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Protests Expand In Turkish-Occupied Northern Aleppo, First Causalities Reported (Videos)


The ongoing protests against the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Military Police in northern Aleppo have escalated, with initial reports of causalities.

The protests erupted in the morning of November 17 when thousands of locals marched towards the headquarters of the police in the Turkish-occupied city of al-Bab demanding the execution of a man allegedly involved in the recent bombing.

The suspect, Ali al-Yousef, is reportedly a former ISIS operative who joined the Turkish-backed Hamza Division a few years ago. Rumors claiming that the police will depart al-Yousef to Turkey angered the locals, especially that the man was close to police and intelligence figures.

Nineteen people were killed and dozens others were injured in the recent bombing in al-Bab. The vast majority of the casualties were civilians.

The local police and Turkish forces responded to the protestors, who stormed the main police headquarters, with tear gas and later live fire.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), at least one protestor was killed and another was injured as a result. Local sources identified the victim as Sa’ed Mahmod Sukar.

The reports of causalities led to more tension, with more civilians taking to the streets in al-Bab city to protest against Turkish forces.

The ongoing protests in al-Bab appear to be taking a political shift, with some protestors demanding the withdrawal of Turkish troops. The situation could escalate further in the coming days.

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