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JULY 2020

Protests Expand In Turkish-Occupied Northern Aleppo, First Causalities Reported (Videos)


The ongoing protests against the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Military Police in northern Aleppo have escalated, with initial reports of causalities.

The protests erupted in the morning of November 17 when thousands of locals marched towards the headquarters of the police in the Turkish-occupied city of al-Bab demanding the execution of a man allegedly involved in the recent bombing.

The suspect, Ali al-Yousef, is reportedly a former ISIS operative who joined the Turkish-backed Hamza Division a few years ago. Rumors claiming that the police will depart al-Yousef to Turkey angered the locals, especially that the man was close to police and intelligence figures.

Nineteen people were killed and dozens others were injured in the recent bombing in al-Bab. The vast majority of the casualties were civilians.

The local police and Turkish forces responded to the protestors, who stormed the main police headquarters, with tear gas and later live fire.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least one protestor was killed and another was injured as a result. Local sources identified the victim as Sa’ed Mahmod Sukar.

The reports of causalities led to more tension, with more civilians taking to the streets in al-Bab city to protest against Turkish forces.

The ongoing protests in al-Bab appear to be taking a political shift, with some protestors demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops. The situation could escalate further in the coming days.

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  • FlorianGeyer

    This is what ALL of Syria would have looked like if Erdo and the US/NATO had prevailed.

    • Jens Holm

      Not at all. Looking back that in that way makes no sense at all. Anything else could have happend.

      You have 10 sheep as support totally ignoring the results of other possible scenaries.

      Take list of destructions, dead and wounded as well as 10 millions not in their home.

      What worse ? Maybee somebodies memory and the lack of respect for each other.

    • Johan

      It is astonishing but the NE Syrians still prefer the American and not the Russians, Syrians or the invaders Turkey. So not quit right

  • Andrei

    Syria government will eventually take back entire regions

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      golan been waithing last 50 years ””””

      • Derek Johnson

        been waiting last 50 years ””””

        I had to laugh, so true!

        • Ali Alsaaidi

          Smiling because Israël steals land from syria good turk .

          By the way doesnt Erdogan have a large israeli embassy in turkey and do israelis not visit turkey in the summer.

          You Turks should be ashamed of yourself , and you call yourself muslim when you are best Friends with israel

          • Jens Holm

            You seemes to forget Israel was attacked hard by Egypt and Syria and those and Jordan has done it several times.

            No wonder Israel has taken parts of Golan as a defence zone.

            Telling Turks and Israel is best friends makes me laugh. They both just dont like someone like You.

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Well said

          • Ali Alsaaidi

            You idiot they attacked israel to restore the sinai and the golan. You make it sound like they attack israel for fun.

            Israel is the one that began the dirty Six day war you paid troll.

          • Jens Holm

            Or else, they have lost and maybee the whole country. The beginning was escalation from the opponents and 3 hard armies. Those 3 only could be taken 1 by one.

            As I recall it Nasser threw the UN peacekeeping troops out.


          • Mustafa Mehmet

            you don’t have to pray five times a day to be good Muslim I believe Turkey the only country support Palestinian I don’t see any other Arab country is supporting Palestinian 100%

          • Ali Alsaaidi

            Brother i agree but why doesn’t Erdogan close the embassy and forbids israelis from entering turkey , they could be spies you know ?

          • verner

            maybe but erdogan hates israel and netanyahu and can he arrange to place a noose around netanyahu’s neck, he won’t hesitate at all and will circulate good photos in all turkish papers of netanyahu swinging in the wind.

          • Ali Alsaaidi

            You are correct i did not think like that he could kidnap some zionist tourists hahah

          • Concrete Mike

            Haha well said, turkey is strange, they help the palestinians, and help israel at the same time.

            Its like the left hand dont know what the right hand is doing.

      • gustavo

        Excellent observation.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats no Goverment.

  • Johan

    Finally even the oppressed come in rebellion at sultan and Mahdi Erdogan, eventual even the -50% of retarded Turks still supporting the clown will see the light.

  • Joe Dickson

    This is all CIA plots, Syrians are fully content being occupied by Turkey.