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Pseudo-Apocalypse: Coronavirus Outbreak In China


Pseudo-Apocalypse: Coronavirus Outbreak In China

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As of January 28, up to 20 Chinese cities have been locked down or targeted by partial movement restrictions, with public transport in and out of them closed over the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). A total of 106 people died of the disease. 976 patients remained in critical conditions. 6,973 people were suspected of being infected, while 4,515 cases were confirmed.

Troops clad in hazmat suits, with automatic rifles were deployed, and namely in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province. The city that houses approximately 11 million people is the center of the crisis. In total, approximately, 60 million people are under travel restrictions.


Additionally, 8 confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, 7 in Macao Special Administrative Region and 5 in Taiwan.

Chinese authorities are urgently building a 1,000-bed emergency field hospital, specifically to cure those infected by the coronavirus.  The hospital is modeled after the Xiaotangshan SARS hospital in Beijing. The facility will be a prefabricated structure on a 270,000-square-foot lot, slated for completion on February 3.

The SARS hospital was built from scratch in 2003 in just six days during an outbreak of a similar respiratory virus that had spread from China to more than a dozen countries and killed about 800 people. The SATRS hospital featured individual isolation units that looked like rows of tiny cabins.

On January 26, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that China started to develop vaccine for the novel coronavirus after successfully isolating the first strain of the virus.

All people entering and leaving China are having their temperature measured.

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause respiratory illnesses such as the common cold, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Most people get infected with coronaviruses at one point in their lives, but symptoms are typically mild to moderate. In some cases, the viruses can cause lower-respiratory tract illnesses such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

These are more common in animals, and only a handful are known to affect humans, as is the case now. This is what happened with the coronaviruses known as the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV, between 2012-17) and the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-Cov, 2002-3), both of which are known to cause more severe symptoms.

The 2019-nCoV virus has spread, at a relatively rapid pace. The first case was reported on December 31st, 2019, in Wuhan, China. The first cured individual, named Chen, a 56-year old woman was reported by Chinese authorities, as per Chinese media. She spent 2 weeks in hospital and was fully cured.

Since then, the virus has appeared in several other countries, including Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. The first U.S. case was confirmed on January 21st in a man in Washington state who had recently traveled to Wuhan. On January 24th, officials confirmed a second case in a woman from Chicago who had also recently traveled to the Chinese city. On January 24th, the first three cases were confirmed in France, with two patients being hospitalised in Paris and the other in the southwestern city of Bordeaux. Australia also confirmed its first case of the virus. On January 28th, three suspected cases of the coronavirus were reported in the Indian capital.

Pseudo-Apocalypse: Coronavirus Outbreak In China

Click to see the full-size image. IMAGE: statista.com

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus an “emergency in China,” but not an international concern.

According to the Imperial College London‌, self-sustaining human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) is the only plausible explanation of the scale of the outbreak in Wuhan. The released report estimates that on average, each case infected 2.6 (uncertainty range: 1.5-3.5) other people up to 18th January 2020. For comparison, during the SARS outbreak each case infected from 2.0 to 3.5 other people.

“This implies that control measures need to block well over 60% of transmission to be effective in controlling the outbreak. It is likely, based on the experience of SARS and MERS-CoV, that the number of secondary cases caused by a case of 2019-nCoV is highly variable – with many cases causing no secondary infections, and a few causing many. Whether transmission is continuing at the same rate currently depends on the effectiveness of current control measures implemented in China and the extent to which the populations of affected areas have adopted risk-reducing behaviours,” the report reads.

So far, the 2019-nCoV mortality rate has been approximately 2.35%. Therefore, the 2019-nCoV speed of spreading, as well as the fatality percentage is in reality lower than SARS, which took place in 2002-3, also in China. In total, there were 8098 confirmed cases of SARS, with a mortality rate of 9.6%. The virus was contacted from bats. The MERS, which spread in the Middle East, between 2012-17, had a confirmed number of 2,000 infected, and a mortality rate of 36%. It was contacted from camels.

The Chinese government is taking extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of the 2019-nCoV. Military men in biological protection suits, blocked cities, and hospital construction efforts allow mainstream media outlets to paint an apocalyptic picture of the developments, claiming a pseudo-apocalyptic endemic that would threaten hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Countries such as the UK, the US, and others are carrying out coronavirus tests of various individuals. Mostly of Chinese origin, or those that have recently been to China.

