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Prominent Saudi-Backed Opposition Leader Is Ready To Visit Damascus And Cooperate On Establishing Tribal Force – Report

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Prominent Saudi-Backed Opposition Leader Is Ready To Visit Damascus And Cooperate On Establishing Tribal Force – Report

Syria’s Tomorrow Movement

Ahmad Jarba, a prominent leader of the Syria opposition, made a secret visit to Baghdad where he asked senior Iraqi officials to help him to start talks with the Damascus government, the al-Mayadeen TV reported on January 12 citing Arab officials.

“Jarba is ready to send a delegation to Damascus in order to hold meetings with officials,” al-Mayadeen quoted one of the officials as saying.

According to the Lebanese TV channel, Jarba wants to work with Damascus to establish a tribal force, similar to the Iraqi Tribal Mobilization Units (TMU). The force, which will operate under the Syrian flag, will be formed in the Arab-populated areas in the northeastern part of the country following the upcoming withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Jarba, who leads the Syria’s Tomorrow Movement, is well-known for his strong ties to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. He also has strong influence among the Arab tribes in northeastern Syria.

Last month, a report claimed that Turkey, France and the U.S. are working on a plan to deploy fighters-backed by Jarba on the Syrian-Turkish border east of the Euphrates River as an alternative for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). However, the plan is apparently facing many obstacles, which likely encouraged Jarba and his backers to seek Damascus’ help.

A cooperation between the Syria’s Tomorrow Movement and the Damascus government could stabilize the northeastern part of the country and lead to a significant advance in the peace process.

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Trump Announces Beginning of ‘Long Overdue Pullout’ of US Troops from Syria

“Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard, and from many directions. Will attack again from existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create 20 mile safe zone….”



The Saudis are loyal to Israel and USA, never trust them.


Sinbad2 how about updating little bit that habitual observation?
Currently the biggest oil importer is China and US is about to become the biggest exporter of oil…
That totally changes angle of the situation for “Petro” dollar or should we call it “Pentagon” dollar now and angle of US -Saudi “friendship”?!

I don’t think that after recent Saudi taking into the consideration YUAN for buying their oil has anything to do with picture of “loyal” Saudis

Those Saudi criminals are not even “loyal” to their own family and would kill each other only if they can pull something like that without any danger


“US is about to become the biggest exporter of oil.”

Where did you get that BS from?


From some article that is based on news that US becoming the biggest producer of oil (for short period of time)
And why are you so uptight ?
If you didn’t see some articles that doesn’t mean that it is not true
Can’t be bothered to look for that article but here is one of US being biggest producer of oil

“The United States is now the largest global crude oil producer”

Hisham Saber

What? The U.S. is about to become the worlds largest oil exporter? Are you serious? Are you implying Shale oil, which is junk, very hard and expensive to extract, and very complex and again, expensive to refine. Only good use for it would be in industrial applications, but then again, the price of its extraction, refinement would make it cost adverse.

Shale Oil states like Wyoming, Montana experienced a boom in the early 2000-2010, then they went bust, with entire towns left barren.

Sorry, the U.S. is very much dependent on Middle East oil, the best there is, the low sulfur sweet crude, easily extracted and refined, and because of that, its the benchmark for oil markets and the Petro-Dollar.

Also, the U.S. cant deliver to the Europeans on the promise to replace Russian natural gas. They cant.

The U.S. is facing a tenuous position and geopolitical situation in the MENA region, with China slowly encroaching on the U.S. market share for oil and natural gas. Thus replacing the dollar slowly but surely in these markets. In fact, the clever Iranians sold an 84% stake of their South Pars natural gas field to China’s National Oil Company, along with massive purchases of Iran’s oil. In doing so, Iran is now ‘ hand off ‘ for the U.S./Israel. China wont let this gigantic investment be meddled with, nor will they not back Iran fully in case of conflict, wether a regional war or global.


“Also, the U.S. cant deliver to the Europeans on the promise to replace Russian natural gas. They cant.”

