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Protasevich Speaks Of The Artificial Nature Of The Protests, Bankrolling, Organizers

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Protasevich Speaks Of The Artificial Nature Of The Protests, Bankrolling, Organizers

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Belarusian opposition figure and co-founder of the Nexta Telegram channel, Roman Protasevich said that the financing of the ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya comes from the funds of Lithuanian taxpayers and interested businessmen.

“First, indeed, part of it is at the expense of Lithuanian taxpayers. Lithuanian taxpayers, in fact, support foreign politicians from their own pockets. Partly these are private sponsors. That is, private businessmen, representatives of the business elite, and so on. And the third is financial support. diaspora. That is, there are many sources of funding,” he said in a televised interview.

Protasevich also said that the Belarusian House in Warsaw organization controls the entire Belarusian opposition’s agenda.

“The government directly allocated in the pockets of a private Belarusian organization amounts in the region of 50 million zlotys (about $13.5 million). And the Prime Minister [of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki] came personally, there are almost certainly common corruption schemes. Now the “Belarusian House in Warsaw” this is a leading organization that controls essentially all Belarusian events, the entire Belarusian agenda. Personally, through the Polish Prime Minister, through the pockets of the Belarusian House in Warsaw, 53 million zlotys (about $14.3 million) were allocated to help Belarusian refugees,” he said.

Protasevich added that, despite the allocated money, the Belarusian refugees did not receive any assistance. “The money seemed to have been allocated, the intercom was broken around the clock, people really tried to come and ask for help, but they simply did not open the door to anyone,” he said.

Additionally, Roman Protasevich on the air of the program “Markov. Nothing personal” on ONT spoke about how the administrators of the main Telegram channels gathered in one chat and coordinated the protests together.

 “Let’s just say that, in principle, it was the main chat of the administrators of the largest Telegram channels. It was there that, indeed, the discussions of the upcoming actions took place. There was planning, work on the agenda, which was supposed to be in this or that week of protests. We can say that this chat “hhata”, it was called differently, recreated, had different names. The main thing was this key word “Hata”. It consisted of the administrators of the largest channels, bloggers, and so on. And it was there that really happened, it was the main coordinating chat of street protests and information agenda.”

He gave the names of specific people who entered the chat:

“Stepan Putilo, Jan Rudik later began to enter there, Tadeusz Gichan, Franak Vecherko also entered there, who could come there and immediately write specific theses on which we had to work. Anton Motolko, Danil Bogdanovich. Previously, there were such characters as Shraibman, Palchis, Yushkevich, as well as Anastasia Rogotko, who is related to the activities of the headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Victoria Palchis, wife of Eduard Palchis. Dmitry Navosha, in principle, is a fairly well-known media person, Yevgeny Malakhovsky, who worked mainly with courtyard chats and courtyard initiatives. There, basically, all the main decisions were made about where the next action will take place, what kind of information agenda we should keep in the near future. All current events, all incidents were discussed there. In fact, one chat served as the main coordinating chat of the entire information war and street protests.”

He also said that there were no more actual “street protests”, but the organizers funded them and wanted to lead to economic collapse.

“There are no more protests, and they are unlikely to be. I can say more. In recent months, when there were anyway attempts to call for some kind of action, for some kind of street protests, I personally had a conflict, including at the headquarters, with the same Vecherko, with ByPol ​​representatives about street activity. Because I openly said that we do not have streets, we do not and will not have them. Now – that’s all, and it’s stupid to try to urge people to take to the streets when objectively no one comes out. It just doesn’t make sense. “We need to focus on other tasks”, but the same Vecherko could come and say: “Roma, you should think about the street, because you should understand that there will be no street – there will be no sanctions”. This is a direct phrase that I personally have heard many times. Why was I sent on vacation? Including because I openly said that objectively we lost. I even wanted to just leave to work not even in Telegram channels, but simply as a photographer of Tikhanovskaya.”

Roman stressed that the goal of the oppositionists operating from abroad is the collapse of the Belarusian economy and, as a result, cause hunger riots.

“There are no street protests now, and they will obviously not be. Just, again, why are the same sanctions moving. It is clear that this is, in principle, an instrument of political pressure. But given the fact that now there can be no street protests in terms of political freedoms or political movements, sanctions are necessary in order for the Belarusian economy to collapse as quickly as possible. And if the economy collapses, people will take to the streets. These will be food riots. And this, in fact, is one of the goals of the economic sanctions that continue to be imposed.”

If all of his claims are entirely true, this then paints a very clear picture of how the opposition was actually funded, orchestrated and how the situation was a complete fiasco.


