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Protests In U.S. Couldn’t Last A Week Before Being Blamed On Russia

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Protests In U.S. Couldn't Last A Week Before Being Blamed On Russia

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The protests and riots following the killing of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin didn’t go through an entire week of taking place before accusations that Russia were fueling them began.

Former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice suggested that Russians could be behind the violent nationwide demonstrations.

According to her, the violence that overshadowed the peaceful protests came “right out of the Russian playbook.”

“I would not be surprised to learn that they have fomented some of these extremists on both sides using social media,” Rice said. “I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they are funding it in some way, shape, or form.”

Acting chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio tweeted, without naming Russia, that social media accounts linked to at least three foreign adversaries were “actively stoking and promoting violence and confrontation from multiple angles.”

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump blames the violent protests on ANTIFA, saying that it would be designated as a terrorist organization.

Of the loose association of militant left-wing demonstrators, he declared, “the United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.”

ANTIFA Russia is run and supported by Vladislav Surkov, who is a former Assistant to the President of Russia. He was dismissed by Vladimir Putin on February 18th, 2020, but has been at the helm of ANTIFA chapter in Russia, since the beginning.

“Additionally, there are calls on Russian social media platforms for Russian speakers in the US, especially Florida, to mobilize to cause diversion in the US protests. Moreover, it is plausible some of the Russian “journalists” in US are involved in community organizing purposes.”

And the conspiracy is left to fester from there on out.

In response and regarding the protests, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement:

“This incident is far from the first in a series of lawless conduct and unjustified violence from US law enforcement. American police commit such high-profile crimes all too often. It is enough to recall the murder of Laquan McDonald, a minor, by a police officer in 2016. The teenager was shot because he ostensibly started to hide his knife as soon as the police approached him. They opened fire at him although he did not try to attack them.

The United States has certainly accumulated systemic human rights problems: race, ethnic and religious discrimination, police brutality, bias of justice, crowded prisons and uncontrolled use of firearms and self-defense weapons by individuals, to name a few.

We are urging the U.S. authorities to take effective measures to improve the current state of affairs, resume good-faith efforts to honor international commitments and tailor national legislation to the UN basic principles on the use of force and firearms by law enforcement.

And, of course, they should meticulously investigate the murder of George Floyd.”

Foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova also provided a comment, specifically aimed at Susan Rice’s comment:

“Dear Suzan [sic] Rice, Some time ago your party colleagues made a fatal mistake when they decided to blame absolutely everything that was not to their liking on Russia. Hillary Clinton and the Obama team convinced themselves and tried to convince the world that the domestic problems in the United States were created and encouraged by an external force: Russia.”

Your interview with CNN is a perfect example of barefaced propaganda. I would like to remind you that the social media, which you believe are being used by Russian agents to fuel protests in American cities, were registered in the United States, belong to Americans and are regulated by American laws.

Are you trying to play the Russia card again? You have been playing too long; please, come back to reality. Go out and face your people, look them in the eye and try telling them that they are being controlled by the Russians through YouTube and Facebook. And I will sit back and watch ‘American exceptionalism’ in action.”

Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev also commented on Rice’s words:

“What Susan Rice has said is a direct insult. Not so much to Russia, which simply non-existent and can’t be in this situation, but to its own people and the memory of U.S. citizen George Floyd.

The American fake news machine screeched, huffed and puffed and finally burst into a long-predicted act.

It would have been very funny. But it will be sad because this may be the first sign of what to come. But it’s not Russia that smells bad.”

Finally, the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov also commented:

“Of course, we are very closely watching what is happening in the United States. But everything that is happening there is an internal affair of this country.

We have never interfered in American affairs and are not going to intervene now.

Any insinuations like [Rice’s] are of course absolutely wrong and erroneous. As far as we understand, such insinuations can in no way reflect Washington’s official position.”


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Such a ridiculous accusation is also an insult to any american having an IQ in double figures …. although I accept that these days that will be a relatively small percentage of the population.


