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Prominent Syrian Opposition Figure Reveals “International Agreement” To Eliminate HTS In Idlib

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Prominent Syrian Opposition Figure Reveals “International Agreement” To Eliminate HTS In Idlib

Khalid al-Mahamid during the interview on the al-Arabiya al-Hadath TV

On November 30, Khalid al-Mahamid, a prominent figure of the Syrian opposition, revealed that there is “an international agreement” to eliminate Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) [the former branch of al-Qaeda] and its allies in the northern Syrian governorate of Syria. According to al-Mahamid’s claims, even the U.S. is a part of the agreement, which was organized by Russia.

“They [HTS militants] pose a threat to everyone today, these monsters are controlling 3,5 million Syrians … We should get rid of them,” al-Mahamid said during an interview with the al-Arabiya al-Hadath TV.

Al-Mahamid didn’t reveal any details of the alleged agreement. However, he called on the remaining moderate opposition fighters in Idlib to separate themselves from HTS as fast as possible. The opposition leader also acknowledged that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) can’t defeat HTS on its own.

“Without a regional force, including Russia and the FSA factions, we can’t get rid of this plague [HTS] … Once al-Nusra [old name of HTS] and ISIS are eliminated, the political solution will begin in Syria,” said al-Mahamid.

Al-Mahamid is known as the godfather of the reconciliation process which took place in southern Syria in 2018. The UAE-base businessman persuaded thousands of former FSA fighters in the governorates of Daraa and al-Quneitra to join the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Corps and praised the recent victory over ISIS in al-Safa.

According to al-Mahamid, the international agreement against HTS will be put into action next month. This claim comes in line with several recent reports, which talked about a near operation of the SAA and its allies in Idlib.

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hore ten

Im starting to think most of the fsa that joined the 5th division were killed or wounded by isis in al safa. Thats why there were so many casualties. Bad combat experience and moral.


get rid of HTS while maintaining Deconfliction zone is BS

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Gee I hope everyone makes as much fun of this guy as they have me, I’ve been saying the same thing he just did for the last 2 or 3 months in my SF posts and copped so much crap for it, look little chimps, the truth is coming out now. They’ve been separating their forces for a month or more already, no one but me seen it happening though, not my fellow commentators on SF, not the MSM, not the alternate media, just me alone chimps, and you say I’m stupid LOL. Khalid al-Mahamid, a prominent figure of the Syrian opposition, revealed that there is “an international agreement” to eliminate Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) Gee that’s what I’ve been saying for more than 2 months now, I’ve been wondering why everyone calls me stupid when I’ve said it, this guy must be really stupid too, and he’s even stupider than I am because he’s right on the front lines and should know better than anyone what’s really been going on, imagine just how stupid he is to say stupid things like this. well maybe he isn’t as stupid as me though, he only named the US as a co conspirator, I’ve been naming all the parties involved, Syria/Russia/Turkey/Iran/US/Israel/Arab League minus the Saudis/EU/Turkmen rebels=NFL/maybe Jordan too, so I must be stupider than this guy. If he names any or all the entities I just accused of being involved, it’ll prove he really is just as stupid as I am, hopefully for me he does, I don’t want to be the only stupid one. He does say we have another month to wait for the action to begin in Idlib, which is slightly at odds with what I’ve been saying, I thought it would be just a little sooner than he’s peredicted, I’ve been saying in 2 to 4 weeks, but I did start saying it last week so I’m only a week off if his predictions correct. I hope he’s also right about the timing, it might prove that neither he nor me are really that stupid, we may not be smart, but we’re probably a lot smarter than most of the argumentative chimps that comment on SF, or any of the journos who publish it. I’ve made a lot of other predictions too in my posts too, a lot of which I’ve received a lot of crap for as well, if any of you chimps aren’t starting to see a pattern here you never will, go eat bananas and never criticise my posts again, you’re just STUPID chimps. No Syrian conformation of an Israeli airstrike yet. I said yesterday, it might for the first time in history, not be the Israelis this time. I proposed there might just be a chance it was a false flag attack by HTS, and with the absence of any condemnation of Israel by the Syrian government, and the lack of material evidence being made available for scrutiny. I’m still open to the possibility it may have been HTS and not the Israelis, and I’m leaning more towards HTS today than I was yesterday. I don’t know either way yet, I’m still waiting for more info. So don’t be rude and say I’m stupid in any posts you might want to send me, just wait to find out the truth one way or the other, there’s nothing to argue about, it’s just my stupid opinion, and I don’t really care what chimps think about it.