One of the speculations is that the 2019-nCoV outbreak is a result of the leak from a secret (not very) laboratory. One of the Chinese BSL-4 rated labs (highest level of biological safety) is located in Wuhan.

“A laboratory in Wuhan is on the cusp of being cleared to work with the world’s most dangerous pathogens. The move is part of a plan to build between five and seven biosafety level-4 (BSL-4) labs across the Chinese mainland by 2025, and has generated much excitement, as well as some concerns.

Some scientists outside China worry about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations. But Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entrance to the elite cadre empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats,” The Nature article from February 2017 starts.

Regardless facts, speculations of the biolab in Wuhan became pretty popular, claiming that this is, in fact, a real-life Resident Evil scenario, and its infamous Umbrella Corporation, minus people turning into mindless zombies roaming the streets.

Another popular culture comparison is that with the popular game Plague Inc., and that as soon as Greenland hears a Chinese man has sneezed at an airport and it’s closed its borders, and that every other country should follow suit.

Pseudo-Apocalypse: Coronavirus Outbreak In China

Click to see the full-size image

The media hysteria has gone so far that the developer of Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations, issued a statement saying that their game is realistic, but not with the aim to sensationalize serious world issues. It warned that this is, in fact a game, and not a scientific model.

Rather dark memes are on the rise, with there even being a specific subreddit focused on coronavirus jokes. Most are harmless jokes, but many of them are tasteless, but they also serve the purpose of presenting China in a light that it is losing grip of the situation.

The apocalyptic coverage of the 2019-nCoV outbreak in China demonstrates how mainstream media outlets and social media platforms shape the audience’s perception of reality. While the Chinese government appears to be employing needed measures to contain the outbreak and prevent the virus spread, the MSM uses this measures to feed the audience with speculations that this is a signal of the Chinese inability to keep the situation under control.




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  • Gabriel Hollows

    Yeah, 55 million people are currently on quarantine but this is totally the flu. 108 dead and 56 recovered in merely a week, but this is totally just a flu!

    Give me a break. If anything, this is what they get for eating fucking bats. They barely even cook them, just throw the LIVING animals into a cauldron of water and eat them practically raw, skin, teeth and fur included.

    A fitting end for a disgusting, worthless race. Hopefully the US economy will go down with them.

    • javier

      hey man i’m sure they got vegetarians in china so they don’t all suck

    • goingbrokes

      But if they eat bats etc. why the outbreak now, and not say 100 years ago?
      No, it doesn’t add up.
      And what makes you think that the Chinese are a “disgusting, worthless race”???? That’s an unbelievable comment man!

      • Aquilegia

        The picture of the bat soup was said to be from 2017. And just now Indian scientists discovered this virus could have AIDS-HIV inserts in it, or such never seen before in the coronavirus family. There apparently is a maximum security biolab inside Wuhan but hey, you never know. I don’t really buy the seafood market explanation at least.

  • S Melanson

    Unfortunately, it is too late I think for this outbreak. The mortality rate is less important then the health care systems will be overwhelmed and collapse – consider the implications of that.

    This novel Corona virus has worrisome characteristics that make it far more dangerous than SARS. It transmits even when no symptoms while SARS only transmissible when showing symptoms. This alone is huge deal and a nightmare for containment efforts, made even harder as this new virus has longer incubation period without symptoms compared to SARS. This new virus appears to transmit human to human more efficiently then SARS and infects through any mucous membranes which means mouth, nose, lungs, AND eyes so need goggles – so why has this information not been clearly communicated as this is known about corona virus family.

    Morning of Jan. 28 case load passing 5,000. Actual case load is at least ten times higher. This is not speculation, the reports and what is known is sufficient to make the official figure implausibly to low.

    Figures of 2.6% mortality are being stated but this is not actual mortality as the death toll reflects the case load several weeks ago to account for time from infection and progression to death. Let us work with 2 weeks which is very unlikely to be lower than this. I estimated doubling time of cases to be every 2 days – revised from earlier estimate of every 2.5 days. I will now show how the caseload is much higher than the official numbers.

