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Protestors In Portland Diversify Tactics And Upgrade Hardware, The Winner Is Confusion and Chaos

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Protestors In Portland Diversify Tactics And Upgrade Hardware, The Winner Is Confusion and Chaos

Portland continues to be the scene of dramatic protests after more than 50 days

Videos and images from the latest protests in Portland show that demonstrators have diversified their tactics in their ongoing clashes with local police and federal security agents, making use of a wide range of equipment and items to (1) protect themselves against the efforts of the police and federal security agents to force them to disperse, (2) disorient and confuse the security forces, (3) attempt to take over or damage the federal courthouse, which has become the focal point for the protestors’ wrath following the controversial deployment of federal agents to the city by the Trump administration.

The Oregon city has been the site of ongoing protests following the killing of George Floyd by police on 25 May. The situation intensified after additional federal officers were deployed there in early July to crack down on protesters. While Trump has accused the protesters of being “anarchists” who “hate our country,” many state and local officials characterize them as being mostly peaceful and exercising their legal right to protest issues including police brutality and racial injustice.

After more than 50 days of often violent and destructive protests and demonstrations, there is no sign of improvement in the overall situation in Portland. Amid ongoing escalation by both sides, the diversity of tactics and implements deployed by protestors, including lasers, strobe lights and in one case an electric saw used by a group attempting to storm the federal courthouse, is examined in a report by RT. LINK

In terms of the latest developments in Portland, security forces arrested at least 28 people over the last week, including seven people arrested during protests on Thursday night when police and federal agents used tear gas to force thousands of demonstrators from crowding around the courthouse. Protesters projected lasers on the officers protecting the building and tried to take down a security fence. They eventually scattered as clouds of tear gas and other crowd control munitions were fired by security forces.

The Department of Homeland Security said that during Thursday’s demonstrations one federal officer was injured and that “no injuries to protesters or rioters have been reported.”

Thousands of people gathered in Portland streets for another night of protests Friday, the same day a US judge denied Oregon’s request to restrict federal agents’ actions when they arrest people. By 8pm a few hundred people stood near the fountain on Salmon Street Springs, one of the locations where groups meet before marching to the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and the federal agents there.

Among various organized groups, including Healthcare Workers Protest, Teachers against Tyrants, Lawyers for Black Lives and the “Wall of Moms,” was Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, who spoke to protesters outside the Justice Centre.

By 9:40 p.m. crowds of people, pressed shoulder to shoulder, packed the streets chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Feds go home” as they carried signs and marched to the courthouse.

Earlier in the week (on Tuesday) a spokesperson said that at least 43 people had been arrested by federal security agents at that point. They face federal charges including assaulting federal officers, arson and damaging federal property, US Attorney Billy J. Williams said. All the defendants are from Portland and were released after making a court appearance.

The respective positions of those in favour of and opposed to the deployment of federal forces in the city can be summarized as follows:

Before the federal intervention, Mayor Ted Wheeler and other local leaders had said a small cadre of violent activists were drowning out the message of peaceful protesters. But the Democrat, who was tear-gassed this week as he joined protesters, says the federal presence is exacerbating a tense situation and he’s repeatedly told them (federal security forces) to leave.

Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf denied that federal agents were inflaming the situation in Portland and said Wheeler legitimized criminality by joining demonstrators, whom Trump has called “anarchists and agitators.” LINK

An activist and committee member with the Portland General Defense Committee, which provides financial and legal support to protesters, including posting bail, says protesters are being released relatively quickly because of the coronavirus.

The Portland General Defense Committee reported last Monday that at least 423 people have been arrested in Black Lives Matter protests since May 29 and that almost all of them have been bailed out.

The source says they are seeing a lot of protesters who are being arrested for the first time. The volunteer-run group also manages a hotline to document complaints involving law enforcement, talk through traumatic experiences and refer them to appropriate resources.

Based on the complaints he has heard and from his observations at protests, the Portland General Defense Committee source says that “federal law enforcement is incredibly aggressive,” even more so than local police, “which is already intense and aggressive.” Portland police said they had no comment on this characterization.

The inspectors general for the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have announced that they have opened investigations into federal officers’ response to Portland’s protests. The action comes after a request from several Oregon Democrats in Congress (Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden and Representatives Earl Blumenauer and Suzanne Bonamici) for a formal inquiry into “the unrequested presence and violent actions of recently deployed federal forces in Portland.” The chairs of the Judiciary, Homeland Security and Oversight committees subsequently issued a joint statement welcoming the news of the investigations.