S Melanson

I called it as well – I saw the Idlib agreement as a way to separate the disloyal from the loyal and give Turkey option to use military force against the disloyal factions

I posted this October 24, 2018 ——————————————

I would take a step back from passing judgement on Turkey’s intentions and consider what Erdogan’s agenda might be in the context of developments and their implications.

The demilitarized zone timetable was not adhered to by all terrorists and most here at Southfront foresaw this. Would not Erdogan also?

Erdogan is a political survivor for a reason. I see him as cunning, devious and pragmatic in his diplomacy. He is also no saint as Turkey has a horrendous record on its treatment of journalists so that it is obvious the indignation shown in the Khashoggi affair is to settle accounts with the Saudi Kingdom. So he is also an opportunist and this is relevant to developments in Idlib.

Two things – first, the militant forces have been fragmented with those remaining loyal to Turkey disengaging with their weaponry, leaving in the demilitarized zone a militant force that may be defiant but also present a weakened resistance. For Erdogan, these forces betrayed him and he will be happy to see them destroyed by a Syrian offensive. The SAA benefits by the weakened state of resistance.

Erdogan devised a way for the rebellious to self select and be separated and then destroyed. That seems consistent with that weasel Erdogans ways, good for him.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I believe all parties involved in the Syrian conflict have now come to the conclusion Erdogan has to go, they all made the decision at least 4 to 5 months ago and all parties are on board. My reasons for saying this is because all parties have now concluded that Syria has become a stalemate scenario with no obvious winners just losers. All the countries around Syria are now facing crisis’s with refugees, economic collapses due to lack of trade, security issues, AND POLITICAL INSTABILITY IN THE REGION. Things can’t go on like this forever, they have to run out of money sometime, and I think they did about 6 months ago. Now all parties want to wind down the conflict and get back to the business of making money just to survive, but they can’t because Erdogan alone still wants to continue his war of Ottoman conquest, he’s the odd man out now. Back when Assad took back Darra and Quneitra the dye was cast, all parties except for Erdogan sanctioned that, the US/Israel/Jordan/EU/Arab league and everyone else that may have been involved, only Erdogan still wanted war, when he refused to to stop when everyone else wanted to, he more or less committed suicide. Trump and Putin have pulled off stage one of their plan to get rid of Erdogan, stage two will begin after the SAA has control of the southern and western parts of Idlib, and Erdogan has moved the bulk of his proxy forces to Aleppo. When he starts trying to make inroads into Ar Raqqah governorate [Trumps doing everything he can to entice him, now], Putin and Trump will spring the trap on him. The Kurds with the help of the SAA [possibly fighting in the SAA], and Russia will totally annihilate Erdogan’s forces and send them packing. This is all they need to do to get rid of Erdogan, his people will do the rest. He has 60% of his people who worship him as a God, but he also has 40% of the population who see him as the Devil, if he goes home after a failed war in Syria, to a bankrupt economy and social unrest, how long will it take before he’s hanging from a tree, there are a lot of scores to settle in Turkish politics, especially after the coup. Erdogan’s anti Kurd, anti US, anti EU, and anti anybody else who doesn’t give him what he wants, not the sort of person anyone can make a deal with, he’s gone already, he just doesn’t realize it yet. Cheers.

