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Prominent Daraa Rebel Commander Spotted In Moscow (Photos)

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Prominent Daraa Rebel Commander Spotted In Moscow (Photos)

Ahmad al-Audah during a speech in eastern Daraa in 2020.

On November 25, Syrian opposition activists shared photos showing Ahmad al-Audah, a former rebel commander from the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa, in Russia.

The activists claimed that a-Audah was on a secret visit to Moscow, along with another former rebel commander from Daraa, Col. Naseem Abu Arra.

Al-Audah was the commander of Shabab al-Sunnah, one of the largest Free Syrian Army factions in southern Syria. Col. Abu Arra, who defected from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the early years of the war, was also a commander of the faction.

The two joined the 2018 reconciliation agreement and became the commanders of the Russian-backed 8th Brigade, a unit of the SAA’s 5th Corps that’s dedicated for former rebels in Daraa.

Under the command of al-Audah and Col. Arra, the 8th Brigade fought alongside the SAA against the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn al-Walid Army in the western Daraa countryside. Later, 8th Brigade fighters fought ISIS cells in the northern al-Suwayda countryside and the eastern countryside of Homs.

The 8th Brigade is trained, equipped and financed by Russia. The unit enjoys a good reputation in Daraa. However, its influence is still limited eastern countryside of the governorate.

Last year, al-Audah talked about expanding the 8th Brigade influence to include all of Daraa under the banner of a new formation called the “Army of Hauran”. Some opposition activists believe that the commander is in Moscow to discuss his project with Russian military officials.

Expanding the influence of the 8th Brigade could contribute to the security and stability of Daraa, especially that the unit enjoys popular support and follows the command of the SAA.


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I wouldn’t trust the guy as far as i could spit,if he once deserted from the SAA and joined an armed group that was financed and supported by Turkey and the US he could do it again.

jens holm

100.000 did. You not even is allowed to wonder why.


I know why,they went to the dark side of depravity,they collaborated with the US and other Countries trying to destroy Syria,they went along with the beheadings and murders,don’t forget it was the so called FSA that threw postal workers off the roof of Aleppo post office back in 2012,just because they worked for the postal service,don’t forget it was a FSA savage who bit into the heart of a dead Syrian soldier,so i don’t really give a rats arse why he deserted.


Yes and they also executed three truck-drivers on camera in the middle of a desert road just because they couldn’t get their daily prayers right when interrogated about it, hence could not prove that they were Sunni. Quite the tragic and horrific events indeed, I recall every such notable instances of their savage fanaticism expressing itself in the open, with full western (and Gulf) MSM hell-bent on calling them Freedom Fighter despite this and no matter the actual kind of (literally) proven bloodthirsty murderers they were in the field. They all simply brushing aside these little “side episodes” in full pathological denial mode while assuming ordinary citizen would simply go along and keep their eyes on the “brutal Assad guy”. Yeah right, look how infamous you all are now in the eyes of your own public opinion. There isn’t a single western country where public opinion polls are decisively in favor of US-backed insurgents.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gryzor

And Jens as usual “not even is allowed to think” why so many of those 100.000 (which is a bogus number anyway, most of the FSA was actually comprised of countless Turkey and GCC-aligned foreign mercenaries paramilitary jihadists) decided to come back early from their desertion. Little NATO fanboy Jens not even allowed to wonder what all these people saw when their new masters opened up their true faces and project for Syria. I see btw that your notorious inability at writing grammatically correct sentences and never learning from your past mistakes seems quite pristine.

Last edited 1 month ago by Gryzor
Peter Wallace

There are a lot of military men that deserted Assad at the beginning and years later rejoined after seeing what they joined was far worse and not what they expected. This one has led his forces , all ex rebels , with honor and success against ISIS and they operate in their homeland with some autonomy from Damascus but closely tied.

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