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Putin And Assad Hold Video Conference: Refugees, Reconstruction And Terrorism

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Putin And Assad Hold Video Conference: Refugees, Reconstruction And Terrorism

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On November 9th, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a video conference meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

During the meeting, the two leaders spoke about several things:

  • Russia continues to make efforts to normalize the situation in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a videoconference meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Russia continues to make active efforts to promote a long-term settlement in the Syrian Republic, to restore its sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity,” Putin said.

This is a typical statement, and it is obviously true, since Russian patrols and specialists continue operating.

  • Putin assured Assad that said that the task of post-conflict reconstruction of the SAR is of great importance.

“The task of post-conflict reconstruction of Syria is of fundamental importance at this stage, and first of all, the return home of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons. As you know, this is one of the key conditions of the fundamental UN Security Council Resolutions 2254,” Putin said.

There’s no change here, Russia still plans on assisting in the reconstruction.

  • He praised the effective work in the framework of the Astana format on Syria, noting that much has been achieved, the hotbed of terrorism has been eliminated.

“In this regard, one cannot fail to note the effective work carried out within the framework of the Astana format with the participation of our partners from Iran and Turkey. By joint efforts, we have managed to achieve a lot: the hotbed of international terrorism in Syria has actually been eliminated, the level of violence has been significantly reduced, and a peaceful life is being established. an inclusive political process is underway under the auspices of the United Nations,” Putin said.

This is quite a dubious statement, since it is quite obvious that the hotbed of terrorism isn’t eliminated, since Idlib is still quite infested with extremists.

  • Russia fully supports the holding of an international conference on refugees, the delegation from the Russian Federation will be one of the largest, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“Russia fully supports this event, actively assists in its preparation and holding. Representatives of many states, as well as the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross, have confirmed their participation,” Putin said, referring to the International Conference on Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, which will take place on November 11 and 12 in Damascus.

It is questionable that the conference will lead to anything conclusive, without the actual issue of terrorists being solved.

Putin assured that Russia fully supports the holding of an international conference on refugees, the delegation from the Russian Federation will be one of the largest, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Putin said that now there is a good opportunity to ensure the massive return of refugees to Syria, but it is important that this process proceeds naturally, without coercion.

He specified that over 850 thousand Syrian citizens returned from abroad, and more than 1.3 million people returned to their places of permanent residence inside the country.

  • Outside Syria, there are more than 6.5 million refugees, most of them able-bodied citizens, and that is an issue.

“Today, unfortunately, there are more than 6.5 million refugees outside Syria. The vast majority of them are able-bodied citizens who could and should participate in the reconstruction of their country,” Putin said.

“In addition, their return meets the internal interests of the host states, primarily the neighbors of Syria. Since the burden on them is quite serious, they have to bear significant costs for the temporary accommodation and provision of the Syrians,” the Russian president added.

In response, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said the following:

“I am delighted to host this videoconference with you today, especially in the run-up to the International Conference on Refugees, which will be convened in Damascus in the coming days.

Thank you for your attention to this problem – the problem of refugees. This is a humanitarian problem, but many countries around the world are trying to politicize it. But this is a national problem, and all the authorities in Syria are interested in solving it. This is one of the main priorities of our government in the next period, especially after a significant part of the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic was liberated and we were able to eradicate terrorism in these territories.

Naturally, this issue is a priority, but apart from this issue, we would naturally like to discuss other issues.

As you know, Mr. President, many refugees, many IDPs have fled for fear of terrorism; others fled because infrastructure was destroyed and they lost their jobs.

We continue to maintain direct contacts with a large part of the states in which these refugees live. We know that they are trying to return to the country. They are very eager to return, especially after Syria has provided certain perks that stimulate the return process.

However, the problem is that terrorism remains in some regions of our country, along with the fact that there is an economic blockade against Syria and a blockade against its people – this does not help us to provide for the primary needs of Syrian refugees. Schools are closed and destroyed, and in principle it is difficult to provide priority services.

