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Propaganda… Again?

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In September 2018, the French Foreign Ministry’s Center for Analysis, Planning and Strategy (CAPS) and the French Defense Ministry’s Institute for Strategic Studies (IRSEM) released a joint report entitled “Information Manipulation: A Challenge for Our Democracies“. Among multiple issues challenging “democracies” around the world, the report adressed the role of SouthFront:

Russian information operations are expanding in the Middle East. The case of Syria is the most well-known, but it is not the only one. In January 2016, the “South Front: Analysis & Intelligence” website (southfront.org) was launched. It claimed to be a product of a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth but it “looks more like a professional info-war project run or backed by the Russian military.

The quote that SouthFront is “run or backed by the Russian military” can be traced back to the 2016 article entitled “An allegedly citizen-sourced project that looks more like a suspicious information operation“.

SouthFront Team wants to say thank you to the French Defense and Foreign Ministries for a high evaluation of our joint work. Unfortunately, the report’s evaluation of SouthFront is weakened by some factual gaps. For example, it is interesting how did the aurthors conclude that SouthFront was launched in January, 2016?



Account: southfront@list.ru

Propaganda... Again?

Propaganda... Again?

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Propaganda... Again?

Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again? Propaganda... Again?


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It doesn’t in fact need further comment but I guess newspapers like Le Monde and so on will take it for being the truth.

Jens Holm

There are many newssites in France, and they dont agree. Its named free speech.

You are right about thruth. Some sites give a try for that and many the opposite in fx ME Russia and China.


I gave the name of Le Monde because I daily read it and it’s a propagandasheet repeating government claims about for instance Syri


They all agree Islamic takeover is wonderful. Yes, free speech.




However,propaganda is only really successful when its proponents are well educated and most of Western Propaganda today is written by morons. So much so in fact that the moronic populations it is aimed at can even see its complete bollocks :)

The results being, that the Western propaganda has a habit of biting the West on the arse.

Jens Holm

We name it as free speech. By that we try to evaluate and change things.

Its seemes You prefare the opposite and mainly use it for blaming others for, what You will never change, if you can avoid it.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Propaganda and free speech is not the same. Free speech, as i understand it, is that you can say/write anything you want about anyone you want and no law can deny that, as soon as a law is made to punish you for expressing your oppinion, then there is no free speech.

You know, like Denmark have done and will do more of.

Propaganda is deliberately choosing not telling the entire truth and only tell the things that supports your case and hurts your opponets case, often mixed in with lies.

Like Nazi´s would say: Hitler lowered the unemployment to a very low point. You can not deny that but you have to take everything into context and ask how he did it.


The “Nazi” Economy: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ld8fxzEXZ2Qz/

What Was National Socialism?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/HIXiKTTAvEfH/

The term “Nazi” originated as a derogatory term used by Germans and Eastern Europeans to slander Ashkenazi jews for destroying the lives of the host population; whether it were in Russia, the former Pale settlement, or anywhere that later became apart of Germany and Austro-Hungary.

The term “Nazi was never used by the National Socialists themselves, but rather an insult coined by a Jewish-Bavarian journalist to slander the National Socialists and the name stuck, therefore redirecting the slander back at the Germans and eventually devolved into little more than an abstract insult.


[“The term “Nazi” (along with “Nazism”) is a political epithet invented by Konrad Heiden (7 August 1901 – 18 June 1966) during the 1920s as a means of denigrating the NSDAP and National Socialism.

Heiden was a journalist and member of the Social Democratic Party. The term is a variant of the nickname that was used in reference to members of the SDP at the time “Sozi” (short for Sozialisten). “Nazi” was a political pun, based upon the Austro-Bavarian slang word for “simpleton” or “country bumpkin”, and derived from the fairly common name Ignatz. It would be like saying “nutsy”. So, if for no other reason, one should easily understand why the term was regarded as derogatory by the National Socialists and why they would never use it to describe themselves.

One should also see why it would be used and popularized by Marxist-Bolshevik agitators and understand how it was seized upon by various other political opponents and subversive types, both within Germany and abroad, including the international media and political leaders of the western powers.”]



Jens, that literally makes no sense. I recommend saying it in English not Icelandic.


The true definition of propaganda; this book is recommendable to just about anyone:



You can call me Al

“SouthFront Team wants to say “tank you” to the French Defence and Foreign Ministries”…. a Freudian slip or should it be “Thank you” ?.


Hey, I have a very French-ish (1600’s probably French colonist/invader, possibly fugitive from whichever Louis was war-lording over France then) constucted name. But I thought I remembered reading/watching Southfront way back when my dear leader, President Obama was obviously ‘coup-ing’ Ukraine. I must be so completely propagandized that those Evil Russkies have re-written my memory!

You can call me Al


Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

South Front is massively superior to the West’s MSM because it reports the truth. :)


I don’t give a crap if it is Kremilin-run, as long as it keeps offering the insight I never get from western MSM I’ll keep reading.

Jens Holm

I dont think You read much “western”.


You don’t think at all.


On responding to a discus notification, I was given a warning that “This site is suspicious, was I sure of my desire to connect with it’. Have not seen this ‘warning’ before today, from google presumably. When only one side of the story is “allowed” to be seen, the state can easily sell their story. SF at least gives the world other facts and opinions. We can then decide what is true and what is “perception management”. We do value SF and all noble efforts toward knowing the truth.

Jens Holm

Its like all try to raise the securoty level and not only Google. My Antivir antivirus do the same thing.

You can change the level or take in the ones, You think is safe/needed.

I am sure fx Southfront has not changed.

northerntruthseeker .

Wow… South front is a Russian Propaganda front? I am impressed…. It still beats the crap coming out of that fucking Jewish bullshit JIDF/Hasbara disinformation front!


I knew it! Jens Holm and Solomon Krupacek are GRU officers :D

Jens Holm

Yes, I am paid in rubels and buy gas for it from the behind of Putin himself.

They dont drink as much vodka as they used to, so they send me many bottles to us, so we can be more like them.

H Eccles

Sorry folks.. I’m reserving judgement here.

Quite a lot of Southfront’s headlines are very pro Israel, and the text a lot of the times makes the Palestinians look like the problem in the ‘conflict’ just as you would find in the MSM.

I’ve pointed them out when I can. See my other comments for more details.

Jens Holm

I dont see that. They are much more sober and neutral then You.

Try some of the Israelian propaganda sites, there are several of them. They look exactly as Yours og trowing dirt made by themselves.


and shameless French gov. backing terrorists.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Well, it they target you, you are a threat to them, meaning you are doing your job very well and you are so good at it that a country spends time and money from the pockets of Foreign Ministry and MoD, thats actually a compliment.

That only means one thing: Stay in the fight!

It would not surprise me if one day, the news would say that SF has “proven links to Russian GRU” and then all the SF funds are frozen and SF get banned.

S Melanson

You are not aware? Putin, after electing Trump, moved on to personally vet everything SF publishes, including some unflattering articles about him, but that just to fool us….

The Interrogator

It isreasonable to suspect that Gen. Hayden was briefed by an assest in Mexicco, who had just departed fron Cuba. If his people are detained, CG requests access to them if they are Americans.

Carlos Correia



It looks like Southfront’s server capability is diversified: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/42894711cf99be5a50df6d9a8aa2e42c85593d320a8254627ffbe0b098dcbf5d.png https://check-host.net/ip-info?host=southfront.org

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