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Putin And Lukashenko Meet In Sochi: Praising Russia En Masse

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Putin And Lukashenko Meet In Sochi: Praising Russia En Masse

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On February 22nd, talks took place between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, in Russia’s Sochi.

Putin noted that cooperation is in much needed at different levels, including at the regional level.

“Every year we hold meetings between the heads of regional management structures. This is a very important work, because at the level of regional interaction, a significant volume of our relations have developed, they are developing: these are economic, human ties,” the Russian president said.

He stressed that Russia remains the largest trading partner for the neighboring republic.

“I am pleased to state that the level of interaction, strategic partnership, alliance is confirmed, and Russia remains the largest trade and economic partner of Belarus – about 50 percent, we are the largest investor,” Putin said.

The head of state added that total investments in the Belarusian economy are estimated at more than $4 billion.

According to Lukashenko, almost all roadmaps of interaction between Russia and Belarus are ready for signing. He also noted that the financial assistance that Moscow provided to Minsk was timely and important.

“You should know that we have not thrown money away, we are investing in production, purchasing a huge amount of raw materials and components from Russia, and this volume is growing all the time. If we implement the projects that we have approved, then imports from the Russian Federation will increase significantly,” the Belarusian leader expects.

The presidents also discussed coronavirus vaccines. Lukashenko announced the development of a Belarusian drug based on Russian technologies.

“The most effective vaccine is the Russian one. It is recognized all over the world, no matter how someone trolls it. This is the most effective vaccine,” the president of the republic said.

He noted that without the support of Russia, it would be difficult for the authorities to organize vaccinations. Putin recalled that new consignments of Sputnik V will be delivered to Belarus in February and March.

After the meeting, Putin invited Lukashenko to ski. The Russian president was dressed in a suit with white, red and blue colors. The leaders of the states rolled down the slope, after which they moved to snowmobiles.

A video was also shared of Lukashenko and Putin skiing together, to let off some steam.


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There’s no reason whatsoever for Ukraine and Belarus to be so-called “independent” states while others like Chechnya remained part of Russia. Putin’s huge concessions to the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists, in the name of business and partnership, is what endangers Russia’s security in its borderlands. “Sovereignty” as a sideshow of the Great Reset.

Kenny Jones ™

If Lukashenko lets go of his ego and fuses with Russia, together they will be powerful

AM Hants

Lukashenko, is like Erdogan, forever spinning and turning, and always looking for the greener grass. They turn to Russia, when all other options fail and then once back on their feet, turn back to the West. However, glad the coup of Belarus failed.

Kenny Jones ™

Don’t worry about him, he’s just a bit insecure, still trying to find his path

AM Hants

Wow, ‘Putin’s huge concessions to the terroist Ziocorporate globalists, in the name of business and partnership, is what endangers Russia’s security in its borderlands…’

Remind me, what were things like, back in the 90s, when Yeltsin was leading Russia? How well did the mobsters do, from those time. The same mobsters that went on to become Oligarchs, courtesy the Yeltsin years?


If you’re using the Yeltsin era as any reference, your standards are extremely, truly extremely low, because that’s a fucking shitstain in the history of Russia, to try to put it mildly in somewhat decent terms. But hey, very profitable for terrorist Ziocorporatism investor targets in general ass well, the Rothschilds still claim Russia owes them $50 billion from Yukos, as fucking a bad joke as there ever will be.

Very few from Yeltsin’s Jewligarchs have actually had any issues at all with Putin, rather most of them are counted among the Kremlin’s allies as you, being so well-informed about Russia, must already know.


most of the oligarchs are anxious not to repeat khodorkovsky’s mistake and challenge Putin. however, jew abramovich, sold his company to gazprom for say 12 billion bucks and decided to stay out of russia’s domestic affairs. you might say he took the money and ran. but rest assured there are a few sitting quiet waiting for better times.

AM Hants

My standards are low, to mention the Yeltsin era in connection with Ziocorporate globalists? According to somebody, who signed up to Disqus, a year ago.

To somebody, that has to use offensive language, to put across their point of view, with regards Russia in the 90s.

Now remind me, but didn’t President Putin first come to power on 31 December 1999, in time for the Millennium?

