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Purtin Orders To Suspend Participation In INF Treaty, Develop Mid-Range Hypersonic Missile

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The US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty faced an expected response from Russia. On February 2, President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is also halting its participation in the INF Treaty in respnose to Washington’s decision to suspend it.

Now, Russia will develop missiles previously forbidden under the agreement.

“Ours will be a mirror response. Our US partners say that they are ceasing their participation in the treaty, and we are doing the same,” Putin said during a meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. “They say that they are doing research and testing [on new weapons] and we will do the same thing.”

Putin added that no more talks should be initiated by the Russian side with the US to try and save the INF Treaty.

“Let’s wait until our partners mature sufficiently to hold a level, meaningful conversation on this topic, which is extremely important for us, them, and the entire world,” he said.

Furthermore, Putin gave a green light to the development of a mid-range hypersonic missile for the Russian Armed Forces.

“I agree with the proposal… to create a ground-based hypersonic mid-range missile,” Putin said.

Another proposal supported by Putin is to develop a ground-based model of the Kalibr cruise missile, which is currently fitted on warplanes, warships, and submarines.

During the meeting, Defense Minister Shoigu stated that the US has been developing mid-range missiles violating the INF Treaty for a long time.

On February 1, the US officially announced that it’s suspending its participation in the INF Treaty on February 2 and added that it will fully quit it if Russia does not obey it demands to “verifiably” destroy “INF-violating missiles, their launchers and associated equipment”. Washington claims that the modernized 9M729 missile of the Russian Iskander missile complex violates the deal while Moscow rejects these accusations. At the same time, Russia has a wide range of concerns over the US violations of the INF Treaty in multiple spheres. Washington rejects the accusations also.

On September 27, 2017, SouthFront released a detailed analysis on this topic:


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stary ujo

Correct decision mr.Putin ! This plot from side USA was prepare long time ago !


its was never about Russia, it was about china the US finds it necessary to break the INF treaty


President Putin is 100% correct on his stand. Mr Putin should never agree with Washington the mass murderers and slaughterers of this world. There is a great responsibility of this world on Russia.

leon mc pilibin

There are no mature people on the america side,just hand picked idiots to do the bidding of the zionist lobby,and fullfil there oath of allegiance to israhell.This is why we have war ,genocide and destruction worldwide.

Promitheas Apollonious

if you can answer me this question, I appreciate it or any one who can give me his line of thinking for that matter.

This hand picked idiots are voted by none hand picked morons that are called voters, we call the helots or tax slaves. And are the majority in the western countries since all of them are employees either of the idiots they vote for or the ones who hand pick the idiots.

Now the zionists who are attempting to globalize the world under their absolute control and enslave it are of various nationalities and though the common people learn to call them jews not all of them are jews and all all jews are pro globalists.

And to my opinion israel is not in control of anything even their own destiny just an expendable piece of real estate that when it be profitable for the globalists will be sacrificed in order to create a reaction hence the reason that they also created the holocaust myth.

So all this western majority who go every time come election day and give their votes to this idiots as you call them whose forcing them to vote for them? Because every time I checked this what I find none does and not only that but this political zealot voters are also very fanatical about what they support. Are they all of them also zionists and jews? Since jews are not a race but a cult with followers just like any other man create religion and gods are.


You are trolling, right?! What happened to your brain cells?

Promitheas Apollonious

because I am saying about the moronic voters who put the globalization tool in their positions I am trolling? Maybe I am between a joke and a serious food for you to think between the lines I wrote.

Try again. As for my brain cells….. :-) today they are in a happy and tolerant mode. I been looking for years for a pure breed Greek sheepdog, could not find one. First day the weather permitted to seat in my garden and a puppy of what exactly I been looking for, come outside my fence.

Now instead of asking me if I am trolling why dont you attempt to answer what I ask?


Happy for you.

Tudor Miron

May I ask what exactly you didn’t like in his post?


His comment is absolutely perfect, however: It is not fair to generalize on voters and blame them for the lies of politicians, Example: Trumps inauguration speech. I bet everyone who heard that speech was blessing Trump. And then? We all know what happened. Voters are not the problem. Politicians are. The deep state, or the zio-mafia are running the show but yeah, well , we are happy when a few terrorist rats have been eliminated. We are not fighting the real reason for the state of the world. We, or let’s say some don’t even see it.We are fighting its puppets. The real enemy is the club 300, the so called Roma club. Putin , Xi, Assad and a few other decent guys are fighting the real battle for the sake of the world but it is a subtle fight.