The Oregon delegation has also introduced an accountability measure in Congress that would require agents’ uniforms to display information about an individual’s identity and agency affiliation, prevent the use of unmarked vehicles in arrests, add restrictions to federal agents’ ability to conduct crowd control activities to “federal property and its immediate vicinity” and ensure that the numbers and reasons why personnel are deployed are made clear on an agency website within 24 hours of deployment.

Oregon’s governor, attorney general and several Democrats in Congress, as well as Portland’s mayor, have all condemned the presence of federal officers in Portland.

Governor Kate Brown said in a tweet Thursday that she told Wolf “that the federal government should remove all federal officers from our streets.” She accused Trump of “looking for a confrontation in Oregon in the hopes of winning political points in Ohio or Iowa.”

The Office of the Inspector General for the DHS said in a separate letter that it is investigating allegations relating to a specific July 15 incident “in which DHS law enforcement personnel improperly detained and transported protesters in Portland.” The agency also indicated a broader investigation would be underway and a multi-disciplinary team would be created to “examine DHS’ deployment of law enforcement personnel to Portland.”

DHS has accused protesters of setting fires and trying to “injure or kill federal officers” by “launching projectiles, including commercial grade fireworks and bags of paint,” at them and “targeting their eyes with laser weapons.”

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) also addressed a widely shared video that showed a protester being picked up by federal agents in an unmarked van.

The agency said they had reason to suspect the person in an unspecified video was “suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property” and that as they approached the person, “a large and violent mob moved towards their location.”

CBP said that the person was quickly taken to “a safer location for further questioning.” It said that the CBP agents did identify themselves but acknowledged that their names were not displayed on their uniform.

Responding to allegations of excessive force against protestors, Portland police said in a press release that people attempted to break into the federal courthouse and lit fires downtown on Monday night (last week).

They said “dozens” of people “pounded on and began breaking the plywood covering the west side of the building,” using “hammers, crowbars and other pry tools.” Just after midnight, federal law enforcement “began dispersing the crowd using a variety of munitions,” the police statement said. Portland police also reported Sunday that people had broken into the Portland Police Association and lit the building on fire.

Acting secretary of DHS Chad Wolf condemned the events in Portland on July 16, saying the city has “been under siege” by a “violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order to protect their city.”

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum sued DHS, CBP, the Marshals Service and the Federal Protection Service last week in connection with the seizing of protesters from the street, “alleging they have engaged in unlawful law enforcement in violation of the civil rights of Oregonians by seizing and detaining them without probable cause.” The case was dismissed late last week on technical grounds.

The ACLU has also sued the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Marshals Service “for their unconstitutional attacks on people protesting the police killing of George Floyd.”

The ACLU had already sued Portland police for using excessive force and Friday’s action adds federal agents to the lawsuit.

The ACLU also said in a statement Thursday that the investigation launched by an internal watchdog for the DOJ was “a start, but not enough.” They argued that the DOJ “must immediately appoint an outside special prosecutor to investigate” and potentially prosecute crimes to “help ensure full accountability.”

The Trump Administration, including the President and DHS leadership, has consistently generalized all protesters as being “violent anarchists assaulting federal officers and damaging federal property,” despite video evidence that law enforcement has in some instances harmed protesters who are not provoking them.

Trump has vowed to send federal troops to more US cities as federal and local authorities clash over how to handle protests. Federal officers from various US agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, the Marshals Service and Customs and Border Protection, remain in Portland despite resistance from state and local leadership.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland mayor Ted Wheeler have asked federal officers to leave and said they will not cooperate with them. Wheeler was tear gassed by federal officers Wednesday night while he was out protesting. He called their response an “egregious overreaction” and said they were “engaging in urban warfare.”

The mayors of major cities — Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Portland and Washington D.C. — sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr and Acting Secretary of DHS Chad Wolf Monday objecting to the “deployment of federal forces” in their cities, which they said would be both unconstitutional and unprecedented.