In addition, refugees who return must have certain horizons in front of them for a normal life, and the problem is that the embargo imposed by the West presents a huge difficulty in the implementation of these tasks.

We pin great hopes on this conference, we hope that the results will be practical. The Syrians are not only ready, but also with great enthusiasm want to implement practical agreements in the coming months immediately after the conference. And we know that most of the refugees support the Syrian government, but, unfortunately, now the conditions do not allow them to return.

We appreciate the interest of other states to participate in this conference. We hope that there will be an opportunity to ease the current economic embargo or break it through joint efforts in order to create suitable conditions for the return of refugees.

Once again, Mr. President, I thank you for this opportunity to contact you, thank you for the attention that you and the Russian Federation, the leadership of the Russian Federation devote to this issue and, despite all the international pressure on international sanctions against this conference, you are helping us organize it.

We are confident that this will be successful, and are focused on further cooperation with the Russian Federation and other interested states on this issue. And we are sure that, by analogy with the results of World War II, the truth is ours and we will be able to defend it.

Thank you once again for supporting Damascus, supporting the Government of the Syrian Arab Republic in overcoming this crisis, in post-conflict reconstruction and the return of refugees.”

The refugees were the main topic of discussion, with Assad saying that great parts of Syria were liberated from terrorist presence, but that the job was not yet completed.

“However, the problem is that terrorism remains in some regions of our country, along with the fact that there is an economic blockade against Syria and a blockade against its people – this does not help us to provide for the primary needs of Syrian refugees. Schools are closed and destroyed, and in principle it is difficult to provide priority services.”

As such, the fight against terrorism will continue, and true return of refugees, as well as reconstruction can begin then, according to Assad.

Both leaders had a positive discussion that appeared focused mostly on humanitarian issues, judging by the press releases.


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Davide Herzog

Trump great victory in American election will enforce these efforts .


Lmao, like it helped so far? Sanctions against Syria Trump did NOT lift, he even made them worse, also he kept his greedy paws on Syrian oilfields preventing the legal government from using them! Fuck Trump and all imperialist collaborationists!
Also Trump lost lol. But it matters not which of the two imperialist factions sit in the White House, they’re both thieves.
The conflict between Dems and Reps in USA is like the conflict between HTS and ISIS in Syria – They might quarrel over influence but when the SAA comes, they join forces for they know they have much more in common then they admit.

The Objective

We’ll vote your Assad out with time. Thank God Russia is now telling Assad it’s time to give way to the people’s vote. You watch an see how the Alawites will lose power democratically. And how Turkey will greatly influence the new Syrian republic. Erdogan’s immense sacrifice for Sunnis of Syria is about to start paying off.


For Sunnis is important silly sharia and rebuilding the country is on second place.

Jens Holm

Its not about religion at all.

The Objective

No, it won’t be a Shariah government in Syria. It’ll just be a democracy where the majority Sunnis rule, especially after the war. This is good for Syria because it’ll keep off Iran and Israel will leave Syria alone. Had this happened long ago, Israel probably wouldn’t have annexed the Golan heights. Even as it stands, they can still return it to Syria if a non-enemy government comes to power. Should democracy fully return to Syria, Iran and Hezbollah loses big time. They’ve created tens of thousands of militias in Syria. The international community will deal with this when a legitimate government is elected. Those militias will be destroyed if they don’t disband and lay down their arms.
Biden just made some comments about Iraq that seems he’s not going to relax any sanctions related to terrorism on Iran unless the Iranian regime does something about the militias across the region. Much of what’s happening in the region (including in Syria) is due to Iran’s drive to place Shiism over Sunnah. And this drive, if not stopped, will unleash the very regional war that Iran wants to avoid.

cechas vodobenikov

prior to US invasion various ethnic religious groups enjoyed good relations–Druze, Coptics, Yazidi, Assyrian, Sunni, Alawites, even Kurds

Jens Holm

There is no legal Governess in Syria and for many decades. Baathists are like Kremlins giving nothing or less to the ones, which are not members.

