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Protests Continue In Portland, As Trump Focuses On Vital Issues: Banning TikTok

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Protests Continue In Portland, As Trump Focuses On Vital Issues: Banning TikTok

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On July 31st, BLM protests continued in the US, mostly in Seattle and Portland.

More than 2,000 people turned out at the 65th consecutive day of protests against violence, anti-Black racism and heightened use of force by federal officers.

Portland has been a sort of capital of the protests, with demonstrations being one of the most violent.

On the evening of July 31st, MSM reports are focused on the “generally peaceful” protests with “some violent incidents.”

The protests intensified after President Donald Trump deployed more than 100 federal law enforcement agents to Portland, saying the agents were there to protect federal property.

Local officials and critics accused the president of creating more conflict during nationwide protests over racial injustice and police brutality against Black Americans.

As of July 29th, the federal agents are being withdrawn, but the protests continue.

Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown, agreed with the White House that the state police would take over responsibility for guarding the courthouse after weeks of escalating protests. She said that “Trump’s troops” were behaving like an occupying army in Portland and provoking unrest with heavy-handed tactics.

In contrast, the state troopers did not intervene even when the scale of the protest on Thursday night passed the point, as demonstrators shook the fence around the courthouse, at which in early demonstrations the federal agents generally fired teargas, stun grenades and baton rounds.

In the absence of confrontation, and with the state police remaining largely unseen inside the courthouse, tensions quickly eased.

Prior to that, however, there were videos being shared of protesters being given equipment in order to clash with the authorities due to the escalating response that they’ve been receiving

Quickly switching away from the chaos he, himself, caused in Portland, US President Donald Trump focused on the true issues the United States faces – the need to ban Chinese video sharing app TikTok.

“As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said to reporters while aboard Air Force One.

Trump said he could use emergency economic powers or an executive order. It was not immediately clear what such an order would look like and what legal challenges it might face.

“Well, I have that authority,” he said.

“I will sign the document tomorrow,” said Trump on July 31st, indicating that a ban could take effect “essentially immediately.”

The threat of a TikTok ban has been lingering since Secretary of State Mike Pompeo mentioned the possibility on July 7th, saying it was “something we’re looking at.”

Critics of TikTok worry that the data it collects on its US users could end up in the hands of the Chinese government, though TikTok has said it stores its data outside of China and that it would resist any attempts by Beijing to seize the information.

“TikTok US user data is stored in the US, with strict controls on employee access. TikTok’s biggest investors come from the US. We are committed to protecting our users’ privacy and safety as we continue working to bring joy to families and meaningful careers to those who create on our platform,” TikTok spokesperson Hilary McQuaide said.


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Lone Ranger

No comment…

Zionism = EVIL

AmeriKKKa is KAPUT!


Where Black Friday failed, the zoomers revolution will succeed! Bimbo influencers will form a militia and take over the WH, just you wait and see.


“Quickly switching away from the chaos he, himself, caused in Portland, US President Donald Trump focused on the true issues the United States faces”

I wouldn’t put deploying federal forces to stop ongoing violence in the category of something that Trump caused. The fact that the violence has mostly stopped when they withdrew. Shows the control that the dems have over the rioting that they’ve been cheerleading and instigating. They can turn it on and they can turn it off.

So who’s the victor here? Trump who deployed riot control and caused the dems to call off the dogs, or the dems forced to back down to avoid a national guard deployment. It looks like the dems lost to me. At least for now.


“”We will send in the National Guard and we’ll take care of it,” Trump said at a White House briefing on Thursday. “These are professional agitators, these are professional anarchists, these are people that hate our country. We’re telling them, right now, that we’re coming in very soon — the National Guard.””

– Trump threatens to activate National Guard against Portland ‘professional anarchists’ –



Portland, Oregon, Protest Turns Violent, With Several Arrested
49,904 views•Jul 3, 2020



There was already a severe problem when the feds deployed over the 4th of July weekend. Trump didn’t cause this. The dem subversives did.comment image

– Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Deployed To Portland Protests –


Zionism = EVIL

Seriously Richard, you are an intelligent guy, even banana republics don’t have total anarchy and armed militias roaming the streets with automatic weapons in broad daylight. The Jew cunts are polarizing every segment of US society.


Generations of Jew media brainwashing have created a class of people supporting their lies and stupidity. How many of them are going to continue to support it as they watch their lives and nation being destroyed by it remains to be seen. The Iraq and Afghan wars had near unanimous support at their onset. That transitioned over time to very little support. I’m assuming that the same thing will happen with the virus insanity and color revolution. But how much damage will be done in the process is an open question.


“A new telephone poll conducted last week found that more than half of those surveyed support a 50 percent defunding of the Seattle Police Department”

– Poll: More than half support defunding Seattle police –


James Adams

The Shit you post is just propaganda. Tiktok is a dangerous app.

Антон С

Because Washington and NSA can’t control it.

Jens Holm

No offence. I still do prefare USA for China in this.

I think there is a big problem and something has to be done about it. As for many other things it is possible to bring the good sides better and limit the bad ones.

Антон С

“No offence. I still do prefare USA for China in this.”
How could it offence me?) Prefer what you wish, it’s your right.


You “prefare USA” in everything, you are always trying to be more american than 99% Americans. Pity you can’t speak proper english (or any english). Indoctrinated slave who worships his masters, the epitome how low Europe has fallen….
But tell me, slave, how exactly is TikTok more dangerous than Facesbook, Instagram, Twitter and all other crap directly controlled by the US and american tycoons? They’re polluting the world with their imbecilic garbage constantly – but now they are so afraid of ONE non-american application, so it must be censored, banned, destroyed at any cost! Don’t get me wrong – I dislike TikTok as much as I dislike Instagram, both are garbage used by retards. But don’t talk about democracy, free speech and all other bullshit when the US is not different than China (it’s actually even worse). Tyrannical censorship and nothing else.

Black Waters

If the U.S gestapo corporate mafia can’t buy it it will destroy it, that’s how they think.


I was just about to make an lenghty boring coment on the shitshow we call the AmeriTard Gov, and the walking talking cluster f…. called Trump, but He is just one, of an emtire pack of scums, thats why I compare them to an free range asylum where the most insane rule the estate.
I am in awe.
So instead I will give you an classic, from my youth, and also then, the best band ever, sex pistols.
And this sing, is an briliant and factual description of the current situation of the imperial banana republic UssA ( the Union of Shithead, Scumbags and Assh….)

What could possibly go wrong.
Have an nice day.


Al Balog

Haha, nice video, fits the USA elite perfectly ?


amazing but they really banned TT…

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