Tudor Miron

Valentina (if you allow me to call you this way), I know that you’re not one of those voters but he is right in terms that Politicians use people’s (in general) ignorance and comlience. Jews are not the root of the problems of our world. Yes, this mafia (I would not even call it a nation) is a willing instrument but at the same time they are nothing other than an instrument. BTW, this instrument is about to be abandoned and again (as it happened many times in history) used as “sucrificial lamb” by their own masters. After all, they are us – people of this planet. Problem is their ideology and than we have a question where this ideology is coming from? Look at that video (link that I posted in answer to his post).
Мера кровавости грядущих событий определяется нравственным уровнем ВСЕХ участников процесса.


Please, remove my name by editing the comment.


The video is a good promotion of the existing state of global affairs. Its focus is on the existing system and little is said regarding the solution. Is is another attempt to keep the masses subjugated? If the voters are not able to make the right choice then why don’t we quit voting and go for monarchies or dictators? Can we excuse the lies of the politicians and ignore them together with their crimes? Should we blame the voters and the tax payers and consumers for the crimes of the “elite”? As for the jews….. well I am the last person who would support violence and abuse yet I would be the last person to take that violence and abuse. I do have the power to say NO! The jews are building up their own reputation and no matter what you say I will not close my eyes and say: ah, well, they can do it again and again and again. Enough is enough. Cause and effect. For a very long time the jewish society has been challenging the whole world and bringing death, destruction, misery, poverty and all the bad things that one can encounter in life. Thank you. No more. I hope the ’cause and effect’ will bring the balance and harmony that we have been missing. ”
“sucrificial lamb” ??? Oh, pleeeaaase! We can not afford nativity now, can we? Too many people have been sacrificed for those “sucrificial lamb” .Enough.

Tudor Miron

1961, I know that you’re honest person looking for fairness and justice in this world. Otherwise I would not waste time trying to explain my point.

“The video is a good promotion of the existing state of global affairs.”(c)

This is blatant misinterpretation. This video is intended to open the eyes of sheeple so those willing to see the truth can understand how and why current system of global debt enslaver works. It shows the main principles used to implement the current state of “crowd elitist” society. It promotes understanding the actual state of affairs which leads to proper actions.

“If the voters are not able to make the right choice then why don’t we quit voting and go for monarchies or dictators? Can we excuse the lies of the politicians and ignore them together with their crimes? Should we blame the voters and the tax payers and consumers for the crimes of the “elite”?”(c)

Where exactly did you see in this video any kind of promotion to quit voting and go for “monarchies or dictators”? Where does it ask to excuse the lies of politicians?? If you look at it without emotional filters that it will be clear that it promotes distinction between lies and truth. And yes, if one is unwilling to learn and understand but prefers to consume (as you put it) than he’s actions/inactions are part of the problem. Voting for same sh#t again and again means that they get what they want. Refusal to learn and understand is what leads to existing state of affairs. Refusal to understand that “elites” do just as much as they are allowed to do by the “crowd” leads to constant repetition of same events – from time to time some part of the “elites” is replaced (“crimes are punished – hooray!”) but nothing changes and new “elites” do the same. This video doesn’t promote excusing the crimes but promotes understanding the root of those crimes and dealing with those roots to prevent the possibility of their constant repetition.

“I do have the power to say NO! The jews are building up their own reputation and no matter what you say I will not close my eyes and say: ah, well, they can do it again and again and again. Enough is enough. Cause and effect. For a very long time the jewish society has been challenging the whole world and bringing death, destruction, misery, poverty and all the bad things that one can encounter in life. Thank you. No more.” I hope the ’cause and effect’ will bring the balance and harmony that we have been missing.
“sucrificial lamb” ??? Oh, pleeeaaase! We can not afford naivety now, can we? Too many people have been sacrificed for those “sucrificial lamb” .Enough.(c)

That’s exactly the state of mind and misunderstanding that “global predictor” is carefully instilling in the heads of the “crowd”. Problem is that planned by its own masters elimination of Jews would NOT change anything other than “crowd” thinking that “Now, we’ve done it! Evil is defeated” and falling into the same trap as they did for many centuries – “crowd/elitist” society/biblical project will keep going.
Try to understand the simple thing – I’m not trying to excuse the crimes of “elites”. I’m trying to explain that one should see the whole picture and realize that dealing with results is not enough. One should deal with reasons of those results. This requires learning and understanding of actual states of affairs. This requires ability for distinction. Keeping the knowledge away from the “crowd” (including “elites”) is what this current world system is based on.
I will repeat: “Мера кровавости текущих событий, зависит от уровня нравственности ВСЕХ участников процесса»(С)