    If doubling is every 2 days, and we have infection and progression to death averaging 2 weeks, then the expected case load can be calculated. 2 weeks is 14 days and so 14/2 = 7 approximately and thus the cases will have doubled 7 times by the time of infection progresses to death on average. If we assume 100% mortality (it is of course less than this), the minimum case load can be roughly estimated. Assume 106 case load 2 weeks ago and they represent the death toll of 106 currently. We now double 106 seven times as follows:

    106×2 = 224 now double again six more times: 450, 900, 1,800, 3,600
    , 7,200, 14,400

    My rough estimate is 14,400 cases today based on 106 deaths, 2 day doubling, infection to death is 14 days on average and 100% mortality rate (it is of course lower than this).

    However, I believe mortality rate is higher than SARS and likely between 15% and 20%. If 20%, the case load reported should be 14,400 multiplied by 5 or 72,000
    – this is more than ten times official figures – if 15% mortality, caseload is about 100,000. Even with the 5,000 figure, case doubling every 2 days will see a caseload approaching 250,000,000 by end of February.

    The numbers I am presenting are much more consistent with the dire situation being reported out of Wuhan of severe crowding in Hospital hallways because beds are filled and exhausted health workers are overwhelmed while reporting severe shortages of supplies – this was being reported when case loads were around 1,000 which simply does not make sense – a city of 11 million can handle a thousand cases and should have the supplies but, it is a different story if the true figures are closer to figures I present here.

    as for bio-weapon, this is possible – the proximity of the level 4 lab in Wuhan and it is the only of its kind in all of China is a big red flag. Also, vaccine development for bio-weapon potential pathogens is commonly done in cooperation with military bio=weapons research.

    Advice, prepare for a pandemic the likes of which have never before been seen.

    • roger

      Vitamin C is vital in speeding up recovery and delaying infection:


      • S Melanson

        What dosage and in what form and how administration – such as oral once a day 1,000 mg.

    • Sinbad2

      It targets Asians, that’s why the US isn’t worried, they know all about this bug.

      • S Melanson

        I suspect it is bio-engineered but it seems to be sickening Caucasians. This is also a retrovirus and the reverse transcriptase like most retroviruses is very error prone so the virus mutates rapidly – so mutations can make it able to sicken those that were immune before the mutation.

        • Aquilegia

          I picked up this kind of list somewhere:


          Average of six genetic variants associated with higher ratios of ACE2 cells: RS233575 (A), rs714205 (G), rs198124 (C), rs879922 (G), rs2048683 (G), rs1877752 (C)

          POPULATION———————————% EFFECTED

          Japanese in Tokyo, Japan———————-92%

          Southern Han Chinese————————92%

          Kinh in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam————-91%

          Han Chinese in Beijing, China—————–90%

          Chinese Dai in Xishuangnanna, China———-90%

          Peruvians from Lima, Peru——————–78%

          Bengali from Bangladesh———————77%

          Sri Lanken Tamil from the UK—————–75%

          Indian Telugu from the UK——————-74%

          Mexican Ancestry from Los Angeles USA——72%

          Gujarati Indian from Houston Texas———-68%

          Americans of African Ancestry in SW USA—–66%

          Punjabi from Lahore, Pakistan—————65%

          African Caribbeans in Barbados————–64%

          Luhya in Webye, Kenya———————63%

          Mende in Sierra Leone———————-62%

          Esan in Nigeria—————————-62%

          British in England and Scotland————-61%

          Gambian in Western Divisions in the Gambia-61%

          Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico————-60%

          Colombians from Medellin, Colombia——-59%

          Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria——————57%

          Finnish in Finland————————-57%

          Iberian Populations in Spain—————-56%

          Utah Residents with N. and W Euro ancestry–53%

          Toscani in Italia—————————51%”

    • AlexanderAmproz

      It’s a Big Pharma Medias HOAX ! ! !

    • Aquilegia

      The picture of the bat soup was said to be from 2017. And just now Indian scientists discovered this virus could have AIDS-HIV inserts in it, or such never seen before in the coronavirus family. There apparently is a maximum security biolab inside Wuhan but hey, you never know. I don’t really buy the seafood market explanation at least.

      • S Melanson

        The proximity to the only biohazard level 4 lab in all of China absolutely raise questions. The genetics and pathogenic potential being played out make this Coronavirus very different and far more of a threat then SARS was by a wide margin.