Regarding who buys into these establishment lies about Russia and other boogeymen being the root of every woe that afflicts America, I dont think it has much to do with intelligence. Some of the most “intelligent” people believe this garbage; instead, it derives from the innate human desire to go along with the rest of the herd and to be socially acceptable. Nails that stand out get hammered down, just as independent thought is stifled through conditioning. “Intelligent” people will cherry-pick specious evidence that confirms their bias because fooling themselves with lies is easier than speaking truth and being socially outcast.


The so called ‘intelligent’ people in the US and elsewhere who ‘believe’ the anti Russian narrative from the US / UK are doing so because their jobs and affluent lifestyles depend on it, in my opinion.

Concrete Mike

In layman’s terms, the supposedly intelligent people are no better than.hogs at the trough.

The thing is that supposedly intelligent people, think they are better than everyone else, and thus fascist!

To quote my favorite greek: i am the wisest for I know that I know nothing!


Marxist leaders and inteligencia also consider themselves ‘superior’. As we realise, its all about power and that is an animal trait in all species.

Sociopathic humans have also used ‘idiotology’s ‘ of various types to engage their followers, in my opinion.

Romeo Pesiao

If it is true, the American patriotic citizens cannot be allowed to be fooled by the Russians, they must resist the Russians conspiracy to make America to be disintegrate like what happened to the USSR.


US is too unjust and racist society to survive in its current militarized state.


Yes, unjust and racist against white people.


Cry me a river whitey.



Peter Bozich

Too late the U.S is toast, what makes it even more troubling for U.S citizens, is what’s coming at them full speed, and that is a currency crisis. These riots are just the warm up act. There will be surging inflation, price controls, and nothing to buy, because China won’t want U.S dollars anymore as they will be dropping like a rock.

Black Waters

You’re gonna get deeper in the hole if you keep getting the wrong responsibles. No foreign countries did this, this is ALL YOUR FAULT, you let your own governments took ALL your RIGHTS, now you wanna cry? GET FUCK.

It’s the U.S “elite” the one who militarized the police and created subversion groups to maintain control of their population, now that they cannot maintain control anymore those animals gonna get wild.


The US riots are the result of a unjust economic system and institutionalized racism dating back to slavery. Nothing to do with Russia or anyone. US is failed state and is now unraveling as expected.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

bollox. there are millions of white homeless in america, they dont go rioting. Capitalism isnt a system of oppression just because you are bad at it/ have you seen the footage of rioters setting fire to a homeless mans possessions yet?


Basketball-Americans are some of the most privileged members of American society being afforded all sorts of special opportunities which are explicitly denied to Whites- the group which you falsely assert are the benefactors of some institutional racism.

The only institutionalized racism in America is against Whites. Don’t believe me? Try advocating for Whites here. The mob will see that you no longer work in this town or any other town, as well as having your personal details published so you can be further harassed in your private life, while Black advocates are lionized and lauded.


The Roman Charioteers were also celebrities and well paid if successful.

Sports celebrities from the peasant classes have always been part of the Bread and Circus’s used to control the masses of ‘the great unwashed’.


Absolutely, totally and undeniably TRUE.


Indeed a failed system, in any normal country the looters were shot and exposed on the streets.


Absolutely FALSE. The U.S. riots are the result of media propaganda and a lawless government that is run by godless politicians who are only worried about getting reelected. But you are right that the U.S. is a failed state.

Peter Bozich

How Rice a sociopath gets any air time is an insult to the American people. She should be in prison period.


She is a made member of da crew.


Pfffffft, yeah right. Gee, how would they get that idea, from what they have done in Hong Kong maybe?

Aside from gut pain from laughing at this, there is a serious side. It is how far gone US leadership is at present. The protests are couched in terms of racism but, that is basically BS. What happened is a reflection of general disrespect for human life, that is displayed on a daily basis all over the planet. Mr. Floyd was not killed because he was ‘black’. He was killed because he wasn’t even thought of as an individual human life. The officer who caused his death was smiling as he sat on his neck, just before he died. There is really something wrong here. It is far worse than just racism.

Ms. Rice doesn’t care about humanity. She has been busy killing people, a lot of them. Why would color matter to her or any of her ilk? What was that line from President Trump about turning the dogs loose on anybody who disturbs him? The real problem is as plain as day.