There is no real investments apart from oil and gas, and even much of that systematicly are plundred and in the old days by Syria being high ranked WMs in corruption.

I dont think You should blame SDFs for getting their part of the oil and some income. ISIS stole the oil from the thieves. SDF took that part of it to the citicens. comment image

Nordstream is free money for the Oligarcs.

Dont forget, where You as well as Your best friends are. Pockets can be full as well as plundered. If You have money, are You owner…



Syria was going strong, until Obama put his muslim brotherhood’s hands on it. Syria was called “the Switzerland of the ME” for a good reason.

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny–can you embarrass yourself anymore with your poshlost?


President Trump will be bogged down with suing the Democrats and their little fascist Antifa and BLM + Deep State financiers, who after realizing their Biden-stunt didn’t work out, will organize their ‘Clintons & Friends’ financed Civil War. Order will need to be restored in the US first, before Trump can pay attention and support President Putin.


Do you know what the deep state is? Because it seems you think it’s only democrats that are controlled by the deep state which is ridiculous because what you need to understand is the deep state backs both sides and as far as I can tell the deep state stems from the Jewish occult.Babylonian shit is what they are into and Donald Trump has hung around those Jewish deep state mobsters his whole life.

catalin zt

I am Romanian! We fought this muslim goat lovers of the mohamad the PAEDO for a looong time with namely the ottoman SCUM “empire” ! They will always remember Vlad the Impaler, Stefan the Great and Michael the Brave! We used to impale them on spears,cut their dirty empty muslim “heads”,poison the waters they drink,piss on their dead stinky muslim rotten “corpses” and set them on fire plus maaaanyyyyy other TREATS! :) We could go there in NK and DO this World SCUM again with no issues! The PROBLEM is that my beautiful GREAT Nation is now under the rule of the DIRTY, GENOCIDAL anglo-saxonkhazarian capitalist-fascistempire!!!! The SCUM western capitalist-fascist SHIT corrupted our people mind and hearts,our will to fight for the RIGHT cause,distorted our perception of To Be and replaced with the capitalist To Have and artificially placed on the top of the Nation docile sheeple as “leaders” who does nothing but serve the poisonous Empire who PARASITE My GREAT NATION and the rest of the World! My ancestors are the Great DaciansThracians the ones who RULED the whole Balkans up to Poland today ,Ukraine ,plus Hungary today plus down to Turkey today….The Great City of Troy (western Turkey today)was our lands too .When Greeks invaded it 2800 years ago my ANCESTORS flew to what is called Rome today and found it! Romullus and Remus sucking milk from the mother wolf(our Dacian God) were My People! (My grandfather was Romulus too). Then the Roman Empire grow Great and had fraticide wars with Dacia (my home in flesh and spirit) and we invaded(with the Romans) Anglo Terra (uk today) mixed with the barbarian wikinngs and gave them the latin language they do speak today….in few words Our Great History, Ancient and Sacred sound so… Wonder why we are called “Romania” today???? This comes from “romanus” which mean “citizen of Rome” in latin. By the way we the Romanians still we carry in our language at least 30% of what’s so called”latina vulgaris” which is the mother of modern Latin which was created artificially in order to make difference between the rich and working class Romans .


Yea your have reason why God needs to flood the earth again.

The Objective

Great news! So Russia finally understood that the only way to end the Syrian war is by political dialogue after a ceasefire and the return of refugees. The UN resolution in question stipulated that fighting is to cease immediately except against these two groups which the UN recognizes as terrorists (ISIS and Al-Nusra). All the fighting factions in Syria must sit at the table and talk. Within 18 months, free and fair elections nationwide will hold under the supervision of the UN.
Thank God Syrians can finally return home and vote for their new leaders. The Sunnis win! It was inevitable that we’ll win. Thank you Putin for realizing this and making it easier for all. Russia can still be a friend of Syria even after slaying thousands of their brave young men in battle. But Russia must change its approach towards the Sunni Muslim community to enjoy any lasting cooperation.
It’ll be interesting to hear what the Shiite devils ruling Iran have to say about this. Guess they are inflated with rage right now.