Riddle me this, but, what was President Putin/Dr Putin (PhD Economics) first priority, when he settled into the job? You know, in the days when the oligarchs and the 3 Corporations that control the world were taking 80 cents to the $US, of all the profits from Russian Energy, leaving just 20 cents for the Russians. Including charging the people of Russia, to mine for their own resources. Where the oligarchs, controlled by the 3 Corporations that rule the world, were writing the laws and taxes, on the backs of loan agreements. Loan agreements that were set up for 3rd world nations. Similar to what Ukraine has signed up for, post 2014. Remember January 1 2004, the day that Russia took back control of her natural resources, which allowed her to pay off the $45 billion, Soviet Union Debt, together with the Russian Federation Debt. Which allows Russia to have virtually zero debt, and the only debt she now has, can easily be covered with her vast wealth of gold and currency reserves. Remember, when President Putin sat down with the mobster oligarchs, fleecing Russia, back in the 90s? When he laid out what they could and could not do and if they did not like it, then they could go and live in exile? Why are so many Russian Oligarchs living in South Kensington , in exile and funding ‘fund raising parties’ for Boris? Is it because Dr Putin aka President Putin, told them that they had to behave, become good Russian citizens, pay the 13% flatrate tax, that even the average Russians were paying and to stay out of politics.

Remind me, but, who kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia, back in 2016, when they paid off the compensation due to the Baltic Nations, owing to the days of the Bolsheviks (ironically created by the three corporations that control the world – Vatican, Washington DC and City of London). The days when the Bolsheviks were running the Soviet Union, along the same lines as the European Union, where so many ex-Soviet Nations ran, complete with begging bowls and professional chips on their shoulders. Also, the same Bolsheviks who have now taken control of the US. Funny old world, and no doubt $oro$ his chums refuse to give up their ambitions to take control of the resources of Russia. Only problem, President Putin has no desire to let that happen, now does he?

Riddle me this, but, why was the Bolshevik Communist Leader, who ran in the Presidential Campaign, using Switzerland for his off-shore savings account? Why does he also sing from the same regime change script, of most $oro$ controlled politicians? Whatever happened to that guy?


Well said , as always, AM.

AM Hants

Thank you darling. Hope all is well and give Hans a carrot from me.


I gave him a carrot. He likes carrots. A LOT.
I said it was from you and he rolled his soft brown eyes in delight,AM :)

AM Hants

Cute and I hope he is well.


Fingers crossed he is in rude health at the moment. He is shedding his winter coat as well.

AM Hants

How has the corona lock down affected him? At least we know what is happening, unlike the animals.


He misses his jollies on the 250 acre boundary ride at the Riding club, but its often too wet in Winter anyway. He has an all weather menage, a bedroom without a door ( another mystery :) and a dining room with an ‘always open door :)

From Spring to early Winter he has about 2 acres to roam and eat in. He would trash the grazing if he had access in Winter. Unless its very frosty .
I try to exercise him on the lunge about 4 or 5 times a week as well.

He hates being shut in, so I never do, and ambling about whenever he wants to, keeps his joints flexible.

AM Hants

I love your stories of Hans and can just imagine a mega diva, with one heck of a personality, in complete control of his domain. Love the sound of the weather menage and surprised he does not have a kitchen. However, assume he expects ‘take-aways’, provided by his man-servant ha-ha. How old is Hans?


Amazingly he is 31 this year, thats 93 in horse years, and very few big horses live that long, and very few are being ridden as Hans is. A pal of mine had such a horse that passed away at the age of 108 in horse years. Hans is an old and bold ex-grade A showjumper. He has loads of attitude :) I have looked after him for 17 (51) years.

He loves to strut his stuff at the battle proms in skill at arms :)

AM Hants

Quite a character and guess the horsey version of Captain Tom, although not a Captain Tom fan, I do appreciate his history and mean it as a compliment to Hans. The reason I was not a fan of Captain Tom, was owing to the fact he seemed seriously media needy, once he got the Royals taking notice.


He was the product of a bygone age when Royals were looked up to more, I think. Even though Royals everywhere are taking full advantage of their status.

Capt Tom was bought up in an age when the effete refrain, ‘Stay Safe’ when ending social interaction was an anathema :)

Ralph London

AM, you see the queen’s been rolled out to push the ‘vaccine’?

AM Hants

Preferred it in the days that she kept out of politics and advertising. Did you notice her grandson tried to upstage her, when they rolled him out on a double decker bus, with an entertainer out of the $oro$ Casting Agency? Granny allegedly was not amused and sadly we have another dose of grandson and wife, with High Priestess Oprah and again, when granny is facing the airwaves.

Ralph London

Do tell, why did you call her the ‘High Priestess’? Something you know that I don’t?

