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Propaganda Goes Wild: Now Kremlin Recruits YouTubers To Produce Anti-Hillary Clinton Rap Videos


Propaganda Goes Wild: Now Kremlin Recruits YouTubers To Produce Anti-Hillary Clinton Rap Videos


The hysteria concerning Russian involvement in the US Elections doesn’t seem to stop. Despite having apparently hacked everything and everyone, the Russians were not only buying ads, but also paid Youtubers to discredit the Clinton Campaign. Just in case the hacking didn’t work, apparently.

The Daily Beast claims the Russians financed anti-Hillary Clinton rap videos made by a pair of aspiring YouTube stars named “Williams & Kalvin.” The channel has been taken down as of now.

As it eloquently said in the channel description, the Clintons are “serial killers who are going to rape the whole nation.” This must be the famed subtlety of the Russian propaganda.

“We, the black people, we stand in one unity. We stand in one to say that Hillary Clinton is not our candidate,” one of the men says in a November video that warned Clinton “is going to stand for the Muslim. We don’t stand for her.”

Other videos are more explicit about urging people to vote for Trump, claiming that him being a businessman makes him not racist:

“This is time for change. This is why I say that let our vote go for Trump. Because this man is a businessman. He’s not a politician. We can have deal with him,” Williams says in a video published in August of 2016. “Because I don’t see him as a racist. Because any businessman cannot be a racist because when you are a racist, then your business is going down.” He then makes a black-power fist as he endorses Trump.

After that videos published prior to the presidential election tried a reverse tactic by claiming that Hillary was the racist one:

“She’s a fucking racist,” the host says over a subdued rap beat. “And this woman is a witch,” he says as a picture portrays Clinton in Wizard of Oz attire. He goes on to praise Julian Assange for releasing hacked emails. “This woman, she’s sick on her head.”

Williams and Kalvin’s content was pulled from Facebook in August after it was identified as one of many Russian government-backed propaganda accounts, which The Daily Beast supposedly has undeniable proof of, and which they, of course, did not share. Williams and Kalvin’s account was also suspended from Twitter in August, and from Youtube just recently.



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