“In Portland, (federal authorities’) actions have escalated events and increased the risk of violence against both civilians and local law enforcement officers,” the letter states. It also notes that “federal forces have not been trained for urban community policing, including critical crowd management and de-escalation techniques” and that they lack oversight. LINK

While there are also many important differences, in some respects the scenes in Portland and elsewhere in the US resemble those produced during the ‘guarimba’ protests that rocked Venezuela and left much of the country paralysed for several years, particularly the capital Caracas, as violent mobs took over many parts of the city and took to attacking passers-by, looting and destroying public property as they deliberately generated violence and terror in an attempt to increase pressure on the Venezuelan Government and make the country ungovernable.

In this sense they can be distinguished from social protests that have occurred in some other Latin American countries, where on numerous occasions groups of well-organized protestors have taken over State (or corporate) properties, buildings and offices and occupied them without causing damage, looting or attacking people, in order to force authorities to negotiate over specific demands and objectives.

There are some signs of strategic planning and organization with specific demands and objectives among some sectors within the protest movement in Portland and elsewhere in the US (beyond the simplistic calls to end racism and police oppression, which are important but which arguably are simply symptoms of a deeper malaise). However, they have been overwhelmed by the outbreaks of violence, destruction and looting in which it becomes increasingly difficult to identify cause and effect, victims and culprits.

There is ample evidence to demonstrate that there are many of each (victims and culprits) from each side (protestors and security forces): in many cases, protestors or groups of delinquents are clearly out to cause trouble and the authorities have no alternative but to respond with force. In others, the forces of ‘law and order’ have clearly attacked protestors who are acting in an orderly manner. In most cases however, such aspects cannot be determined with confidence and the details will remain lost in the wider ‘information war’, confusion and deliberate disinformation operations.

Some media reports or outlets clearly hold the protestors, flash mobs and more or less organized delinquents and provocateurs responsible for the social breakdown (see, for example, ‘Portland protests have no goal except violence and anarchy’). Others place the blame on local police and federal security forces (for example, ‘Violence mars Portland protests, frustrates Black community’).

Probably the most important difference from the ‘guarimba’ protests in Venezuela mentioned above is that in the case of Venezuela, the number of protagonists is much more limited, their objectives are clear, and events have followed a consistent course over many years the contours of which are relatively well documented and understood by those who have been paying attention. There are two established focal points for the belligerents in Venezuela; one is ‘Chavismo’, based on the legacy of Hugo Chavez and Simon Bolivar – national liberation, independence (from domination and exploitation by the US and international financial capital), regional solidarity with other countries in Latin America, and ‘socialism for the twenty-first century’.

The second focal point is made up of a core formed around the traditional elitist ruling classes in Venezuela and the US Embassy, operating through the traditional political parties, US ‘aid’ and ‘pro-democracy’ foundations, large corporations (Venezuelan and foreign – not all of them, but many), and flash mobs and provocateurs recruited from among the masses of unemployed youths in Venezuela (or paramilitary groups sub-contracted from Colombia for the more heavy duty assignments of generating chaos, violence and terror).

These political factions and interest groups count on the support of a core of around 30% of Venezuelans, many of whom either oppose the objectives of ‘Chavismo’ generally or are simply fed up with the widespread corruption that continues to heavily affect many State institutions and the economy and/ or Venezuela’s isolation from the ‘international community’ (i.e. the US punitive sanctions). Numerous well researched documentaries have examined developments in Venezuela in considerable detail (see, for example, ‘Venezuela: The Revolution will not be televised’, and ‘Venezuela: The anatomy of a coup’).

In the case of the US however, there is a huge variety of interest groups, social sectors and political factions involved, both domestic and foreign, the nature and extent of their participation and their objectives often are not clear, and the historical background factors and contours influencing recent developments are more diffuse notwithstanding that some specific details are apparent.

Those groups typically described as ‘left-wing’ (though they have nothing in common with ‘left-wing’ social movements and political factions in Latin America), and accused by Trump and many others of being the cause of the violence, looting and widespread social breakdown in most areas, include Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Given their decentralized and diffuse structures, it is very difficult to evaluate the extent to which their leadership, to the extent they have a leadership, may have deliberately set out on a course of generating violence and chaos, whether to increase pressure on the government, as a negotiating ploy, with subversive intent, or for other reasons. Or whether they may have been infiltrated by other groups to discredit them or manipulate their objectives and activities.