Feudalism Victory

Sounds good to me

Jens Holm

Very sober dispute. Ubfirtunatly I dont think Erdogans “out” solves much, but as it is now its frozen or war only.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan out of the picture doesn’t solve that much at all [a few things it will], that part comes after his out and the fighting stops. Even if things went back to the pre war status quo with no improvements at all, at least trade and commerce could recommence, People can’t be allowed to starve, the UN can’t feed all the people that live in this region, I hope you realize it’s actually getting close to that for some of the countries [I’m only slightly exaggerating]. Cheers.


I am not a chimp and I never called you stupid and …….. I do blog here. ;)

For myself, this guy is saying just about nothing. The decision on HTS/NUSRA and all the brand X bad guys was made against the wishes of the Occidentals. It was made between Russia and Syria, in close cooperation with Iran. The end of the takfiris/wahabis/whomever started on Sept 30, 2015. What is going on now and will continue to develop, is just a continuation of that process. I wish well to you Willing.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If you haven’t abused me in a comment, and I can see you haven’t, I definitely wasn’t referring to you John, just the people who feel it’s ok to be rude when they comment on one of my opinions, which many here feel I have no right to voice without them adding a few insults. I thought it would be obvious to anyone who read my post that I was getting in a little, nah nah see I was right and you weren’t, to few of my detractors, but not anyone who had the decency to make a valid argument against me, or anyone else who may have read my post, just the rude chips that think they’re clever but they’re not, and like to be rude when they show me just how dumb they are, that’s who I was referring to and them alone, I’m sorry you’ve taken offence to my post, perhaps I should have made it clearer who my insults were actually directed at. Cheers.


It’s all good Willing. I took no offense. I just took the opportunity to exchange thoughts with you.

We here face a few different negative elements, in our opposition to those whom have consistently demonstrated no respect or genuine love of humanity. There are the insults coming from unassociated individuals. There are those who are associated and they bring the personal insult. Then there are the professional, pay-rolled sorts who work directly for this or that organization or country. It is all part of the territory of posting our opinions in the open. Don’t let them get to you. :)

Jens Holm

I allow me to read, that almost all parts of those THOSE conflicts has been rude many, many times. Very selective to take out 1 or 2.


Bust that out a little bit for me partner. What the hell are you saying?

Jens Holm

I write all has been guilty in being rude.

Here we can be jailed many years being rude to only 1 person. Its no matter of 10,100,1000,100000 or 1 mio.


Pretty harsh over by you.


Hummmm, someone wrote this yesterday: “all the temporary de-escalation and demilitarized zones agreements are mere political operations proceeding the military ones. In fact, what is “de-escalate” it’s the politic unity of the jihadists on a zone, when at the same time a new military operation in that zone is prepared.” And it seems that’s the guy’s opinion since long time, but it’s truth that I never read him calling chimp to nobody

In general, in any war, the diplomatic results are an result of the military results on the battle ground, and the military results on the battle ground aren’t an result of the diplomatic results.

Jens Holm

Well, a little haha from here at

“In general, in any war, the diplomatic results are an result of the military results on the battle ground, and the military results on the battle ground aren’t an result of the diplomatic results”.

As a minimun, You should put in a “sometimes”. Not much using only 2 factors. You also can avoid war by diplomasy.

When Assads fx get help from Russia its also in the same way limited. The Russians fx has promised Assads, theý should be safe for bases and paid by oil. It does not say ALL Syria.

USA & Co do the same thing. They all the time has told, they bever will support any kind of Kurdish state or total autonomy. They have another agenda the the 2 choises, You give. They do wish for reducing Assads by an Autonomy or a lot of selfrule BUT with the others there – mainly arabs. The big one also keep not giving SDFs heavy weapons.

I am sure at least SDFs could have taken much more, if they were well armed, trained in modern weapons and supported by a few more 1000 troops as feet on the ground as well as above.

That would be military succes with no diplomacy there.

