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JUNE 2023

Protests Erupt In Manbij After US-backed Forces Killed And Decapitated Two Civilians (Videos)

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On January 12, hundreds of civilians took at the streets in the city of Manbij in the province of Aleppo to protests against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after it had arrested, tortured and killed two civilians from the city, according to local sources.

The sources said that the SDF’s security forces (Asayish) arrested “Abd al-Hanan Mohamad al-Moahamd” and “Abod Hussain al-Mjanan” who are members of the local Bu Bana tribe and refused to release them. Later, the Asayish ditched the decapitated the bodies of the two men around Manbij, according to the sources.

Regarding the accident, the SDF’s Manbij Military Council (MMC) released an official statement in which it claimed that the two victims had been never arrested by the SDF’s security forces. However, the victims’ families denied these claims and confirmed that their sons were publicly arrested by the Asayish.

Due to the protests, Kurdish units of the SDF withdrew from the center of Manbij and many checkpoints around it likely to avoid any violent encounter with the protestors. However, local activists reported that clashes between Bu Bana tribe and the SDF broke out on January 11 inside the city.

Many local activists reported that Arabs from many regions around Manbij city are now pouring into the city to join the anti-SDF protests. However, many activists said that the locals fear that the SDF could use force against the protestor and get away with it thanks to its strong ties with the US.

Protests Erupt In Manbij After US-backed Forces Killed And Decapitated Two Civilians (Videos)

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MD Ranix

zio satanic terrorists are led by the ameritards – elimination ofall illegal occupiers should be carried out asap

Zainab Ali

sdf will be the most hated in syria – more revolts against them will be a norm


Worst they grossly waving around Kurdish nationalism. That’s really going to affect the other kurds with actual integrity serving their country.


350.000 kurds are amongst the 3.5 million refugees Turkey took in. These kurds are the ones that didn’t want to be part of PKK’s seperatist ambitions in Syria.

Erdogan is quite a retarded guy to be honest. These 350k Kurds could be used as for propaganda against YPG/PKK’s radical ideas.


the new Daesh


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That Guy

Are you mocking us, or are you genuinely advertising ?


It is an automated spambot, dude.

That Guy

Oh, I see.

上鳥羽 繁三



It was always the same groupe membership, part of “terrorists”

Jonathan Cohen


Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I have warned everyone what the YPG are like, seems they are trying to pass off this as not them when it definitely was them doing the arresting. They have been arresting people for weeks recently and before that years wonder how many they disappeared during that time.


Weeks? Since Barzani KRG president and formation of peshmerga it always has been.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Problem this is Syria and not Iraq the formation of theTerrorist PYD wing of the Terrorist PKK was in 2003 and Peshmerga never extended into Syria seems as if you have your countries mixed up. Things in Syria has nothing to do with that Israeli installed and created leader in Iraq.


Peshmerga armed wing present in Syria. They’re the same entity trying to merge into one chunk of greater Kurdistan. Their only problem is they’re not much different than arabs that fuels the barbarity around these parts with their greed and dirty ambition. Their only common grounds is they’re not arabs and they hate the arabs.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What is so funny about themselves claiming not being Arab would fly in all their claims. They are mix bloods and various tribes and only now kind of share a common language, but all the old tribal dialects are different from one another , they learned forced assimilation from the mongols and instituted it since.


Assad has all the time in the world the SDF cant controll the areas! They will join the SAA!


Assad would be better off to be rid of them. They would be nothing but a sleeping US pawn, not to be trusted any more than the little yapping dog.


Not one of them yet spewing some sense into reunited Syria. All of their bullshit come from their arse that was stuck from behind with the hands of Washington craziest.


If this is true, the Kurds are in for a hiding sooner rather than later.

Angelo Cinarelli

Kick the American out of Syria,

上鳥羽 繁三

Kick the American out of Japan too


Japan is occupied. And they kind of stopped resisting. The population is totally distracted.

Gary Sellars

Bread and circuses… the old trick by the Roman ruling classes, refreshed and remodelled for modern times…

Ivan Freely


scott usmc

I had a helluva good time on Okinawa.

Ivan Freely

Enjoyed the banana show?