We are on the same page but we see different priorities.
Мера кровавости текущих событий, зависит от уровня нравственности ВСЕХ участников процесса»(С)- Absolutely!
The whole idea of globalization and imperialism comes from the so called 300 club. This is the major world war now but we do not see blood spilled. It is extortion, manipulation and subjugation of the masses. You can not blame the masses for their response given the circumstances they live in. They might be well aware of reality yet powerless to change it. I myself have always been disappointed by the person I voted for shortly after election. Should I stop voting? How do I make the right choice when it looks like everyone who was elected would go through an ‘alignment session” and forget about his vision and promises and preach what he has been instructed to preach. Merkel, Obama, Trump? .Well, you are saying that it is ok for them to lie even more and commit more crimes but we blame the people?!
We can throw stones at the “sheeple” and condemn them for voting for politicians who get instructions on arrival in parliament and are forced to obey the globalists but we can excuse the jews and forgive them the crimes. In all fairness I do not see this as fair or just. The basic truth in life is to live in love and respect. Blame me, I have none for those who are making my life more difficult and who are destroying the future of my children and yours as well.
The jews, aaaah, the jews, the victims. I see them all as parasites waiting for the Yinon plan (which is not going to happen). When have they taken an honest stand against the crimes committed by their government?

As for the video- 2/3 rd of the time is about what we know and a few minutes only on how it is supposed to be. Where is the focus? From a psychological point of view anyone who watches it will remember the first part and not the main message. Was it made in Hell aviv? They are masters of deception.
I know nothing about global predictor but I know that the jews are an ethnicity not a nation. They can blend in any society and co-exist. However, this artificial state can not and should not run the world affairs. In all fairness, may be this is what global predictor wants me to see and might have even succeeded. I don’t care. Looking at the bigger picture in the now and beyond I think that this is our reality, like it or not.

Tudor Miron

I never said that “it is ok for them to lie even more and commit more crimes “(c) :) All I’m saying is that punishing those that we see (“elites” commitning the crimes) is not enough to prevent those crimes to be repeated.
Regarding Jews – do not think that this is Israel who runs the show. “Script writers are located in Swizerland, film directors in London, actors in Washington”. I’m not saying that Israel should not but punished for his crimes, I’m just trying to explain that it would not be enough – one has to go for the root of the problem.
This short video is not an answer to everything it’s describing (in very short and basic way) the principles of western civilisation (thought it is not western in its roots) and their scenario of globalisation. You don’t expect that this short video gives all the answers? Intention of this video is provoking to learn more.
Do yo speak Russian? If so, than I could suggest some good learning material.
BTW, Jews are not even ethnicity – its a mixture of cult and mafia :)


I am fluent in Russian.

Tudor Miron

May I suggest some meterial?


Of course.

Tudor Miron

Вот курс лекций генерала Петрова https://youtu.be/NCQh3vpXTVo Это даст возможность получить общее понимание взглядов Концепции Общественной Безопасности.
And this book as a formal basis of this theory http://kob-media.ru/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/20150509_myortvaya_voda_2015.pdf

Thank you


Thank you. I’ll check it tonight.

Tudor Miron

Petrov’s lectures is a “lightened” version intended for wide audience (with different levels of education). Petrov died in 2009. Even this lightweight version will give you better understanding regarding jews and their role.
This version of the book (link above) is not full – parts were edited out because in 2013 court decided that this text is extrimist because it was talking about role of international jew “mafia” in historical events in Russia. Here’s a link to earlier (not reduced) version of this book (audio)
I would also recommend reading an earlier book that was used as a base for one above.
Here’s a very good lecture from Zanobin (died in april 2018)

All this materials require time and effort but it is worth it.


Thank you. Let’s see.


A politician lies to you, so next election you vote for him again?
That’s what happens in America, the politicians lie, but the people keep voting for them. For Americans the very idea of not voting for either the lying Republicans, or the lying Democrats is tantamount to treason.
Fact is Americans are like Neanderthals big and strong, but incredible stupid.
Except of course for the handful of Americans who vote for minor parties and independents.


Americans were not born ” big and strong, but incredible stupid.” They were made ” big and strong, but incredible stupid.” The politicians working for the Roman 300 club are working very hard on the matter.

Tudor Miron

Let me answer with this short video https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA


Thank you for the video, Tudor.
It is very thought provoking.

Promitheas Apollonious

Sorry for the delay was watching an interesting basketball game. The video answers what I ask in some degree. As FG said provoking point of view, or food for thinking and going deeper.