You asshole,talk to head hackers do me a favour,they only talking to them i would do is with a gun,those bastards have spent years creating carnage in Syria for foreign powers

cechas vodobenikov

jibber stupidity

The Objective

You’ll no longer deny this one day. If there is one fact I know will never change is that Assad will never rule Syria like before even if Russia stays there for 100 years. Time is against Russia in Syria, not anyone else.

Jens Holm

There will be no returned unless the Baathists are removed. Good article with good reflexions.

There is no refugee¨problem. Assads and other Leaders in the muslim dominate world makes half of the refugees in the whole world even they only are 1 of 7.

The problem seemes to be so many has no traditions for making new Leaders. Their systems are random new Leaders and too often the bad ones wins, and next their is no more election as well as people not even are raised to elect and decide themself.

There are examples of very good Muslim Leaders. Fx I am very impressed that The KIng in Jordan has kept the Country out of the conflicts, has listened to all the ME stupidists Israel included.

Im sure many here think Jordan is one big mistake, because they dont want to live in the same kind of quagmire, they are used to themself.


And Assads dont control many parts of his Russian made zone 24/7. Great parts should not be marked in Damaskus colors at all. The article seemes to have forgotten USA with SDFs has a peace of land Assads as well as Russians dont control at all.

Its also very strange Assads deny the SDF some thank You for they hardly are Emirs of Latakia.


Most don’t have statal tradition in the way we understand the statw, it’s either trybal or sharia law. The borders are artificially made by colonial powers. So what they had until now was the best, until US and UK decided to train jihadis and desteoy even that.

Jens Holm

Thats what I have ben writing about many 1000 times. But Syria as one state is a no go and should not be kept.

I many times has proposed they instead should go into many smaller states and fx name them Emirats. Here the Laeder can see the corners. They cant run Syria, Iraq and many other muslim states because they are too much tribals and even deny to correct the artificial colonial borders.

I fx has proposed to regain the old Alappo, Raqqa and Diabykir, which are on bothsides of the Turkish border. Raqqa even was in Iraq too(along Eufrat).

By that Assads or others could handle the rest, but parts of the rest i heavy populated, so it would make sense as a minimuto regain the Damaskus Emirate. Assad can name himself as Khalif, if he wants to.

By that there would be no Kurds and Turkmen in Syria if Damaskus and a little extr is named “Syria”.

For old Mesopotamia its the same thing. Go back and make a Mosul state as well as regaining Kurdistan.

Thats where real borders are, if You insist in tribes and partly dividing by landscape.

I know its old days, but has to be at least 150 if I has to see some peace in Syria. Most likely there is peace because all the fighters are dead and the rest is, where I live or anywhere else.

1b7209c9a660d03de95fad.jpg .

And I think many in SDF now understand, that partly sekularisme can unite people better then now. But they have the same problems like me having too much space and by that too much old shit as filler.

Jens Holm

comment image

cechas vodobenikov

denmark should be a German state; they could civilize you

Jens Holm

I think we inspire each other well. We are unified well in EU and in the borderegions share police hospitals, housing and jobs. But we has been in war with them many times too even before the Viking Age.

Our Kings the last 500 years has been German-Danes having German provinces in Germany themself.

I will remind Yo that Germany is a very new thing as a real unit. They were many small countries, city states and areas was runned by bishops.

We are semilar to Dutch and maybee Austria being corners of the German culture and Our own.

And we do need Germany as well as they need us. Many important parts of half of the German cars are Danish and because we are best to the price. We make a lot of computerstuff for the cars as wel as advanced versions of plastic.

And we do import in the same way – best to the price.

So Our relations also are best to the price.

cechas vodobenikov

and now u r an irrelevant peninsula—Germany the 6th largest economy after Russia


I don’t think any other beligerants in Syria want to settle peace other than SDF and Assad – which is as secular as SDF.


But do you know? Assad must go. This is the mantra they repeat every day in the globalist cuckoldic northern Europe.