Until we value each other, one on one, this crap will continue no matter what kind of TV coverage or hand wringing by politicians, that we are drowned in all of the time. The same people in public life who are screaming about it now, will just go back to take advantage of their own communities after the smoke clears. Racism, prejudice is everywhere, in all communities and skin color doesn’t exclude anybody of that responsibility. Until we start thinking in terms of the human race and not some limited classification by political needs, none of this is going to get solved. My take. I wish a better day to all.


Well said, John.


I agree with most of what you say but we will never “value each other”. Lawful people will never value the lawless and the lawless will always hate the lawful. Also, Floyd brought this on himself. First by breaking the law and second by agitating the cops whom we all know are power hungry and brutal. If he had just complied then this would not have happened. Just like the jogging guy who got shot. I’ve been in both situations, with the cops and with “concerned” neighbors pointing guns at me, and each time I handled myself appropriately and diffused the situation. But then again I was not breaking the law during those situations. It’s all about mindset. Every time my white brother had a run in with the cops he got beat up in some form. I even saw him on the ground with a knee in his neck just like Floyd. But I didn’t go out and start burning down and looting businesses of random people to get revenge. What we see now is a result of media propaganda and a lawless government that is run by people who’s main concern is being reelected.


South Front should have deleted your post. You have no respect for George Floyd or any black man. How are you different from the white cop that killed Floyd? Show some class. Make responsible posts.


What you say is complete stupidity. In true liberal fashion you make up blame. I don’t “respect” most men and especially not one who is a criminal. Skin color has nothing to do with it. But I surely don’t respect godless liberals like you. How am I different than that cop? Yet another stupid question. Why don’t you show some intelligence? There will always be racists “individuals” but people like you speak out against it while all the time championing the racism against whites that is pushed by the Hollywood and the news media and legislated into law by our godless government. South Front should delete you from existence.


Sit down dude, you screwed up. What you are essentially saying is that there is no racial profiling and racially motivated police brutality in the US. You ain’t different from that cop and yes South Front should have deleted your post


More stupidity. I have said no such thing. Do you people just pull arguments out of your ass? Police brutality knows no race. There is no “racially motivated police brutality” in the U.S. You and your brain dead liberal friends watch too much Hollywood propaganda. You yell and scream any time a “non white” is treated badly but not a peep when a white person is brutalized. The fact is that most racism is on the “non white” side of the isle. A black person is wronged and people like you blame all white people. Just like the sorry scum who beat the hell out of Reginald Denny and the pieces of shyt who are out there destroying and looting “white owned” businesses who had NOTHING to do with that dumbasses death. THAT IS RACISM. You idiot. If not for racists like you there would be way fewer problems in the U.S.. Truth means nothing to you. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT YOU ACCUSE THE COP OF BEING!!!!!!!!!!


So it is all an illusion that black people are 6 times more likely to be incarcerated than white folk? More likely to be killed than white folk? You are worried about looting and destruction and not the underlying reasons? Racism is a state of mind and dude you are racist.


Black people commit 6 times more crime, and mostly against other blacks. Black people are more likely to resist and do stupid stuff to enflame the situation. The underlying reasons are that people like you want to blame others for your faults and you think that taking your frustrations out on innocent people and their property is “justice”. We need less people like you.


Good, you just told everybody who you really are, we don’t have to carry on with this meaningless argument

Dirk Leinher

I think the approach of this sherif should be the approach of every one. Together for justice and human rights not against each other: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/31/us/flint-sheriff-protestors-camden-police-ferguson.html


Just as expected. Meaningless accusations and stupid comments.

Swift Laggard II

you are a razist piece of sh*t


Look in the mirror.


Oh, and the truth is also racist to people like you. Just like Covid19 is racist just because of some statistic.


Straight up. This dude is saying Floyd and many others like him died because they broke the law. That the minorities fill up US jails because they break the law. This is sad.


Hello IMHO. I like what you had to say. I lived in the hood for 5 years, I know how things go; 56th Ave. in Lauderhill Florida.

