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Protests Against Syrian Democratic Forces Continue In Raqqa (Video)

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For the fourth day in a row, hundreds of civilians took at streets in different areas of the city of Raqqa to protest against the forcible recruitment into ranks of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Syrian pro-opposition news outlet Baladi News reported on May 30.

The pro-opposition blog Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently said that the SDF’s security forces (Asayish) opened fire at the protestors in the district of al-Meshlab and arrested four of them. The source added that Asayish had banned humanitarian aid from entering al-Meshlab a day later, as a punishment for the civilians there.

The protests erupted in Raqqa on May 27, when Asayish attempted to arrest several young men after accusing them of evading the military service in the SDF. This attempt led to direct clashes between the SDF and one of its Arab armed group. While the US-led coalition was able to stop the clashes within hours, the protests intensified.

Similar demonstrations against the SDF’s conscription law were organized by thousands of Arab n the districts of Geweran and al-Nashuah in the southern part of al-Hasakah city on May 26. Prior to that, locals of the northern city of Manbij organized a general strike against the law.

Local observers believe that the protests against the Kurdish dominated-SDF will continue in the upcoming days as the tension between Arabs and Kurds is higher than ever. Meanwhile, the SDF appears to be determined to impose its conscription law on local Arabs despite that the majority of them are against it.

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Hisham Saber

The beginnings of a popular uprising that will quickly take on the shape of a full-on insurgency waged by local Arab tribes against the U.S. forces and the Kurds. There are already reports of IED’s going off on convoys. The Arab tribes will get all the weapons they need from the Syrian government, the Syrian Arab Army, and IRGC corps. The U.S. and their Kurdish lackeys will be forced to garrison themselves in outpost bases, waiting for mortars and rockets/missiles to rain down on them. Its about to get ugly.


I think you are wrong. I think that FSA is preparing an uprising in Raqqah. Remember that beginning to the war, Raqqah was under FSA.


I think Mr. Hisham Saber is very right.. and you are Serious Delirious… The SDF will be Heavily Infiltrated…This Consciption Law or “Draft” is Perfect!!! Insurgency from All sides Friend or Foe… Who is Who… G.I. Joe is in the Middle of the “Hornet’s Nest”…and he will Stumble & Fall in the Trap with Eyes wide Open…


Who the fuck will bomb SDF ???? It’s easy to create instability inside SDF because it’s a fake organization but who the fuck will use that to recover Raqqah, … ? Russia ??? XD


As Long as it is not the USA, UK, France, Wahhabistan, NATO or ISRAHELL… that will Recover Raqqa it will be fine I guess


maybe you don’t know, but USA already bombed Raqqah and is now occupying the city. So, don’t understand the point of yout comment.


They will be Kicked out of Syria…and you didn’t even answer my question


In dreams.


In Yours Mister Delirious… They will become Nightmares I am afraid


Your USA will f*ck-off from there. All what the Irakis on one side and Syrian Government have to do, is to cut the supplies-ways. A few PANTSIR-pieces around the US bases and you’ll see how quick your beloved Yankee Doodles run away


Funny part is that FSA and Turkey are more likely to recover Raqqah, Golan Height, …. than Russia and Assad.

I absolutely don’t know how Russia can recover Raqqah. Just imôssible. The strategy was to not let Raqqah fall.

Now that Raqqah has fallen, the ones who let it fall are irrelevant to recover.


Now, that the war is ending, we can understand what was really going on.

There was two FSA, one north and one south. North was with Turkey and Qatar. South with USA. The south part was very weak because not a lot of support from the people. But, the north part was more powerful because a lot of sunnis syrians support Turkey.

FSA north has taken rapidly north syria, Raqqah, deir-ezzor, Idlib, …

Then, ISIS came and destroyed FSA and then government forces.

That’s why Putin made such a time to enter Syria war. Because Putin was the infiltrated agent who was working with USA to cut Syria in two parts. That’s why, then, USA let Russia bomb FSA and Russia let USA take east euphrate lands.


Hey, Trumpist-fan, the “FSA” can move ONLY because PUTIN doesn’t bomb the sh*t out of them


That’s why a strange war agaisnt Qatar also began at the same moment ISIS entered Syria. Indeed, USA didn’t need no more Qatar nor Turkey. USA needed only SDF and Putin.


That’s why also, the egyptian dictator, Al Sissi is supported by Russia, SA and israel. Indeed, the democratically elected egyptian president Morsi was too close to Turkey and Qatar. Then, Al Sissi gave two egyptian islands to SA so that israel can crossover freely the red sea. The same islands that Nasser blockaded decades ago.

Jeth Roderet

The “SDF” thugs will only understand when the people of Raqqa start shooting back.


Well, the US likes insurgencies, doesn’t it? It’s about to get one real quick. That it is a real insurgency and not a put-up one, will seriously hamper western goals. Too bad. Let’s see how they spin this..oh, yeah…Putin did it. Dumb me.


It’s Vietnam repeated all over again. They might just straight up raising stars and stripes instead of play pretend.


I once supported the Kurds. The fact that they have thrown in their lot with the AmeriKKKans will come back to haunt them. They will be tossed under the bus by their AmeriKKKan sugar daddy as soon as they finally realize that their Syria project is a total failure.

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