        One that really strikes me is this retrovirus has a fairly low mutation rate – high mutation rates are the rule for retroviruses due to high error rate in genetic transcription to produce new copies of the virus – this confers advantages for viral diffusion and persistence in targeted populations, so why would such a mutation become dominant over other strains that do not have the mutation if it is actually detrimental? This is possible but rather unlikely to occur naturally. But for a bioweapon, low mutation reduces chance to mutate around vaccine for the bioweapon – vaccine development goes hand in hand with bioweapon development so when unleashing on the enemy, you are safe as you possess a vaccine while the enemy does not.

        Another thing is the high morbidity – lengthy illness with high incidence of serious complications requiring intensive medical interventions. Why is high morbidity desirable characteristic for a bioweapon? Bioweapon can aim for high mortality but actually high morbidity has a greater impact on the enemy because much greater resources are expended to keep critically ill alive compared with disposing of a corpse – this can bring a nation to their knees very effectively as heath care systems are overwhelmed and collapse.

        To tailor your evil bioweapon, you want to optimize rapid transmission, asymptomatic transmission window, high severity of illness short of death with long recovery times.

        This virus fits the bill for a bio-weapon designed to bring nations to their knees – the transmission is very rapid and stealthy (asymptomatic transmission) to get the number of cases high real fast, then high percentage have serious complication requiring ICU admission with lengthy recovery time. For how effective, just look at what is happening in Wuhan and other provinces are seeing rapidly rising caseloads and so trying to build instant hospitals – the exponential growth of caseloads is such that one day of increased confirmed infections exceeds the capacity being added before, the hospitals are even complete.

        Final note. Look at the graph for time-series of growth of cases for this outbreak and compared SARS. The pictures tell the story.

  • Xoli Xoli

    This deseas is a final warning to humanity. Stay away from China and keep borders close for Chinese or die in ignorance and greed.

  • Mario Ceva

    USA bioweapon against China?? Most probably. I do not believe the bat history.

    • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

      United Snakes reopened their Consulate General office in Whuan in 2008


      United Snakes use their consulate and embassy offices around the world as a cover for biological research

    • Bobby Twoshoes

      It’s sad that people presume anything bad that happens to a US rival is caused by the US.
      It’s terrifying that those people are usually right.

  • Tudor Miron

    Sheeple are buying into this hoax… As usual.

    • Pave Way IV

      As planned. The US Deep State is using the opportunity for mass collection of data to identify forced vaccination resisters, big pharma haters, anti-government dissent and anyone that would resist law enforcement or military orders to go to the containment camps. The list will come in handy when they enact emergency mandatory vaccinations. Certain people need to be identified and given the ‘special’ vaccination.

    • FlorianGeyer

      We will be forced to ‘buy into it’ when the vaccines are peddled worldwide I suspect, Tudor.

      Possibly at gunpoint.

      • Tudor Miron

        Forced vaccinations is one thing. But in this case… Simply comparing the number of deaths from ordinary flu in the USA (roughly 350 millions of population) and number of deaths from this new born virus in China (~ 1400 millions of population). Seeing how that actually Chinese authorities who are actively “advertising” this virus… I don’t know. I would prefer to wait and see how it unfolds.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Its things like this that make me think , ‘Hmmmmm’, Tudor.

          “Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?”


          • Tudor Miron

            Very good find, Florian.

          • FlorianGeyer

            The Truth Seeker is a long established English site and a very good one. You can easily research thousands of past articles there. You would enjoy in now that your English skills are so good.

          • Omega

            Great video, thanks for sharing.

            The call to centralize money, health, communication, etc through false-flags (epidemics, outbreaks, Climate Change, etc) cannot be any more obvious.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Hello Omega,

            I got an interesting article resuming well

            the GeoStrategic situation where we are….

            Why Russia/China/Eurasia Are a ‘Threat’ to the US – Battle of the Ages Part 2

            The Middle East is the key to wide-ranging, economic, interlinked integration, and peace.


            This is part 2 of an article we ran last week: The US Is in a ‘Battle for the Ages’ Against Russia/China to Stop Eurasian Integration – It’s Going to Get Much Worse

            Under the cascading roar of the 24/7 news cycle cum Twitter eruptions, it’s easy for most of the West, especially the US, to forget the basics about the interaction of Eurasia with its western peninsula, Europe.

