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Public Discussion Between Chubais And Zakharova Continues Highlighting Crisis Within Russian Elites

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A public discussion between Head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais and the Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova has developed further.

On January 21, Chubais answered to Zakharova’s remarks by calling her one of the key bloggers of the current government.  He further claimed that Zakharova is an official while he’s not and this is why he cannot bear responsibility for the current situation in Russia.

Speaking about the situation in 1991, he said:

“The average salary was $12 per month, the ruble wasn’t convertible into other currencies, private enterprise was a crime, Sberbank, which held everyone’s savings, was bankrupt, the economy shrank by 10 percent to 12 percent a year, inflation was above 100 percent and the stores were empty.”

Chubais claimed that by the time Zakharova started her career most of those problems had been overcome thanks to the creation of a market economy and resurrection of private property.

These remarks in fact confirmed that there are two different groups in the Russian elites: the pro-Western/liberal group and the formally “patriotic” part. However, the most interesting thing is their hypocrisy.

Chubais described Zakharova as a state official, but intentionally ignored that she is not a key decision maker but a spokesperson. He also said that he has not been a state official for decades, but this is lie. Chubais was the head of OAO Unified Energy System of Russia [a state electric power holding] and now he’s serving as the head of another state company, the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation (Rosnano). These are in fact state official positions.

Another lie is that the situation in Russia has improved thanks to actions of Chubais and Chubais-like government officials. In fact, their actions in early 1990s led to the “Crisis of 1998”. This crisis was overcome thanks to actions of the new government led by Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov and his first deputy chairman Yuri Maslyukov [a former experienced Soviet executive manager]. This new government took extraordinary measures: economic policy changes, reduction of tariffs, value-added tax on food is reduced, and the default is overcome. Almost everything was done in direct contrast to the recommendations of the IMF and other Western organizations.

What kind of measures is the modern Russian government employing to overcome the economic problems. It’s interesting to note that its economic block is repeating steps of early 1990s. The experience of the Primakov-Maslyukov government ignored and the history is repeating itself.


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In terms of strengthening national finances and economics it’s hard to describe the Putin/Medvedev governments of the past 2 decades as anything other than an outstanding success. With no debt and up to $1/2 trillion in foreign reserves. There are few governments that even come close to Russia in terms of the soundness of it’s economic base.

Where economic improvements need to be made, and are being made, is in improving the standard of living of Russian citizens. First the national economy had to put on a solid foundation, and that’s been done. Now improvements need to be made in improving the standard f living of Russia’s citizens.


Russia is the planet’s number 1 victim state, in terms of being targeted for subversion internally and externally by Jews, their sycophants, and their Jew world order war machine. NATO isn’t Russia’s enemy, Jews are. Russia should outlaw Judaism like China and others have done, and the whole planet should do. To finish the dejudification process that has reduced Russia’s population of Jews from 5,000,000 to 200,000. Until there are no more Russian Jews.

Russia needs to get the Jew monkey off of it’s back. Winning the Syrian war and participating in a regional military force with a UN mandate to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories and police the implementation of UN resolutions that Israel has been in chronic scofflaw violation of for it’s entire existence so that Israel can be voted out of existence and Palestine can be dejudified, unified and replace Israel at the UN would be to Russia’s and humanity’s benefit.


Dejudification in Europe, Russia, the near east and north Africa 1945 to 2010.comment image


No…It would be very easy to argue with demonstrable facts that the Mevedev side of the government has been a neoliberal millstone around the neck of the Russian economy…the part about the low government debt and large reserve holdings cannot be attributed to Medvedev or the neoliberal policies of the last 20 years…as for ‘The Jews’…that is basically silly, because the real problem is finance capital and the system of creating money as debt…this power is given only to PRIVATE banks…which also own the various central banks of every government in this basically global system…people of Jewish stock are of course very prominent in this whole Ponzi scheme…but that does not mean that getting rid of Jews will get rid of the Ponzi scheme…there are plenty of non-Jews in this racket [in fact probably the outright majority in terms of absolute numbers]…and they will have no reason to discontinue their gravy train just because their Jewish colleagues have been removed…that fails the logic test…the crash will soon be upon us…and it will be interesting to see how the moneychangers will dig themselves out this time…they were able to pull the ‘quantitative easing’ trick last time, but it won’t work now…because interest rates are already so low that they cannot really make much difference…


Your comment is rife with fallacies and contradictions. It fails the rationality test.