While many of the ‘right-wing’ militias have made their positions, objectives and structures clear, and in many cases seem to be acting in accordance with their stated objectives and principles, it is also possible that some members or autonomous groups are taking advantage of the situation to throw fuel on the fire in order to raise the stakes in the social and political crisis, increase polarization and force the pace of change. (See, for example, the background report, ‘Leader of ultra-right militia predicts end of US and warns of civil war’)

Many of the most prominent Democrats and Republicans, whether in the White House administration, the Congress, or at the state or local level, are much more interested in grand-standing and scoring political points than in resolving the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

It remains unclear the extent to which other actors are involved or attempting to manipulate developments in their favour – as yet there do not appear to be convincing, evidence-based reports suggesting some type of large scale foreign or domestic ‘colour revolution’-type mastermind orchestrating events. (See, however, this report by Veterans Today).

The established or emerging social movements and other manifestations of civil society and interest groups in the US seem overwhelmed by events, ill-prepared and ill-equipped to influence ongoing developments whether at the local, regional or national level.

While events to date don’t provide much grounds for optimism, if some of the numerous inquiries and investigations that have been established can proceed in an impartial and professional manner it may yet be possible to unravel what has occurred and provide a constructive basis to move forward.


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These Portland “protesters” are mimicking Hong Kong protesters in tactics and such.

It is as if they had same George Soros color revolution crush course, like those dudes from Hong Kong.
Talking about Soros, why nobody kills that bastard already?


Because he’s just the tip of the iceberg, the face of the movement, there are many billionaires that hate big bad orange man because he messed their business with China, for example Jeff Bezos who owns Twitch, WaPo and many others.


I don’t know that bacon. Trump is part of the club of the super rich and he just might play his role like George Soros.
Very rich people can be many things in life, but they have all one thing in common…they are NEVER patriotic.
If elected again Trump will betray his voters completely.
Democracy in US is becoming total illusion. And even globally situation is very bad.


No significant arrests,more soros protectionism,(proof now in armed protests)
Trump usin too much cia bullsht language talk,liberaks see him as the joke,
Whilst hes a better option than biden,that don’t make him the leader of true sak!


Or is Trump rich with debt and doing the bidding of his Zionist masters who profit on chaos?


Either way he is one of them, member of exclusive club even if only their administrator and servant. He is the one who knows the secrets and does their bidding.


Winstone Churchill was also a Man Rich with Debt and after he was bailed out by Rothschild’s bank his opinions changed somewhat :)



That is what I was trying to say, but couldn’t define my exact thoughts.
In the super rich club “debt” as category, doesn’t apply to their members.

John Wallace

Democracy is becoming an illusion, It has been an illusion for decades. It is a plutocracy where the sheep are led to believe it is a democracy when in fact all they are doing is voting for one wing or the other of a bird controlled by the super rich.


Good and simple explanation.
I don’t know about “decades”, I don’t think democracy ever existed.
The closest model to democracy for me, was Scandinavian model.
Now with deep global economic crisis, future looks dark for everybody.


So you think the other leaders are not puppets of the rich? Wait, let me guess, only in the West. Before that the leaders were very patriotic.


No I don’t think that (Trump was subject so I was talking only about him).
In Russia for example Putin is representative of powerful lobbies, thus he can’t do certain things against their interests even if he wanted to.
In most of the countries (if not all) national and global elites have decisive role in everything.
Democracy is just decorum, mirage, illusion.


Agree. The fight for freedom should be permanent, against dictators. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.


Lets not overreact. I didn’t say that Putin or Trump are “dictators”.
It’s just that democracy is conditioned and filtered with so many different interests that at the end it doesn’t really exist..


Trump is not a dictator, he doesn’t assasinate any of his political opponents and his mandates are limited.

Lone Ranger

Dont be so sure about that :)
There have been quiet a few fatalities in Congress and Senate since he is in power.
You really think John McCocaine died of brain cancer?
Lol, you are very naive.
Thats why DNC is panicking.
Many of them are on the list.
Secret military tribunals are waiting…;)


It was alliens.


Agree but… why not dying of “brain cancer” if it is new method of killing?
Ever since several Latin American socialist leaders got the cancer one after another ( Chaves also)

The cancer just might be one of their new methods. To have legit way to get rid of the people without anybody pointing finger at them.
Radiation can penetrate plenty of materials and places.