Boris Kazlov

raping Okinawan women?


Give them a break, they were part of ISIS just 2 weeks ago, they’re still adjusting. :/

George King

With all due respect the use of ISIS is for cannon fodder not admittance into the SDF’s security forces (Asayish). But I do find the humor in what must be sarcasm in your comment indeed.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

He made the “sarcasm” grin , and yes it is funny , Sunni Kurds had large numbers in ISIS a sad truth that is avoided still today.



Amine Mansouri

kurds have no firends but mountains


Well, that looks very much like this one: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/df/57/56/df5756937c615ea3806af399291fedec–kurdistan-workers-party-flags.jpg

I wonder if the US didn’t support them, would they still use the “hammer and sickle” on their banner, like they used to until ’95? https://sites.stedwards.edu/chrisdm-culf333110fa2014-cbrock/files/2014/12/PKK-2g9yaqo.gif


The SDF is not sustainable as a group that can further the American agenda. The region the occupy is too big for their numbers. The Arabs outnumber them 6 to 1 on the region they hold and 20 to 1 in the whole Syria. Not counting that Turkey will never support them and the Iraki are Siding with the Syrians. It’s still amazing that the US is not realizing that. But I can’t blame them, even the Russians who are the new dominant force in the middle east don’t get it either. Interesting times, the winner will be the one understands this best. So far it’s only Iran who gets it.

Pave Way IV

The Asayish are NOT part of the SDF. They are ostensibly the Rojava state security arm or interior police, commanded directly by the PYD (or whatever useless committees the PYD allows as a ‘government’ in Rojava.) Some of their more innocent functions are border/checkpoint guards and traffic cops. But they are also the cover organization the PYD (and US/Israeli backers) covertely use to run its own personal STAZI-like secret police, where they function as PYD organization security, anti-terrorist hitmen, prison staff, state intelligence and secret police, armed tax collectors, YPG/YPJ mandatory conscription enforcers and occasionally as ethnic cleansing thugs for conquered Arab cities (Tal Abyad).

Nothing better illustrates the two faces of Asayish than in the battle to take Manbij. In 2015, hundreds of Kurdish Asayish refused to join the SDF to kick ISIS out of the city. It was NOT a Kurdish city, and would have been handed back to the mostly Arab occupants after liberation. Few local Arabs were even fighting – the US had to hire (trick) destitute Arabs from distant refugee camps. Furthermore, the US was importing Turkish PKK and Iranian PJAK to fill out the Kurdish YPG ranks for Manbij – many who couldn’t speak or understand either arabic or the local Kurdish dialect.

The US was absolutely furious that the local Asayish would not obey the SDF or die for a Kurdish Corridor that seemed way more important to the US than the average Kurd. In the end, the US/SDF had to import more ‘loyal’ Asayish from elsewhere to shoot under-equipped, confused PKK/PJAK fleeing the Manbij slaughter they were tricked into joining. The Manbij Military Council was nothing but opportunistic former Manbij Arabs looking for US money, power and influence after the US-led liberation from US-led ISIS. The leaders didn’t fight or die – that was the job of disposable refugee mercs. Manbij is still mostly the corrupt shithole it was well before and during ISIS, except a third of the city has been destroyed and all economic activity driven out.

The current Asayish presence in Manbij is just as schizophrenic and confusing to the Arab residents today. Some Asayish are local Arabs and Kurds that fulfill useful public safety functions, serve the people (and speak Arabic). Others are PYD Stazi occupying Manbij – an eternal jackboot on the neck of Manbij Arabs ‘allowed’ to stay in their city by the Kurdish State.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The PYD were organized by the CIA and PKK in Turkey in 2003, these are the nominal head of the snake as they have been infesting the SDF with the Islamists for a long time. The Manbij Arabs in the region were trying to fight them without arms which the Kurds had taken away an promised to defend them. These Foreign speaking Kurds even refused proper medical care for Arabs for years. These things are nothing new and those opposed among the Kurds are very few in a position of influence. The US wasn’t the ones that created the idea of Rojava it came from policy wonks like Lister,Landis etc. the cabal of Wonk Tonks .

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