            Asia and Europe have been trading goods and ideas since at least 3,500 BC. Historically, the flux may have suffered some occasional bumps – for instance, with the irruption of 5th-century nomad horsemen in the Eurasian plains. But it was essentially steady up to the end of the 15th century. We can essentially describe it as a millennium-old axis – from Greece to Persia, from the Roman empire to China.

            A land route with myriad ramifications, through Central Asia, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey, linking India and China to the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, ended up coalescing into what we came to know as the Ancient Silk Roads.

            By the 7th century, land routes and sea trade routes were in direct competition. And the Iranian plateau always played a key role in this process.

            The Iranian plateau historically includes Afghanistan and parts of Central Asia linking it to Xinjiang to the east, and to the west all the way to Anatolia. The Persian empire was all about land trade – the key node between India and China and the Eastern Mediterranean.

            The Persians engaged the Phoenicians in the Syrian coastline as their partners to manage sea trade in the Mediterranean. Enterprising people in Tyre established Carthage as a node between the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. Because of the partnership with the Phoenicians, the Persians would inevitably be antagonized by the Greeks – a sea trading power.

            When the Chinese, promoting the New Silk Roads, emphasize “people to people exchange” as one of its main traits, they mean the millenary Euro-Asia dialogue. History may even have aborted two massive, direct encounters.

            The first was after Alexander The Great defeated Darius III of Persia. But then Alexander’s Seleucid successors had to fight the rising power in Central Asia: the Parthians – who ended up taking over Persia and Mesopotamia and made the Euphrates the limes between them and the Seleucids.

            The second encounter was when emperor Trajan, in 116 AD, after defeating the Parthians, reached the Persian Gulf. But Hadrian backed off – so history did not register what would have been a direct encounter between Rome, via Persia, with India and China, or the Mediterranean meeting with the Pacific.

            Etc., etc…


          • Omega

            Hi Alex. A great two-parts article; thank you for sharing. The ousting of the degenerate Anglo-Americans from the Middle East cannot come soon enough.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Bonsoir Omega,

            De nouveau un bon article Geo Stratégique

            US Policy of Confronting Both Russia and China Has Backfired, the Solution Is to Repair Relations With Russia

            Srdja Trifkovic 7 hours ago

            Russia Insider Tip Jar – Keep truth alive!

            On January 27 Dr. Trifkovic presented a paper on the geostrategic significance of the Russo-Chinese partnership at the Dado Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies of the Israel Defense Forces in Glilot, north of Tel Aviv.

            Almost exactly 116 years ago, in January 1904, Sir Halford Mackinder gave a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society. His paper, The Geographical Pivot of History, caused a sensation and marked the birth of geopolitics as an autonomous discipline. According to Mackinder, control over the Eurasian “World-Island” is the key to global hegemony. At its core is the “pivot area,” the Heartland, which extends from the Volga to the Yangtze and from the Himalayas to the Arctic.

            In 1919, in the immediate aftermath of the Great War, deeply concerned with what he saw as the need for an effective barrier of nations between Germany and Russia, Mackinder updated and summarized his theory as follows:

            Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;

            Who rules the Heartland commands the World-Island;

            Who rules the World-Island controls the world.

            Sir Halford’s Heartland model is a grand-theoretical concept par excellence. It is influential to this day, modifications notwithstanding. A notable early revisionist was Nicholas Spykman, whose 1942 book, America’s Strategy in World Politics: The United States and the Balance of Power, sought to “develop a grand strategy for both war and peace based on the implications of its geographic location in the world.” In the Great Game of the late 19th century, Spykman wrote, Russian pressure from the Heartland was countered by British naval power, and it was America’s destiny to take over that role once World War II was over. Some months before the Battle of Stalingrad he thus wrote that a “Russian state from the Urals to the North Sea can be no great improvement over a German state from the North Sea to the Urals.”

          • Omega

            Bonsoir/Bonjour Alex. Thank you for sharing. Mackinder’s theory is most crucial to understand past/present/future Anglo-American moves. The part “Russian pressure from the Heartland was countered by British naval power, and it was America’s destiny to take over that role once World War II was over.” is equally important as it highlights an unknown (or seldom spoken of) reality: the british empire merely morphed to become what the USA is today. Carroll Quigley covered it best in his The Anglo-American Establishment.

          • FlorianGeyer

            It is only obvious though, to those who seek to learn from looking and reading all opinions.

