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Putin: 30,000 Targets Destroyed in Syrian Operation

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Putin: 30,000 Targets Destroyed in Syrian Operation

According to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed almost 30,000 targets, including 200 oil refineries, during the course of the operation in Syria.

Over 500 settlements have been liberated from militants since the beginning of Russia’s operation.

“Since the operation beginning, Russian Aerospace Forces conducted 10,000 sorties hitting terrorist targets in the Syrian Arab Republic. More than 30,000 targets were destroyed, including about 200 oil refineries,” Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with Defense Industry heads.

The Russian president believes that the Russian weaponry clearly demonstrated its effectiveness and quality.

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the reason that US air coalition didnt destroy ISIS is not because their military incapable of doing effective air campaign , but it is because their pilots are hampered by political BS imposed on them by their leaders who want to support Saudi/Turk proxy army aka ‘moderates’ and ISIS..

How can US bombed saudi/turk’s proxy armies ? the saud and turks are both US allies , who willing to let US use their proxy armies to support US foreign policy…

have we not learned about how Al Qaeda mutated from US Supported Saudi Funded Militant into full blown terrorist group ?

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