Lone Ranger

Good point.


“You really think John McCocaine died of brain cancer?”

Satan called in his marker with McStain. He is more useful to him in hell.

Lone Ranger

Time to liberate Ukraine…


Of Ruskie terrorists

Lone Ranger

CIA backed ukrop and baltic nazis* :)


Small moscals and little muziks

Lone Ranger

Thats a lot of inferiority complex from you :)
Are sobered up?;)


Why butthurt, are you a little muzik?

Lone Ranger

Nope and nope :)


Ohh I get it, it’s from last night, sorry man, i am a wild pig some times. Anyway I’m going to screw that little mongol hidden in Kremlin toilet tonight. Want to participate?

Lone Ranger

Nah, I think Im good, thanks….:)


Good, me and Putin and his dog friends will also bang Angela Merkel tonight

Ivan Freely

US Democracy was always an illusion. In the past it was suppose to be a Constitutional Republic but that version of the US died over a century ago.


Like those words; “If democracy really worked, they would stop it long time ago”
Democracy, almost everywhere, is an illusion.


Exactly, its the Antifa Playbook now being fully employed on the streets of the USA.

This is perfect Karma. The next step will be come Antifa snipers killing the BLM crowd and blaming it on the cops.

Popcorn anyone?

AM Hants

Hasn’t that round got started? They were shooting each other at the weekend. ROFL when I read the article over on Gateway Pundit. Come to that, there have been a few Darwin Award events, concerning ‘all white BLM’ and ‘Anti-fa’ stupidity.


Funnily enough the BBC has not reported this, BUT the MSM did report on the demonstrations in the Russian far East where a political oligarch who owns a large factory has been arrested for historical murders of competitors. The 5000 or so demonstrators who support the oligarch mostly just happen to be employed by the oligarch.

I am just waiting for a real shooting flare up in the US. Many of the Maga faction are keeping quiet about their polling intentions to vote for Trump because they understandably fear for their safety from the BLM/Antifa mob.

Soros’s Antifa will of course realise this and because of that, the election period will become ever more heated. IF Trump wins it will be a real bonfire in the US.
If Biden wins there will also be a real bonfire before the Maga Gun confiscations begin. Even many democratic party Whites realise that an unfettered BLM would quickly result in Somalia 2.0.

AM Hants

There are some good articles bout it on Stalker Zone.

Not forgetting Nuland wrote an article in June/July 2020, stating they needed to focus on Russian 18-24 year old and Russia’s outback. Now elections to replace the oligarch and who turns up? Teams Nuland/Browder/Khodorkovsky /Navalny, followed by Covid Positive.

Seriously hope they have the intelligence to remember how it all worked out in the Yeltsin days and not forgetting Ukraine.

Do you remember the ‘Larry Diamond Regime Change Propaganda’ videos, used in Syria, Iraq, Hong Kong and Ukraine? The one in Ukraine, where they used the girl who worked for Saakashvili as the face of Ukraine Youth? Crying that things were so bad, pre-2014 Ukraine? Well they are rolling out the Russian version. Middle Class 19 year old St Peterburg Girl, crying ‘all her life has been under Putin rule and it is so unfair’. Do believe the UK version was ‘Kevin and Perry’.


I missed the Larry Diamond ( Kike) videos :) All the US/UK seem to be able do these days is ‘meddle in elections and create hatred’.

A round up of the paid agitators and their control systems are long overdue.

AM Hants

What gets me is how they lack the creativity to change any of their scripts. There again, judging by the reactions of the masses, you can understand why they do not bother.

Off topic, I have been following the Johnny Depp story and trial with interest, owing to media manipulation. The fact that he was the victim of domestic abuse, yet, the media owing to the abuser being female, assumed a high profile male had to be the abuser.

Anyway, off topic, whether you like him or not, a lot of those supporting him have different politics, but, what is interesting is how they are beyond enraged with the media. They have had the BBC and Times trying to insinuate they are BOTS, with journalists after them, to prove JD and his team were purchasing AI generated support. Ironic, as his ex had paid a fortune on PR Management Agencies.

What am I waffling on about? Just how the media is seriously reliant on purchased opinion, to shut down different opinions. I found it fascinating how various sectors are waking up to the fact we are all being played.