AM Hants

Oh, now, why would that be? Her and her good friend Hilary, appear to be cut from the same cloth.

Must admit, the more I hear Ginge whinge, the more I believe he mirrors Uncle Andy. So far they have so much in common, with regards military heroes and Z list actresses, that I wonder if they have anything else in common? Plus, the fact he is so close to ‘Hollyweird’, for me it seriously screams ‘Epstein Travel Club’. Or am I being very cynical? There is something seriously not right with the grandson and his wife.


Hi, AM. Tis good to see you, even if I am a bit late for valentines day. Its the thought that counts :)

This video is worth a look. I would be interested of opinion.


IF the Great Reset becomes reality it would likely involve state or global administered blockchain bank accounts, I think. Such accounts could then be used to target individuals more easily. For instance, by tailoring interest rates, positive and negative being set individually for targeted individuals. Whether the individuals are being sent a reward of being punished. Individual social scores being the carrot and the stick.

A cashless society could easily control all trade, excepting the most basic forms of barter for things one eats, or labour only projects such as cleaning.

The ‘pandemic’ is effectively a form acclimatisation to a restricted society. Chatting with others face to face being just one lost freedom that can threaten those in control.

AM Hants

Hello Florian and thanks for the thought and late wishes haha.. Watching the video with interest and do believe we are coming to the finale, but, which side will win? Must admit, I seriously cannot handle watching any UK politician, courtesy their 24/7 press conferences. Would not like to say what runs through my mind, apart from the fact, not very nice.


I watched a BBC report on the conflict in the Yemen.

It was essentially, Saudi Arabia is invading and deliberately starving and bombing of Yemeni civilians and soldiers for their own safety, whilst at the same time funding their hated and paid for Yemeni puppets that the Saudi’s wish to re-install as the ‘saviours of Yemen’, with the humanitarian weapons aid and valiant bombing targetting support from the ‘ democracy’ loving US and UK of course.

The UK elite have NEVER got over being kicked out of Yemen by a bunch of ‘rag heads’ in the late 1960’s. I remember it well.

The Houthis are true warriors, who are magnanimous in victory toward their surrendering foe.

British troops could learn a lot from the Houthis .
Britain occupied Yemen from 1839 until 1967.

AM Hants

I cannot handle the BBC, so give you credit for managing to watch it. Saying that, owing to your knowledge and interest in Yemeni, I assume it was an interesting documentary, even if you ended up arguing with their translation of events.


It was a news segment, a woke BBC documentary is far too much childlike propaganda. :)

AM Hants

Aha, that makes sense. Plus, BBC Documentaries these days, always come with a very mucky background, with regards the false script of the narrative. Very much like a Larry King ‘Maidan’ or ‘White Helmet’ video. No doubt, using same production teams. I remember, back in the days, before the accountants and Common Purpose, took over control of creativity and laughter, including closing down ‘In House’ productions in the BBC and outsourcing them to the private sector.

Jens Holm

I would say yes and no. I allow me to say, that it was not visible in the last yer or days of WW1 to see, that Russia had expanded too much with no internal strenght.

Both France and Britts could have removed the Bolsjevics and fx helped Ukraine to be its own state. But after all the losses during WW1 both countries has so many dead and wounded for life, that they didnt want anymore of them.

I have seen several brittish sources say something like “Whoever runs Russia, they will seell us, what we pr tradition buy and need.

USA only participated in WW1 for a short while and tryed to avöid. The for good reasons saw Russia “whatever” as some primitive inland state as dark as anything could be.

My private oppinion.

1) The real Belarus is a part of Poland and by that should not be an independent state.

Here USSR first took over half of Poland assisted by Hitler. After that they made a Poland but moved it west and Belarus west and imported and industrialized Belarus well by russians.

But it somehow also makes sense. Facts are millions from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany by Eats Preusia and the small Baltics lost so many, that those in big areas had NO POPULATION .

So why update today and give it to the dead ones? But facts are Poles and also many jews lived in the the whole areas just west of Minsk and none there counted the several millions of Jews as of their own kind(by citicenship).

Even parts of the Jews saw themself as no state but Jews even many would have liked to have citicenship as the rest.

In theother hand I have historybooks telling the upperclass feudals didnt care nationalisty for those, they owned unless the jews could be used as scapegoats for bad things. The locals did the same. In bad times it was the Jews, which made them.

Ukraine or most of it always been of their own kind and even today has “old Russia ortodoxi” . During time theu have had several masters from all sides, so by that Ukraine hardly ever has been an own state unkless You go back to Kiev Russia with vikings as important influencers.

