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JUNE 2021

Prominent Free Syrian Army Commander Defects And Joins Government Forces

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Prominent Free Syrian Army Commander Defects And Joins Government Forces

Fadi Gabriel

Fadi Gabriel, a prominent commander of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), defected and run away from the Turkish-occupied area of Afrin to the government-held area and joined the reconciliation process, Syrian opposition sources revealed on December 9.

Gabriel was one of the top security commanders of the Turkish-backed Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade, which participated in the attack against Kurdish forces in Afrin earlier this year. The group is led by none other than infamous commander Abu Amshah, who was accused of raping the wife of one of his fighters.

According to several opposition sources, Gabriel left the Sultan Suleiman Shah Brigade few weeks ago following a disagreement with Abu Amshah and joined another Turkish-backed group, the Sultan Mohamad al-Fateh Brigade.

In an official statement released on December 8, the Sultan Mohamad al-Fateh Brigade accused Gabriel of committing “violations” against civilians and denied that he had been a commander in its ranks.

“He didn’t work in the Brigade’s security division, we the leadership and fighters of the Sultan Mohamad al-Fateh brigade have no relations with him or anyone like him,” the group’s statement reads.

Despite the Sultan Mohamad al-Fateh Brigade denial, activists confirmed that Gabriel worked for the group’s security division for several weeks before his defection.

In the recent years, dozens of Turkish-backed fighters and commanders defected and joined Damascus government forces. Opposition activists believe that most of these defectors are agents of the Syrian intelligence.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“…most of these defectors are agents of the Syrian intelligence.”

And if that is so that means their mission is competed and SAA MI knows what they need to know. If that is so, good job SAA MI.



Val Shadowhawk

Very good!

Paul Barbara

Good to have ex-military ‘see the light’, see through the distortions their own government and military have been pumping out. Bravo!.

Tudor Miron

Rats are fleeing from the sinking ship. To be expected.

Paul Barbara

The ‘rats’ are the ones who have taken Uncle Sam’s and Nazanyahu’s dollars and shekles (and a few Riyal’s on the side).

Tommy Jensen

Gabriel defected from FSA to the Shah brigade from where he defected to the Fateh brigade from where he defected to SAA and from where he after a quarrel intend to defect back to US well paid ISIS brigade from where he can defect to the more secure but still well paid Israel paid PKK/YPG from where he defects back to Syrian Intelligence as an agent.

I love it when our media really explain the situation.

Paul Barbara

Who needs MSM when we have you to ‘explain’ everything?
By the way, check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWKA2ffECUg

Tommy Jensen

Things are never what they seems to be yes :-(. But he is right, we must know it is like that and who arrange it.
It reminds me about the research report which showed in 75% of fraud cases it was the nice guy in the company you LEAST would think of.

Paul Barbara

Yes, but the importance of that very short clip – yet no British politician will run with it. I’ve made the info (plus more) available to a dozen MP’s; only one expressed any interest.
Yet that clip gives the lie to all the government and MSM BS about Assad astrting the conflict by gunning down ‘peaceful demonstrators’ (who somehow managed to kill a dozen or more policemen). Infiltrated by snipers killing both sides (a favourite CIA trick they used it in Egypt, Ukraine/Maidan, Venezuela, Syria and doubtless elsewhere.

Mahmoud Larfi

A Turkish baked Sultan-Suleiman-Shah-Brigade, a fried egg and a grapefruit juice with 2 sugars please !

Jim Prendergast

The first of many no doubt.

R Trojson

He has been working for Assad all along.

Brother Ma

I hope so. If not torch the Bashi -Bazouks.

Paul Barbara

Let’s hope so.


smartest thing they can do …torture him…execute him…take no chances


ps. the russians in WW2 did exactly that, with soldiers that ONLY trained with the germans during their peace agremment between hitler and stalin…torture, then execution..they took no chances


You mean those soldiers who were sent to Germany by their own government? Like Stalin himself? And the military cooperation treaty was signed by the USSR and the Weimar republic in the 1920’s, not the 1930 non-aggression pact, because the USSR was an international outcast, and the Germans basically also and not allowed to do certain things due to the Versailles treaty. Like train and observe with tanks. Or have an actual army. The Russians were trying to build a modern army out of their peasant civil war army, the Germans had know how, but weren’t allowed an army.

So comrade Stalin, in his usual paranoia, tortured and executed poor luckless Russians for the crime of having gone to and worked with Germans. On his orders. Yup, typical Stalin behavior. Nothing to do with any actual treason. He fucked up by signing a treaty with and trusting Hitler, so he had others killed for his mistake instead. The joys of having a totalitarian state.

Gangbanger [TPColumn]

This r@t is on Kurdish deathlist, i hope Wrath of olives assassinate him and send him to hell

Paul Barbara

Tough titty, babe. If he was Syrian undercover Intel, God bless him.
As for you, you’ll get your ‘reward’ come the Day of Judgement.

Gangbanger [TPColumn]

We will my friend, do you follow Wrath of olives operations? today 2 operation 1 in Idleb and one in Azzaz near turkish border, over 6 assassinated.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Erdogan’s spies are arriving, hopefully Putin and Assad only feed them the intel they really want Erdogan to have, but none of the intel that Erdogan would really want or need.
I’d just lock them up if I was Assad.

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