

Thats exacly what i thought, this is fake news to sow doubt in the anti coalition


I agree! That is exactly what these articles are meant to do. They are not meant to inform, they are meant to stir up the factions on any given topic and by no means are they isolated to the coverage of this topic.

Mindless propaganda by the bucketful.


Benjanyahu can dream for it but it is impossible mission. LOL

Hisham Saber

Exactly. A typical disinformation article.

Besides, and why would Putin/Russia agree to such demands, as if Israel and/or U.S. had any leverage on Russia or Syria. Does anyone actually think they can come between Iran’s and Syria’s brotherly, and long standing commitment.

Iran is going nowhere, quite the opposite in fact. They will continue to strengthen their strategic position and this is good for Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain.


Another cue to avoid reading further is when you hear the words ‘anonymous source’ credited to MSM…… unless of course one is into propaganda or fake news.


Never the less, South Front is reasonable alternative media.


Agreed! He needs to use his own tooth brush for the toilet cleaning. :-)


the agenda you naive donks……….A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under jewish satanic leadership…….and they are all in to it…including usa,russia,china,eu etc…..only those countries that do not recognize the illegal satanic state of israel are not in it…they are beiing hammered right now, which includes jemen,syria,iran,n.korea and malaysia….
ps. no jew is allowed into malaysia even today…think its a fucking coincifdence that malaysian airways “lost” 3 airliners some time ago????? that was a meassge from them satanic jews to play ball…or else…

stop beiing naiv donks and still believeing in GOOD and BAD, there is no good usa or good russia or bad usa or bad russia..there is only THE AGENDA u naiv donkeys.

Ivan Freely

If so, Jerusalem is going to have it’s hands full. A Worldwide revolt like none in past human history. This I can guarantee.

Brother Ma

You mean no israeli passport holder. I am sure lots of Jews on Us or Euro passports do go to Malaysia.what I did hear was that China outlawed Judaism . Is that true? Anyone here have a reference for that?

Julian Clegg

Of course it isn’t true.

Brother Ma

What isn’t true? Chinese do not allow Judaism or no Jews allowed in Malaysia?

Julian Clegg

Neither of them is true. For one thing, Chinese policy is friendly to Jews and Judaism, and for another, Malaysia does not enquire about the religion or ethnicity of visitors.

Brother Ma

Thanks Julian.

Rafik Chauhan

first US and their proxy terriost should get out from syria bcuz they are the one who came first . Even suria and its people want this thugs out. Regarding iran they don’t want to be in Syria bcuz they have already trained and created a massive Syrian army and gorilla fighters to fight this Zionist thugs.

leon mc pilibin

BOLLOCKS;does anybody seriously believe anything coming out of a zionists mouth?

Douglas Houck

Take a look at the forces the Syrian government is assembling to attack the Idlib governorate. I’m not seeing Iran or Hezebollah in the mix. It looks a lot like what was used in the recent effort in southern Syria, Syrians and Liwa al-Quds. There well may be an understanding that to defuse the situation and trade Iranian presence in Syria for recovery of all Syrian lands, Iran will keep a low profile or even a pull-back. Watch and wait.

Ivan Freely

MSM? Ignore anything published by them.

Feudalism Victory

Russia can lie to. Tell trump whatever they think he should know.


What’s in that for Syria? Or Iran?


Who is going to retreat from Syria are the yankees. and very fast.

Gregory Casey

Iran has made quite clear, throughout the past 2 years that the extent of its military/defense assistance to Syria comprises Intelligence and military ‘know-how’ together with equipment, missile technology and battlefield expertise. Iran did not send thousands of soldiers to fight in Syria but rather, sent a cadre of highly qualified Officers to lead and produce tactics, both in Intel, Battlefield deployment and Military Technology.

Hide Behind

Get real, of course Russia and US made,make, agreements so as to avoid direct military conflicts, politics is art of duplicity, what you see and think is what they permit you see and think.
You I and billions of others are no more than apes in human clothes, resources or garbage, to be used by the few who are better at surviving in today’s world. He’ll they love inciting US to kill each other, discriminate against each other, and we as individuals like their designations that elevates our self esteem, wether male over females or male sexual objects, and in todays world females from civilized nations show just how this mysognistic power structure is false.
In other words rulers know human weakness and how to exploit it.
The average Syrian is of no more worth to US and Russia than an open speed and syph laden whore, and neither am I.


How does the US resupplying Syrian Kurds factor into those withdrawal plans?

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