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JUNE 2023

Protests In Hong Kong Continue From Morning, With Violence Escalating

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Protests In Hong Kong Continue From Morning, With Violence Escalating

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On August 5th, protests in Hong Kong began in the morning with violence escalating.

Protesters set up a barricade near the Yoho Mall in Yuen Long, the site of a violent attack on commuters on July 21st.

Shortly thereafter a car, at around 10 AM local time tried to drive through the roadblock. Protesters surrounded the car, holding up umbrellas and forcing the driver out of the vehicle. Some even said that the driver bit protesters. When he eventually got back into his car he attempted to ram more.

A police spokeswoman said the incident happened around 10:30.

“We got a call that some people were run over by a car near Yoho mall in Yuen Long, but once police arrived there were no injured, no car and no witnesses to tell us anything.”

One person was injured in the incident.

Hours later, another car – a taxi rammed through the crowd of protesters, going through three barricades.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong police warned protesters to disperse from the area of the Admiralty.

This was the statement released by the HK police on Twitter:

“A large group of protestors are currently gathering in the Admiralty area, blocking carriageways near Central Government Complex, Harcourt Road and vandalising the Central Government Complex.

After repeated and futile warnings, in face of the situation, anti-riot Police officers have deployed tear gas and minimum force to disperse protestors. The Police appeal to everyone in the area to leave immediately.”

Tear gas was dropped from the sky on protesters in the area.

Other roads in Hong Kong are also being barricaded by protesters.

Yolanda Yu, the acting chief superintendent of the Hong Kong police said that more than 500 people have been arrested since protests began on June 9th. 82 people were arrested only on August 5th.

The situation was turning dire:

“They used a slingshot and threw petrol bombs and firebombs at police officers.What’s more appalling is that they even set fire to a trolley of trash and pushed it towards police officers. Some even lit up suspected explosives outside a residential building. All these acts pose a serious safety threat to the public,” Yu said.

MSM still perpetuates the narrative of a “pro-democracy group”, even claiming that there are, actually, two groups – those protesting against the extradition bill and those protesting for democracy.

Joshua Wong, a “pro-democracy activist” tweeted the following:

For the first time in three weeks, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam addressed the protests, warning that the demonstrations have pushed Hong Kong “to the verge of a very dangerous situation.”

At around 12:30 CET, crowds in Hong Kong were moving towards Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s retail centre, on the evening of August 4th, thousands blocked roads there.

These are protesters who were dispersed by tear gas from the Admiralty area.

More than 100 flights were cancelled at the Hong Kong airport earlier in the day, but the backlog is being worked through and normal work is being restored.

In total, demonstrations took place in seven districts. In these five police fire tear gas at protesters:

  • Tin Shui Wai
  • Wong Tai Sin
  • Admiralty/ Central
  • Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Tai Po

The other two locations with protester activity were the Hong Kong airport and the HK Disneyland.

The Associated Press reported that a Hong Kong official had said that the People’s Liberation Army would not be deployed.

“An official says Hong Kong’s police are fully supported by the government and there is no need to deploy China’s military to cope with increasingly violent anti-government protests.

Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung of the police public relations branch said chief executive Carrie Lam and other Hong Kong officials have stated the same on multiple occasions.

Kong told reporters at a daily briefing Monday that he personally believes there is no chance of a deployment of the People’s Liberation Army.

Speculation of an intervention by China’s military has been fueled in part by a slick publicity video it released last week showing troops firing tear gas and dealing with a mock street demonstration.

Kong said he doesn’t feel the police are being made scapegoats over the violence and are fulfilling their mandate to protect the community and maintain law and order.”

Protests In Hong Kong Continue From Morning, With Violence Escalating

Click to see full-size image

Protests In Hong Kong Continue From Morning, With Violence Escalating

Click to see full-size image

Finally, police are “unprovoked” in firing tear gas at protesters, according to MSM.

That is because, a cart filled with bricks towards policemen is no provocation and doesn’t warrant a response.


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Castrated Russians hating people that have guts to protest in 3, 2, 1…


We are waiting for the Chinese police to work as in your homeland. https://twitter.com/Underground_RT/status/1118149502475677696

Hasbara Hunter

This is the World that Them AngloZioNazis want to Create for us..


First triggered protesting-at-home Russian

Harry Smith

His homeland is Bulgaria.

Hasbara Hunter

That Circumcised-Paedophile-Khazarian Sabbatean-AshkeZioNazi-Yagoda-Hasbarat-Parasites still have the Guts to spread their Filth in here…makes you wonder…


Western agents that need to bve put down like the rats they are. But the Chinese are playing cleverly. Letting them bring the city to a standstill while engaged in violence that quickly turns the majority against them.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The machinegun is still the most effective counter-riot device.

Hasbara Hunter

Especially against Stone-Throwing Palestinian Kids https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4bc701eb328780c30e8b35f810eb80d6d04c7ea0b2d12c8267e34f3587fab46.jpg

Harry Smith

Flamethrowers are good too, at my point.


You know what I am totally neutral in this situation but my question is:;; how it works that in Venezuelan demonstration Trump government and other governments immediately they judge what happen in the country but now they seem to me that they dont see it.. ooo maybe they are scared after what China said to UK ….hand of Hong Kong…????

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