The non Christian world is also the non Jewish world, because 99% of Jews live in Christendom because they’re rejected elsewhere. Christianity is legal in China and numerous other places where Judaism is rejected. The problem with the banking system is primarily Jews and their sycophants in the banking system. Just like it is with the US media. The banking system where Jews don’t have control is structurally similar, without the Jew crime and corruption. Sure there’s crime and corruption in non Jew bank systems. But it’s much worse in Jew controlled bank systems because of the Jew presence.

Medvedev works with Putin. They both share responsibility for Russia’s success and failure. You can’t give Putin all of the credit and Medvedev all of the blame. Their phenomenal success speaks for itself.

The Jews don’t control all central banks, that’s complete nonsense peddled by habitual liars. Many central banks are government institutions with no Jew control. Yes Jews control a number of central banks in Christendom. That’s a big problem that needs to be corrected.


Your comment lacks any substance, or even common sense…there is no basis for an exchange of ideas here…basically you are just making hollow statements without any attempt at developing a dialectic…


That’s complete nonsense.My comment is full of easily proven incontestable facts. You’ve been outed for peddling disinfo, denying it just adds to that. You refuse to debate the issues further because you know that you’l lose and lose badly.


If your comment is full of ‘easily provable facts’…then by all means go ahead and do so…

Let’s go back to your contention that the Putin/Medvedev duo has been an ‘outstanding success’…this is clearly bunk, since the Russian economy has been growing at a very low rate, and interet rates are quite high…they are kept high by the neoliberal clique led by Medvedev because their belief is that they need to attract FOREIGN CAPITAL with those high rates…

In China we see growth rates FIVE TIMES higher over those last two decades…without freely floating their currency and high interest rates…the government holds 70 percent of the economy and makes its own capital [money] as any sovereign nation can do…this is not just my opinion [I am an engineer not an economist]…but Paul Craig Roberts and Micheal Hudson have written entire books on this…

So clearly your statement that Russia’s economy has been a huge success is easily proved as ridiculous…

Next…polls in Russia have for years shown that people do not think Medvedev is doing a good job…the latest figures are over 50 percent against him… http://thesaker.is/the-russian-pension-chicken-are-coming-home-to-roost/

So once again you are talking nonsense…like I said…it is clear that you have nothing to contribute here…


Russia has the 5th highest foreign reserves on the planet and if you adjust it for per capita it’s comparable to China:



Russia has the 5th lowest debt to gdp ratio on the planet which is superior to China:


“In terms of strengthening national finances and economics it’s hard to describe the Putin/Medvedev governments of the past 2 decades as anything other than an outstanding success. With no debt and up to $1/2 trillion in foreign reserves. There are few governments that even come close to Russia in terms of the soundness of it’s economic base.”


“In China we see growth rates FIVE TIMES higher over those last two decades:

Really? Russia’s economy doubled in 10 years:
comment image


“interet rates are quite high…they are kept high by the neoliberal clique led by Medvedev because their belief is that they need to attract FOREIGN CAPITAL with those high rates”

Russia pays next to nothing on debt because it has almost none. So interest paid by the government has no effect on the Russian budget.


You are obviously not of normal intelligence…as I already p[ointed out…Interest rates of 10 percent affect EVERYBODY…from people buying a house…to entrepreneurs starting a business…to large enterprises investing in R&D or new production tooling etc…you are a waste of time…


You obviously aren’t happy about having your disinfo disproven over and over again. As my replies on this thread thoroughly illustrate. And as I’ve pointed out before. Your false accusations only make you look like the liar and fool that you are.


Russian interest rates spiked in response to the anti Russian campaign and financial terrorism that the Jew world order miscreants have been waging against Russia. And have been dropping considerably as the Russians push back on it. It’s the Jew infested west that’s up to it’s eyeballs in debt, not Russia.
comment image?s=rrefrate


I’m not familiar with everything that you’re reffering to. But I agree with what I am familiar with.

Tommy Jensen

This story truly shows how the Jews WON over the greatest Empire in History Pharao in Egypt and that the Jews are a winner people and a winner nation.
Zealots will bulldoze all over the world as an invincible force……………….LOL.


Your usual IGNORANCE is your only excuse.you NAZI asshole!
In Russia president is only person in charge and prime minister only executes his orders!
Yes Putin has ALL the success in the past and Medvedev wouldn’t be even elected without his permanent support!
The reason why Putin does that is because it is COMPROMISE with Russian LIBERALS whose representative is that incompetent dick Medvedev!

