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Prominent Jaysh Al-Izza Commander Killed In Syrian Army Attack On Group’s HQ


Prominent Jaysh Al-Izza Commander Killed In Syrian Army Attack On Group's HQ

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In the noon of March 6, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a barrage of heavy rockets at a key headquarter of Jaysh al-Izza in the southern Idlib countryside. The HQ, which is located near the town of Khan Shaykhun, was reportedly fully destroyed.

Syrian opposition activists admitted that the strike killed seven fighters of Jaysh al-Izza and injured many others, most of them are in a critical condition. One of the casualties was identified as Majid al-Said, a prominent field commander of Jaysh al-Izza who is known by his nom de guerre “Mukahal al-Izza.”

Jaysh al-Izza, which is led by Maj. Jamil al-Saleh, has always been a key ally of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the former branch of al-Qaeda in Syria. Despite this, the group received direct support from the U.S. and later from Turkey for years.

The attack on Jaysh al-Izza was likely a response to multiple shelling attacks on residential areas in the northern Hama countryside. The group’s shelling is a violation of the Russian-Turkish demilitarized zone agreement, which has apparently collapsed.

Several pro-government sources are now claiming that the SAA is preparing to launch a military operation against several radical groups around Idlib, including Jaysh al-Izza. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

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  • neil barron

    GRADually wasting them away.

  • gustavo

    “Russia-Turkey agreement apparently collapsed,” WOW ! Nothing can be collapsed when nothing has risen. Russia-Turkey agreement was made by Russia to please Turkey and its terrorists at Idlib. Of course, the terrorists and Turkey have been just so happy with this agreement since a “safe havens zone for terrorists” has been created with this agreement.