            It is only then when the rather dubious and often infantile Western propaganda is shown to be complete nonsense and, in fact, the projections of what the NATO aligned ‘West’ is actually responsible for .

            The NATO cabal actually seeks to project their own war crimes onto their opponents who are innocent of such crimes.

            Spoilt children and feckless adults do this all the time.

  • Ed

    So I’m confused. Are we all going to die or aren’t we?!

    • Pave Way IV

      Yes, you most certainly will, unless you’re a vampire. Or a registered voter in the US – some of them have been buried in the cemeteries for decades and still manage to get out and cast a vote. That’s some serious party loyalty.

      And if you’re in the US today, you will get sick and potentially die from nCoV. We have it monitored and contained at the airports pretty well, but once the hordes from Central and South America start streaming across the southern border for free hospital care, food and coffin liners, well…

      • goingbrokes

        Lol! You might also look up how US Citizens are legally defined as dead persons!
        Can a dead person die?

        • Pave Way IV

          As a practical matter, it depends…

          1. Are the deceased registered as a Democrat or Republican?
          . .a) If unregistered, the corpse should immediately be registered as a legal voter. Best to do this several times using different addresses spread around the city to ensure the deceased retain their voting rights.
          . .b) Any unregistered corpse can – in addition to being registered to vote – can be claimed by the discovering political party mafia and registered as a Democrat or Republican. The dead cannot be registered as Independent – that would just be a waste of their vote.

          2. Check for the political party controlling the ward, precinct or district of the resident’s cemetery.
          . .a) Opposition party– registered corpses are legally dead and cannot vote. This is a f’king OUTRAGE! Sue opposition party for voter fraud.
          . .b) Corpses registered to the controlling political party cannot die and are encouraged to vote early and often. Either caregivers or foreign day labor employed by the controlling political party should assist the deceased by preparing an absentee ballot for them – one from each registration address of the deceased. Every dead person’s vote matters!

  • St. Augustine

    but they also serve the purpose of presenting China in a light that it is losing grip of the situation.

    Epoch Times and all of those other CIA outlets have been going full throttle with this.

  • Mario Ceva

    Two purposes. First stop China grow, second mandatory world vacination for all people.

  • Mario Ceva

    The best therapy for virus is oxydatives therapy. Ozone, Oxygen Peroxide, MMS.

  • windship
  • Sinbad2

    China refused to buy American pig food because of US tariffs and swine flu jumps from Africa to China.
    China still refuses to back down and the coronavirus appears.

    The virus targets Asian males, this is an American attack for sure.
    This is going to get very nasty.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    Coronavirus : honte aux grands médias

    Chers amis du Naturel,

    Ce que font les grands médias est irresponsable.

    Alors qu’il n’y a pour l’instant aucune raison de paniquer, ils n’arrêtent pas de terroriser la population avec le coronavirus, 24h sur 24 !

    Résultat :

    Des gens en viennent à s’angoisser d’avoir « mangé chinois », alors que le virus ne se transmet pas comme ça ;

    Et des inconscients avalent même du paracétamol en « prévention », alors que cela ne sert strictement à rien et que c’est dangereux !

    Plus grave encore, on en oublie totalement la grippe saisonnière !

    Or l’épidémie de grippe est en ce moment, et comme chaque année, elle va tuer plusieurs centaines de personnes directement…

    …sans oublier les millions de Français infectés, qui seront à plat pendant 1 semaine !

    Le coronavirus, lui, n’a touché que 4 personnes pour l’instant en France, et rien n’indique que la contagion puisse se développer.

    Et même si le coronavirus devait s’étendre en France, il faut savoir qu’il ne fera a priori ni plus ni moins de ravages que la grippe saisonnière.

    Il suffit de regarder les premiers chiffres connus.

    En Chine, on compte environ 130 décès pour 6 000 cas, ce qui fait un taux de mortalité similaire à celui de la grippe chez nous.

    Et comme pour la grippe, ce sont les personnes très âgées, affaiblies et vulnérables qui en meurent… pas des gens en pleine santé !

    Ces dernières heures, on a beaucoup parlé d’un jeune homme de 29 ans, soupçonné d’avoir le coronavirus, et mort d’une pneumonie au Philippines…

    …mais on oublie de préciser que ce pauvre garçon avait le Sida, qui rend hyper vulnérable aux infections1.