Medvedev only “success” during his short presidency was destruction of Libya!
Because he voted for imposing Western “nonflying zone” in UN which permitted US,UK & France to destroy Libya!
Now Medvedev is only prime minister thanks to the Putin (as usual) because Russian’s didn’t want him, but Putin was supporting him to stay on the job of prime minister!

Having Jews control banks is nothing worse than having NAZI morons like you !


How is it that Medvedev administers all of the good and gets no credit and only gets blame for the bad?

AM Hants

‘…On January 16, Head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais stressed that Russia is one of the poorest and energy wasteful states. He added that a major part of the population is poor or very poor.

Chubais is a Russian politician and businessman of Belarusian Jewish origin. He has been participating in the state’s political and economic life since early 1990s. He was responsible for privatization and a key figure introducing so-called shock reforms introducing “market economy” after the fall of the USSR. Chubais served as a deputy prime minister, a minister of finance, a head of the president administration, the head of OAO Unified Energy System of Russia [a state electric power holding]. Now he’s serving as the head of another state company, the Russian Nanotechnology Corporation (Rosnano).

Politically, Chubais has always been a member of the pro-Western, liberal group of the Russian elites. Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of the state bank Sberbank Herman Gref are other well-known members of this group. All these persons have been actively participating in the Russian political life sine 1990s. These persons have been shaping the Russian internal and foreign economic politics on the basis of recommendations from the International Monetary Fund and other pro-Western international ogranizations…’


Guess he wishes Russia goes back in time, to the days of Yeltsin and selling everything off to the Ashkenazi, nomadic ‘Turkic’ tribe, ‘oligarchs’.


Clearly Chubais knows he’s talking nonsense, so I can only conclude he’s stirring the pot to put pressure on the patriotic members of the Russian government. Confident enough to show his true colours, but it’s ok, I’m sure they have him on a list to be knocked off first should the country be subject to internal strife or war.

Tudor Miron

His time will come at list I hope so.


He is “showing” nothing that is not already known for very long time.
He is one of the main architects of robbing and destruction and total bankruptcy of Russia.
Every Russian knows what he thinks no secrets there
As long as people remember who he really is and what he did there is no danger from him.


I think people forgetting, especially as new generations of children grow up without knowing, is what he counts on. As much as I hate to advocate for one go to source, there needs to be some sort of record of shame for people like this. Otherwise it just makes the job tougher for people who want to do good, like Putin, when they are forced to dispel lies and conjecture that spews from those Western minded fools.


I agree with you. But isn’t that JOB of contemporary historians to write down exactly who did what in the Yeltsin days, when Russia went totally bankrupt ?
That would not be small event for any country so it shouldn’t be neglected by Russia either to have exact memory of what have happened.
As you know it is so easy to sit watch and criticize the guy who works.
So no wonder that barking dogs are thinking to have possibility to attack Putin now when the Russia has some economic problems due to the economic blockade and because of his lowered popularity on so unpopular move for pension reform.
Putin’s legacy in Russia is of historic proportion and only generations after him will be able to measure his contribution and his shortfalls.


I agree, I just would find it quite satisfying to see them humiliated. I realise the difficulty of the 90s would be a sombre memory, but would the average Russian really be aware of who did what, or would they just point the finger at the President at the time?


I understand your angel on the problem.
Putin being savior of Russia and resurrecting Russia in great power again doesn’t receive only praising merits but attacks as well…Sometimes unjustified.
Russia is country like any other that reflects rapport of the forces in the government and the country.
Medvedev is head of the government for very long time and he is there for representing LIBERALS.
All pro-Western forces ,tycoons , Russian elites represented in liberal forces are in full support of Medvedev (Chubais)
Despite the fact that liberals hardly achieve even symbolic results in Russia during the elections…
But that’s how it works in majority of the countries where money wins lots of influence if not all despite will of the people.
Russia has all the weakness of capitalist country

You can call me Al

Oh gee, here we go; I wonder who is paying or backing the whore ?.

Gary Sellars

Chubais is a scumbag liar and thief, and ably assisted the West (Harvard Jews and Wall Street swindlers) in the ransacking of Russia after 1991 breakup. In a just world, this maggot would be in jail and his wealth would have bene appropriated as compensation for his victims.

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