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JUNE 2021

Prominent General To Lead Syrian Army Operation In Harasta District East Of Damscus

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On January 3, an officer of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) told South Front that the SAA leadership had appointed General Juma’a al-Jasim as the commander of the SAA operations in Harasta district east of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

Prominent General To Lead Syrian Army Operation In Harasta District East Of Damscus

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The source added that Gen al-Jasim will lead the upcoming counter-attack of the SAA against the Ahrar al-Sham Movement in Harasta. The counter-attack is aimed at breaking the Ahrar a-Sham siege on some sections of the Armored Vehicles base south of Harasta, restoring all the positions that the SAA had lost around the base and even capturing Harasta if the Ahrar al-Sham defenese collapses there.

The 4th Division, the Qalamun Shield Forces, the Special Mission Forces (SMF) and several units of the Republican Guard will all be under the command of Gen. al-Jasim, according to the SAA officer.

The officer told South Front that these forces usually work separately under the command of their own officers, a situation that led to the fail of many SAA attacks on Jobar district in 2017.

Gen. al-Jasim had led many successful operations in harsh battle conditions before, including the defensive operations around the T4 airbase against ISIS in December, 2017. Later in January, 2017 Gen. al-Jasim led a rapid counter attack and broke ISIS siege on the al-Seen airbase in the eastern Qalamun region. This victory allowed the SAA to capture most of the Damascus desert later.

Syrian pro-government sources also reported that the 42nd Brigade of the 4th Division had redeployed all of its units from the Western Ghouta region to the area west of Harasta district. The 42nd Brigade cleared wide areas around Damascus from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) including Khan Alsheh, Qaboun and Barda valley in 2016 and 2017. The brigade is commanded by a well-known field officer, Colonel Ghaith Dallah.

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MD Ranix

big respect for all syrian led coalition superheroes


>>The officer told South Front that these forces usually work separately under the command of their own officers, a situation that led to the fail of many SAA attacks on Jobar district in 2017.<<

Seriously, guys? Seriously? We're in the what? 6th year of this war and still there is that kind of military stupidity? Da fuck?

*facepalms himself*

You read about such things happening in the first World War, and the second, and you'd think that by now any military worth its name would know that when you carry out a combined force operation you appoint a guy to be in overall charge, so shit would get coordinated. And not that force A gets shot to pieces because supporting force B is still having their cup of tea. No wonder the East Ghouta enclave still exists and remains dangerous.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Your such an idiot they are working jointly together but are from different units in the SAA army it confuses the shit out people like you. There is one operation but each have different elements and objectives , do I have to go slow for you. Talk a big game for no real action Barba Papa , also heard how everything run out of a central HQ caused many huge losses and military fiascoes. Why operations are run on the ground by the Commanders.


Why do you think armies have command structures that go from platoon>company>battalion>brigade>division>corps>army>armygroup>theater command? You need to have someone in overall unified command that can tell the various local commanders to get with the program. In WWI the British and French had no unified command until 1918. And as a result their coordination sucked ass! In WWII you had rival commanders who hated each other’s guts and who had to be cajoled into working together by Eisenhower, who was the theater commander.

Whenever you have multiple units with different command structures who have to work together you need an overall HQ to coordinate things. Especially in Syria. For fuck sakes, during the battle of East Aleppo the fucking Jihadists were able to capture the Ramouseh artillery academy because the SAA abandoned the Hezbollah units that were trying to hold the damn place. Or how every attack on Jobar has failed because of poor communication. There are too many different units and command structures on the regime side for this ‘everybody for himself’ approach to work. This is probably why in Aleppo and Deir Ezzor it was the Russians who used their network of ‘advisors’ to get shit done. Otherwise right now Deir Ezzor would still be under siege by ISIS. Or even worse, be captured by the SDF. Because you can bet that the SDF does have a unified command structure.

John Whitehot

: ) you should had put regiment instead of brigade, brigades are normally autonomous units attached directly to corps or army HQs.