I have only looked at the Depp trial ‘in passing’ as I flicked the pages of the Telegraph etc. The Telegraph is partisan politically and virtue signalling the mantra of the day. Sky News is appalling in all respects.
My personal opinion of the Depp couple is that they deserve each other. :)

As for the lack of propaganda creativity, such paucity of ideas is simply the arrogance of an elite completely out of touch with existing communications..

Preaching inside the libtarded echo chambers will get no new followers. It might enrage supporters, but that is all, I think.

Creativity requires empathy backed by results to alter opinions.
The Christopher Steele school of thought based on fabrication of lies is far too easy to mock and rulers hate being laughed at.
As far as information goes, we already have a One World Order that can strip the clothes of all would be emperors in many languages.

AM Hants

I started following it, back when they were accusing him. Not to being a fan or anything, just there was something about her. Then the tapes started coming out, with her screaming at him, complaining that he would not fight back and walk away from her rants and raves.

It just interested me how the media do not accept males can be victims of DV. The rest, I have found interesting, with regards how another sector of society has worked out what so many of us figured out. There is pure anger with how abused by media/PR Management Companies they feel. I was happily following, purely popcorn and wine and very little posting, except for a couple of comments on the Daily Depression. I also needed a break from the frustration of the last 6 years, haha.


Melania’s reply to a reporter who asked ‘ Would you have married Donald Trump if he had not been very rich’, was , ” Would he have married me if I was not very beautiful?”. That made me smile. :)

Humans are very complex and to navigate that maze is a sisyphean task for a man or a women. :)

Han’s and the cats are demanding, yet in a non combative way :)


He wouldn’t have married her if she’d been sterile.

AM Hants

Like her answer and it made me laugh.

So how many cats have you got to keep Hans company?

Complexities of humans, could write a book on it, then a lot more. For some reason I find complex humans a lot more interesting than bog standard and boring. However, eventually realised they are also exhausting.

AM Hants

Have you ever wondered why you can never tell the difference between any NED/Open Society Foundation protester, whether it be those in Hong Kong, the Middle East (ISIS, Al Qaeda/Daesh/White Helmets), BLM (any nation), Anti-fa (any nation) or Ukraine Nanzis? All dress the same, have similar banners and flags, plus run to exactly the same scripts. Soros Zombies, all bussed in.


“Have you ever wondered why you can never tell the difference between any NED/Open..”
Maybe because Soros has some “professional protester”global fashion line produced in some slave factory in the West controlled “democratic”, “free” world in Indonisia or similar?

So he is dressing everybody the same…

Uniforms and gas masks laced by COVID-19 and bubonic plague ( to spread the “freedom” and eugenics objectives in the same time ) around the world.
If somebody have told me that neo-nazi’s and communists will walk hand in hand one day fighting strictly for interests of medieval like society.
Society of handful of extremely privileged and their servants and slaves.

AM Hants

Weird is it not? Never connected the Bolshevik National Communists to the National Socialist (German) Worker’s Party, then along came Soros and events in Ukraine 2014. Now, so obvious created by the same crowd. Oswald Moseley, the leader of the UK Fascist Party, back in the 20s was also a member of the Fabian Socialist Party. Earl Browder, grandfather of Bill, led the US Communist Party and no doubt helped Dulles with the passenger list of ‘Operation Paperclip’. The CIA launched the same year they lay the foundations of Israel.

Grandfather of UK politicians, Miliband Brothers, Samuel Miliband, who worked hand in hand with Trotsky. NANZI Collaborater Soros, good friend of Ralph Miliband, UK leading Academic on Marx. Buried close to Marx in Highbury Cemetery. George Boy, who loved to brag about his time as a Nanzi Collaborater, despite being born of Zionist faith.

What a tangled Web we weave, whilst being played.


Nicely elaborated.
So what do they have in common apart from hatred of personal freedoms and internationalist, globalist ideological orientation ?
It seams that now usual substance of communist and fascist ideology is missing and was replaced with something else, supranational and totalitarian…

Only element on top everything that is missing for complete picture are their new masters, Super Rich incarnated in their servant Soros.
Also Neo-liberalism as transcending political ideology of Mammon.

Cult of money where everything and everybody is measured by what is possessing.
Where human lives are in service of money and those who posses it.

Globalist neo liberalism is that magic catalyst element missing in equation to explain common ground between antifa and neo-nazi’s today.
Humanist tradition and all kinds of freedoms are their enemy.