Burning things down, they tried that in the 1960s in places like NJ, where I was born and raised. It doesn’t work. It is knucklehead stuff. What they need to do is have some real balls, go to the polls and start to change what the politicians are doing there. They need to tune out the bought and paid for media, that are part and parcel to this. Mindlessness will not help us through this. It would be a very tough road to climb out of this point where we are at, that is really not much different than many 1000’s of years ago. But, I won’t say it cannot happen. I wish well to you.


Sadly going to the polls will not change anything. If you are not a liberal demagogue then it is impossible to hold office.


The cards are stacked for sure.


Media propaganda, they’ve just had a run on the fear of Carona, and ‘distance’, bull.

Might be a FF, set up to create race riots. From ‘lock down’ , to riot , oh martial law. Hope I’m wrong.


You’re so excited about your comment because you are not black. It’s sad reading it. I may quit coming to this site if this type of justifiable comments keep popping up on South Front. Have some respect for the black folks.


Go jump in a lake. I gave my opinion, what is yours?

Swift Laggard II

you are a piece of s**t. that is my opinion


You can jump in the lake too.


Good. Bye. You racist pos.


Don’t mind John, they come in plain sight now


u won’t be missed much so pls feck off for good.


A bit to change the mood !

https://twitter.com/inthenow/status/1260985728802205703 In the NOW on Twitter: “China’s getting all of your attention now, but there’s always someone waiting in the shadows… https://t.co/cyfowBGqMA” / Twitter


The US riots are the culmination of 50 years of the MSM agitating Blacks to disempower whitey, along with the dissolution of the middle class. Our rulers will never negotiate on this program, so they obfuscate with lies that white racists, drug cartels, and foreign agents are responsible for the mayhem.

Go look at statements made by the governor of Minnesota and the mayor of Minneapolis; they specifically blame “white supremacists” and drug cartels for the arson, assaults and general destruction of the past week.

Swift Laggard II

gfy – you have been lynching black people for hundreds of years

James Adams

Countries seek to exploit upheaval in other countries espetually during times of crisis. Haven’t you ever read history?


Democrats and Republicans are both working for the same caste, they just divided their labor so that Dems would focus on hating Russia while Reps would focus on China and have slightly different paths to achieve the same goals, meanwhile they both agree on trying to destroy smaller countries like Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea and any other that would try to exercise their right of sovereignty. Also they both work to appease banks and rich people who fund these puppets, they also both serve the zionist Izraeli mafia. They have much more in common then they have to differentiate them.


the inept always need someone to blame and russia is the choice scapegoat although china pops up now and then. the yankeetwats can’t forget or forgive that Putin spoiled the american take over of russian resources post yeltsin.


Pathetic losers.


Rice is a felon,and conspired with hitlary to murder the usa ambassador to libya,this vile inhumane sect of us politics is ultimately the reason usa can only fail in it’s own wake,as for anfita it is know soros is behind these these and mark my words the more accusations coming from a vile,uttely evil facist pre/post neo-nazi-liberal seclusion,the harder they’re gonna get burn’t over time,unless this skank,like soros + clintons and a barrage of other known factual criminals,go behind bars or begone(period) Incidentally the murder is another neo-liberal false flag event,they lost the corona narrative,thus they will lose again,because under gods curse,they cannot,nor shall not,of anything are now exposed as crims, reason for everything,timing,their media too needs to be revoked of their licences,batter late than never!


The racists blacks and self hating whites are running amok and causing the very problems they claim, falsely, to be against. THEY are the problem. Everyone who saw the cop on the guys neck were appalled. But the actions of the racists and haters in the streets only begs for more police brutality. They scream racism while they beat innocent whites and loot and destroy their businesses. They scream for justice even though the cop who did it was arrested days ago, which means they just want revenge. Revenge against whitey which proves their racism. They are racists white hating reprobates who make everything about race and do all they can to divide people along lines of skin color. They are self hating whites who carry their small children on their shoulders carrying signs that teach them to hate themselves. They make every issue about race which ensures their will be NO UNITY. In the end, instead of uniting people against police brutality they only encourage more support for police brutality from the decent people who are being beaten and having their livelihood destroyed.

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