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Pushilin Becomes Acting Head Of DPR As Military Tensions Grow In Eastern Ukraine

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Pushilin Becomes Acting Head Of DPR As Military Tensions Grow In Eastern Ukraine

Denis Pushilin. IMAGE: FILE Sputnik / Michail Voskresensky

Speaker of the Parliament of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin was appounted an acting head of the republic under decision of the DPR Parliament on September 7. A majority of the members of parliament supported the decision. Additionally, the DPR Parliament designated November 11 as the date for the election of a head of the DPR to replace Pushilin.

From the assasination of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko on August 31 to September 6, Dmitry Trapeznikov served as DPR Acting Head.

The appointment of Pushilin comes amid the growing military tensions in eastern Ukraine. After Zakharchenko’s killing, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the attack was “a Ukrainian provocation…obviously aimed at derailing the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

Meanwhile, according to the DPR military, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) are actively concentrating troops and military equipment along the contact line with the DPR and the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR). One of the main areas of the UAF deployment is the countryside of Mariupol. The DPR military says that chances that the UAF will carry out an attack on the republics in the near future [in middle September] are growing.

Another factor contributing to the possible escalation is the ucpoming presidential election in Ukraine [scheduled on March 31, 2019]. The current Ukrainian president, Petr Poroshenko, and his government have suffered multiple political and economic setbacks since the previous election, which took place on May 25, 2014. According to exprts, the only thing allowing Poroshenko to remain in the power is smoldering conflict in the eastern part of the country and the Western financial support to Ukraine received under this pretext. So, it can be expected that the Poroshenko regime will make an attempt to escalate situation to remain in the power.

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If there’s a possibility of the scum in Kiev using war planes on the Republics, Russia needs to give them some anti-aircraft weapons to take them down. Enough with the Minsk agreement already, Kiev has proven over and over and over and over again that Minsk is DEAD!

Gary Sellars

Any Banderite warplanes over Donbass would be knocked out of the sky by Russian AD. DPR/LPR doesn’t need advanced AD for that reason, and basing AD assets there simply hands ammo to the NATO propagandists about “Russian invasion”


“..would be knocked out..”

One hopes.


O︁o︁o︁o︁a︁uhh D︁u︁d︁e︁︁s︁ ! Th︁︁e L︁i︁s︁t w︁i︁t︁︁h N︁a︁k︁ed︁-︁W︁o︁m︁e︁n︁s f︁r︁o︁m y︁o︁u︁︁r Ci︁t︁y h︁a︁s be︁e︁n pu︁b︁l︁i︁s︁he︁d
H︁e︁r︁︁e ̩️o︁︁n : t︁u︁4︁a︁.︁m︁︁e︁/︁a︁l︁b︁u︁m︁-︁6︁1︁8︁︁1︁0︁3 ?


LOOL ︁T︁ha︁n︁k︁s︁s ︁B︁ro︁!︁! I︁’︁v︁e f︁o︁u︁︁n︁d th︁e︁r︁e m︁︁y T︁e︁a︁c︁h︁︁e︁r N︁a︁k︁︁e︁d ! ︁m︁w︁a︁a︁h︁a︁h︁h︁


︁H︁a︁︁hh︁a︁a︁hh l︁u︁c︁︁k︁y ︁m︁a︁︁n

Garry Compton

I’m betting/hoping Russian Generals have come to the conclusion that this last assassination is the final straw with regards to letting the Terrorists living next to Russia – regroup and gain strength. There is No difference in killing Donbass folks or Crimea folks. In fact – put several Russian bases in Donbass like Crimea and see the BS – stop. America has 5 or 7 bases in Syria – who cares if Russia has a few in Donbass – It’s time to quit coddling Kyiv . The US domestic scene is a catastrophe – and it is failing – 3 bases in Donbass stops the BS. Cowboy up in Donbass just like you have in Syria.

Empire's Frontiers

One does get the impression that a number of individuals’ lives have become considerably shorter since the recent week’s tragic events.

AM Hants

The US has set a precedent. If they can place bases in Syria, then what is to prevent Russia doing the same in Donbass. However, that means Russia falls into a trap set by Nato, which would allow them to officially move in.

Garry Compton

Nato is already there AM , as you already know – they { US} have a small functioning naval base between me and Odecca, Chemical Bio-warfare labs set up from Zaporozhia to Kyiv, and training bases in west Ukraine – that is just the beginning because we don’t know how many mercs are in Mariupol ready for some action. But when I went over the bridge to the mainland last week there must have been 50+ ships { Ukrainian most likely } – anchored and just hanging out on the Black Sea side. LOL

AM Hants

Good luck. They are so desperate for Russia to strike first.

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