Osmans and with them the Tatars, which also were their own and not only on Krim. There is Austrai-Hungaria. Polen with or without Sweden nd many germans here and there and the Presussian expansion. I didnt forget Russia. They are big influencers, but never did reach parts of Ukriane.

Some here forget the Feudals in Russia, Poland, Hungary and Germany(also in the Baltics) was mixed and often cosmopolits. You could not say a Russian master lived in Russia only. Often they had their land and castles by marrige.

Another good reason for the underdevellopments were, that those Masters often hardly was even near their property. It was driven by hired people and the most important things was, there was enough money to spend in Paris, London, Africa, America etc.

Chechnya as the rest with many changes was a part of a very big trade, where there only was very few violent hard incidents. The nukes in Ukriane was destroyed too.

By that Chechnya was traded away as some kind of compensation by Chechnya war 1 and 2. Im so sorry for that, but also happy about the rest.

I followed both wars well by NORBERT STRADE living in Denmark and in all details. I debated there and learned several their parts of their own history in WW1.

Chechnyans was impoirtant parts of the Cauicasian Cavalry and very brave effective and naive at the Austria-Hungarian front, but when the tides turned, they were not well organized for defence and retreat. An important part of that turn over was the Tzars didnt reform anything and thge Bolsjevics stopped all kind of thinbg soldiers needed. In the last days of WW1 there was used riffles from 1850 eighteen fifty.

Jens Holm

You forget USSR actually collapsed as a state.

Bolsjevics as well as the Tzars forgot KEEP.

I will remind You the biggesty defence against the Bolsjevics was in Ukraine and it has continued evenr since after USSR again and again had rtreated them extra bad after WW1. It was freedom for them Germans by Der Kaiser took over for a while.

And people like You dont decide. They do. Russia in many ways is a car not even a Cuban can make work unless its helped by real horsepower and some hay and oats. I have written why so many times.

We as west even are blamed for helping them by EU, Nato and NGOs. comment image

Kenny Jones ™

Just boys being boys

Supreme Blyat



good, they seemed to have a good time and that is after all what you’re supposed to have while skiing. although neither would qualify for world cup alpine skiing

Tommy Jensen

It pleases my heart. They are both tough guys and real men like I and Einstein, aloners in the jungle fighting against all the motherfokkers.

Jens Holm

Some lion once was named Eistein. It was because it only had one testicle:)


Something for you to aspire to.

John Wallace

What’s that . remove his testicles….what is he going to use for a brain then ?


Good point John but I’m quite sure that his brains are up his/her/its ass.

Ivan Grozny

You would be called No-stein then?

Jens Holm

Lukashenko again borrow rubels and will comment image change them into computerchips based on potatos


You’re gonna be warmed by Putin’s gas before you can collect your hasbara shekels to pay your subsidised bills.

Jens Holm

I know we need that gas. But more easy can be replaced being claner and cheeper. We are in front but too slow compared to plans. Focus should be there.

Thats why we dont like Norstream very much.

Even low shekel is still money.

thomas malthaus


Manufactured anti-Russian sentiment within Latvia.

Icarus Tanović

Seeing those anti-Russian propaganda War movies all around YT. Finns, Estonians, Latvians, shitpoles.

Jens Holm

Out of context I allow me to bring how open we are and no dark state about defence of Our territory by a link from that source. Its even correct. NO DARK STATE.



I’ve been issued a state and federal financial license identification number. And have set aside the money for the course work to pass the tests needed to obtain the licenses. And am now working on the time allocation scheduling for completing these tasks.

This will provide the enabling capabilities to upgrade my skill sets to those necessary to run a government. From a province or principality to a large federal structure like the US, Russia, China, India and some type of global system to assist in the facilitation of our transition into becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves in a manner that others in this class would be comfortable with.

I already have the security clearances for this type of work. Including nuclear, and with my experience in heavy military electronics, scalar and other systems.


$10 Billion UNSC Government Budget

comment image

Trap Is Not Gay

That’s more good news.

Putin and Xi know how to protect from a certain “type” of billionaires (that rule the USA).

Proud Hindu

Putin is enjoying with his gf in new mansion.He doesnt care about Ruussia and is mentally sick (he has parkinsons disease)

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Belarus could be the ideal site for Russia’s new ground-based anti-missile missile system and forward operating base for Russian 5th generation stealth-fighter BACN and their stealth-strike UCAV packages.

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