They conveniently forget that Syria was called “the Switzerland of the ME”. But Assad must go. This is what Georgie Satan wants.


Lebanon was called the Switzerland of the ME, not Syria, but both the countries shared the same fate.

cechas vodobenikov

however both Syria and Iraq had extraordinarily high standards of living before the amerikan invasions

Jens Holm

Thats highly incorect 433% lie.

You fx ignore Sadam invaded Iran and Kuwait and before that bougt any weapons possible.

You also ignpre all the poor ones.

Ypu also ignore there are extreme rich Iraqians. At Saddam with his palaces those mainly was sekular Sunnis. Now they are Shiits and many are well related to the Iranian corruption.

Syria partly is the same. You ignore all the millions in the inland and only see the coastline and the nice parts of big Damaskus.

cechas vodobenikov

stop your ignorance, LSD induced lies—tiresome

Jens Holm

AGREE. I wrote about above before I saw Yours.

Syria has been the holes in the Swiss cheese since its first war in 1948


Well, the funny part was when Trump asked Macron and Jhonson to take US place in Syria. That moment Assad must go mantra stopped abruptly. So everyone wants good for the Syrian people but only US soldiers should die for the noble cause :))

Jens Holm

Those 3 are allied and not Nato. So its a good trick to replace each othe and change arritude fx with less shouting.

We do that in Nato and then just use the no good or non popular somewhere else.

In Denmark we say the color just get another sound:)

And France did go in and mainly with their artillery.


Are they still in? I mean they were mad at Trump even for retreating and letting Kurds back, and still they didn’t move a finger to stop Erdogan.

Jens Holm

I dont think so unlees for some special forces by Iraq. The Frech artillery was until USA took in its own. I remeber it did well.

Maybee internet can find it.

France is Laeader for parts of everything in part of Africa – SEnegambia, Niger, Mali Chad and like that.

We assault there but only for transport all incl. Mainly ´2 Hercules.

After looking for a while, I dont see France in Syria.


At first they went alone in central Africa, they started to get their ass kicked, they asked USA for help. And other NATO countries. Kinda Italians in WW2 :)

Jens Holm

I dont think the history books tell that. Ots their own colonial system, where they have promosed them military protections and other kind of help from their dependesy. Th Center for that was and are Senegal now Senegambia.

The big different for France compared to parts of Nato is, they can do everything themself and normal logistics too.

So they did not “went” it unless You go back to, where their colonies are – kind of partly are. This show it well:
comment image

And here can be add, that Algeria after hard figting became a 100% of France and after years of succes was lost for them in a very bad way too.

As a part of Nato we all help them right away,when they as. They almost only need logistics in long distance.

We are more with them at the western side at Africa figting pirates.

The rest Is Gerany according to them and the Nazís eliminated France. France was divided into 1) a Nazi-You can do anything You want zone(mainly coastline) fx take all food, building materiel, 2) More normal taken over but mainly just taxed by the Germans and 3) The real leftover Vichy France.

It was about a fourth of France in Europe and its big navy, but it also was the many french colonies and not onlæy the french ones(Patton landed in Marocco).

I also was Indochina, Caledonia and several other dots. Those should help the Nazis by noraml trade and baserights – kije no bananas and no coffe grow in France just as Germany.

Here the few free french not being taken over by nazis and not being friendly to Vichy took over. Her De Gaulle was only one we knew, because he understood Tanks more then the french army and actually gathered tanks to fight agains german tanks.

In the French military part he was very contoversial, because he in severla matters didnt live in the old days.

I can agree Your Italian job but there are difference, so You dont get gold.

Italy collapsed and parts of it uprised. France only collapsed in the last few months. As I recalled it the germans demanded the Vichy French workers and soldiers to be under Germany hard instructions and putside Vichy.

They denied and uprised and joined in big military units West and partly De Gaulle and added several divions of good soldiers amrned 100% by USA. I only remeber names such as Devers and L`Clerc. They were in the same Group leaded by Bradly, where Patton was. Some few had fighted hard against Patton.