Tudor Miron

It wasn’t posted as a definitive answer :) but it does show “mechanics” of the system within limits of short video intended to viewers that are willing to start using their brains.


In the majority of cases I think its as simple as a domesticated animal who runs behind those who feed them, even if the animal is abused with de facto slavery.

Also the ‘farmers’ often feed the animals with the bodies of other animals and eat the animals themselves.

The majority of voters are essentially institutionalised , and fear any change.

Promitheas Apollonious

Thank you.

Tudor Miron

Very well said, Florian.


lot of bullshits. but one thing for your attention: you as greek is several times bigger tax slave than the yanks.

Promitheas Apollonious

never paid taxes to any country I been into operating so go fuck yourself and learn to speak of what you know and not what you assume.


you are criminal

Promitheas Apollonious

and you are an idiot.

Jan Tesarik

they are called inferior psychopathic pedophiles :-)

Jim Bim

And NATO and the EU are on board and blaming Russia.
It`s high time for Russia to stop calling the corrupt western leaders and politicians for partners.

Xoli Xoli

At least Putin start acting straight on USA violation.The Bear is roaring thumbs up.

Syria insider

Purtin lol.


Paths to war in all areas from russia to South China Sea, all started by US

Ricky Miller

This termination and violation of the INF treaty matches a pattern of violations by the United States and is part of a program to manipulate and discard and violate agreements in order to achieve and maintain dominance. The U.S. waited for Russia to fufill her obligations under an agreement to destroy and/or reprocess plutonium and then violated their obligation to do the same, saying that building a reprocessing reactor would cost too much. Obama said that the Americans would bury the plutonium. But buried plutonium can be quickly unburied and find it’s configured way into warheads, leaving Russia at a disadvantage in terms if rapid rearmament. That was the whole point. The United States withdrew from the ABM treaty, waiting until Russia had substantially lowered her numbers of launchers and warheads to the point that ABM systems were mathematically effective against Russia’s remaining arsenal. They never anticipated Russia’s Yars and Bulava responses, believing Russia unable to make new missiles.

But discarding the INF proves that Americans are just stupid and goverened by an idiocracy. The INF benefitted the U.S. and her European allies way more than any benefit to Russia. In fact, stationing INF missiles in Europe was and will be a political hot potato and won’t change the fact that American drones and ship launched cruise missiles have threatened Russia during the INF years whereas Russia had limited means to threaten NATO bases in Europe supporting those American deployments because of the INF Treaty. Now instead of just eight Kalibr cruise missiles floating around on a 21 knot Corvette in the Baltic, targeting American and NATO emplacements in Europe Russia can put 32 or 64 vertical Kalibr launchers on a base. Or put groups of two on trucks, keep them mobile. Or deploy ground based, medium range hypersonics in small numbers, with nuclear warheads to devaste NATO capitals in Europe, a way more cost effective and nightmarish deterrent than limited numbers deployed on ships.

Next? The end of strategic limitations in 2021. This would be another stupid move by the Americans, so it’s probably a sure bet. But the United States hasn’t produced a new ICBM in decades. But Russia has production lines running for ABM evading ICBM’s and SLBM’s: Yars, Bulava, coming soon Sarmat. Russia has thirty perfectly preserved Stilettos laying in wait. American television and a weakened and dumbed down University process for the masses have diluted American intelligence to such a degree that they misfire in even basic calculations involving strategic geography and math.


It seems that NATO and Europe have no problem being used as cannon fodder once nuclear war starts.


it would be better if the destitute states of morons (aka usa) suspended any and all contacts with israel, which is the country which it is in urgent need to be flushed down the drain – no one needs israel (not even the destitute states) so keep the inf-agreement and flush israel and peace will be all around us.

Ricky Miller

SF marked and deleted my comment as SPAM. I’ll mark SF as a place not to donate to any longer. One good favor for another.


I wondered what had happened to your post, and this was my reply.
I could not post in reply to your original post as the system said your post no longer existed.

‘You make a considered and valid precis of US current and past machinations to retain their empire , that ironically is rotting from within, as all past empires throughout history have done.’


Check your profile and post again.

Tudor Miron

I was going to reply to your post when it simply dissapeared and I received a message “can’t reply to inactive message”(c) Strange things often happen on SF. Removing good honest and perfectly legal posts while ignoring obvious trolling and even ISIS propaganda. Reposting mental diarrhea from various professional 5th columnists like Klimov and so on.
I’m not saying that this is norm but it happens with increasing frequency.

Xoli Xoli

Good move Putin Trump likes to be spoon feet with his chalky doll Bolton.

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