    En réalité, tout indique que ce coronavirus est un « virus de l’hiver », comme il en existe d’autres.

    Je ne dis pas qu’il faut le prendre à la légère.

    Je dis qu’il est absurde, à ce stade, d’en avoir plus peur que de la grippe saisonnière :

    Car il ne semble pas plus mortel que la grippe ;

    Et car il a beaucoup moins de risques de se répandre chez nous que la grippe ;

    Et souvenez-vous :

    Ils nous ont déjà fait le coup !

    Comme l’a expliqué Xavier Bazin dans son info-lettre, ce sont les mêmes qui nous avaient annoncé une « terrible pandémie planétaire » avec :

    le SRAS, en 2002 (bilan : 774 décès, essentiellement en Chine)

    la grippe aviaire, en 2005 (bilan : 245 décès, dont 0 en Occident)

    la grippe A H1N1 en 2010 (bilan : une mortalité inférieure à la grippe « classique »)

    et Ebola, en 2014 (un triste bilan d’environ 11 000 morts dans certains pays d’Afrique, mais aucune contagion mondiale)

    A chaque fois, les grands titres des médias essaient de vous terroriser.

    Et à chaque fois, le soufflé est retombé, presque aussi vite qu’il était monté.

    Pourquoi cette désinformation ? Qui a intérêt à vous faire peur ?

    Une piste de réponse avec ce titre du journal Le Figaro :

    Cela ne vous fait pas penser au « jackpot » des vaccins contre la grippe H1N1 ?

    En France, Roselyne Bachelot avait acheté 94 millions de doses à Sanofi, GSK et Novartis, pour près de 400 millions d’euros… qui n’ont servi à RIEN, si ce n’est à enrichir encore davantage ces laboratoires.

    Sur Ebola aussi, on nous a fait croire à une contagion planétaire…

    …mais que s’est-il réellement passé ?

    Le précédent Ebola

    Je ne sais pas si vous vous souvenez de la « psychose » qu’on nous a vendu sur Ebola.

    Certes, c’est un virus qui a fait beaucoup trop de morts en Afrique.

    Mais il faut remettre les choses à leur place :

    L’épidémie a fait au total 11 000 morts, ce qui est tragique pour les victimes, mais un chiffre faible en comparaison des millions d’Africains qui meurent d’autres épidémies, ou simplement d’accès à l’eau potable ;

    L’épidémie a touché des pays en guerre (Siera Leone, RDC…) et des populations très fragilisées par la malnutrition (Libéria, Guinée) ;

    Au total, 0 Occidentaux sont morts d’Ebola, alors même que plusieurs médecins et infirmières ont été infectés.

    Ce n’était PAS DU TOUT un risque planétaire.

    Avec la propagande médiatique, il y en a même qui croient aujourd’hui que l’épidémie d’Ebola s’est arrêtée grâce à la vaccination.

    Mais c’est faux ! Le vaccin contre Ebola vient tout juste d’être mis sur le marché, alors que le plus fort de l’épidémie s’est arrêté il y a des années !

    Au total, Ebola était une épidémie grave pour les pays touchés, mais en aucun cas une potentielle « pandémie mondiale », comme les médias ont voulu nous le faire croire !

    Et pour le coronavirus, tout indique qu’on soit dans le même cas !

    Donc surtout, ne paniquez pas.

    Préparez-vous à vous prémunir naturellement contre toutes les infections hivernales, comme les grippes et bronchites.

    Et dernière chose : ne croyez pas les titres de presse sur le prochain « vaccin contre le coronavirus ».

    Je rappelle que :

    les scientifiques n’ont jamais réussi à mettre au point le moindre vaccin contre le banal virus du « rhume » (virus respiratoire syncytial), alors que cela fait des années que les chercheurs rêvent d’avoir un vaccin contre ce virus qui frappe des dizaines de millions de personnes chaque année ;

    et les mêmes scientifiques n’ont jamais mis au point un vaccin efficace contre la grippe – alors que l’épidémie est assez ravageuse chaque hiver.

    Alors comment imaginer une seconde qu’ils pourraient réussir à fabriquer un vaccin efficace contre ce nouveau coronavirus en quelques mois ?

    Une fois de plus, c’est de la désinformation, qui profite uniquement aux labos pharmaceutiques !

    Votre dévoué,

    Guillaume Chopin