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He sang like a bird.


False self security of being a CIA asset – thought he was safe in their ‘Atlanticist’ network – until he wasn’t…


Imagine hysterical reaction of american media and politicians if some important organizer of protests in Washington admits something like this, admits that everything was financed and organized in Moscow, Beijing, whatever, give all names, contacts, expose entire organization… they would go berserk, declare war. But they just ignore this now, and he was their ‘hero’ a few days ago…

AM Hants

Like all Nanzis do, when they face true forces and not kiddies, old ladies and the weakest members of the community.

‘3 Sea Initiative’ – why are those old Warsaw Pact nations so envious of Russia and trying so hard to isolate her?

Charity Colleen Crouse

They had these protests in Texas starting after the 2016 election that were…strange. There were protests alleged to be for organized labor group that included signs like “I will trade one of Trump’s wives for 10,000 immigrants” or “Without immigrants Trump wouldn’t have any wives.” Whatever you think of him, that was completely unacceptable. I thought they must be hedging. Look at where we are now…

But, in December of 2018 something occurred. There was a protest alleged to be for immigrants’ rights outside of city hall in Houston. But in the park to the west were a group of people who I understood were advancing a different political standpoint. I believe they might have been open carry supporters. They did not make any threats, but it was a sort of…prelude. There was a set up at the city hall involving official municipal vehicles that ended up correlating with something that occurred the same day in another city, but there was also this protest. There were these people who “appeared” to be “white” that were wearing red shirts with the old soviet hammer and sickle on it. When I went to walk up to the protests, they locked arms and prevented me from entering. It did not make much sense to me. Why were they simulating some sort of “soviet” style vanguard when one of their main members was to be found twice a week running a numbers racket on homeless people trying to get “vegan” meals? They would distribute meals to the homeless outside the library on the OTHER side of city hall, right across the street from the Deloitte office. Deloitte, among other things, audits the Chicago Pension Systems and is also connected to allegations of “Russian money laundering” going back to the 1990s.

All of the major “protest” announcements in the U.S. from last year were connected to some sort of municipal bond that was pending issue at the time that the “police shooting” took place. NO ONE said anything about this the whole time that I know of, though I attempted to. Does this center in Lithuania get funding through or in connection with the Clinton Foundation?

I believe that starting sometime around 2015 they began a form of social experiment on protests, as if they used aggregations of people as a sort of “clearinghouse” for major transactions. I have often wondered how much the “protestors” know about this.

Charity Colleen Crouse

See, what I want to post now…could potentially be a form of…crime. And that is how they will keep [u]s from being able to say anything we need to if we let them — racially appropriate and appropriated political dissent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charity Colleen Crouse
✡︎ Millennial troll "Holocaust" Survivor ✡︎ 🤑👺💩

He is one of us right Jews….I mean jen and other fuk apes 😍. Nazi, Wahhabi, Zion, yankees BFF🥰🥰


Maybe this little prick was set up,but the MSM will just say he was forced to go on state tv to make the statement.

Christian J. Chuba

The cruel nature of regime change. Hurt the people of a country a lot in order to hurt the govt you hate just a little bit because deep down, you hate both of them equally.


Just remember that whatever “dictator” you have ruling your country, if color revolution instigated by the west is successful, you will get regime that is hundred times worse then the original one. Look no further then Ukraine, Armenia, Serbia…


Or a thousand times worse like in Syria or even a million times worse like in Lybia.

AM Hants

Not forgetting Iraq. What was life like under Saddam, compared to what it is like now?

Truth Speaks

He was not captured, he switched sides in a dramatic way in fear of his life by protest leadership. This was his way of escaping the clutches of the protest leadership ran by foreign agents intent on murder of the Belarus population.

Bruno G

This “interview” is a sham. It’s part of the torture, meant to destroy him and discredit everything he stood for. Whatever the fascists let him say, it’s null and void.

AM Hants

Yeah, you can see how they have tortured him. Compare that his image, to the one of the residents of Donetsk, I think it was, nailed to a cross, back in 2014. Or what about the kids that were falling from the Odessa Trade Union Building Massacre, back on 2 May 2014, alight and then landing and being kicked and assaulted, whilst still alight.

Guess, the little Nanzi, realised that the CIA had no more use for him and now is trying to negotiate his way out of it all. No doubt, he has a lot more to say.

Bruno G

Like I said, hants, whatever the fascists let him say in this sham, it’s null and void.

I’ll ignore your fantasies and propaganda BS that’s irrelevant for this case.

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