Well that depends. The US plan was to sell Iranian gas to Europe, just steal it and sell it. America doesn’t have the infrastructure to export gas, which is why they still import gas in winter.

They have experience in the stealing oil/gas field, they steal Iraqi oil using their rigs in Kuwait.
That’s why Iraq invaded Kuwait, to stop the stealing. Saddam was stupid, he thought it was the Kuwaitis who were stealing Iraqi oil, but the Kuwaitis were just a front for the Americuns.

Now Russian troops block the path of the Americun pipeline, ha ha.


They even buy Russian LNG gas (because CHEAPER) while in the same time they impose “their” LNG gas on the Europeans!

There is HUGE Pars gas field (by far biggest in the world) which Iran is sharing with Qatar!
I am sure that US are watching that field for robbery…


“What? The U.S. is about to become the worlds largest oil exporter? Are you serious?”

That’s exactly what I have said to myself when I have seen the article but than once I have read it I understood
It is ONE year (or so)”miracle” of very expensive fracking (shale) oil…
No it is NOT “junk” from what I have been reading…
It is just VERY expensive (demanding,hard to extract like you have said) to produce
At the moment U.S. is NOT “very much dependent on Middle East oil”.
But this situation will not last long.
Leave it be do not enlarge subject on gas delivery of expensive LNG
We all know they are not capable to compete with Russian prices of regular gas.
I did not even mention the gas at all…

HERE not the same article but still:
The United States is now the largest global crude oil producer

Saudi Arabia is considering pricing their oil in YUAN (RMB) enough said !
They would NEVER do that unless China is the biggest importer of Saudi oil !

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, their Americunt masters are trying to organize a “Camp David” type sell out with Nutter Yahoo and MBS to deflect from mounting Saudi domestic problems as the headchopping case of Khashoggi and young girl Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, the young woman whose plight to escape her abusive family in Saudi Arabia captured attention around the world,
arrived in Toronto on Saturday wearing a grey “Canada” hoodie and a wide
smile across her face. The case highlights the level of repression in the family run kingdom and growing opposition to the barbaric Wahhabi rule.


All three can’t be trusted and may as well add the UK and France also, all 5 members integrate and function as a terrorist organization.

Zionism = EVIL

The treacherous Saudi scum should never be trusted. They are slaves to Zionists.

You can call me Al

They are Zionists.


Never trust generalities, there’s something more going on. It’s my humble opinion.

You can call me Al



Everything against Syria is falling apart.

Hisham Saber

The nefarious, diabolical plans of the Talmudic Zionist Jews are falling apart. And will continue to do so. The U.S., Britain and France can no longer come to Israel’s support, nor will they go head first into a regional war against Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Iranian forces. If they did, they will be absorbed and annihilated.


The “peace process” applies to those willing to participate in it. That probably includes everyone except Isis, which is going to be gone soon, with a few minor exceptions, Israel, who is unlikely to refrain from Yinon plan attacks as long as Iran and Hezbollah are in Syria, and they’re unlikely to leave, and they don’t get a Russian smack down, and some of the non Turk supported Idlib terrorists.

Xoli Xoli

Why creating tribal=ISIS force in USA abandone zones.Let Saudi create tribal force on Saudi soil.Very obvious Saudi promotes tribalism.


Jarba should be charged by Syria for war crimes, he is responsible for his part in the humanitarian crisis and needs to be held accountable.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

As if, there’s more chance he’ll be arrested and locked up in Damascus than there is of any sort of arrangement, Assad already has most of the Arabs on his side in these Governorates anyway. If he goes to Damascus he’ll never return and no one will care about it, hopefully that’s what does happen.


Saudi Arabia with its brand of savage medieval Wahhabism has brought a lot of misery in the region and promoted the most disgusting terrorists. Now that the Saudi project in Syria has failed, they are trying a different tack, Syria should not fall for Saudi deception.

You can call me Al

I dont think you should forget the Zionists; two peas in a bot with Wahhabism.

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