Thats how I recall it. Its not 100% accurate.

I only remember the North African part well, because I have the memories of Brigade General Eisenhower and with others took Marocco, Algeria, Tunis and with extra help Sicily with the Mafia too.

After that “test” he was promoted to be the main planner for the main plan mainly by Rosewelt and Stalin and not only D-Day.

Here he no matter what and Churchil kept what was promised making an as wide front as possible to defeat the Germans down in the military way.

Just as Assad sometimes and supporters sometimes think they are commanders of the Russian armies De Gaulle has to be showed seveeral times, that it was no French aganda and if there was no helping from the French, there not a single bulet or candy for them.

Jens Holm

But that unfortunatly is a was.

All the reasons for why its not, is well descrbed and even by Youtubes. The say exact same thing.

Its a waste writing it here for You at all.

Its no fault by Georgie Satan and me how and why Assads made it into the holes in a kind of Swiss cheese.

And are You correct at all. I think it was Levanon in its greatest, which where named a Swiss.

I was there 3 days and stayed at Hotel Phoenesia, we went to cabaret and Casinio and even had nice Lebanese close and some microgrames of gold with us home.

I do remember the very rich arabs and their many wives having severate rooms when the music played.

No I only remember Freddy Mercury and Quen and try to forget all the internal wars as well as Israel and others being special guests there.


Jens Holm

I see the millions, which dont fight and many of them are not evn in Syria, if there is a real Syria.

Its alowed to propose, that those groups each and everyone should have their own small state and make religon as less important.

We see in most wars that religion suddenly matters and are made on graveyards and almost always using religion as revenge.

When a state has 50% unimployed men and not a single thing is done about it, its no state to me.

We have been that poor and systematic started reforms with no money. We grew more land and used better methods. Those farmers needed tools, so instead of import things were made here even they were the best – SOME TODAY ARE BIG PLAYERS at the world market.

We made many small social reforms, more school, more men were allowed to vote.

It was many many smal steps.

By that not so many emmigrated to the rest of the world.

But You are right. I write it in my own perfide version like KILL, KILL KILL and until all the ones with guns has killed each other, there will be no solutions for the ones, which dont kill each other.


I bet the refugees will agree to make new states but in EU. As for the unimployment in Syria it was because a large part of the population was illiterate, they forbid women go to high school and they were permanently in trybal fights. I’m talking about those you call ‘moderates’, not Assad. They are as stupid they are easy cannon fodder for Erdogan expansionist vision. Shooting AK47 and screaming Allahu Akbar is easy than going to school. Poor refugees :)

cechas vodobenikov

writes the stupefied functionally illiterate ukrop-amerikan…Syria has always had a high degree of literacy and education, plenty of female professionals in Syria, Iraq Libya prior to anglo invasions
the self uglified pork amerikan—typical


Indeed, unlike Dussia which is a stinky shithole.

Jens Holm

Thats an illusion of the worst kind. Its only tru amin the few wealthy ones and partly. And it ceratinly is not drioven by arabs there.

The rest systematicly is driven as dark private property by Assads. That includes all the poor new urbanized towners.

It seemes You again shows, You also know nothing about their Demografi. It makes no sense naming others as ” stupefied functionally illiterate ukrop-amerikans”, where You show craters of darkness bigger then any on moons and mars.

Jens Holm

As written before I feel fine about the 50% well integrated ones and some are even important taking NEEDED jobs educated people wont.

We fight and will continue to reduce all muslim enclaves driven by Sharia or not.


How, by sending the non-integraded ones to Poland and Hungary to create problems there? LOL that’s what Merkel dreamed about. To keep the good ones and send the bad ones in Eastern Europe. How smart from her!
There is no way for that to be done. Sharia is a global phenomenon. They make more children, you pay their welfare, they see themselves as your masters already. The radical parties will take over EU.

Jens Holm

Im not like that. Those should take too but fresh ones like us and get 50% good ones. They might be lucky, because they can innovate some of Our tricks.

