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JUNE 2020

Prominent Turkish Militant Killed While Fighting In Libya – Reports


The Media Center of the Libyan National Army (LNA) operations room announced on March 28 that a Turkish militant who fought in Syria for years was killed in Libya.

In an official statement, the center said the militant, known as Murat Polat, was killed during a failed attack on LNA positions around the country’s capital, Tripoli.

“The militias [forces loyal to the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA)] were pushed back, as a result they sustained heavy losses including this mercenary,” the statement reads.

Several sources claimed that Polat was killed along with five other Turkmen militants. All the claims on this matter are yet to be verified.

25-year old Polat, whose real name is Murat Canbolat Baki, is originally from the western Turkish province of İzmir, as Libyan sources claimed.

Polat was allegedly a member of Turkey’s far-right group, the Grey Wolves. He reportedly fought in Syria, taking part in the attack on the Kurdish area of Afrin in 2018 and later in battles in the northern Lattakia countryside.

In the last few months, Turkey deployed thousands of its Syrian proxies in Libya to support GNA forces. No previous report, however, mentioned that Ankara was also deploying far-right Turkish militants.

Turkey’s growing involvement in the Libyan is yet to result in any achievement. GNA forces launched many attacks with Turkish support over the last few weeks, all were foiled by the more capable LNA.




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  • Hyper19
    • Hyper19

      Lots of dead LNA cucks the past few days.

      • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

        but 10 times more dead GNA jihadis past few days 😉
        LNA on the advance, GNA on the retreat.

        Your MIM-23 hawk have failed to prevent outdated Mig-22/23 airstirkes on mitiga airport, which is regularly bombed by LNA airforce. Face it, Tripoli liberation is coming whether you like it or not and turkey cant do anything about it since it’s not a nuclear superpower like Russia and China :)

  • Damien C

    That’s one rat bastard that the Corona virus won’t have to take

  • Hyper19

    Saudi patriots intercepting ballistic missiles over Riyadh.

  • Jacob Wohl’s Nose

    1 less turkish gay wolf faggot
    thousands more to go in libya and syria

  • Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

    BREAKING NEWS: 2 US aircraft carriers and 12 guided missile destroyers in position for the final battle to destroy Iraqi Hezbollah and secure Iraq ONCE AND FOR ALL. 180 fighter jets and up to 1000 tomahawk missiles on standby. Pompeo also requested Iran’s military be directly destroyed and assaulted during this upcoming campaign. This is the end for Iran and its proxies! :D


      “breaking news jews” back at it again!
      all it takes is 2 supersonic cruise missiles to sink those carriers and say goodbye to all 180 planes, and another 12 for the destroyers.
      then you’ll see news articles saying “BREAKING NEWS” you hook nosed cunt 😂

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Actually, after the massive headache inducing missiles strike on Americunt occupation bases in Iraq, the Iranian military has quickly adopted the data into developing more deadly missiles.

        Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami says Iran is
        planning to increase the explosive power of its missile warheads
        and boost their speed.

        Announcing defense projects for the current Persian calendar
        year which started last week, Hatami said Iran’s ground-to-ground
        missiles have reached ultimate accuracy, adding there is work underway
        to upgrade their impact.

        The work includes “increasing the explosive power of warheads by
        enhancing their payload”, he said. “There are also very good research
        programs on their speed, maneuverability and agility,” Hatami added.

        The minister also outlined Iran’s plans to unveil air-launched cruise missiles (ALCMs) this year.Top US experts say that these Iranian systems showed extreme accuracy
        and attributed their pinpoint capability to new, autonomous guidance systems
        that, once aimed properly, could fly to their targets without an operator
        adjusting the flight path.

        There is an US suspicion that the Iranians and Chinese are cooperating very closely and the Iranian weapons that showed up in Saudi Arabia are the equivalent of a TERCOM guidance system (used in long range American cruise missiles), meaning there was no need to rely on GPS for running the flight profile or fixing the target.

    • Liberal guy

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    • John Wallace

      What happened next. Oh you woke up from dreamland. Dreams are not reality as you will soon find out dipstick.

    • Zionism = EVIL

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      U.S. Navy ‘Headed Into Choppy Waters’ as First At-Sea Coronavirus Outbreak Threatens Preparedness Against China, Iran

    • Bogdan Latow

      Please. Can you change your pic? It’s so ugly and fear my children.

      • Avi Schwartz (IDF:71, hamas:0)

        get lost, twerp antisemite

  • Assad must stay


  • Zionism = EVIL

    These dumb fuckwits were living a good life in Syria, when the goat fucker ErDOGan conned them into regional terrorism. The “Turkman” arseholes are now dying a land over 2,000 kms away and for what? ErDOG is on par with his Zionist masters in terms of sheer evil. The Turkeys MIT is living in 5 star hotels in Tripoli while they send these animals to die for them.

  • Peter Jennings

    Death to these mercenaries is an occupational hazard, measured in dollars and the loot they can carry.

    Their rampage is almost over. Libya will not become another Cyprus.