So I come to, if fx taking all Efraut to Sukna and the small oilfields west of Tabqa was done would make sense. It would not for none. A minimum would be by diplomacy to include the tribers. I dont think that even close to possible. So its about KEEPING too.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“all the temporary de-escalation and demilitarized zones agreements are mere political operations proceeding the military ones”. Not always they’re not thank GOD. Maybe it would be closer to the truth to say about half of “all the temporary de-escalation and demilitarized zones agreements are mere political operations proceeding the military ones”. What would be the point of making any agreements at all if you knew that they’d never ever worked out, no one would ever do it. I don’t think much of this journos opinion I’m afraid, it’s just something he’s probably copied and pasted from someone else [who he thinks is really smart but isn’t], and he’s sprouting the same BS without even really thinking about it, what I call parroting. I always say trust no one, only yourself and your own conscience, when you’re wondering about something someone else has said and what it might mean, they’re the best tools available, not other peoples opinions, not even mine. If you get it wrong yourself sometimes because you’re trusting yourself instead of someone else’s opinion, then it stands to reason that you’ll also get it right just using your own opinion and conscience every now and again, and like everything else, the more you use it the better it gets, in the end you trust nothing anyone tells you, and think about everything they say without just accepting anything. Cheers.


Well, three on four are gone, bye bye, and only rest one, the de-escalation zone of Idlib, now with an surplus of an demilitarized zone. So, we can say that the de-escalation zone has suffered a reduction with the creation of the demilitarized zone. But all this is diplomatic, meanwhile…

Jens Holm

Very sober reflexions by You. I agree. So many people just reflect, what they have learned and copy paste their own oppinions.

It might help them reading this, if You repeated Yourself less. Thanks for Your “statments”.


and where did HTS get their chemicals from ???? santa claus???

who sent (as mentioned in numerous articles inclusding on southfront,rt,almadas new, last week a group of frence chemical experts arrived in idlib to help with the ammunitions) those “experts” there? roger rabbit???

Why is TAF still suppling various jihadi groups including HTS with arms and logistics?

last week numerous articles , and quotes from syrians and russians that white helmets getting help from uk,usa etc… and now trying to atttack a christian town in idlib with chemicals

another quote:

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s deputy defense minister claimed Thursday that a U.S. military aircraft took control of 13 drones over Syria and attempted to have them attack a Russian military base there, but the drones were downed before they could reach their target. Alexander Fomin said the drones were heading toward Hemeimeem air base in Latakia province when a U.S. Boeing P-8 Poseidon flying over the Mediterranean “took control” of them. He didn’t say who the drones belonged to or when the alleged incident happened.

I wont curse u….why should I…but dude…everything u wrote is exactly the opposite of what HAPPENS on the ground….. man tht agreement would be great…espeically for the poor population of syria that has suffered so much….but be realistic….use YOUR brain…..u quoted a syrian OPPOSITION figure dude…….like i said ..hope so, but realistically it dont loook that way

Jens Holm

Russians throw them and blame the local for it and bombarde them as revenge :)

Thats how Bolsjoy is in the Syrian version.

Rakean Jaya

For once I’m agree with you, in early Communism revolutions(1917-1940s), they ,Bolshevik movement that coincidentaly dominated by Jews in its high ranks, always use deceit and deception tactic as you have stated . As for accusations to Russian current behaviours, i will agree too if you provide even with just one single proof.


The Arabic-language Sham Times reported on Thursday that the US-led coalition has transferred nearly 850 of the 11,000 militia stationed in Southeastern Syria to its military bases in Western Iraq.

It added that members of Ahmed Aboud, Aswad al-Sharqiyeh, Jeish Maqawir al-Thawra and Jeish Syria al-Jadid terrorist groups are stationed in the bordering triangle of Syria, Iraq and Jordan (al-Tanf and the nearby areas), saying that the US has come to believe that since al-Tanf has been surrounded by the Syrian army and its allies, its current plan in the region might prove futile in future.

According to the report, the US wants to implement a new plot in Eastern Syria by transferring the first group of these terrorists to Ein al-Assad base and al-Habaniyeh base in Western Iraq which already host over 7,000 soldiers, including 5,800 Americans and 1,200 other nationalities.