We are heading towards transformation of society into internationalist-totalitarianism in service of super rich elites .

It looks like modern day medieval society of privileged Masters and servant plebs controlled by global surveillance system.

AM Hants

They say WWI was to launch the League of Nations.
WWII, was to create the United Nations.
WWIII, is to create Full Spectrum Domination aka NWO.

Hope the script gets cancelled.


Media manipulation of the masses will berry us all.

That is how they always have controlled huge portion of the population.
Today is just all that much more sophisticated.

They are dividing us and creating conflicts, wars and slowly ushering us into the final slaughter house.

Concrete Mike

AM, why does it always seem to go back to Trostky, everytime you dig, it always leads to good ole Leo.

AM Hants

Pass, but, a lot was happening during those times that all seems linked into the script for the next century.


This news headline is from yesterday. The today news headline was that Russia tested a hypersonic missile.


those pesky Russians :)


Portland protesters now armed with leaf blowers to push back the teargas, when not busy doing yard work.
comment image


When the tear gas fails, it’s time to move to real bullets.


Have you ever heard of rubber bullets and bean bag rounds?
Of course that’s not your way of doing things, is it !


Ofcourse not, I don’t believe in rubber bullets.


but you believe rubber strap on up ye cakewhole,right incest sprogs? MEDIC!




Now I feel like I have dyslexia. :)


We are all ‘Jens’ now. :)

John Wallace

Good God I hope not . We struggle with the one , anymore and it would be a nightmare.. :-))

AM Hants

Please don’t tell me things are that bad that it is time to transition into a ‘Jens’?


How else could we survive the brave new world of stupidity? :)

AM Hants

Don’t want to be a ‘Jens’ clone. Just take me to the asylum. Oh, but, they shut them down for prime estate.


Care in the Community, a supermarket trolly and a cardboard mattress awaits all dissenters, AM.

AM Hants

Haha, as I fly over the Cuckoo’s Nest, just hope they allow for a bit of diamonte in the straight jacket.


The folks with high powered lasers need real bullets sent their way.


Cap the soros fukrz,the government will pay for them anyway!

John Wallace

It looks like your lobotomy failed , not that anyone expected it to help so I guess a real bullet is your last option.Pussy_Zion the dipshit.


They should start with enforcing permit requirements. Including going after and prosecuting the organizers of criminal events on the internet. Permit violations or no permit violations should initiate unlawful assembly arrests and crowd clearing operations before they turn violent and destructive.


We still need to get to the bottom of the organizations backing these Marxist clowns. The restrictions placed on the police make the situation very dangerous and guarantee the fall of these cities in time.


If dem voters keep electing these dem subversives to flagrantly break the law and support rioting, anarchy, sedition, the scamdemic, fascism, economic destruction and bioterrorism. It’s going to be an ongoing problem.




Why don’t they arrest nazi soros + neo liberal fake,phoney and false communists?oh i see,nazi tyranny!

John Wallace

Soros has had a charmed life ever since he was left at the railway station while his parents went on a train trip for a shower. He started his living by stealing the possessions of Jewish houses left empty when they went off to the holiday camp .

johnny rotten

Billionaires with kippah as george soros finance and manipulate puppets to establish the fascist financial regime, in every corner of the world where these idiots show up to do damage, it is always the same type of organized chaos, the hand behind it would also recognize it a blind man, from HK to Venezuela, from Syria to U$A, through gay pride, always the same money, always the same project, so bore.


“In others, the forces of ‘law and order’ have clearly attacked protestors who are acting in an orderly manner.”

Breaking the law isn’t acting in an orderly manner. Either these protests are illegal because they don’t have event permits, or they’re in violation of the permit requirements if they do have them. In either case the participants are breaking the law. Including the mayor and others talking out of both sides of their mouths inciting a riot.

“Special events are moving events held in the street and/or sidewalk, such as runs, walks, marches, parades or bicycle races. Event organizers must get all additional permits before the event.

Special Events (moving events on street and/or sidewalk): Permit application, 503-865-2482”

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Time to whack the Chinazis as****les

AM Hants

What are they protesting about? How many killed in these Protests, including babies and children? If it was a nation Washington DC did not like, how would Washington DC react, before standard cruise missile strike?

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