Our muslims here stop making children if they already has enough, when they arrive. In the next generation they are just above th level here, which is below 2.

The first most of them do is going to the doctor here, which is free, which stop Your assumtion almost 100%.

And for 50% You are incorrect. And Yes we have problems but also try to make changes. AS written before they now all can read the Choran and by that improve to that level and by that also make the Sharia in a much more moderate version.

We do have muslims, which eat pork because if You are poor, You can need food even its not Halal.


Why should others take too? What is the logic behind telling others to take in people they didn’t invite?

cechas vodobenikov

wrong, only Denmark should become 51st state of US–redneck racists like the other amerikans


I can’t see the brand of the TV, is it Chinese?

cechas vodobenikov

envious that ukrop amerikans cannot produce appliances; Russia produces many


Tell me a well known Russian brand. Haha not even the most known vodka brands are Russian.

cechas vodobenikov

no internet in ukropistan apparently? LOL
could care less about your racist alcohol induced stupidity


Better alcohol than krokodil. Btw is it better than vodka?

cechas vodobenikov

I suspect u know–u amerikanski-ukrop robots consume more coke, meth, heroin, marijuana, hallucinogens per capita than all peoples
“amerikans cannot feel pure pleasure”. S Zizek
“amerikans are not at all happy. they feel themselves lacking in something. it is as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in amerikans…the crystallization of love is impossible in USA….I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it: it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR species”. Stendhal
“amerikans are the most prudish people in western civilization; they sublimate their desire by chasing the dollar…amerika is gigantic—a gigantic mistake”. S Freud


Here comes the copy paste

Jens Holm

Freud lived before WW2 too. Today we only know he was expert in vaginas.


Would any of you take your kids to the burial ceremony of Santa?

I think President Putin knows – probably was informed about the causes why all countries were commanded to act in unison and lock down humanity into Slave-Submission – that all this (usually excellent) talk is just a nice gesture. Extremely violent weather, asteroid-carpet-bombardments and invading hi-tech forces will be way too much for any rebuilding effort during the next decade: 2020-2030 in Syria and elsewhere. All the Western-connected with Epstein Blackmailed world leaders are just trying to PAD their fall into maneuvering themselves into power positions — They think after the storm is over they’ll get some fat salaried workplace. They are in for as big a surprise as is The Russian Alliance. There is no way out of this Surface Civilization ending, unfortunately. I give humanity on the surface 10 more years. With each passing year, the enormous losses in infrastructure and “crew” will be more and more clear: irreparable damage that this civilization won’t be able to fix.
The invading forces have high technology – of course – to them even cleaning up all Earth cities becoming Fallujahs is no problem.


I think it’s high time God flooded the earth again this place is fucked.

The Farney Fontenoy

I guess they edited out the part were the Assad puppet agreed to poison his people with Putin’s vaccine??
If ya can’t shoot ’em-VACCINATE ‘EM, they’ll still die, it just takes longer.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The moderate opposition and the Syrian Interim Government have Putin pushing for a political solution to the conflict, but the moderate opposition won’t put down their weapons and engage in the reconciliation process, so what come first the chicken or the egg, you can’t have a political process until there’s a permanent ceasefire [that actually works].
This article says Putin’s blaming the terrorists for the delay in progress, but it’s not the terrorists delaying the process at all, it’s the moderate opposition, so even if Putin gets rid of the terrorists he’ll still have an uncooperative moderate opposition to deal with.
And what about anti Iranian sentiment in Syria, it’s going to be hard to start a political process when the southern Governorates are about to erupt in a second rebellion, so why not address the concerns of the people who’ve already reconciled with the Syrian Government, they’re just about openly revolting about legitimate concerns and Putin can’t even make them happy, what’s that old saying, clean up your own house first before you clean someone else’s.
So it won’t be any easier when Putin’s dealing with the moderate opposition who still refuse to reconcile with the Syrian Government, I can’t see this process even getting off the ground to be honest, 5 years and counting now.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x