It added that given the fact that the US has at present occupied the Iraqi side of al-Qaem-Albu Kamal corridor, it seems that it is attempting to take full control of the passageway.

According to numerous witness accounts, militants are receiving training at the US military base near the Syrian city of Al-Tanf, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said at a briefing last Thursday.

Russia is also concerned about the United States’ activities in Syria, the foreign ministry spokeswoman went on to say.

“The so-called US-led coalition has been conducting intensive airstrikes on the outskirts of Hajin, occupied by ISIL, causing numerous civilian deaths,” Zakharova stressed, noting that “according to the Syrian media, the coalition has once again used white phosphorus shells”.

“By maintaining its illegal military presence in Syria and failing to specify its purpose and provide a timeframe, Washington makes it clear that it is not interested in an early resolution of the crisis in the country,” the Russian diplomat stated.

Jens Holm

I certainly hope You are no cook. You take well known facts and kind of putting potatoes into coffee and soap.

The troopers in Iraq are all asked for by the Bagdad Goverment. And dont name americans. Several 1000s are not at all as well as many others kinds of help.

Be gratefull those many killed by that coalition is now not in Palmyra, DEZ and fx Uba Kamal. So shoot up Your antenna.

The Iraqians hardly had left Ramadi and certainly not had taken Al Qaim without those troops. Almost all heavy support was done by us. Syria hardly had any airforce at that time. Danish troopers were there too target spotting ISIS for airplanes.

Today we as a very small one only have 220 soldiers there. They are center of a danish radar. They learn Iraqian troops shooting with no bullet waste and well as training low ranked officers normal tactics for rapid changes. We also 2 month ago started to improve all logistics, because those according to our standards here and there are slow, from old time and Iraq sometimes is a vey big place.

Put away Your crack pipe and read about it.

The movements You write here as sensations are normal regrouping according to normal warfare. Very much progress is done. Many problems are still there. We coud send in 1000s of troops, but Iraqians by our help also has improved a lot.

You also seemes to innore, that many troops in Iraq is not under Bagdad control. One important thing is, that the whole country has to be at least partly controlled by its Goverment(have You ever heard that before). So its not only figting ISIS mainly in low populated areas but also as peacefull as possible to reduce the importance and influence of the milisias from Iran as well as Iraq.

Another factor is Trump. Some troops has left Syria to make him happy, but they are just replaced by others from the same coalition. So thats why You find more troops od USA origin in the Iraq part. They are replacements but situated, where ISIS is NOW and the milisias.


Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it is´nt, And contrary-wise- what it is, it would´nt be, And what it would´nt be, it would.

You see?

Lewis Carrol

If u understand…..u r catching the drift on todays politics and world and what the endgame(agenda) is….


” Well, of course you don’t know what you don’t know. All I know is that we get a great deal of intelligence. We see that the individuals responsible for force protection in the United States and elsewhere around the world have it as rapidly as is possible. They then make their judgments as to how they’re going to behave with respect to it. I feel that we know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know. ”

Donald Rumsfeld :)

S Melanson

The problem is there is a lot of: You don’t know that you don’t know.


Yes and sadly the result are people such as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine waters , Theresa May et al who know where ‘their bread is buttered’.

Sadly ,it’s voters who also ‘think they know’ who put these people in power , when they ‘do not know’ that they are controlled by malign cults who ‘Do Know’ :)

S Melanson

The blind leading the blind


In a time of UNIVERSAL deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

George Orwell


Has that not always been so everywhere :)

Jens Holm

More relevant some brittish autor told, that if You cant see women are wone, they are not. Where are all Your women in that apart from buy and sale ?

S Melanson

What is foul is fair and what is fair is foul.

The witches in Shakespeare’s MacBeth

Jim Prendergast

Those witches were speaking from “a bubble” in the earth.


They are only saying a variant of talion’s law


It’s more if foul is fair, fair will be to foul you. It’s the talion law.

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