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JULY 2020

Prominent TOW Operator Killed In Recent Drone Strikes On Syria’s Greater Idlib


A prominent tank-hunter was killed in the recent mysterious drone strikes on the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, Syrian opposition sources revealed on April 17.

The sources said Maher Kojak was killed in one of the drone strikes which targeted the town of al-Enkawi in northwest Hama on April 16 morning. At least nine Turkish-backed militants were killed or injured in the strikes.

Known by his nom de guerre “Maher Tow,” Kojak was among the first militants to be trained on the usage of U.S.-made TOW anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

Prominent TOW Operator Killed In Recent Drone Strikes On Syria’s Greater Idlib

Maher Kojak carrying a TOW missile container. Source: qasioun-news.com

According to opposition activists, Kojak destroyed upwards of 150 fortified positions and vehicles of pro-government forces using TOW missiles as well as other types of ATGMs, including Fagot, Kornet and Konkurs.

Kojak was fighting in the ranks of the 2nd Coastal Division, a northern Lattakia-based Turkish-backed group. Opposition sources said Kojak also used to take part in operations carried out by other groups.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) killed Kojak’s two brothers during previous battles in the northern countryside of Lattakia, where several terrorist groups are known to be present.

Some activists claim that the recent drone strikes were carried out by Russia, while others said it was Iran. Regardless of the perpetrator, the killing of Kojak was without a doubt a blow to the remaining militants in Greater Idlib.




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