Depends on what army you’re in. In NATO armies regiments do not exist as a fighting force command structure. They only exist on paper as administrative parental units of battalion level units. The most extreme case being the British army with its almost tribal regimental traditions. But brigades exist as fighting units that are part of divisions, especially in the British army, on which most post WWII NATO armies are basically based. Lately more and more independent brigades are emerging in those armies, but that is more the result of cutbacks that have eliminated their divisional HQ’s. Even the US army, which still had the regiment as a fighting unit as part of a division switched to brigades long ago. At least as long ago as the Vietnam war.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Much of what you call miscommunication by the SAA had to do with bad communications coming from the Russians and please don’t make or raw any comparisons to the past military actions as they were subject to the same problems.The capture of Ramouseh fell on bad communications from the Russian and Putin replaced those responsible, The Hezbollah were only communicating with the SAA and stayed only hoping the SAA would be told to stay in their position.

Stay away from examining the current military situation and wait until it becomes the past even mentioning Eisenhower is a joke he relied to heavily on shock troops of countries with better leadership and planning to adapt his plans to their forces. Please don’t make any comments about the SDF having a unified command structure as Centcom doesn’t count, as they have made some huge military blunders causing massive amounts their sepoys dying in failed attacks.

The actual plan to go by the desert was by Martyred leaders of the SRG so please don’t think Shoigu and company were responsible as their plan had been held up by the Terrorists at As Sukhna.

Eric Holt

So, at the end of all that … your saying the SAA is ineffective as a structured fighting force? Make up your mind. The whole media story is about one commander taking charge over all due to deficiencies. Simply because they had none before. The rest of what you said was just gibberish. So, in your own words. so please, don´t comment on what you don´t know!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Never said anything of the sort as we already know the US commanders are some of the most incompetent buffoons. Just media story hype nothing else you can believe what you want as you are prone to change accounts on a whim.

Tell me why a known Hasbara troll makes stupid comments trying to disparage and read their own Hasbara Zionist wishes into a comment.

What you don’t like the truth lets talk about the 10,000 protesters that came out against the Crime Minister Bibi in Israel can you answer why they cover up the criminal behavior , when protests are not appreciated in Israel then things get heavy handed there and not a peep in the MSM. You must have answers as you do read publications of Israel.


You are completely correct. TCW disagrees because of HQ command does not work and I agree micromanagement of a specific battle by a HQ is the way to fail. On the other hand, to have a central commander over a specific battle is of the utmost importance in order to have coordination between units involved, to be able to adapt the plans based upon developments.

Lack of coordination between units, between SAA and NDF, between intelligence and commanders,all have been major factors in most bad performances of the SAA and its phletora of proxy Iranians.


I agree. You’d think that dividing the country up into operational areas with one commander in overall charge of coordination would make sense. It does make sense if you want to win this war ASAP. I suspect that Assad fears such concentration of power would prove troublesome to his regime in the long run. Such a commander might prove too powerful and popular and be a risk if he would get the idea that he might do a better job then Assad. Like any dictator Assad would rather have a weak and divided army, then have a unified effective one. That’s why in Saddam’s Iraqi army successful commanders often had most unfortunate ‘accidents’. Or why Stalin demoted his successful commanders after the war to insignificant shithole postings

Hide Behind

I side with those who think Syrian military organizational abilities are no more than a cluster f…!
For years the Syrian military higher staffing down through regional commanders and officer Corp was no more than a despotic do nothing but parade and act more as police force power in their assigned areas.
PROMOTIONS WERE POLITICAL, and used to keep Assad , Dad and today he, in power.
THEIR structuring of corruption went into claiming repairs upon armor and even small arms , funding for bribes, and even padding of #s of active duty in commanders units.
EACH regional commander did not communicate with neighboring commanders. He’ll they never even had joint war games, instead they went through a bunch of politicly appointed ass chair warriors in Damascus.
As a chair warriors playing political favorite ads kissing games for own advancement.
Without the more disciplined and skilled Russians Syria military just plain was not a viable fighting force

Lots more can be pointed out, but one point remains, without local militia joining gov side, which they only did after Russians training of regular military victories, could even with all outside aid saved Adsads butt.

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